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Banished Villainess – Under Observation! : Chapter 44

Dearest Comrades

Dearest Comrades

According to what the prince heard, Shin, who had been picked up by Chloe, wasn’t able to save his comrades that were caught alongside him. The guilt of that had been dragging his heart down ever since.

Now, the young butler was speechless at the unexpected reunion.

“You’re all… alive..”

“Hey hey, don’t just kill us off too easy. Well, can’t say I blame you, after all those past aristocrats who picked you up. Hell, we even had to gamble during that time the slums got closed down.”

“Getting picked up for their looks like you aside, all other opportunities in the slums requires dirt work. We had to work all our assess off to become adventurers. Gahahahaha”

“…Hey, if you’ve been feeling guilty for us the entire time.”

The mage woman held Shin’s hand tightly. The sound of Shin’s nose sniffling can be heard by the prince and the others across the mirror.

“Then you don’t need to suffer about it anymore.”

“Although Lord Duke was at lost regarding his daughter’s selfish actions, it seems that now he had given proper thoughts to these recent matters.”

“Yeah, now we can all be fools together again!!”


The spectacle projected was certainly heartwarming and yet those who were watching it from afar couldn’t maintain their composure at the sight of it. After all, the main reason why Shin wanted to ruin Chloe was due to his grudges. The arrival of his old friends may have just uprooted all of that.

Now that he had been reunited with them, if Shin were to decide to go with his old friends, the entourage of the prince would be able to accomplish their goals no longer.

“Damn it, suddenly appearing out of nowhere like that, what are you all, Chloe’s pawns?”

Seemingly blind at his transgression of suddenly arriving and stealing Locke’s cookies without a word, Dai who threw a fit looked nothing but a small fish to eyes of the prince. In fact, the angrier he gets, the more he looked like a thug.

“Noope, although we are a concerned party in her well-being, Milady should know nothing about us at all, I think. Well if we have to introduce ourselves… then right now we are the new party members of Glinda the Twin Blades. I’m Lucky, the thief.”

“Likewise, Kisara, the mage. Although not as great as milady, I can do healing magic to a certain extent.”

“Sam, the warrior, here, best regards. All of us including that Locke over there, joined together to explore the dungeon here in search of magic crystals.”

 The three of them pointed their fingers at Locke, who was eating the leftover scraps of the cookies baked for him. Chloe was smiling at him blushingly while hiding her lower face behind a food tray. The prince knew for sure that the man must have told her flattery again.

Dai, who saw them like that, seized Shin and whispered close to his ears.

“Hey, what are you gonna do about that? That woman was clearly head over heels for Locke, even your friends are her ally too. Can you even continue the plan like this?”


The overwhelming successions of happenings in front of him robbed Shin of the calmness to make decisions. Dai who seeing him like that, suddenly headed towards the three adventurers instead.

“Alright, I get it. Then how about this? I’ll go with all of you then.”

“Haa? What the hell are you on about?”

“I need to send this woman to the convent fast or she won’t be able to reflect on her actions properly. So I figured, I should just help you all to hasten that.”

Dai declared seemingly convinced that he had a great idea. Chloe and Locke stared at him in flabbergasted.

Shin hastily put a stop to his mouth.

“Again, making decisions on your own! How do you suppose we explain these to his highness, sir?”

“Just tell him as it is. Racking my head was never my thing anyway. Whether Chloe is still the same hopeless woman, or she had turned over a new leaf… I’ll have to make sure of that myself instead because you’re useless.”

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  1. Avatar Death Fairy says:

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    Aight imma head out

    1. Avatar Mrs.YunoLanx says:

      when your gun gunning him down send him my way..if i remember correctly my sister enjoy BDSM and she might be an experct on torture

      1. Avatar A random fish in the sea says:

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  2. Avatar Imntru says:

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  3. Avatar Eh... says:

    Rapist (Shin), assaulter (Dai), …that Momo sure knows how to pick ’em…I wonder how Shin’s friends would feel about their old pal’s rapey tendencies…

  4. Avatar Chemise Rogers says:

    On one hand this is entertaining…but I kinda would be fine with Chloe just ending up with Locke while the worthless Momo stans bugger off.

    1. Avatar TheHillsAreAlive says:

      Why should she end up with the only eligible candidate in some far-flung isolated part of this rotten corrupt kingdom? I hope she escapes to somewhere better and the demons ravage the whole thing.

  5. Avatar Dustin Edwards says:

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    To be fair, the others left in the viewing except Keith is an enabler too. Momo Scums- I mean Stans. Sorry got vonfused because they sound the same.

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