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Banished Villainess – Under Observation! : Chapter 52

Prince's Denunciation

Prince’s Denunciation

In order to ascertain the possibility that Chloe had become a witch, Momo had to raise her adventurer level. Prince Leddorio went to the head priest to ask for permission to do just that but..

“We cannot allow it, highness. Lady Momo’s sacred mana are in decline. It goes to show how much performing ascetic practices haphazardly could affect–“

“Her sacred mana are declining? What are you talking about?”

All of the priests who saw the sacred mana she emitted at the Saintess Attestation Ceremony had all recognized that she was the true saintess. The dazzling radiance she had displayed made it clear that there’s no other saintess save for her.

 “I do not doubt the lady’s position, highness. However, sacred mana is born from a heart of purity. Some circumstances can affect its potency.”

“What? Are you implying that Momo had been sullied?”

“I would never dare! It’s just that recently, she’s not making as much effort in her practices so…”

 Momo’s face grew stiff at the seemingly tenuous reply of the head priest. The ascetic practices in the sacred church are strict. After all, it’s so severe that it helped Chloe, who had lived her entire life as an aristocrat, to get used to her newly attained responsibilities at the lodging house.

However, the prince just could not make himself believe that Momo was more negligent than Chloe in her church duties. On the contrary, the prince considered her to be working harder due to the added responsibility of becoming the prince’s queen candidate weighing on her shoulder.

“Enough. I can’t rely on you all inept fools. It’s exactly because you keep Momo holed up in this place that others barely notice her worth. We’ll be warming up in the intermediate dungeon in order to sharpen our sense again.”

“You must not, highness! It is far too dangerous! If something were to happen to the saintess–“

“I will be protecting her myself. I will not let any beasts touch even a single strand of her hair, so save your complaints.”

“We cannot allow putting his highness at risk either!”

As the prince lost his patience to the rigidity of the head priest, he resorted to using his last resort, instead.

“Head priest…, it has recently come to my ears that the church had used the orphanage as a hotbed for prostitutions.”

“What is this sudden…”

“Do you really think I wouldn’t know? When Chloe sent a request for a replacement of a sacred stone, you refused it on the grounds of one of your banished specialists being there.”

“B-But highness, that’s… While it is true that something of that sort happened in the past, it is exactly because of such incident that the sacred church had banished Masrat Grace…”

As the head priest flusteredly attempted to make an excuse, a loud crashing sound reverberated in the church hall. He was scared silent of the prince who hit the table with such vigor.

“Because of your pesky politics, the barrier within the advanced level dungeon had grown weaker, allowing the stronger monster to pass through. There’s no one else who can purify that dungeon other than Momo, the true saintess. We have no other choice but to go in order to clean up after your messes!

If you consider Priest Grace’s issue to be of importance, so much more than the kingdom’s risks itself, why don’t we review the case of his transgressions then? Completely and thoroughly with all the witnesses, victims and all!”

“—!? P-Please wait, highness! Very well, I will acknowledge it. Masrat Grace is innocent and his expulsion from the church is invalid. The ones who commit such improper and foolish acts are those related to the head priest at that time. Due to their fear of being crushed, they used him as a scapegoat.”

The head priest had no other choice but to reveal the truth. He feared that the exposure of the church’s past corruption would result in loss of influence within the populace.

Although the royal family who shares the same bed with the church would also inevitably be affected, the prince couldn’t care less now that he’s been disinherited.

 “I care not for the honor of priest grace. Chloe is far more important of a matter than that. I am sure that the head priest is aware of the circumstances of the ancient witch, right? Right now, Chloe, stripped of her queen candidacy and saintess position, resides in a lodging close to the advanced level dungeon. Momo had decided that it’s far too dangerous to let that continue, and put a stop to that as fast as we possibly can.”

Prince Leddorio embraced the shoulders of Momo as the head priest looks at them at loss for words.

(Momo… I will protect you no matter what. I’ll make them see that your ascent is the first saintess’ second coming.)

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  1. Avatar Death Fairy says:

    Oh… so Saintess’ Sacred Mana is related to their purity?
    What a great news we have here!

    1. Avatar Mrs.YunoLanx says:

      and momo’s is declining aka not being pure…interesting indeed

      1. Avatar TheHillsAreAlive says:

        I don’t know about purity. It might be about acts of asceticism. I find it hard to believe that Momo has been pure from the beginning, considering her long game all along has been to have Chloe exiled and surveilled. It’s the fact that she’s not taking her tasks at the Church seriously that’s leading to the decline of her powers. She’s not living a life free from mundane influences.

  2. Avatar Kokorosy says:

    Thanks for the chapter! Why do I suspect that Momo is one becoming a witch?

    1. Avatar Eh... says:

      My thoughts exactly…

  3. As I thought, Momo is going to become the witch, isn’t she? Since her power is declining and previously she could only handle mid level dungeons, then I bet she’ll slowly lose the ability to do even that.
    I bet Chloe will play a vital role in cleansing the high level dungeon, while Momo becomes useless, but then the prince decides to let Momo take all the credit for it and condemn Chloe as a witch, but Keith with Shin’s help actually show the recording in public which shows the truth, thus destroying Momo and Leddorio’s reputation and legitimacy completely…

  4. Avatar Ash Slanabrezgov says:

    It’s interesting. The way I read situation, Momo’s actions pushed prince to push her into position where she would become witch.

    That’s profound.

  5. Avatar Ya Think says:

    I like that “the chosen saintess” isn’t definite from the start… In the end, it is not about how people start (born with magic or not), but how they end (meaning the journey to the end, whether to work hard for it or let it wither).

  6. Avatar K says:

    Momo turning into a witch is now telegraphed from a mile away, but I do find it annoying that her inherent goodness is judged by the horrible standard of how much menial labor she can do. Making a persons life suck until they get used to it or trick themselves into liking it isn’t a path to goodness. It’s brainwashing. True goodness comes from the empathy that none of this so called saintess training is providing.

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