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Banished Villainess – Under Observation! : Chapter 32

Shin Purpleton Part 2 - Secret Life

Shin Purpleton Part 2 – Secret Life.

“Chloe is starting to fall for Locke. Do everything to stop that and win her over. At this point; it doesn’t matter even if you have to skip a few steps to force it.”

Seeing Chloe’s tendency to fall in love with Locke instead, the prince has chosen a method that doesn’t care for apppearances. The strategy to abandon Chloe after she becomes dependent on me stays the same. However, because he surmised that Lock is a threat to the plan, he’s asking to make it happen before him.

‘Your highness, that is a little…’
“Isn’t that too much, brother? Shin is in love with Momo too.”

Prince Yellow, who apparently recently joined the monitoring, interjected in the conversation. It makes me wonder if it’s alright for the two of them to be in the same place, even though they are currently at the battle for succession. Whichever the case, Prince Leddorio seemed annoyed by it and glared at his brother in return.

 “Don’t say such effeminate things, Keith. If he is truly in love with Momo, using his own body for her sake should be nothing for him. Besides, don’t you resent her, Shin?  The way I see it, this looks to be the perfect time for your revenge, am I correct?”

He’s right. I’ve always been waiting for the moment to strike back at her. I’ve always hated myself who had to follow all of this little girl’s whims. Having the last laugh after throwing her away in her wretched state? Wouldn’t that be the most ideal? That’s how things should be…, and yet I couldn’t help but grip my fist in hesitation.

“It’s not like your body is clean either. That woman’s personality may be a bit off, but she’s still a woman. Just taint her and think of it as your revenge.”

Even Darck, who was a child of a mistress, held Chloe in utter disdain. He may be an aristocrat, but his sense of values is closer to that of a commoner. These differences may have made it impossible for him to love his younger sister. I understand his feelings, and yet I…

“What’s the matter, Shin? Don’t tell me you were moved by the changes in her personality?”

“…It is nothing, sire. I shall comply..”

After bowing my head deeply to hide my facial expression, I cut off the signal of the brooch.

After returning to the bar, I saw Chloe still had her brown wig on, cleaning for closing. Locke, who seems to be helping her, was having a cheerful conversation with her which she smiles in reply. I felt the dark feelings I harbored within my heart leaking out. Surely, the part of me who had been tyrannized by Chloe thus far just cannot stand the sight of her enjoying her like this.

Chloe wasn’t that much bothered by her annulment with the prince.  That was merely her one-sided pursuit, no matter which angle you look at it, and the reward she would get at most, would be a loveless marriage.

But what about Locke? He may have fallen in love with Miss Momo, but once her relationship with Leddorio were to be announced, he would likely give up on her. If that were to happen, Locke may settle with Chloe, whom he had recently gotten closed to, instead.

“Chaco, the mistress had said that you can rest now.”

“Oh, is it already that late?”

Forcing myself in between their conversation, I took Chloe by the arms. Although clearly bewildered, she obediently follows.

“I guess that’s that then Locke, good nig– Sto–, you’re hurting me!”

“It must be hard having such an overprotective brother.”

Glaring at Locke’s tease in return, he just waved his hand towards us and saw us out. I couldn’t help but get pissed at his carefree attitude.

Returning to our room, as Chloe took off her wig and is about to disappear off to her partition, I trapped her against the wall with both of my arms on her side.

“What’s the matter, Shin?”

“You seem to be enjoying yourself, miss?”

“I guess I am. He said that the dungeon clearing went smoothly, but what makes me happier is that nobody got hurt.”

I could feel so much kindness from her gaze, something that I couldn’t find in her during our time at the capital. The incomprehensible irritation in my body just exploded even more as a result.

“Have you fallen in love with him?”

“Wha..What are you talking about?”

“Did you forgot, milady. You have sinned, and in order to atone for that, you will have to leave this place after fixing the barrier.  Furthermore, that man is also in love with Miss Momo. He’s just the same as his highness.”

“…I know that much.”

“Then why do you still look at him with like a maiden in love. Why smile at him, still? The one who had been by Milady’s side all this time was not him, but me.”

“What happened to you, Shin? You’re a little strange.”

I sealed the lips of Chloe who still doesn’t seem to understand what was happening. I took the strict measure. I pushed her towards the bed. I thought that she will start fighting back when I’m on top of her but unexpectedly, she didn’t move an inch.  She just obediently laid flat, with her eyes staring at me in wonder.

“I have been holding back all this time but can no longer. Milady, I will have you remove other men from those eyes except me.”

I took one of her trapped hands and kissed the back of it. I would have rather just took a strand of her hair and kiss it instead but recently she had cut it short.

“I am serious, lady.”

I gazed at her passionately, trying to make her conscious as much as possible, then whispered close to her ears. Her body twitches in response. That’s how it is. Surrender everything to me. Know all there is to men with my body. She has to acknowledge fully in her heart that there’s no other man for her but me.

However, the thought running inside of her betrayed all my expectation.

“I guess that’s true. I may have been too happy. Now that I have escaped from the capital, from those people, from my own fate, I thought that I can finally feel the life that was given to me.. but I guess that doesn’t mean I can forget my sins, can I?”

“Lady, what on earth..”

“Go ahead, Shin. I shall take this punishment. But in return, promise me one thing. After this moment, you must never ever think that you do not deserve to be with the one you hold dear.”

I couldn’t understand what Chloe was saying. What about not deserving to be with their beloved? Haven’t I implied that she was the one I love by pushing her on the bed like this?

Wait, did this person just call this whole thing “punishment”?

“Milady…. do you perhaps think of this situation as a “punishment?”

“I’m sorry, Shin. I have always known that I am under observation. I mean, there has to be something in it for you, who resents all aristocrats, to volunteer yourself to escort one. Besides, you have the right to take revenge. However, you must absolutely not fall to self-hatred after doing it.”

She knows… everything… from the very beginning?

She knew that I am an observer? That I hate all aristocrats? That far from yearning, I am aiming here for revenge? That has to be a lie. If that were to be true, why couldn’t she have avoided her condemnation by the prince? Not only had she simply allowed the gathering of evidence against her, she even allowed me to stay with her afterwards, that’s something only fools would do.

Or did she mean that she allowed me to stay by her side knowing everything, thinking that she may be killed instead if she didn’t?

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