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Banished Villainess – Under Observation! : Chapter 56

Sei Bruno Part 1: Forbidden Love

Sei Bruno Part 1: Forbidden Love

I am Sei Bruno, the 2nd son Marquess Alan Bruno, also the minister to the right. Although this may sound like me bragging, I was blessed with the looks, academic skills, and pedigree. On top of it, being the 2nd son of the house has freed me from the responsibility of an heir. This meant that not only can I obtain anything I wanted, I can also lead a carefree life devoid of responsibility. I could have been the happiest man in the world but the fate had other plans.

Blessed as I am, all ladies paid careful attention to me and ever since childhood, I had lived my days aware of the shower of yearning gazes coming from all directions. Still, no man in this world is blessed with everything.

Sure enough, the heavens have decided that in order to compensate for the blessings I received, my first love will be a trial by fire. The woman I fell in love for the first time was none other than the fiancee of my older brother, the heir of the house.

She was Masumi Sereknight, the younger sister of Marquess Blakia Sereknight, also the minister to the right, by a considerably large age gap. Born during the last years of the previous marquess’s life, she was a lady raised with love, something that shows through her carefree temperament and unbelievably soothing smile.

She had immediately captivated me when I was young and was the one to give me the experience of an unrequited love.

My older brother, Soma Bruno, was 10 years older than me. A boorish man whose only redeeming feature is his diligence. A comparison between us in both looks and capability will result in his utter defeat. He was a man who would give me his personal belongings with a smiling facade, if I wished for them.

But even as an innocent child, I knew that the lovely lady next to him, his fiancée, is the only thing he will never yield. That was obvious enough, Lady Masumi was the woman who captured his heart. If he had easily given her to me just because I asked for her hand, I would’ve been disappointed with him too.

Still, the fact that Lady Masumi do not see me as a man was the hardest pill to swallow of all. I did not mind if she doesn’t see me as a love interest, but at the very least, I wanted her to be conscious of me as an opposite sex. On the contrary, she enters my room alone without any reservations.

When she once came into my room saying that she wanted to read me a book to sleep, I wanted to doubt my ears.

She treats me like a real sibling, nothing more. As the youngest child of her house, she was extremely delighted at the thought of obtaining a younger sibling through marriage.


She had thoroughly crushed my pride as a man into dust.

After their marriage, I have distanced myself away from the House Bruno. The figure of her smiling dearly at my older brother, and he who ogles her just as much; they are both spectacles that I did not wish to see. I didn’t want to see my brother flaunting the happiness he obtained despite being inferior to me.

I didn’t want to be reminded of my ugly self.

Still, I want to be free with my own feelings. They would not escape me anyway so I want to be able to keep loving her as I have done. After all, Lady Masumi is the only woman I will ever love.

However, a man from House Bruno is not allowed to remain a bachelor, even if he was a only second son. Sure enough, my fiancée had been chosen and arranged later on.

The chosen lady came from a generations old mercantile noble house. Her name is Missouri Walter, from House Walter, a beautiful lady with dazzling sky-colored hair and pair of eyes. Nevertheless, having already have given my heart to someone else, none of those have impressed me at all. Even her well-behaved and obedient personality only made her as boring as a doll to me. But perhaps she was the most suitable partner for me, a mere pawn used for political marriage.

“This engagement is something our parents have decided. I will never love you.”

“Is that so?”

“I have already fallen for another woman. Although she will never look my way… I still–“

“Certainly, sir.”    

Even after hearing that I have fallen for someone else, her facial expression didn’t even move an inch at all. The thought of a cold marriage awaiting me in the future made feel miserable.

Reaching marriageable age, I kept the company of all the women who approached me. There are days where I invite them to my room, and sometimes I stopped over their houses. These behaviors have obviously earned the ire of my father. Even Lady Masumi and my older brother had reprimanded me countless of times, but only Lady Missouri was the one to accept it all, not offering even a single word.

I am the second son.

All the affairs of House Bruno and the entire country is something for my older to think about, not me.

The only lady I ever yearned for had been obtained by my older brother, and the only recompense I got was nothing short of a doll.

All ladies left are naïve women easily swayed by sweet words.

They are boring…

Everyone else left is boring…

Even after enrolling I continued to spend my monochromatic days as per usual. I teased a passing lady in the same manner I always had. But this time, the lady only offered me a momentary glance and ignored me afterrwards.

That was the first time it had ever happened, and although that fresh experience considerably stung, I assumed that the lady didn’t realize that I was talking to her so I kept trying to coax her afterwards.

When I came a little too persistent, I received a slap in return.

“If you keep doing that to everyone, the lady you have truly fallen with will not look your way, you know!?”

The ladies who saw that happened were enraged, however, her words that stabbed my heart hurt far more than the slap in my cheek.  No admonishment coming from my family have reached me and yet, but I felt her slap hard.

But at the same time, my interest in her just deepened further. 

That Lady was Momo Palette.

Later, I discovered that even his highness Leddorio was attracted to her as well. He was my foster brother and his fiancee, Chloe Sereknight, was the niece of Lady Masumi.

It appears that his highness was severely put off by his fiancee’ vain personality and was instead attracted to the fresh commoner-like behavior of Lady Momo.

I hated Lady Chloe. Her appearance clearly shows her blood relation to Lady Masumi and yet her attitude is the total opposite. Rather, the more the looks of the two paralleled with each other, the more it felt like she’s polluting her image.

Prince Leddorio had also expressed displeasure in Chloe’s designation as the temporary Saintess, something I am in full agreement with. The only ones who deserve the title of a Saint are those who are similar to Lady Masumi.

This made me remember that she will become a mother soon which turned my mood sullen.

Sorry, I didn’t have time to edit all the transitions so most of them may sound odd and stiff. I’ll try to edit this again so you can look back on this chapter later if you want to.

But damn these chapters are long and I don’t have enough time today so I can only put up a single one. I’ll release 3 chapters in 2-3 days to make up for it.

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  1. Now, what is the most interesting part of Chloe Sereknight’s character?

    Her almost uttering the word “savepoints” in Chapter 10 might mean (if we are to believe that the concept is foreign to the isekai world) that she is a reincarnated person (the usual trope “villainess that remembered her past life after her engagement to the prince is canceled” that would explain the game mechanics of savepoints in an isekai that is remembered to resemble a gameworld), or maybe posessed by a Japanese ghost (as in “Toritsukareta Koushaku Reijou”), or she has a double set of memories and identities (as in “Seirei Gensouki”).

    However, the concept of savepoints may also be native to this isekai if either the legendary witch or the true saintess is somehow able to use temples (churches) as savepoints. After all, both the witch and the true saintess are initially able to use sacred powers in the legend (as it is retold in Chapter 50), and thus the savepoint feature of temples (churches) might be one of the most sacred skills, a part of Chloe Sereknight’s divine powers.

    But all of the above guesses is far from being the most interesting part of her character.

    Chloe Sereknight is a time looper.

    She uses her power of “Save” at those savepoints. Then she becomes able to “Load” a saved game, performing a time travel to her past and discarding her previous timelines.

    That is exactly what the very name “savepoints” implies inevitably.

    Chloe Sereknight is ready when the mountain bandits attack her carriage and she even brings a rapid-fire mini-crossbow to defeat them because she discarded several timelines when she was almost defeated, she loaded an earlier saved game and replayed it with better weapon and better readiness. She could fire that crossbow with a straight face (baffling her observers) because that is no longer her first time killing bandits, no longer a fresh experience.

    She is truly fine with sharing a room with Shin because she knows (from the previous timelines) how many nights will pass without Shin trying to attack her. And when he does, Chloe Sereknight is able to persuade Shin not to rape her because she tried and tried different lines in their dialogue, she loaded a saved game every time when she failed and was about to be raped. All her words about “deserving to be raped” are not dictated by her real feelings (and should not suddenly repulse us as such) but rather her best attempt at persuation — a rational one, calculated, many times tried and retried until it becomes successful at last.

    She is able to cook and skillfully dodges the insolent customers because she accumulated a great load of experience in both areas, cooking and dodging day by day all the way from her savepoint to her next attempt to persuade Shin not to rape her.

    Even the true nature of the brooch might be discovered not because Chloe Sereknight is observant about being observed. She might have loaded a saved game after Dai Nable confirmed the observation in one of her previous timelines.

    And this isn’t like the Endless Eight of the burnt Kyoto Animation. This isn’t like “There Is No Tomorrow for a Rascal” (“Buta Yarou ni wa Ashita ga Nai”) from “Seishun Buta Yarou wa Bunny Girl Senpai no Yume wo Minai”. This isn’t like “Steins;Gate”. We do not see the whole set of numerous time loops. We see Chloe Sereknight’s best timeline, her best walkthrough from the savepoint.

    (Also notice Momo’s muttering “Is this what happens when the timing is off?” in Chapter 37; she sounds as if she is also able to replay a moment and get a better timing. But, unlike the word “savepoints”, that is not so certain. We will have to wait for further chapters to confirm or deny this suspicion.)

    1. Avatar Ya Think says:

      Whoaaaa… What an interesting way to put it….

    2. Avatar Vontes says:

      I dont think “save point” or any terms related to it ever get mentioned in any of past chapters, ur memory might be wrong. Also “timing” might refer to how momo doesnt really follow the otome game’s plot. I think momo stole the real chaco’s heroine role and naturally she had to make some improvements there and there considering she is not the real heroine.

  2. Avatar Death Fairy says:

    Thanks for your hard work!

    Because of you that I have a sudden urge to punch someone in the face!

    1. Avatar Peanut says:

      I think that both Chloe and Momo are reincarnators, but Chloe completed the game at 100% and Momo just did the harem route.

      In the game, as a final event, the stone in the church is broken, the dungeon release a lot of miasma and influences the imprisoned girl that (as was stated in early chapters, despise the ascetic way of life that the church teaches) in a convent, transforming her into the witch.

      as the player, you had to defeat the final dungeon where you encountered the witch (that was the banished villainess). In every route, the villainess always was under vigilance and the guardian will inform the player when she escapes from the convent.

      But in the 100% route, you’ll learn that a saintess candidate could become a witch if she stop doing the chores of an ascetic way of life, and under the influence of the miasma.

      That explains why momo’s power is weakening (because she’s not doing those chores) and why Chloe is so invested in protect that church and doing her work because she knows that she will become the witch if she receives the full impact of the miasma.

      1. Avatar Death Fairy says:

        Bro, I know!

  3. Avatar Aritra Roy says:

    So this guy is upset that his fiancé is a “doll”. Sheesh, where have I heard that before. And not just that she was raised up to be “doll-like” (actually business-minded, with her father being rich and all), but also the dude seriously can’t get over his unrequited love. And he thinks himself superior to other people around him. Doesn’t stop him from chasing Momo, who hasn’t reciprocated any advances from EVERYONE chasing her. And it’s all justified in his head because “Well, my fiancé just acts like a doll! And I can never be with my (childhood crush) real love anyway!” Dude is in for a rude awakening when he realizes that sharp, logical women from wealthy backgrounds like his fiancé are actually preferable to typical rich girls. And I’m willing to bet that the fiancé in question is actually desired by many other men. And it will make him jealous, because he already lost one girl.

  4. Avatar Ya Think says:

    Yeah…. This guy is trash from the beginning. (his backstory was meh and didn’t even elicit any sympathy)

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