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Banished Villainess – Under Observation : Chapter 104

'Salvation of Darkness'

‘Salvation of Darkness’

Chloe becoming “True Saintess”—For Leddorio and the others who couldn’t even accept her designation as the ‘Interim-Saintess,’ that was completely hard to believe. However, because she is the only one capable of stopping Momo, who had fallen into becoming a witch, they have no other choice but to recognize that.

Chloe Sereknight’ has truly become the Saintess.

However, the person herself shook her head and denied that.

“No, the “True Saintess” is you, Momo. That fact can never be overturned. I was only momentarily lent this power to turn you back into one.’

‘Fufufuahahaha, so that’s what it was! Witch Chloe was certainly strong, but it would still be odd for you to be able to use such an overpowered move. If it was the Saintess, the first, who did that, then it does make sense.’

Momo twisted into huge laughter seemingly amused. Blocking his ears to shield himself from the odd sensation that seemingly rocked their minds, Leddorio yelled towards Momo.

‘What is this all about!?’

‘The Salvation of Darkness end— when everyone is annihilated on the last battle, the game screen turns black and the staff rolls starts flowing together with the BGM. Then it would lead right back to the prologue without so much an explanation. Everything would turn right back to the moment where the young girl in the Palette Village awakens her power. Do you know what that means? The world just ended, so the time would turn back.’

Half of what Momo said was ambiguous to the prince, and even the ones he did understand far exceeded the confines of his imaginations.

‘The end of the world? Turning back time? Ridiculous, there’s no way that the world will end just because everyone here died.’

The only thing possible that is remotely close to that is Momo annihilating everyone on the surface after overcoming this battle. However, the lady has yet to show such intentions. She was merely in the belief that some sort of supernatural power would be triggered by killing all of them here.

‘Now that I know who he is, I don’t need Count Glinda anymore. This time, I will truly become the “True Saintess”, No, the true heroine who will fall in love with dreamy gentlemen. I can just ruin Chloe before she regains her memories and become an obstacle. Now that I think about it, Canaria too was quite an eyesore. Well, such failures will be reset anyway. It would be great to start everything from scratch! Fufufu.’

Seeing Momo, with blood-red eyes, narrating her daydreams, sent shivers to Leddorio’s spine. The “Reset Button” that she talked about was a concept that allows someone to redo everything from scratch. It’s something that everyone desires whenever they fail. However, if she ever obtains such a thing, the three years’ worth of memories and emotions that everyone had will be erased and repeated, just for the sole purpose of fulfilling her desires, as if they were nothing but characters with roles to fill.

It only reminded the Prince that Momo, in fact, does not see them as humans. She only sees them as game pawns that she could throw away when they don’t act according to her will.

‘You’ve got to be kidding… This is a reality that all of us are living in. Don’t think that everything will go accordingly to that “Game” of yours.’

Leddorio clench his fist as she glared at Momo, but Chloe on the other hand didn’t dismiss Momo’s words as complete utter nonsense.

‘That’s right, this is not a world of a “game.” Rather, it’s exactly because it’s real that you cannot tell what will happen. Even if killing us really leads to nothing, Momo would have to carry the burden of having killed people in her entire life. But that only depends on whether we can stop her or not…’

Chloe also looked at Momo with passionate eyes, but in comparison her words were timid. Leddorio was about to rebuke her feeble words for someone who was entrusted with a task by the Saintess, the first, herself, but before he was able to do so–

‘Isn’t that not exactly the reason milady is here?’


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  1. Avatar Death Fairy says:

    Can anyone just simply kill that freaking b*tch already?
    Not all sins are forgiven you know!

    1. Avatar ARFitS says:

      She hasn’t committed any yet, though she’s trying to. They’re trying to prevent her from doing that…

      1. Avatar Ghost says:

        Her very existence is a sin, so the bitch needs to die. Now.

  2. Avatar Yun says:

    Just end it already, all of this prolong nonsene is getting on my nerve. I enjoy the story but this loooong way to end it is just agony

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