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Banished Villainess – Under Observation! : Chapter 21

Saintess’ Childhood Friend

Saintess’ Childhood Friend.

The reflected scene on the mirror suddenly skips towards their break time.  The whole place had likely been too busy for Shin to worry about recording, thought the prince. The mirror shows Chloe and Shin sitting at a table with having their light meal, together with Locke Glinda in front of them.

“You were asking if I knew Momo Palette earlier, right? I do know her. Miss Momo had become the saintess, and because she replaced the temporary saintess who was the fiancée of the crown prince…, she is likely to become the queen as well.”

Chloe didn’t talk of her harassment of Momo causing her banishment from the capital. Locke was just astounded by what he had heard, not even noticing the self-deprecating smile of Chloe as she told him that.


 “That’s impossible for her! Momo may be bright and energetic but she is also a clumsy airhead. Being the Saintess and the Queen would be too much for someone like her. It may have been a run-of-the-mill rural village but I was happy just spending my days merrily right by her side… did she not feel the same at all?”


Locke smashed his fist on the table as he shared his grievances. He is clearly among the gentlemen who had offered their hearts to the Momo. Although he had been for much longer in that regard because he was a childhood friend. Naturally, that didn’t sit very well with the observing gentlemen who were not even hiding it with a frown plastered among their faces.

“Whatever Miss Momo truly desires, she is the saintess who is loved by God and chosen by the church. It is her life’s duty to use the blessing given to her for the sake of her country.”

“And who on earth decides something like that!?”

“The God is the one to decide, of course. The kingdom and the church only complies in accordance to his will.”

“That damn..!”

Locke, who was about to yell blasphemy of all things, was immediately put to a stop by Chloe. If she were the one to say such a thing, the prince would order Shin to cut her down immediately. Although, she had become much more agreeable recently after her banishment. The prince considered that the lady might be aware that she is under surveillance, but he pushed the idea aside. There’s no way that Chloe would agree to share a room with Shin knowing that the prince is observing her.

“While I do understand your feelings, it would be wise to not say such reckless things. Moreover, this is something that Miss Momo herself had agreed with.”

“…and what? Did Momo fell in love with that prince?”

“Who knows…? If anything, all the gentlemen had shown to be considerably infatuated with her… other than that, I cannot really tell.”

‘What is she saying? Momo has obviously fallen in love with me!”

Dai who argued against the screen prompted others to retort back.

‘Please spare us the nonsense. This is exactly why muscle heads are…’

‘Weak men like you all cannot possibly protect Momo.’

‘Miss Momo had said that she wanted an older brother like me.’

Although they were able to work together to have Chloe banished, they are such a mess when it comes to their love rivalry.

As they quarreled, Prince Keith suddenly said something out of topic.

I would appreciate it if she stops implying that all men fall for Miss Momo. After all, I am devoted to Canaria.’

Prince Keith is engaged to Canaria Riqum, a ducal lady from a neighboring kingdom. From Leddorio’s perspective, those who would obediently accept a future partner chosen for them by their parents have no sense of self. But then again, Lady Canaria is much unlike his former fiancee, a docile lady who blushes just by being beside his younger brother.

“Hmp, a child would not be able to understand Momo’s charms.”

“Yeah, right. But wouldn’t brother much prefer having less rivals? Apparently the childhood friend will join the fray though, what will brother do now?”

“Nothing at all. That man will likely never ever meet Momo anymore. He no longer has any contact with her anymore which means that their relationship wasn’t anything in the first place.”

As the prince said that, the mirror reflected the figure of Chloe seemingly trying to comfort Locke, who was visibly heartbroken.

Vouivre Notes:

Changed Rock into Locke because that’s a legit name.

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  1. Avatar wildhorse99 says:

    I wonder why keith didnt fall under the spell of love

    1. Avatar Not Teraos says:

      She seems suspicious. Especially after this childhood guy. Maybe she knows what to do and say to the rest, but not him. Or they haven’t met.
      Well that’s if she’s really manipulating them.

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