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Banished Villainess – Under Observation! Chapter 108

A Rainbow Pillar

A Rainbow Pillar


With Chloe’s hands still pressed against her forehead, Momo’s pair of eyes began spilling tears. She looked terribly frightened but nobody could tell what she is seeing.

‘What…is this…? No, I won’t believe it. I’m already ——, you say? Noo!’

Momo began struggling around but Chloe held her tight, never letting her go. She doesn’t even turn her attention to the laughing spatial mouths that appeared inside the barrier.

‘Don’t worry, there’s nothing to be scared of. I just need to get rid of the unnecessary noises in order to turn you back to who you were.’

‘Noo, it’s fading…. I’m…. fading away…!’

Momo was screaming but from the eyes of the surrounding, nothing is happening to her body at all. The only thing they see is the dreadful look on her face. Chloe began gently caressing her head like a child.

‘Sacred Magic “Oblivion”, — Forget everything and sleep.’

Followed by Chloe’s words, the octagram on the ground shone raising a pillar of rainbow light that pierced towards the ceiling. The tremendous sound that it made was followed by an earth-shattering sound which was followed by tremor and signs of cavern’s collapse.

‘This is dangerous, it’s falling apart!’

‘She went crazy after all.’

‘This isn’t the time to be so carefree! Darck, what of the knight order?’

‘Right after our plan succeeded, I had them ride the carriage and leave. Chloe already cast sacred magic on Byakuya and the carriage so they should’ve already left the place by now.’

After affirming Darck’s words with a nod, Leddorio tried to call out to Chloe who was still inside the barrier but there was no response. The lady lost her consciousness still hugging Momo who was remained just as motionless. She may have supplemented herself with the help of sacred stones but the magic she used was still within the territory of the gods. It wouldn’t be strange for her to use up all her sacred mana for that.

‘Everyone, take shelter inside the barrier!’

‘Huh!? Can the barrier protect us, sir?’

‘No, rubbles will just pass through it, but I’ll use a protective magic “shield”, above.’

Kisara can also use common magic but she had already used up her mana before. Only Leddorio who had a spare to do it due to having the leeway of being protected by Sam and Lucky.

Everyone crowded together inside the barrier with the crown prince in the center. Its protective capability aside, the Shield’s circumference is too small. They jampacked together so that others would not bulge out of it. The entire area was buried by the wreckage. If Leddorio’s magic doesn’t last until the rescue finds the rainbow pillar of light, they might end up buried for good.

‘My apologies, highness. We’ve already used up all the recovery items.’

‘Don’t worry. If I used “Young Dragon’s Eyes,” I can fully recover my mana. That should allow me to last for a while.’

‘So that forehead ornament had that kind of function other than magic detector, highness— Wait a moment, sir. By “use,” do you happen to mean, “consume” it as an item? A national treasure?’

‘We’re in an emergency situation.’

Not paying Darck’s surprise any mind, he took off the ornament from his hand, threw it to the ground, and broke its jewel with his sword. The crystalized mana disintegrated and wrapped themselves around Leddorio’s body. His crimson pair of eyes glimmered in red as a result.

At that moment, he saw something sparkling within Chloe’s chest. As far as Leddorio recalls, the lady also received a magical brooch from Keith, which means that the flashing light was—

‘She’s being contacted by Keith! We need to pour mana into that brooch.’

Stopping his words, he realized that he needed to touch the lady’s unconscious body in order to take off the brooch. However, Leddorio’s hands are fully occupied in casting the protective barrier. Kisara had lost all her energy and not even his older brother Dai, nor the other ladies can reach her.

(Then, should the other men…? No, I can’t allow that.)

While Leddorio was hesitating, there was one who without so much a hesitation, placed his hand in her chest to take the brooch off. While Leddorio was taken aback by his nonchalant behavior, Shin just casually operated the brooch to turn it into a transceiver.

‘This is Shin Purpleton. His highness, Leddorio has his hands full so I will be acting as his representative.’

‘O-Oi, Shin! You cur! did you just touch h—’

‘Is there any problem? I believe his highness had already permitted me to touch mistress’ body before.’

To take revenge for Momo’s harassment, he ordered Shin to ensure that Chloe would become dependent on him, even if to do it by way of fait accompli. Being reminded of that had turned Leddorio completely pale. He may have not known, but he could’ve turned her into a witch himself by having driven her to despair just then. It reminded him of just how severely blinded he was at that time.

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