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Banished Villainess – Under Observation! Chapter 105

False Courage

False Courage


Shin’s words made Chloe anxiously look up to him.

‘Please get a grip, lady. The mistress that I know is not such a weak-hearted individual. She would say ‘A mere country girl; I could easily crush one or two like mere flies,’ and laugh loudly as per usual.’

‘….that’s a dark history, jeez.’

As Shin nonchalantly reveals one of her dark pasts in the academy, Chloe blushed and covered her face with her hands in sheer embarrassment.

‘Uhm, *cough* She’s my childhood friend, so I would be troubled if you crush her, though.’

‘Locke! That was just back in the academy and…’

‘I know, silly. Don’t worry, Momo hasn’t killed anyone yet, and we won’t let her either. Isn’t that right?’

‘That’s right, there’s no problem at all.’

Everyone nodded in agreement to Locke’s words. The one to raise the loudest voice of affirmation amongst them was Dai. Locke himself was on the verge of dying earlier, and even Dai just had his arm severed. Both of them were just putting on false courage. Kisara, who was next to Dai, could only sigh with a complex look on her face as she watched them put up a tough act.

‘I would like to do everything if that’s truly possible, but if I will only be forced to repeat my foolishness, I’d rather not. I will be outgrowing my past foolish self who only kept running away while placing the blame on others.’


Darck sullenly discarded his emptied arrow quiver. All the hairs that came close to him were all intercepted by the “Purifying Arrows” that Chloe blessed with her divine magic. While Darck’s individual skill as a bowman was great, he was aware that it was largely his younger sister’s support that made him survive, something that gave him complicated feelings.

‘But we’re about to reach our limit here. Please keep in mind that we only have one more chance left.’

‘Sir Sei… isn’t that “Devil’s Shield”?’

Sei and the others didn’t take damage either due to the shield he held shielding Missouri behind him. “Devil’s Shield.” was said to be an item that rarely dropped within the advanced-level dungeon. While it was a considerably strong defensive item, it had a curse that bounds itself to the user upon being used.

‘It’s an item rare enough to be a national treasure so I didn’t want to use it unless I have to but… we’re in a dire situation after all. Besides, the effects do not take effect if you’re already under the effect of a much higher one.


Sei says with a wry smile as he caressed the ring in his ringer. Leddorio thought that perhaps that does fall under the category of curses. He also noticed Missouri standing next to Sei, pleasantly gazing at the same ring on her finger. The prince concluded that women truly show their most frightening side when love is involved. He realized that perhaps the witch in the legends was not so much a far oddity to humans than he previously thought.

‘Thank you… I will definitely save Momo. Highness, your orders!’

‘Huh? Yeah…’

Chloe suddenly turned towards him which made Leddorio flustered. He was trying to formulate the words to talk to her but the lady was able to recover her spirits before he was able to do so and asked for his instructions. Chloe may have formulated the plan, but the commander was still Leddorio, having the highest rank of a prince.’

‘T-The plan shall commence! To your positions, immediately!’

‘By your will!’

Previously blown away by Momo’s attack before, they all sprang to action once more at the 1st prince’s command.

KnoxT's discord server just launched! Come and get updates to your favorite novels! Click here to join!


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