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Banished Villainess – Under Observation! Chapter 20

Locke, the Adventurer

Locke, the Adventurer.

After being done with the cleaning of the toilet and the rooms, Chloe is now preparing for breakfast before the customers come. During such time, the ingredients that cannot be procured in the mountain such as milk, are being delivered from the city.

Chloe began to stare in wonder at a man who was taking out milk bottles of outrageous size and quantity from his filthy bag.

“It’s Locke Glinda!”


Having his name called, the man stopped what he was doing and glance in Chloe’s direction. He had unkempt green hair and looked quite the ordinary man. Shin who found his mistress action’s strange called out to her.

“Is he an acquaintance, Chaco?”

“N…Nope. He’s a well-known adventurer. I didn’t expect that he would be an employee of this lodging house though.”

“Well… I didn’t think someone would recognize me this deep in the mountains. At any rate, I am not officially employed here but I’m helping out because I’ve been in the care of the priest in the past. In return though, they allow me to use a room whenever I explore the dungeon.”

“Oh, I see.”

Chloe was merrily talking to the well-known man. Although Shin doesn’t know whether it was due to her excitement or not, he noticed his mistress blushing slightly. He barged in to their conversation and took her away for a moment.

“Chaco, if we do not do our jobs properly, we won’t be able to stay here.”

“Sorry. You didn’t have to be that mad though.”

“I would get angry, seeing milady ogling others like that.”

Shin was earnestly following the order to seduce Chloe given to him by the prince. On the otherhand, Chloe who saw his attempt to insinuate jealousy was only bewildered in return.

As this happened, Locke, on the other hand, was asking the mistress about the circumstances of the two.

“Hey, aren’t those two lovers? I was being glared at severely though.”

“Apparently, they are siblings that have been chased out of a noble house. I don’t really know anything other than that.”

“Mhm, a girl that beautiful… What a waste.”

“What, are you interested in her now? Don’t you have that cute childhood friend you always brag of?”

“About that, I haven’t heard any news about her since she went to the capital. I still write to the village now and then since I was adopted, but I haven’t received any letter from her at all. I wonder what she is up to nowadays, Momo…”

‘ “Momo!?” ’

The voices in the monitoring room and within the mirror are in unison

The prince have heard before that Momo Palette came from a village at a considerable distance from the capital called Palette Village. When that information reached Chloe, she started branding her as bumpkin incessantly.

The prince began to wonder if Locke Glinda and Momo came from the same place. The young man, on the other hand, had surmised from her reaction that Chloe might have come from the capital and impulsively grabbed her by the arms.

“Do you perhaps know Momo? She had a pair of pink eyes which was the same as her hair. She is a girl who just had this kind of fluffy atmosphere to her and she got taken to the capital three years ago for having Saintess aptitude. Can you please tell me.. just how is my childhood friend recently?”

Vouivre Notes:

Here are the character illustrations. I don’t really have much time to edit so I put the labels below on who’s who instead.

KnoxT's discord server just launched! Come and get updates to your favorite novels!Click here to join!


  1. Avatar ttp says:

    finally caught up, i love this so far

  2. Avatar Kevin De Leon says:

    Esto se va poniendo interesante me preguntó si de esta observación más que desenmascara a Chloe ban a terminar decenmascarando a Momo

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