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Banished Villainess – Under Observation : Chapter 109

Lemis Ex Machina

Lemis Ex Machina


Shin’s revelations have made Leddorio earn the disdainful look of Locke.

‘Urgh, you’re the lowest of the low. Going that far against your former fiance is just…’

‘Shut up! Is this the time to talk about thi… argh!’

As if sensing the turbulence between their exchanges, Melamphus bit the leg of the former crown prince. Although it didn’t do any damage no more than a puppy would, at its original size, it would’ve torn the former crown prince to shreds.

“You seem busy?”

‘No, please do not mind them, sir. We are currently buried at the bottom of the pillar of light. Prince Leddorio is bearing the rubbles through his protective magic but he likely wouldn’t last for long.’

“We can see the barrier’s light from where we are but it looks like it would take quite the effort to dig them up. I thought of getting Citrin’s help but he might overdo it and end up crushing all of you as a result—Huh? What? You’re gonna do something about it?’

The voice of the young prince slowly sounded distant from the brooch, Shin thought that the prince turned his attention to the brooch again but the one to return to the conversation was a senior man’s voice.

‘It’s been a while, Shin.’

‘Huh? Oh, Lord Steward?’

‘It’s master!?’

Lemis Purpleton, the Lord Steward of the House Sereknight was also the one in charge of Shin and his friend’s guardianship. As for why such a man is currently at a dungeon a considerable distance away from his official post, the 2nd prince explains;

“In preparation for the decisive battle, I asked Duke Sereknight and Margrave Whitey for permission to take him with me. However, in consideration that Momo would be too wary if there’s an old man completely unrelated in your ranks, I had him standby here instead.”

‘Wouldn’t have everything went smoother if he was with us from the beginning?’

“I would’ve done that if we’re allowed to kill Momo. At any rate, you all did a great job. It seems that sir Lemis here shall do something about the wreckages.”

Keith nonchalantly talked about it but that’s one of the two things that Chloe wanted to avoid; the other is allowing the lady to taint her hands with murder. Although they did manage to spare her life and render her powerless, Leddorio didn’t expect that it would be that difficult.

Whichever the case, the Lord Steward called Lewis will do something about his burden.


“Your highness, could you please strengthen your protective magic with all your remaining mana? If it fails to bear with this, there might be casualties.”

‘Wait for a second, just what are you going to do!?’

A terrific thunderous roar; Leddorio could almost feel his feet yielding from the pressure. If it weren’t for his subordinates’ support,  the barrier would’ve fallen. With just that, all the cavern’s ruins were cleared away revealing above him, the welcoming clear blue sky.

The first one to peak at the gaping hole overhead above was his younger brother, Keith, accompanied by a senior man in butler attire, carrying a broad sword above his shoulder. Its blade was still clad in thunderous mana, which shows where the old man called Lewis could have originated from.

(Come to think about it, I heard about him from Chloe before. She said that the current Lord Steward of House Sereknight was formerly, the queen—my mother’s personal attendant. )

‘Brother, that’s quite the amusing posture, isn’t it?’

His younger brother’s sudden tease had made Leddorio realize the position he was in. He subconsciously ended up holding Chloe to protect her from the impact. Meanwhile, Locke was in Momo’s side. For some reason, this has given the prince a sense of triumph.

(Triumph of what? Ridiculous.)

Letting go of Chloe from his grasps, the prince turned his attention around to confirm everyone’s safety. Although his posture did crumble, his protective magic was able to keep everyone safe. The sense of relief upon realizing that had freed the prince from all the tension of his body; He fell in tire right next to the former ducal lady.


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