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Banished Villainess – Under Observation! : Chapter 30

Bobbed Hairstyle

Bobbed Hairstyle

“We are finally officially employed.”

Returning to their room, Chloe took off her brown hair wig and threw herself on the bed. Although she would never have guessed that numerous gentlemen are currently watching her relaxed moments, the prince still felt that it was odd for her not to recognize Shin as the opposite sex to be bothered about him. Still, the prince thought it can’t be helped, since the pet treatment of the lady to her butler can’t be changed so easily.

“Are you truly fine with this, milady? Working yourself hard beyond tire every single day; it’s such a tough life, a complete turnover from the environment you have enjoyed thus far.

“We are allowed to stay for free. I cannot just take advantage of the mistress’ goodwill and slack myself around every day. Besides, I’m currently having a lot of fun right now. The Grace couple, as well as the temporary helpers, are all good people after all.”

“Is that so, lady? Normally, those kinds of people would not be even allowed to approach you. I only see them as a group with dubious nature.”

“You think? You must’ve been considerably dyed by the capital’s colors then.”

That’s my fault though, muttering so, Chloe took out a sewing scissor and proceeded to cut the lustrous long black hair that she had always been proud of, right around her shoulders.



Not only Shin, everyone who watched as the scene unfolded were all at a loss for words. Chloe, on the other hand, nonchalantly put all her cut hairs in the wastebasket and refreshingly caressed the base of her neck.

“Mhm, that’s more refreshing.”

“What are you thinking, lady! Only sinners cut their hair short like that!”

“I mean, I am a sinner. Besides, the gathering of magic crystals would likely be a long battle, and I would have to go there wearing a wig all the time. This makes it much more comfortable.”

“That may be true, but… not even the convent would force you to do something like this.”

In the Coloflare Kingdom, only the sinners and official clergymen cut their hair short. At the very least, no lady below marriageable age would ever think of cutting their hair. The sinners sent towards convents may undergo strict discipline and compelled to live modest lives but once they show remorse for their actions, they can return to their normal lives. The only ones who are locked in the convent for the rest of their lives are those who do not show the slightest signs of remorse for their actions, and even then, are not compelled to cut their hairs short either. The prince thought that it was only natural for the butler to doubt the sanity of his mistress, considering just how she easily cut her hair without showing hesitation.

“Hairs grow fast, silly. Besides, there’s no one to look but you anyway…, am I wrong?”

Her probing way of saying it made the prince reconsider that Chloe may know that she is under observation. The lady sure has shown them considerably improper behaviors for that, but she likely had no idea that the one monitoring her is the prince who had her banished, Leddorio himself.

 ‘What a woman…’

The prince inadvertently leaked a surprised voice from his mouth, while on the other hand, Darck only shook his head in sympathy.

‘She may be a fool, but her pride is tall.  Being forced to deal with vulgar individuals may have put a strain on her and destroyed her mind. It’s a hard sight to watch.’

‘Really? I’m seeing her in a better light, though. The woman may have been unexpectedly cool to be with.’

The sight of Dai, seemingly covering up for Chloe looked unbelievable for Sei, who only stared at his friend in disbelief.

“Are you serious!? Didn’t you say that you prefer fragile ladies that make you want to protect them?”

“I didn’t mean it that way. I only meant that we could become friends with that.”

“That is still unbelievable…. with a woman who was crazy enough to cut her hair short on her own accord?”

As the prince gazed at his two friends arguing,  his side glance revealed the trembling shoulders of Prince Keith, seemingly giggling pleasantly.

“She has become quite interesting, isn’t she? If I hadn’t met Canaria first, I might have fallen in love with her.”

“You can still pick her up right now as a mistress if you wish.”

The prince who just couldn’t grasp what his younger brother was thinking threw a banter instead.

“I’ll have to refrain from that. I wouldn’t do things that would make my fiancee uneasy, unlike somebody I know.”

The younger prince who bantered back without even sparing a glance at him was truly as cheeky as he had thought.

KnoxT's discord server just launched! Come and get updates to your favorite novels!Click here to join!


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