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Banished Villainess – Under Observation! : Chapter 54

The 2nd Prince's Fiancée

The 2nd Prince’s Fiancée

When Leddorio returned to the royal castle, he stumbled upon Prince Keith in his academy uniform. Behind him was a lady that stroke the prince familiarity; it was the fiancee of his younger brother, Canaria Riqum

“Welcome back, brother.”

“It has been a long time, your royal highness, Leddorio. I believe we last met during our engagement ceremony?”

“That’s right.”

Canaria was a ducal lady from the neighboring kingdom, Corundum. The two of them have gotten along well ever since they were arranged for future marriage. Furthermore, they were still able to deepen their relationship through correspondence even when apart from one another.  Although the 1st prince couldn’t fathom how anyone would just obediently accept their arranged partner without question, he thought that perhaps his case was just the extreme one, considering that his partner was Chloe.

“This lady beside him is Momo, my brother’s close friend.”

“…Nice to meet you, Lady Canaria, I am Momo Palette and–“

“Oh my, you must be the lady then, I have been wanting to meet you for a while.”

As Momo greeted the lady, Canaria’s face turned brighter and held both of her hands. Momo who had always followed her own pace was bewildered by her assertiveness.

“I-Is that so, lady. I suppose I am quite well-known.”

“But of course! Miss Momo, are you also curious about what happened to the academy after you left for temporary absence? I had Prince Keith tell me all about it when he guided me earlier.”

Leddorio was slightly suspicious of the lady who acted seemingly like a person who had finally been reunited with her old friend. He couldn’t help but wonder just how did his younger brother described Momo to his fiancee, but more than that–

 “Keith, what gives the sudden visit of the Riqum lady? We are merely on the season of the Advent Festival. It’s not so much of an event that would warrant the visit of a foreign princess.”

“Good grief, brother. Have you forgotten? My proclamation as the new crown princess shall be announced to the populace as well.”


Taken aback by the words of Keith, Momo turned her gaze back to the 1st prince.

“Sir Yellow will be the crown prince!? I-I was told by Sir Leddorio that it was only a temporary–“

“Oh, Lady Momo. Did brother not tell you about it? Because he had rescinded his engagement at such a special time when the miasma is unusually thicker, not only did it cause the first prince faction to fall apart, it also further increased the anxiety of the people. The royal family had to show them that it is still firm and stable in spite of all that.”

The Advent Festival was a national event that celebrates the supposed advent of the first saintess to this world. During that day, the saintess designated by the church will perform the ceremony for the event that is also held from various places throughout the kingdom. The royal academy holds dance parties during such times.

As the saintess, Chloe would have to leave the royal academy before, making it the perfect chance for other ladies to get closer to the 1st prince. To this, the prince kept his eyes together and only danced with Momo the entire time.

Being told to return as fast as possible, Chloe grew even more jealous upon hearing what happened.

“With that being said, Lady Momo. You have to perform the ceremony for this year.”


The first prince had lost the struggle for succession; now she also has to perform the advent festival’s ceremonies. Momo who was having trouble articulating these new pieces of information turned her gaze towards the first prince. Realizing the lady’s request for help from her gaze, Leddorio put himself between the two of them.

“Keith, your temporary proclamation as the crown prince aside, Momo needs to prioritize dungeon conquering to prepare herself for the resurrection of the witch. It’s just something Chloe did before, just tell the church to pick a substitute for her.”

“You’re being selfish again brother, the populace wouldn’t be satisfied with that.”

“Whether they like it or not, leaving the thickening of miasma as-is will soon put the capital at risk. Momo would have to go to get used to purification, of course, with me, Darck and Sei included.”

His actual intention was to spoil the same ceremony that will also proclaim his younger brother as the crown prince, but Leddorio was able to find himself a sound reason to help himself with.

To this, Prince Keith only took out a folded paper in one of his pockets. The prince felt that it looked familiar, which it would be because it was a paper published by the academy’s newspaper club.

“Well, while I would very much like to let you do as you please brother, I must have you leave Sei behind to me. There’s a risk to the House Bruno, or rather, the country’s entire diplomacy that he has to attend to.”

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  1. Avatar Fuyu says:

    It seems to me that momo has ulterior motives…

    1. Wasn’t that obvious from the start?

  2. Avatar Ya Think says:

    I can feel it… I can feel it in my gut that the end for Momo is just around the corner!!

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