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Banished Villainess – Under Observation! : Chapter 53

Irregularities in the Dungeon

Irregularities in the Dungeon

Currently, Prince Leddorio’s party is working hard to increase their adventurer level in an intermediate dungeon within the House Whitey’s territories. They have to sharpen their skills in order to become capable of exploring advanced-level dungeons as fast as possible.

Incidentally, all the dungeons within the territory of House Sereknight have all been purified by Chloe herself. The ones on House Bruno on the other hand were done by Momo herself, leaving the beginner-level dungeons the only explorable ones left.

“Still, it is quite surprising that the Margrave allowed us to explore the dungeons in his territories even though Darck, who refused the marriage proposal with his daughter, came with us.”


“He did whole-heartedly bow saying that he did it out of confusion. He is still currently under house arrest though, so today is just in the performance of his duty, so to speak. Isn’t that right, Darck?”


As the prince turned his glance towards Darck who was lagging behind, the young ducal heir’s head hung low while his fist gripped tightly. 

Darck himself doesn’t consider Shiela as a bad marriage partner. Still, Chloe ridiculed his former fiancee for her plumpy figure, and further added that even though she would never call such an unsightly lady as her sister-in-law, Shiela matched Darck, a mistress’ son, perfectly well.

Hearing that made Darck wonder just how such a vile woman could possibly be chosen as the Saintess, however, he soon discovered that the personality isn’t a necessary factor in determining a saintess candidate, only the quantity of sacred mana.

“Although I deeply cherish Sir Darck as an older brother, describing it as confusion… still gives me a bit of mixed feelings.”

“N-No! My feelings are definitely…”

“Darck, do you plan to drag this down further?”

Darck grabbed the shoulders of Momo who was about to heal the injuries he sustained moments ago. As the prince put a stop on him, the young ducal heir bit his lip in frustration and obediently presented his injured arm. The utmost priority of the prince’s party is to raise their level to allow themselves to face Chloe who had become a witch. Still, that’s only within the realms of possibility, and the party had no idea just how strong the ancient witch would be if that were to be true.

The only thing they know is that Momo’s words holds true, nothing more.


Momo’s hand immediately glowed as she touched the injured arm of Darck but its light slowly grew dimmer in time. The spell didn’t seem to work well as the lady repeatedly cock her head in puzzlement. The prince was reminded by what the head priest said about the lady’s negligence in her ascetic duties but he immediately shook off those thoughts.

He thought that there’s no possible way Momo wouldn’t be able do the same sacred magic that Chloe used. After all, Momo has a far more devoted, pure, and blessed heart than his ever vain former fiancee.

 “..I’m sorry, sir. It looks like I’m not in a good shape.”

“I don’t mind. Momo’s sincerity alone is enough to make me better.”

Seeing Momo’s shoulders drooping low, Darck desperately put on a tough front to comfort her, while Sei stealthily handed him a potion to help him.

Still, the prince felt like they were faring much worse time compared to the same intermediate dungeon they conquered during their school days. He thought that perhaps Dai’s absence was that much of a huge loss to their party’s strength.

(That muscle-headed fool, just carefreely walking to an advanced dungeon by himself. What the hell is he even thinking?)

Unfortunately, their party members will decrease further due to a reason nobody saw coming, not even the prince.

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  1. Avatar Death Fairy says:

    Will one of them die? Please tell me that’s the case!!!

    1. Avatar Mona says:

      Omg so of course the white lotus turns out to be the ancient witch… hahaha can’t wait to see what these unforseen circumstances are

  2. Avatar Something says:

    “due to a reason nobody saw coming, not even the prince” I must comment that the prince is blind (in a way)

  3. Avatar meowthank says:

    Welp. Ran out of potions. All dead and Momo somehow contracts a devil or something to survive.

    This is my guess at what will happen

  4. Avatar Tsuki says:

    Whatever happens to them, serves them right! Though it would be a nice touch if Momo turns out to be the real witch.

  5. Avatar Jinxelin Valent says:

    Uuuuuuu now this is looking good

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