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Banished Villainess – Under Observation! : Chapter 42

Dai’s Independent Actions

Dai’s Independent Actions

“Did you come from the capital, lad? I’d appreciate it if you don’t bring your troubles here.”

“It’s that woman who’s trouble here. You are better of just kicking her out right now. The wench is just pretending to be a pitiful weak lady to earn your compassion… and she even got this wig going on for that!”

Just as he declared, Dai grabbed the brown wig of Chloe and tried to pull it off, but what should have been a wig had stuck to her head. His attempt just made the lady scream in result.

“It hurts! Stop it!”

“What the hell are you doing!!”

“W-Why? Damn it! Why won’t it pull o—that hurts!!”

Locke hastily went to try to stop him, but the mistress got to Dai first, clobbering his head with a rolling pin. Leddorio watching the entire thing, thought that perhaps Chloe was using the sacred magic, “Adhesion” to glue the wig to her scalp.

Dai, however, letting the blood go up to his head, had yet to realize who he looked like to the surrounding people.

“Unhand her! Pulling a lady’s hair like that, you’re one hell of a pile of trash, ain’t cha? You think that pretty face can get you out of anything? You’ll never be popular with ladies if you keep that up.”

“That hurts you old hag! The only trash in this place is that woman right there, and hey, I already have Momo so, you can mind your own damn business!”

Now unhanded, Chloe caressed her head seemingly in pain. Locke hearing Momo’s name twice, reacted this time around.

“Momo? Are you talking about Momo Palette?”

“That’s right, the same lady that the trash over there had harassed out of jealousy in having her fiancée taken away. As her childhood friend, you must understand how unforgivable that was, right?”

Locke’s eyes suddenly narrowed for a moment, then inclined his head seemingly in wonder.

“If that’s true, Momo must be the current fiancee of the prince, then? I knew it, your feelings for her are one-sided after all!”

“No, they are not engaged! And Momo always comes to my training bringing snacks for me and cheering me on! His highness and the other folks are understandably attracted to her, but I am special—“

“Just a moment, please come here with me!”

Cutting off Dai’s assertion, Shin who couldn’t bear watching him anymore, dragged him by the arm towards the entrance of the lodging house. Dai glared daggers at him for daring to pull him away, but Shin only gave him an awkward glance in reply.

Then, the young butler, lowering his voice, rebuked Dai for his rash actions.

“What is this about, sir?  Intruding in this place and even going as far as revealing milady’s identity.”

“I wanted to see everything with my own eyes, and well, seeing that girl putting on a sheep’s clothing like that, I just wanted to unmask her pretensions.”

“We already have plans for that, sir. On the contrary, what you did let her earn everyone’s sympathy even more.”

“It’s just coaxing, deception, and such roundabout methods don’t fit me well, you see. Even Momo had praised my straightforward personality.”

“…I see. At any rate, be advised, sir. I will be reporting everything to his highness.”

‘What a fool.’

The prince was utterly speechless about Dai’s foolishness. He thought that now Chloe would convinced that she is under observation and the one pulling the strings behind it was Leddorio himself. There’s no other choice but for them to change their plan to ruin her.

  However, the prince gained an unexpected merit from Dai’s shameful sight. Momo’s rigid cold eyes as she watched the sight of him tells the prince that his love rivals had decreased by one.

On the contrary, it was Momo, who was disillusioned by him, but of course, being on the other side of the mirror, Dai was unaware of that. 

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  1. Avatar Death Fairy says:

    Thanks for the chapter!

    What a fool!
    Only a b*stard would do that kind of thing to a lady. Such b*stards deserve divine punishment!

    1. Avatar Annaberu says:

      Your translations are very smooth, it’s really easy to understand. Must be quite an effort but I hope you enjoy it 🙂 Thank you sooo very much! Wish you a healthy body and mind (plus good grades!) ♥︎

  2. Avatar watcher003 says:

    What a prick.

    Im fairly convinced at this point that Momo’s a T!MC from the real world who came in this game/novel and viewed everything like it isn’t real, and thought the MLs are interesting and romantic. But with this Real Time reaction scenario- and how Asshole Prince faction treats the ‘villainess’… I get the feeling Momo will grow disillusioned with this world and the A-hole Prince faction real quick.

  3. Avatar chomiaaa says:


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