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Banished Villainess – Under Observation : Chapter 110

The End of the Battle.

The Battle’s Aftermath

The pair of unconscious ladies were carried to the Grace Lodging House. The church in the city of Situm at the foot of the mountain had expressed its intentions to take care of the two but for the saintess-turned-witch and the sinner who purified her; they couldn’t be certain as to what the church would do after handing them over.

Prince Keith ended up refusing their request citing the havoc they caused in the dungeon having the possibility of causing a monster spill over, as well as the probability of the witch not being completely sealed, as his two principal reasons. In this regard, the king himself has already completely entrusted the matter to the crown prince beforehand, though the dungeon has been completely destroyed with all the rubbles.

Keith who returned to the capital ahead of them had asked for his older brother to report to him if any of the two wakes up. He also left several escorts to him.

‘They’ll be quite busy from now on, so use this as your chance to talk things over.’

Whether that was his younger brother’s consideration or meddlesomeness, Leddorio couldn’t find the words to respond either way. The livelihood at the lodging house was far too uncomfortable for the higher aristocrats who were used to the capital’s life. For the prince, this was largely thanks to Sacred Church’s repulsion towards the use of magic tools, as well as the profound gaze of the priest and the lodging mistress towards the one responsible for having Chloe banished away.

It took three days before Chloe regained consciousness. The capital who received the report through a light signal, their family’s carriages began arriving one after another. All of them were greatly in debted to the House whitey, who lent them several Pegasus’s for this matter.

Moving out of the same room where Momo was sleeping, Chloe who seemingly still had troubles getting up and was still bedridden as she had a private conversation with her family. At times, Leddorio overheard her stepmother, Clara Sereknight’s sobbing voice but, it didn’t seem to be a sorrowful one, atleast.

After their families had their private conversations with them, the only ones left in the lodging house were those who were in the front line of the battle. Momo still didn’t wake up a week after Dai sent off his family who was the last to remain, the party gathered at the lodging’s cafeteria.


‘Still, you really got terribly done in, Dai. But well, their son returning with one arm missing after leaving the house for a long time; It was not that hard to understand.’

‘My mother’s tears hurted more than my father’s fist though. But still, I did it to protect the woman I love so was it so wrong to be proud of it?’

‘The reason why your parent got angry was not that but rather your intention to marry Kisara… She is our employee, you know?’

Holding his face who got completely beaten to a pulp, Dai complains.

‘So what if she’s a commoner? Even Momo was one.’

‘There’s quite a large difference between a commoner who was proclaimed as a saintess and a slum dweller who received employment from a ducal house. In the first place, didn’t you get rejected?’

‘Well, that’s because I’m still inexperienced. I just need to become a much stronger man to earn her recognition, right? Like a one-armed man who mows down the battlefield… but Kisara, that woman, she apparently asked for that old man, Lemis’ help for my rehabilitation after returning to the capital.

Kisara’s behavior aside, she does seem to feel responsible for Dai’s and expressed her intention to help him in doing things that would be hard to do with one arm. Dai who didn’t want to show his pathetic side refused her assistance on all things other than eating. Still, her sour face as she fed him was far from the affectionate manner that he wanted to see. Dai who could understand how the lady feels due to having a mother who was formerly a house employee herself could only watch them with a complicated expression in his face.

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