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Banished Villainess – Under Observation : Chapter 111

Differing Sentiments

Differing Sentiments


‘With this guy who suffered the most in that battle looking so optimistic, we shouldn’t keep worrying ourselves for so long and look onwards. Darck, has your mother made up with Chloe?’

‘Yeah, they have already been in touch with each other when she helped Chloe make the sweets too… so in the end, I was the only one with his head in the clouds.  When father visited, he also apologized to us for having given us such bitter feelings in keeping mum of the family’s circumstances. Still, the one who was unjust to Shiela was me alone, so I had to make up to her all by myself…’

Darck resolves himself with such a steadfast face. As for currying the favor of his fiancee, there are numerous things to do such as writing her letters, sending her souvenirs, and taking her to dates. Just like a lover. However, Dai and Sei both couldn’t understand just what he was worried about in that regard.

‘But it sure is surprising. To think that Lady Shiela was actually that beautiful. Why would she go so far as to guise herself to look plumper? If she had kept the beautiful she was, you wouldn’t have…’

‘People have their circumstances, Dai. Particularly, Dark has that matter with Chloe too, maybe he was just not used to such strict-looking beauties. Maybe that’s what’s been worrying him.’

‘T-That’s not it… she’s the partner that has been determined for me before I was even born. I wouldn’t have minded however she looked. It’s just that as a parent-and-son, causing troubles for the House Whitey, I wanted to earnestly pay for both me and my biological father’s transgressions but… a date, is not so much of a punishment, is it?’

While he was truly trying to make amends, referring to his relationship with Shiela as a punishment was still quite rude in itself. Darck himself didn’t seem dissatisfied with it nor was he reluctant to progressing their relationship either―though that may take time.

That’s when Leddorio shows his face to them.

‘So you three were here. Was Missouri with Chloe too?’

‘She returned along with Dai’s parents. Lady Chloe has recovered enough to walk around after all.’

‘Sei, will you be fine with not returning with her?’

‘I was told to stay and wait for here for Miss Momo to wake up. She likely…wants to forcibly make me get over here.’

Sei said with a wry smile as he played around the ring he wore in his ring finger. The four of them have been at a lost as to how they should treat Momo when she wakes up. They couldn’t determine in themselves as to whether they should vent their grudges to her, or just treat her as if nothing happened in the past.

Although they feel aggravated, it is true that Momo’s words have saved them. Not to mention, it is an indisputable fact that they did had feelings for her, something they developed at their own accord and couldn’t fault the miss with.

‘Come to think of it, do you know where is Chloe? I have to ask her something.’

‘Shin was in front of lady Momo’s room so perhaps she was in there too.’


The thought that the prince still feels suspicious that the ducal lady would harm Momo made his retainers bewildered, but his concern didn’t lie there.

‘Wasn’t that guy in Momo’s room too? What are they doing that needs to be guarded by Shin!?’

‘That guy? Does his highness refer to Locke? Don’t tell me… No, they wouldn’t do something like that right next to Momo.’

‘They are practically alone in that room!!’

While Dark was flabbergasted at getting yelled at, the prince merely smacked his lips and stormed out of the cafeteria. Chloe’s circumstances previously went past his ears during the observation, but now that he could no longer watch over her, impatience has grown in the first prince’s heart.

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