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Banished Villainess – Under Observation : Chapter 103

Chloe's Awakening

Chloe’s Awakening


While everyone else is desperately trying to endure the fierce attacks, Chloe was earnestly focusing on trying to heal Locke. The sacred magic, “blessing”, was able to somewhat purify the miasma but then it would be better to just focus on purification entirely. These dark pathos are the proof of Momo’s obsessions. Even if the person herself said that she didn’t love Locke, the man was clearly still a special existence to her.

‘Uu… gu…, Please Locke… open your eyes.’

‘Lady, we won’t last any longer!’

‘I know that….!’

Chloe immediately put up a barrier the moment Locke pushed her away but, they were not able to shield him from everything as she said earlier. Shin stood in front of his mistress, warding off any hairs that manages to pierce through the barrier but he was already on his rough breathing.

Chloe whose face was now drenched in tears, put her hands together in an odd hand sign while crouching.

‘Please, don’t take Locke yet! I’ll make up for my sins no matter how much you want me to… I’ll do anything for you to help me… I don’t need anything else… Please, I beg of you. As long as you help him, I don’t mind if it’s a god or the devi— that hurts!’

Chloe’s pleading which sounded like muttered nonsense was suddenly put to a stop. She suddenly held her head, seemingly assaulted by a sudden headache. Leddorio could only wonder whether a devil has truly answered her wishes, which would give them two witches and make their situation hopeless entirely.

Before long, Chloe removed her hands from her head and sealed her ears instead. Her eyes seemingly widened in utter surprise.

‘Huh!? With that Locke can be… alright. I will save him!’

Nobody knew who she was talking to as the lady gazed towards the heavens. Right as she declared to save Locke, her entire body began emitting a glow.

(This is… This light is similar to Momo’s during Selection Ceremony…!? No, it even exceeds that…)

Leddorio thought that the color of Chloe’s soul should’ve been black as shown by her mana. However, her entire body began successively emitting glows of different colors as if she had turned into a magic crystal, herself.

‘Milady, just what is happening…?’

‘It’s alright, Shin… Everything’s fine now.’

Chloe who managed to regain her composure put Locke’s head, now turned blue and not moving an inch, on her knees. Then she opened his mouth slightly, she inhaled deeply and covered his lips.


Leddorio’s feet subconsciously slipped out of the shadow of Sam’s towering shield. However, not a single attack from Momo welcomed him. The witch was just like him, taken aback by what just happened to Chloe’s body.

‘W-What? What is happening??’

As everyone watched over the lady, the light that enveloped Chloe’s body slowly grew dim. After shrinking to the point where it only covered the outlines of her body, Locke’s body suddenly hugely jolted. 


‘*Cough* Haa… Haa… What? Chloe, why are you crying…?’

‘Thank goodness… uwaa! I’m really really… grateful Locke—!’

Ugh! Stop clinging to me! Don’t fondle my body!! I’m fine already so just wipe your dripping nose, here!!’

Chloe was crying her heart out as she tried to reassess Locke’s wounds. Locke, who turned entirely red, tore her off him and pushed her towards Shin. As the lady wiped her nose with the handkerchief given to her, Shin asked his mistress.

‘Lady, what was that light just now? To think that you were able to resuscitate Locke from such a state.’

‘You see… that was the sacred magic, “Goddess’ Blessing’

Blessing of the goddess!?

A magic unheard of that could only be described as miracle brought by the gods. Such miracles do exist though. After all, there’s a small lady here who awakened her powers as the “True Saintess,” thanks to the same miracle.

‘What’s with that…”Goddess’ Blessing,” you say!? There’s nothing like that in the plot… No, there’s no sacred magic like that at all. Why would a villainess be able to use a spell that not even the first saintess was able to use?’

‘She couldn’t use it when she was still a human. Now that she has been revered by countless people for hundreds of years, she had become the goddess of this country, herself, didn’t she?’

The power of a god and the lady who can bring it forth– this only leads to a single answer. There is only one individual who can hear the voice of the Saintess, the first, and wield miraculous power.

‘You are the “True Saintess”….? So now that I’ve become a witch, Cherry, who turned her back on me, had chosen the Villainess of all people, instead….!?’


KnoxT's discord server just launched! Come and get updates to your favorite novels! Click here to join!


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