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Banished Villainess – Under Observation! :Chapter 59

Sei Bruno Part 4– The Wager’s Result

Sei Bruno Part 4 – The Wager’s Result

 On the day of the Advent Festival, I met with Missouri at the front of the statue fountain of the first saintess. A lot of people seemed to have thought of using this as a meeting place as well so the plaza was quite crowded. Even the stalls that took it as a business opportunity had quite the customer traffic.

The chosen Saintess representative was above the wooden stage built by the sacred church. She was wearing a loose sacred robe and offering a prayer. Her brown pony tail was popping out of the veil that she wore on her head.

 I was told that the one performing the role of the Saintess today was Chaco Brown. As one would have expected, the academy newspaper that she released had apparently angered Prince Leddorio. Thus, Prince Yello had suggested having the lady attend in Lady Momo’s place, considering that she wouldn’t be able to attend the festival and perform her duty.

Well, Advent Festival is just a mere annual event held for the festivity of the populace and offers no help in averting the real crisis. This is probably the reason why they deemed that a substitute would be fine, which is also the same for my role as his highness’ representative today.

“Thank you for waiting, Sir Sei.”

As I watch over the ceremony from a far, I saw Missouri wearing her academy uniform, running towards me.  Because I was always with his highness and Lady Momo during my academy days, I have never spent a single time with Missouri at the academy. Never would I have expected that I would be attending the advent festival with Missouri in this attire.

“Lady Chaco looks quite seductive today, don’t you think? Do you want to see her up close?”

“Not interested.”

Whether it was the one performing at the festival ceremony, or the one to spend the whole festival with, both would have been better with Lady Momo. Last year, we only had a few moment to spend together at the same festival. I wonder if the she is currently in the dungeon with his highness and Dai. I consoled myself as I imagined Lady Missouri who was next to me as Lady Momo instead.

When the evening came, all the aristocrats headed towards the reception hall of the castle. The festival’s dance party starts at night. Seeing the figure of Lady Missouri who changed her attire to a dress had left me astounded. The lady has been wearing clothing with low skin exposure and colder color tones giving her the impression of maturity.  However, tonight she was wearing a light pink dress that reminds me of Lady Momo’s hair. Her back and shoulders are boldly exposed, and her skirt spread widely like a blooming flower. Yet, she didn’t look childish at all which I presume is largely thanks to the accent brought by the accessories within it.

Corundum Kingdom is known for its jewelry and the lady of the House Ricum must’ve been the perfect walking advertisement to showcase them.

 “Lady Canaria’s dress looks wonderful, isn’t it?”

Missouri muttered as she watched the Prince Yello and his fiancee hand in hand, dancing in the middle of the reception hall. If only Lady Momo was the one wearing them or so I thought, but I asked Missouri for a dance without showing that on the surface.

“You too. I almost failed to recognize you. I’m sure all the patrons of this party must have mistaken you for a fairy too.”

“Thank you for the flattery sir. I am also quite hoping to hear the impression of other gentlemen other than yourself too.”

Her response was truly not cute at all and yet her words caught my attention. Did she just said all the gentlemen other than me?

“Have you forgotten, sir? We will be canceling our engagement soon so I must find a new prospective partner. That being said, you are free to go wherever you wish after the first dance, sir.”

My face crumpled at the cold gaze she had. So her unusually seductive attire was to fish for other men… No, I don’t really have any right to call her out on it. The one who placed the cancellation of our engagement on the table was me.

However, I feel like that’s a little early. We are currently still both engaged with each other, after all.

“I did tell sir that this is his chance to show his love for Lady Momo, didn’t I. All of the nobilities attending this party are all aware that our engagement is falling off.”


As Missouri slipped out of my arms while I was still perplexed, she was encircled surrounded by countless gentlemen who offered their hands to her. As I reflexively reached out to her disappearing figure, I was obstructed by instantaneous swarm of ladies.

“Sir Sei, would you please dance with me?”

“No sir, please dance with me instead!”

“So that Lady from House Walter was just brought by a forced engagement! Sir’s earnestness in attempting to pursue a forbidden love nonetheless is wonderful.”

“Even if you were to end up alone, I will always be on your side, sir Sei!”

The ladies all quarrel in an attempt to take the seat of my next prospective partner for their own, endeavoring themselves in such selfish rambles. They try to pose themselves as having understood me and yet they flock to my side with the assumption that my love will fail. They all make me vomit in disgust.

“It appears that all of you are quite well aware of the circumstances regarding our house.”

“The academy newspaper has written all about it, sir. As well as the assumption of who Lady Momo might pick.”

“All the male students were betting on whether your engagement will stop or continue, sir. They are quite awful, aren’t they?”

The ladies are trying to curry my favor by buttering me up through tattling. However, I was utterly shocked by what they said and was at loss for words. All those who reside in the academy take our romance with Lady Momo as a mere laughing matter, and of all things, even had the gall to use it for betting.

Seething in anger, I retreated towards the table to calm my nerves down, and with a perfect timing, one of the waiting staff handed me a drink. The bubbles on its surface tells me clearly that it’s an alcoholic drink, but a glass alone wouldn’t be enough to make me drunk so I gulped it all down in one swoop.

 (I need to leave this stupid banquet fast.)

 Prince Keith was publicly declared as the new crown prince in the middle of the party and although the entire venue was engulfed in excitement, not a single person looked for the 2nd prince’s presence. That being the case, there’s no need for me to act as his representative anymore.

“Well if it wasn’t the son of the minister to the left. You sure are drinking yourself so bad.”

Fool, this much alcohol is just like water to me.

“Still, that’s quite a shame. From I talked to the lady from the House Walter but she’s quite a knowledgeable person. An immensely beautiful one to add. Are you truly sure about canceling the engagement?

Nothing will change between us even if we’re no longer engaged. She’s an excellent business partner after all.

“I disagree. You see, my son has always had his eyes on her… so he’s gotten quite motivated seeing this as a chance to waltz in.”

Has Missouri always been that popular? I would understand if it’s Lady Momo but, that doll… though she’s less of a one recently. As I turned my eyes towards her, Lady Missouri was dancing with one of the gentlemen with such a dazzling smile on her face. The man who danced with her had quite the dull face and sported a disheveled hair in his head, just like that guy loitering around lady Chloe who claimed himself as—


 The world surrounding me shook and my entire body felt flaming hot. What on earth is happening… the surroundings is making so much clamor it’s starting to feel irritating.

 “Sir Sei, what happened? If you feel unwell I… Ah,”

 I can hear Missouri’s voice from a distance, and yet I can feel her slender fingers in my grasp. I didn’t know how but we were already in my room before I realized. Missouri laid me down on the bed and loosen up clothing. The way she goes about it professionally was rather irritating. As her hand was seemingly about to leave, I pulled her back towards me preventing her from leaving, but her appearance made me catch my breath.

 “Please refrain from showing such behavior to anyone else.”

It was Lady Masumi. She was clearly surprised from having been pulled towards the bed. Wait, so it would’ve been fine if it was Missouri?  I’m trying to annul my engagement with her and her main condition was exactly not to see her as a woman.

 “If you fell for her, it can’t be helped.”

 Lady Masumi’s hair color had turned from black to pink and her appearance changed to that of Lady Momo. So it was really you, Lady Momo. I’ve always dreamt of holding you within these very arms like this. I want to make you mine alone. As long as you’re with me, I don’t need anything else…

“Sir Sei.”

Raising her head, this time she was Missouri again. She had tears in her eyes and was seemingly gazing at me in appeal.

 (Just who are you really…?)

 My head is too dizzy. The hair of the lady within my grasp kept on changing. How strange. I have never been experienced this drunkenness before, besides that smell…

“Am I not enough, sir?”

“Do I not have any appeal at all?”

“Am I really just a dull woman?”

“Whether it’s Sir Sei who loved Lady Masumi, the Sir Sei who loved Lady Momo, the Sir Sei who played around with other ladies, and even the Sir Sei who would never love me. I have always been yearning for sir, all this time.”

“But even I get hurt, sir. I am not just a doll, I’m a woman. I am just a woman who fell in love with you…”

As I heard the lady’s voice, my body wrapped around hers. My hands started moving by instinct alone and my consciousness faded.

The next day, I woke up caressing my head which was still fuzzy. As I faintly turned my gaze around the room, my face slowly turned pale. Reluctantly, I tried to make sense of the situation.

I…am not wearing a single piece of clothing.  All the clothes that I shed were scattered all around the bed and alongside them was a fairy-like pink colored dress.

 (What happened last night!?)

Everything after the first dance was hazy. If I recall correctly, I was outraged by the articles of the newspaper club who wrote as they pleased, as well as the students who made fun of our romance. I remember receiving an alcoholic beverage to calm myself down. It was an odd smelling wine but I feel like I have smelled it somewhere before.


The lump of bed sheet next to me moved which startled me. Last night… with this person.. I…

From the gap within the folds of the bed sheet, a dazzling sky colored hair peeked through.

I honestly still think Sei need to fall off from a cliff to be somewhat deserving of Missouri. She’s too good for him.

Anyway, that’s the last of Sei perspective chapters.

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  1. Avatar Arha says:

    Yeah, she absolutely played him. Not only is the engagement not going to be broken, he is going to be such a whipped boy unless she decides to show mercy.

  2. Avatar just a passing by reader says:

    thank you for the chapter~
    so… she drugged him with an aphrodisiac?

    1. Avatar Arha says:

      I really hope not. If she did, that makes her a rapist. I’m hoping he was just super drunk.

      1. Avatar Petrichor says:

        I mean she was trying to leave but then Sei pulled her back so if there’s a setup, she probably doesn’t know it.

      2. Avatar Aritra Roy says:

        Just looking at all the dialogue from the side characters, dude was definitely drinking his mind out, only just now realizing that A. His fiancé is a valued and capable woman, and B. No one sees his attempt at Momo seriously. They’re literally betting on who she’ll pick. And worse, while men are trying to get his fiancé’s hand, the WOMEN are hoping to get the hand of any man that Momo DOESN’T choose. That is to say, NONE of the men in Momo’s reverse harem are respected anymore. And why should they be? Desperate men, regardless of their status, are not respectable at all.

    2. Avatar TheHillsAreAlive says:

      I felt like Lady Missouri came close to breaking whatever spell Momo has cast on him by making him feel extremely jealous. Hopefully the spell is dead.

  3. Avatar shionvaynex says:

    Theory. I think the boys are in a charm. When they think of someone they love, they can only think of Momo.

    On this moment Sei fell in love with Missouri, then suddenly becomes replaced with momo in his eyes.

    Being half dazed, and in the moment he stopped falling in love with momo. It causes dizziness.
    Like 2 visions flashing momo and Missouri. Like epilepticy.

    This also explains the sudden hate for the one he loved.

    1. Avatar Jonathan Hurd says:

      I agree with you that it feels like there is something more going on with how Momo made these guys fall. It is one thing to say she is a reincarnator who played this as a game so knows the perfect things to say, but the changes of some of them seem a bit extreme.

      On the other hand a lot of the opinions seem to be based around the first Prince. He apparently has disliked his chosen fiance long before Momo entered the picture and a lot of the other men seem to have taken cues from that.

      The real magic might be how obsessed Chloe was that idiot of a first Prince. She’s obviously not a stupid lady and she knows he didn’t love her. He made that amazingly clear. The fact that she was able to finally let go after banishment and her mention that she won’t let anyone control her heart seem to hint towards manipulation.

      1. Avatar Aritra Roy says:

        Three possible explanations: Reincarnation (not verified, but hinted) happened too late, probably at the condemnation event. 2nd, Chloe was busy training as a saintess candidate before Momo was revealed to be more powerful, so while Momo was seducing the dumb boys, Chloe had little contact with them. And 3rd, Chloe was genuinely fixated on being Queen, stressed out from training, and while she might’ve not been considerate of people, Prince Keith probably didn’t like being in an arranged marriage from the start, so he never attempted to openly communicate his issues with Chloe.

  4. Avatar watcher003 says:

    That Author’s note is sending me- 😂😂😂 Mood tho, gosh. Can’t ALL the boys from 1st prince entourage just fall off a cliff pls 🙏

  5. Avatar Death Fairy says:

    Forget the cliffs, they deserve a night in the torture chamber.

  6. Avatar Ya Think says:

    I feel sad for Misouri. He’s not worthy of her at all!!!
    I wish he would just wallow in regret of what he had lose (after the engagement had broken). Why author? Why?
    That guy not redeemable at all. (For Dai, I find him tolerable, but Sei… Nuh uh)

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