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Banished Villainess – Under Observation! Chapter 107

Not Love

Not Love


Momo gave warmth to those who had darkness in their hearts. At the very least, that’s what they thought of her before coming to this dungeon. For them, Momo’s love was their salvation. However, Chloe’s words contradicted that.

‘What are you talking about? Those guys are… it hurts!!’

‘It’s true that you were the reason why they were able to stand up, but that’s not because of your love. Their respective fiances exceed yours, as far as love is concerned. Even I… although it led to my ruin.’

Chloe kept on talking with her fingers pointing at her. Momo was still crying in pain within the barrier. Unable to bear it anymore, Leddorio was about to tell them to stop, but the space in Momo’s surroundings starts to get warped again, revealing those ominous teeth. The sheer sight of them makes the prince fumble over his words. The barrier was just sealing her power, and the curse is still on the verge of activating itself.

Chloe looked around at the restlessness of Leddorio and the others.

‘There’s no need to worry, this is sacred magic so it wouldn’t hurt her so much. The spell “Goddess Whip” should feel just about the same as a parent’s spanking.’

‘Spa… I mean, she seems to be suffering though.’

‘What children truly fears is the thought of being scolded, they will be the same regardless of how light the spank is.’

Dai who interjected seems to be in much more pain as he carried his severed arm, but he shook his head, finding Chloe’s explanation acceptable.

‘It hurts, it hurtss! I’m sorry, please let forgive me.. moom!’

Seeing as Momo had finally started crying, Chloe brought her hands down. The fiery gaze in her eyes shows that her anger had not yet subsided. The figure of the two of them facing each other like this reminded Leddorio of Chloe’s denunciation in the past. The only difference from that time is that everyone here knows that Chloe isn’t tormenting her.

‘I will not forgive you. A mere plebeian dares to be overly familiar with his highness, and lead him astray… Have you any idea how much I endured just to become his bride-to-be? Game heroine this, villainess that… Stop messing around!’

Chloe spat at her as if she had returned from her previous self, then abruptly tore the wimple off her head. It revealed her now short hair, something that Leddorio was not used to seeing which made him swallow his breath.

‘I won’t forgive you. All the hardwork that Locke spent as Count Glinda as well as his feelings for his beloved Momo; you trampled all over that. The world and the hearts of the people are not yours to play around with!’

These were the cries of Chloe’s heart. The seven years’ worth of love for Leddorio as his fiancee, as well as developing feelings for Locke after having been banished. These two sentiments inside her both do not forgive Momo. But this is a game… and I’m the heroine— was Momo’s only response. Her red pair of eyes glimmered in crimson as she sobbed.

Chloe’s closed her stern eyes let out a deep sigh.

After a moment of silence where only Momo’s sobbing sound remained, the ambiance that surrounded Chloe as she opened her eyes once more had suddenly changed.

‘But I guess that’s true… if it’s Momo “of the game”, then perhaps I can forgive her.’


The anger that gushed forth from Chloe earlier had calmed down, her face now relaxed into a smile. She did not react to Leddorio’s perplexed appeal but rather merely watched over the still crying witch.

‘I’ve thought about this but, did Momo who was ever so kind, kill Chloe? It did say that she sealed the “witch” in the “game”, but there was no explicit mention as to what happened to Chloe afterward. Perhaps, Momo had secretly let her get away? I guess there’s room for those kinds of ideas.’

‘Huh… Momo let Chloe escape? Is that even…’

‘If Momo’s greatest strength is ‘love’, then perhaps she would’ve killed her. However, love is not salvation. What truly saves people is the power of ‘compassion.’

Chloe entered the barrier approaching Momo, step by step. Momo could only draw back out of sheer indescribable fear. It was far easier to tell what Chloe was thinking when she was vissibly angry.

‘Are… you not angry?’

‘Why would I? No adult would seriously get angry at a mere child’s mischiefs.’

She could be having violent emotions rampaging within her heart but none of it is escaping towards the surface. Momo couldn’t help but check herself but Chloe inclined her head and gave her a puzzled look.

A children’s mischief— that was how she explained it. Although Momo’s body had the age of seventeen, she is in no way a child. However, giving her that label had allowed Chloe to save Momo, whom she found utterly unforgivable.

‘You are still young after all. So I guess it’s natural for you to not be able to find the distinction between game and reality. However, I believe it would be hard for you to keep living like this… so I will help you with that.

Chloe hugged Momo, who was paralyzed in fear and caressed her head. The brilliance that her body gave off was slowly flowing towards Momo from those same hands.

‘Momo Palette. In the name of Cherry Blossom Coloflare, I will bestow you “forgiveness”. This is where your “game” ends.’


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  1. Avatar Death Fairy says:

    No adult would seriously get angry at a mere child’s mischiefs

    Let’s see… She almost gets you killed, r*ped, not to mention she made a bunch of dudes watching you like a stalker.
    Ah, there’s also someone who lose his hand and someone is already dying.

    If you called that just a mere child’s mischief, I don’t know what is ‘CRIME’ anymore.

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