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Banished Villainess – Under Observation! : Chapter 45

Observation Report 3

Observation Report 3

The recorded footage stops there. The mirror projection then turns to real-time footage of Grace Church’s attic.

‘Why did it stop there? Was that all?’

“Locke was doubtful, sir. Sir Dai, who had just arrived, knew something he shouldn’t have known beforehand. Locke suggested surveillance, so I had to take off the brooch to avoid being found out.”

‘That muscle head acting on his own…, So? What happened afterward?’

“Milady confirmed everything Dai had said and told everyone that everything that happened here is all reported to the capital through letters… The mistress had declared that they will continue to hire milady as Chaco either way.”

(That Chloe? Covering up for Shin and revealing all her circumstances of her own accord!?)

For Leddorio’s entourage, the chance of that happening is as rare as the heavens itself, flipping over. The recent happenings have solidified the fact that Chloe does not look at Shin as a love interest no matter how much she favored him. However, they couldn’t believe that Chloe would go out of her own way to save Shin, the one responsible for leaking information about things anything happening within her circumference.

Even Darck, shook his head in utter disbelief.

‘Unbelievable, that wench…. She had been pushing all the responsibilities to all the havocs that she caused to either me or Shin ever since childhood.’

‘But even if it’s Chloe, she couldn’t possibly stay oblivious about the surveillance after everything that happened.’

“About that, sir… Lady had known about the surveillance ever since the beginning. Although, she initially thought that it was his father who ordered it.”

‘Is that true!?’

Leddorio had ridiculed her so much before, even concluding that the lady wouldn’t have known about the surveillance, not even in her wildest dreams; he previously thought. This new revelation made the prince feel like he had been completely deceived, but it also made sense to him why the lady has been hiding her true nature.

Shin added that the Sereknight Duke had been sending letters to her, but Darck, only frantically shook his head in response, saying that he had zero knowledge of it.

At any rate, the circumstances, according to the butler, were that Dai forcefully joined Locke’s party, and they are all currently challenging the dungeon. Locke was having reservations about taking Chloe’s lunch because it will only end up compared to Momo’s cooking, but when he still reached out to take some, the party complained.

Lastly, in regards to Dai’s independent decision to join the monitoring personnel to directly observe her, Chloe herself didn’t pay it any mind.

“That’s as far as the recent happenings, sir.”

‘Good work, by the way—“

‘Shin, can you hear me? I’m also here.’

Momo suddenly grabbed the brooch from the prince and talked to Shin in the mirror. The butler cannot see them, so he only noticed her attendance after hearing her voice.

“Huh..? Lady Momo!?”

‘I’m terribly sorry for having you put on such a difficult task for my sake. Even though I’m fully aware of how harsh it would’ve been for you given that being by her side had tormented you all this time.’

“I am fine, Lady Momo. Besides, I met my former comrades again anyway.”

‘You don’t need to push yourself. I will free you out of there soon so hold on a little longer for me, okay?’

Her awfully intimate tone to the young butler had raised the eyebrows of Prince Leddorio. Although he is aware that she is just the same with everyone else, Shin was still the exclusive butler of Chloe. The thought that perhaps the two had gotten so much closer while Chloe was harassing the lady had given the prince feelings he couldn’t describe.

Momo then turned her gaze to all the gentlemen in the room and with a sense of danger clearly present in her face, she turned to speak.

‘Everyone, listen, please. I participated in today’s observation for the first time, but the situation looks far graver than I previously thought. It is incredibly dangerous for those who had sinister hearts to be exposed to places with especially thick miasma, just like this advanced-level dungeon.

As things are, now that Chloe had been possessed by a devil, her sacred powers, as well as her own ego will fall, soon giving rise to full-fledged witch.

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      1. Avatar Death Fairy says:

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  2. Avatar watcher003 says:

    Lol Momo is grasping at straws there. I wonder how are the Asshole Prince’s entourage going to take this…. They’re so dumb I’ll set my mind to the lowest expectations.

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