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Banished Villainess – Under Observation! : Chapter 22

Shin’s doubts.

Shin’s doubts.

The break time had already ended by the time Locke regained his composure. The guest rooms and the kitchen are now waiting for them to be cleaned and sorted out. As Shin and Chloe worked together in cleaning one of the rooms, he began to probe her thoughts.

 “Milady, just who on earth is that man called Locke.”

“Oh, are you curious about him? You should have just asked him before then.”

“He might be bothered if I were to ask his background himself. Besides, the lady knows about him anyway.”

“You have a point.”

As Chloe agreed, she began to talk about the man referred to as Locke Glinda.

According to her knowledge, he is the adopted child of House Glinda, an earl house from a neighboring country. He is an adventurer who had made a name for himself, also known as Glinda of the Twin Blades. As the alias suggests, he wields two swords and is famous for his swift strikes, skilled enough that the opponent would not even notice that he had been cut into two. 

As for their life in the Palette Village, Chloe had it investigated in the past to grasp Momo’s weakness and have discovered that they spend their days gathering ingredients for medicinal plants or magic potions.

Chloe may not call Momo a country bum anymore, but she can no longer take back what she had said in the past, thought the prince.

“That’s about what I know, I guess.”

“That can’t be lady. You were able to recognize him at first glance. Have you actually not met him in the past?”

“Not at all, he had just shown to be as he was described.  What is your deal, you are suddenly so inquisitive. Ohh, I see now.”

 Chloe suddenly began to get closer to the screen with a cunning smile on her face. The prince was amazed how she had been able to stay a saintess for so long, although only as a provisionary one. Shin’s body pulled back on her approach, as shown in the mirror projection.


“You must be jealous of Locke, right? He is Momo’s childhood friend, after all.”

 Nobody knew who between Shin and the observers were more taken aback by her words.

“It appears that they haven’t met for at least three years though, what are you going to do now? Return to the capital?”

“Please stop it, Milady.  I do recognize that I am jealous of that person, however…”

Chloe, who had been making fun of him was petrified, as Shin stared at her, holding both of her hands.

“Not because she was related to Miss Momo… but how the lady is acting so overly-familiar with him.”


“I have overstepped my bounds. Either way, milady has a duty she needs to fulfill. Please have restraints from fooling around.

 His words heavily implying that he had feelings for his mistress had left everyone astonished. Prince Leddorio also heard from Momo that Chloe had certainly thought nothing of Shin other than a mere pet. Even the butler himself acted that way.  The only one who should be able to know how he truly feels is the true saintess, Momo herself.

The prince has no idea how Chloe took the warning of her butler but she only unhanded her hands from him and smiled in resignation.

 “I know that… Don’t worry, I will never belong to anyone else. No matter what happens to me, my heart will remain mine and mine alone.”

She will not trust anyone.

From the way Chloe answered, it made the prince felt as though she is refusing everyone, including those in the prince’s room.

KnoxT's discord server just launched! Come and get updates to your favorite novels!Click here to join!


  1. Avatar mishiru13 says:

    Gosh that poor lady😢

  2. Avatar Kevin De Leon says:

    Ella es astuta probablemente ya sabe que su mayordomo la traicionó pero porque aún así lo deja me preguntó que sera

  3. Avatar Ya Think says:

    Yes!!! Do that. None of them worthy of her…

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