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Banished Villainess – Under Observation! : Chapter 31

Shin Purpleton Part 1 - Origin

Shin Purpleton Part 1 – Origin.

My name is Shin Purpleton. That’s how I am called for convenience’s sake.

I didn’t have a parent to raise me in the slums. The number of orphanages in this kingdom is very few, and because of their awful circumstances, numerous orphans chose to escape from them towards the slum. The same goes for me, who had to live off shoplifting and stealing from others in order to survive.  Of course, there were times where I slipped up and got beaten half-dead in result.

At some point, I was picked up by now, my mistress, Chloe Sereknight. Her father, the prime minister to the right, Duke Blackia Sereknight, had taken her towards the slum to let her observe the slum’s circumstances. At that time, I felt the noble must have gotten mad to bring his daughter to such a filthy place. But in truth, Chloe was taken there at such a young age, to familiarize herself with the situation of the entire country, both as the prospective Saintess, and the Queen Candidate.

Utterly ignorant of their circumstances, I tagged along with my slum friends to attack the carriage of rich nobles whom we thought, went to the slum for their amusement. However, we ended up gotten done in by their escorts easily instead.

Chloe had gotten fond of me as I was being taken away along with my comrades. Much of the reason was that she found the color of my hair and eyes to her liking. Apparently, in other countries, amethyst-colored hair and eyes were a sign of royal blood. 

The hell was that? That doesn’t concern me anyway, I thought.

After all, there’s no way a royalty would go all the way to the slum of a neighboring country to abandon their child. I was certain that it was just some sort of coincidence. Nevertheless, Chloe’s fondness was not the first time either. I had been taken in by countless aristocrats to their manor, as their plaything.

After being on the receiving end of their extremely disgusting treatments, I had escaped towards the slum numerous times too.

All of the aristocrats in this country are trash.

With that belief, I was initially against the idea of being taken to the ducal manor. But what we had raided on that day was the duke’s carriage, and I was aware that I could have been executed on the spot instead. That’s why in order to survive, I had to become Chloe’s dog abandoning my comrades in the process.

Chloe was the one to give me the name Shin. It seems like that was the name of her pet that had previously died. She told me that it was a clever bird, capable of learning words, and had beautiful purple wings.

In the manor, I was given high-quality clothing, taught how to read and write, and drilled with manners as well as escorting skills.

The “Purpleton” last name came from the head butler of the house, who was also my teacher. However, I have never thought of him as a parent. He was nothing but a person who blindly follows the House Sereknight, and never batted an eye to Chloe’s selfishness either.

On the other hand, Chloe, herself was convinced that she had saved me by picking me up.

Be grateful. You are now indebted to me, she said

‘The only reason why I took the filthy you was because I realized that you would become beautiful when polished.’

‘You are my favorite adorable pet. You must never dare to betray me and be mine for your entire life.’

‘But don’t misunderstand. In the future, I will become the queen of this kingdom. My mind and body shall be entirely dedicated for the sake of his highness, Leddorio.’

I was not expecting anything from the beginning. After all, I knew that all aristocrats are the same.

At first glance, my life may look like it had gotten entirely better compared to how it was before. However, this new life was nothing but a mere doll for Chloe to grow fond of. I knew that she can discard me away after she growing tired of me, so I needed to keep earning her favor to prevent that.

The debt of gratitude that she had spoken of was nothing but a chain to prevent me from escaping. I took her hands in order to survive, but I had to kill my heart to constantly wag my tail at her every time in exchange. I knew immediately that I needed to escape from that place quickly, however I had no place to return to anymore because the duke had already dissolved the slum area. I have no idea what became of my former comrades either, and even if I do meet them again, they would likely not forgive the one who betrayed them.

I have always thought that my days of constant effort to flatter nobles will last forever. However, what became the turning point of such a life, was Chloe’s order to observe the horrible pest who kept coiling around her fiancée.

The name of that pest was Momo Palette. She was a commoner who awakened her sacred power and was summoned to the royal academy in the capital. Lady Momo was the total opposite of Chloe. She had fluffy peach-colored hair, seemingly translucent pure eyes, and had the angelic smiled filled with love. 

She constantly greeted me with a smile whenever I met her, an unlikely treatment for someone who was nothing but Chloe’s pet with dubious origins.

‘But that was not the real you, wasn’t it?’ she said to me.

‘Your heart is only being burdened by Lady Chloe’s orders. I know that you’re really a gentle person.’

‘It’s true that people love to keep rare birds by their side to preserve their beauty. But I believe that those birds grow far more beautiful when they are free to spread their wings in the sky.’

Her words slowly melted by frozen heart and had brought me to tears. I was not a doll. However, I revealed to her that I had been indebted to the ducal house and cannot afford to leave.

Before I even realized, I had already been grew to like… to love Miss Momo.

One day, Prince Leddorio attended Momo’s formal introduction together with her. The prince may have been neglected his fiancée thus far, but he may have found his heart at rest with Miss Momo, just like me.

As I realized Lady Chloe’s complete defeat, I also became aware that it would be the end of my love for Miss Momo as well. Nevertheless, I still loved Miss Momo and wanted to lend her my strength for having saved me.

That’s why, in order to escape my hellish days, and aid my beloved at the same time, I became the prince’s spy.

Initially, the prince was fully intent on ruining the entire ducal house. However, Miss Momo had gotten along with Sir Darck, who was Lady Chloe’s sibling from a different mother. Still, they couldn’t find any leads that could bring the house to ruin either way, so the prince conceded with the condemnation of Chloe alone.

Chloe had employed the help of her followers and some thugs in order to harass Miss Momo. I was one of those people but because I couldn’t make it into myself to wound Miss Momo’s beautiful heart, I had only been deceiving my mistress and were in fact, protecting Miss Momo from her.

The Miss had said that it was the proof of my kindness but honestly, it was only brought by my ego of not wanting to be hated by her. 

I didn’t mind even if I am fired from the ducal house anymore.

Before long, I ended up helping in gathering evidence against my mistress and had her condemned, resulting in her engagement being annulled and to her banishment from the capital.

Vouivre Comments

I managed to find time to do these but that took longer than I thought. I’m gonna be completely honest, I didn’t read a single one of these origins because I didn’t really care for these Momo Cultists.

And yes, there are more of these things.
Anyway, that’s about it for today.

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  1. If you look at this background from a completely objective point of view, you’d notice that Shin was never being mistreated and that his life had actually improved by a lot since the slums. He’s just excessively prideful, hence why he sees his position has a personal servant no different from abandoning his dignity and free will.

    1. Avatar chomiaaa says:

      oh my god you are right. what a bunch of a$$holes. i hate them

  2. Avatar kirindas says:

    Thanks for the new chapter! Lol! Wow that ego…

    1. Avatar Monster komik says:

      Makluk yang enggak tau balas budi.

  3. Avatar Death Fairy says:

    Should I say thank for this kind of chapter or not?

    Anyway, this chapter is proof that only brain dead people can be easily deceived by b*tches

  4. Avatar 03sdd18 says:

    Simp: a man who is willing to sell his soul and betray anyone or anything the moment a pretty woman flutters her eyelashes. Regardless of the fact that he has *zero* chance with her, ever, the man allows her to treat him like dirt yet worships her as a goddess.

    Thot: the woman who flutters her eyelashes to lead men on and make them do her bidding.

    Momo is the thot queen and the prince’s buddies are her simp cult. The term has lost all meaning after prolonged internet exposure, but if ever there was a time for it to be used, this is it…

    1. Avatar Jinxelin Valent says:

      Shin is trash , i really hope Chloe doesn’t fall in love whit him

  5. Avatar Tsuki says:

    Thanks for the translation!
    Shin is such a brain-dead, he doesn’t care about being fired from his stable and most likely well paid job just to simp for a girl who would never correspond him… what does he even plan to do afterwards because if he believes the prince is going to help him out, I doubt it, the prince just wants to get rid of his competition just like he’s doing right now with him.

  6. Avatar Kevin De Leon says:

    Baya baya el tenía el corazón cerrado y no se dió cuenta de nada para empezar Chloe nunca lo maltrato no lo torturó ni nada es más lo cuidaron, lo vistieron, alimentaron y educaron el mayordomo principal asta le dió su apellido y el no lo aprecio baya este tipo fue tan mal agradecido que asta la traicionó ni siquiera se dió cuenta del trasfondo de Chloé

  7. Avatar Fani Hatinda says:

    He is an ungrateful brat, that’s for sure.

  8. Avatar Ishfa says:

    why doesn’t he get that without chloe he would never have this luxurious life and since he hated being her “pet” then why didn’t he escape like before

  9. Avatar Raine says:

    You are free to ESCAPE you mf*cker, i think Chloe did that because she loved the bird sincerely since you know her circumstances from a few chapters back… And she treats you like that bird because she wants someone she can rely on… And you are not mistreated to begin with… What? Are you whipped, slapped and something outrageous happened to you? Dumb butler… Should just die in the slums

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