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Banished Villainess – Under Observation! : Chapter 60

The Festival’s Aftermath

The Festival’s Aftermath

The original plan was for Sei, who has been relieved of his duties as a representative, to meet the prince’s party in front of a lodging house close to the dungeon in Whitey territory. However, no matter how long they waited for him, he never came for them. He should be arriving anytime soon if he rode a horse at noon the day after the festival and yet..

“Maybe something happened…”

Momo held her hands closely around her chest seemingly worried for him, but the prince was only thinking that the dungeon is far more dangerous than the capital. Their current party consist of him, Momo and Darck. Although Sei doesn’t fight on the frontlines, he excels at providing party supports such as supplementing information, creating maps, item management, finding opponent’s weak points, among others. He’s a necessary member that provides the party’s complex needs. He is also able to calculate the damage that his party member sustains and provide a necessary amount of recovery item accordingly, but now that he’s absent, pushing through with complete reliance on Momo’s degrading power was difficult.

“It must be Keith; that fool must have done something to force him to stay.”

“That’s rude… I would prefer if you stop making such false accusations, brother.”

Surprised by the sudden greeting, when Leddorio turned around, he found the subject of their conversation leaning at the door of the lodging house.

“Keith, you wretch! Since when have you been there?”

“Just now. I came here to tell you that Sei cannot come in his stead.”

“Is Sir Sei safe!?”

Unpleasantly turning his face away at Momo’s sudden approach, the 2nd prince retreats away and keeps his distance from the lady.

“He is safe. He chose to stay at the capital to show his sincerity as a man.”

“Just what is Sei doing in the capital?”

“Preparing for marriage.”

The words that Prince Keith uttered with an indifferent tone were incomprehensible to Leddorio for a moment.


“Prince Yello, whose marriage is so important that prevented Sei from coming here?”

“As I said, he’s preparing for his own marriage. To his fiancee, Lady Missouri, of course.”

 Leddorio’s party members widened their eyes in utter surprise. The 2nd prince said that Sei will marry his fiancée, and although Leddorio can see that happening, he still found it strange why he only decided to do it now of all times. He began to wonder just what happened to Sei while they were gone.

But then, Momo, vigorously scratching her hair in anger, had attracted his attention.

“What does that mean!?  Why would Sei get married, and with Missouri? That’s the bad ending of his route! Just what on earth…”

“W-What’s the matter Momo? Calm down.”

 After calming down Momo who was starting to make a scene, the prince asked his younger brother again.

“What on earth happened to him? I can’t believe that Sei would betray Momo…. Is this your doing, you wretch!?”

“You’re half-correct. But I’ll tell you the details at the observation session.”

After saying that, Prince Keith invited several soldiers with the crest of Margrave Whitey inside the lodging house. Two of them were carrying a large object covered with clothing with them inside.

 “Keith, what is this about?”

Leddorio could only watch as the two of them carry such a large object towards the guest room. His younger brother only deviously smiled at the sight of him.

“Everyone wasn’t able to continue their observation because of your recent dungeon exploring, right? I thought that we could just do that in the lodging instead so I had them carry the whole thing.”

“You had them carry the magic mirror right from the capital!?”

“Of course not.  You do realize that’s our mother’s dowry, right? This territory is our mother’s homeland too and they had another one, so I only borrowed it. Well then, shall we start the observation now?”

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  1. Avatar Death Fairy says:

    Hmm… Things are starting to get spicy!

  2. Avatar A random fish in the sea says:

    Okay, so Momo is just a very good actor, sort of. Several people have already seem through her act already it seems…

    1. Avatar Jonathan Hurd says:

      From the report about how the students at school perceive Momo I think the majority of people not in love with her don’t like her. She can act cute all she wants it’s true she has been actively chasing engaged men, and those men keep breaking their engagements and she hasn’t chosen anyone.

      1. Avatar A random fish in the sea says:

        Yeah, in other words, it really wasn’t just Chloe ordering her followers to cause trouble for her, but a lot of people willingly doing it on their own.

        Oh well, whatever. Now I wanna know how Darck will wake up…

  3. Avatar Mrs.YunoLanx says:

    i never understood WHY the Heroine who was recarneted into a game novel what evr has the need to follow the can change it.. i seen one where she helps the “villainess” and the princes live happily ever after and also the others she helped them to find the one they truly love or what the truly wanted to do and then she found her lve which was one of the “mob characters” is it so hard or you just want a love thats not even yours and you didnt work for it and you only got it because “plot armor”?

    1. Avatar Ya Think says:

      Let’s just say… This kind of ‘reincarnated heroine’ just want to enjoy all the attention that real world could not provide, so chances are, they’re the main character in reverse harem game, sooo;
      let’s gooooo!!!!
      Something like that XD

      Ps: any experience playing otome games? I haven’t yet. Because even the ads makes me cringe so hard… Hahaha

    2. Avatar K says:

      Most heroines tend to forget the biggest logistical problem with pursuing a route. They aren’t the original heroine. It’s impossible and not ideal at all to pretend to be somebody else for the rest of your life. I can’t fault them much for it since they’re almost always a teenager with a super hard crush on their husbando. It’s unreasonable to expect maturity from reincarnators that died at such young ages. This is also the reason why villainess reincarnators always have an advantage in the matchup. They actively want to change the scenario while not being hampered by an inability to show their true selves.
      I think I’m going off track here.
      It’s basically just a more extreme form of how people can be willing to change themselves to look good for a partner coupled with the trap of “knowing” the world operates on game logic. Then they think they can fix anything going off course because they still know the rough path rather than realizing everything has gone off the rails.

      TLDR the heroines need everything to fit in the box in order to achieve their goals. Look at how badly everything unraveled for Momo because she screwed up the timing.

  4. Avatar chomiaaa says:


  5. Avatar chomiaaa says:


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