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Banished Villainess – Under Observation! : Chapter 55



“Diplomatic Risk? What are you talking about?”

“First, there’s the trade relationship with House Walter of Sei’s fiancee, a wealthy mercantile viscount house to consider. To put it simply, it’s a house with connections to various countries. Secondly, Minister Bruno’s prime responsibility is diplomacy… so there’s the problem with his son picking a fight with the said domestic household with international connections.”

“He’s not like Darck, so he couldn’t have possibly offended his former fiancee’s house. Besides, Sei is the 2nd son so he’s not the one to inherit his father’s position. Not to mention, he told me that he settled his matters peacefully.”

As Leddorio turned the newspaper his younger brother handed to him, he read the headline; “Former Fiancee’s Current Affairs – The Light and Shade of the Saintess’ Followers.” It was followed by the stories House Bruno’s circumstances, Leddorio’s fall from grace, and lastly, Darck’s reformations.

(No, more than that—)

The main issue for the prince was what the article written about Chloe. As far as he is concerned, Chloe condemnation had her labeled as the False Saintess who brought the Saintess to harm out of her jealousy. However, the article wrote about her latest affairs in a positive note.

It explains how Chloe had recently been working hard to support a lodging house in order to repay the compassion that its owners, a falsely accused priest and his wife, had shown her. It further explains how Chloe, now having repented for her sins, is moving forward to become a true saintess herself.

The author responsible for the article was–

“Chaco Brown.”

Momo grasped the edge newspaper tightly with a complicated expression written all over her face. The prince thought that the lady must have found it unbelievable how her former friend had sided with the one who harmed her in the past. The prince considered that perhaps Chloe was secretly connected to the writer, but there’s no possible way she could have used that connection without Shin’s notice.

But more than anything, the fact that someone within the observation party had leaked these all had concerned the prince even more.

“Keith! This was your doing!”

“Lady Chloe’s denunciation is over, brother. Thus, I believe that we must judge how she decides to atone for her sins with impartiality.”

“Impartiality? Even though they were clearly pretensions?”

“Is that what you think, brother? Sacred mana never lies. We have both seen her use such high levels of sacred magic. I find it rather doubtful whether she truly harbors a heart as wicked as you assume.”

Suddenly, the words of his younger brother reminded him of the poor condition of Momo’s sacred mana during their last dungeon exploration. Feeling as though his younger brother had indirectly insulted her, blood rose to the prince’s head.

“Bastard, are you implying that Momo is lying!?”

“Sir Benny, please calm down!”

Momo flusteredly caught him by the arms to stop him. Likewise, Prince Keith was being calmed down by his fiancée.

“Sir Keith, please do not quarrel.”

“I merely told him the truth though, but alright, if that’s what Canaria says.”

There’s no one else to catch the eyes of his younger brother other than his fiancee, Canaria. The 2nd prince did not show any reaction at all to the smiles that Momo had shown him. Although Leddorio feels pity towards Keith for not having realized Momo’s charms, he felt just as grateful for not having to face him as a rival in love as well.

“At any rate, we must go to Iris Mountain to confirm whether that’s true or not. Rather than having to put up with such ceremonial rites, I’d rather just spend our time for raising our level instead. If it’s about the greetings and whatnots, just leave all those to Sei.”

“Haa… fine, brother. Just to add, the substitute saintess shall be Chaco Brown instead. You may be in a considerably bad temper with her but, you have to let this one slide, brother.”

What is there to let slide when you were the one who told her to write that, or so Leddorio thought, but either way, although he found it problematic, the lady in question merely who wrote an article positive of Chloe despite being Momo’s friend.

The prince thought nothing much of her as the substitution for the Saintess’ role.

Incidentally, the royal academy had always been hand-in-hand with the sacred church in cultivating the next saintess. It was instrumental in letting Momo enroll in the royal academy, and allowing female students to take a specialized class in order to receive treatments as acolytes. Although they will never become a Saintess themselves, they are able to perform like one as part of the festival.

“Then, I’ll be borrowing Sei. But if ever he changed his allegiance to me after the ceremony, do not condemn him for that brother.”

“Hmmph, say wahtever you want. House Bruno may be in your political faction, but there’s no possible way that guy would ever betray Momo. He’ll return to us right after the Advent Festival.”

Leddorio seemingly spat out to Keith who had obtained a much more despicable mouth to him after replacing him as the crown prince. Although Sei is a womanizer who made a lot of ladies shed tears, he said before that Momo is the only one he would never make cry for him. Although Leddorio doesn’t plan on yielding to his foster brother, those words that Sei had told him only shows how serious he was towards the lady.

And yet, as if laughing at the 1st prince’s trust, Sei never returned, even after the festival had ended.

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  1. Avatar Arha says:

    Watching the consequences bite the first prince in the ass is always satisfying. I think he and Darci are the only two I’m really against being recyclable instead of true trash. I would like to see them both realize what Momo is actually like, though, so they can see what they threw away everything for.

    People said before that they think Momo is the witch. I disagree: She’s clearly a reincarnator who played this game. She might end up getting possessed though.

    1. Avatar Jonathan Hurd says:

      I mean her being a reincarnator and the witch aren’t really mutually exclusive. If you really think about it being ‘possessed’ by a foreign spirit and being ‘possessed’ by someone who came from modern day Japan could be the same thing.

      I do gotta agree though I really love seeing this idiot Prince get his comeuppance. I don’t get why you couldn’t like someone just because it was a prearranged marriage. He also annoys me with how much he is still clearly obsessed with her liking him.

      It’s hilarious watching him be annoyed that she likes Locke and it’s disgusting he decided to go so far as instigating Shin to seduce her just to destroy her heart. You already abandoned the poor girl and have been constantly stalking her. Leave her alone dude!

      1. Wrong, he wanted him to rape her, and shin was willing.

      2. Being a reincarnator and the witch is not mutually exclusive.

        However, much more interesting would be the idea of one saintess being a reincarnator and the other saintess being the witch so that the kingdom is either doomed (and it arguably deserves that “for the sins of their nobility” etc.) without their true saintess or it suddenly needs to appoint Chaco Brown (the real one) to become their saintess (not just a substitute).

    2. Avatar Mrs.YunoLanx says:

      agreed the other person i dont care for is also her so cal brother, hell my sisters drive me to the wall sometimes and i would shot them twice if i was allow to..but i would also kill for them. they are my sisters im allow to be annoyed by them and bully them since its a mutual love between u, if i see someone else talking tshit about them even if that person is my husband he knows i will sidekick his ass, im allow to curse and insult my siblings noone else has that priviledge

  2. Avatar Death Fairy says:

    Oho… SPICY

  3. Avatar Fuyu says:

    Man I hope that those who sided with momo would get a shocking revelation on the later chapters.

    1. Well, Sei already left her side and Dai is swaying too. By which I’m noticing a commonality between the two. Both left Momo’s side and suddenly, one began to question his devotion for Momo and the other never came back.
      Right now, it’s only Darck and Leddorio, who are staying by her side and are still wholeheartedly devoted to her…

    2. Avatar briancornpop says:

      Wasn’t it the first prince who told Chaco Brown about MC’s activities? Is he so love blind that he cannot even add 0 and 0 together? Even my Grandfather would be a better crown prince, and he’s been dead for 15 years

  4. Avatar Matilda Stainton says:

    “for not having realized Momo’s charms”? Wtf leddorio, you’re the one who’s blind. Man, I hope that someone hit his head, there’s definitely something wrong with leddorio’s brain

    1. Avatar Vouivre says:

      It did seem to work with Dai, who got a little bit better after the mistress clobbered his head.

  5. Avatar meowthank says:

    Well, this is certainly an unexpected way to have Momo’s party members leave

  6. Avatar Ya Think says:

    Aaaaaaaa…. The satisfaction!!!!
    Wish I could insert meme here…

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