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Banished Villainess – Under Observation! : Chapter 43

Unexpected Reunion

Unexpected Reunion

Not showing any signs of reflecting from on rashness, on the contrary, Dai went on the counteroffensive against Shin.

“Then what about you? What have you done so far? Didn’t his highness tell you to hurry up and make that woman fall already?”

“If it were that easy I wouldn’t have had any troubles. She and I had been in a master-servant relationship since the beginning.”

“What, so you’re nothing but a pet to her after all.”

Shin was silenced by Dai’s excessive words. That was the truth before Chloe had been banished so he couldn’t say anything against it. But having lost her fiancée, Chloe who had no other choice but to rely on him was different now.

“Then you’ll never make her fall like that. There’s no point in staying in this place anymore; just forcibly drag her towards the convent.”

“But sir, the barrier of this place is still…”

“Hey, are you telling me you took her words seriously? If it’s that bad, then Momo will do something about it. She’s the real deal after all.”

‘So he says, but do you know something about the miasma surrounding the dungeon of Iris Mountain?’

‘Uhm, the monsters in that dungeon are a handful since it’s restricted to advanced-level adventurers. It is true that it would be better to strengthen the barrier first, but…’

While she answers his question, Momo seems to hesitate continuing further. The prince thought that maybe she was afraid of having to face that dungeon now, if that’s the case, the prince will go together with her to ensure her safety.

“In any case, there’s no need for all of you to stay here anymore. We can just get a carriage by the nearest town so hurry up and pack your things.”

The screen shows Dai dragging Shin by the arm as the two argued against each other. The butler knew that talking for so long will make them suspicious and his anxiety can be felt across the screen.

It was at that moment–

 “Oy mate, just how long do you plan on making troubles inside the house. Can’t ya see you’re bothering everyone else?”

“Look, he clearly dislike it. Just unhand him already.”

A person approached the two of them and took Dai’s hand off Shin. Surprised, the butler turned himself towards those people but what he saw was—

‘Lucky.. Sam.. Kisara?’

The one who muttered their names was Darck. All of the eyes in the room now turned against him.

‘Do you know those people?’

‘Yes, they are employees of the house. Recently, it appears they took a leave, so I don’t see them anymore, so why…’

Dai was not the only one surprised. Shin’s was the same, his voice trembling as he called out to the three of them.

“You three… just how? Haven’t you all got done in when the slum had had been shut down.”

“That’s right, so we took employment from the House Sereknight.”

The one to reply was a young man wearing nimble-looking thievish clothing.

“Our job posts are different so we never got the chance to meet in person.”

A warrior of a young man with a large build smilingly added as he rubbed his nose.

“Well, we had to look into your circumstances secretly after all.”

A woman dressed as a mage sticked her tongue as she said so, striking Shin’s shoulder with her wand.

“We were hired by Lord Duke to guard milady’s surroundings. Although we are to stay in this lodging as adventurers.”

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  1. Avatar Ya Think says:

    The more I read… The more I feel there are many more layers too peel…
    This is really a breath of fresh air from the villainess stories I’ve read so far.

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