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ARIIFP Chapter 7

It must be that he didn't give enough.

Chapter 7- After Rebirth, I decided to Inherit the Family Property

  Song Yunran waited for a long time but he didn’t get to hear the call of love.

 ”You can’t do it?” He deliberately tried to challenge Qin Ke’s desire for victory by using aggressive tactics.

  Qin Ke was silent for a moment before speaking slowly, “It’s getting late, President Xiao Song has to go to bed early, Stop playing.”

  After speaking, he closed the window and drove Song Yunran’s sports car away in front of him.

  Song Yunran stood alone in the cold wind, puzzled.

  Was he too straight forward? but it’s not like he’s a pervert investor. Since he has saved the crew from the crisis, is it a great sin to just want to hear the word “Dad”?


  A sobering cold wind blew in, Song Yunran slapped his head fiercely, making a mistake.

  He only invested a mere 20 million yuan. How could he(QK) call him a father convincingly?

  Yes, It must be that he didn’t give enough.

  Song Yunran was so upset that he didn’t sleep well all night, and when he got up the next day, he was still dizzy.

  He took the elevator downstairs, and saw that the sports car had been parked side by side with several other cars in his serial parking space last night. He yawned indifferently, raised his finger at the waiting driver, and start selecting. A silver-blue one became today’s lucky car.

  After getting on the car, the driver asked, “President Xiao Song, do you want to go to the company now?”

  ”No hurry, I want to buy a mobile phone first.” Song Yunran was fed up with the primitive life without a mobile phone, and said, “By the way, see if there is a business district nearby, I have to renew my mobile phone card.”

  The driver searched on the map, quickly set the route, and drove Song Yunran to the nearest shopping mall.

  Half an hour later, Song Yunran was sitting in a bright shop trying out the latest mobile phone he bought. When the screen just turned on, the driver was calling him.

  ”Assistant Tang called, saying that the company has something going on but he can’t contact you.” The driver leaned over and asked him, “Now that the mobile phone is bought, why don’t we go back to the company?”

  Song Yunran nodded: “Then you go and drive the car over, I’ll wait for you outside.”

  A few minutes later, the driver drove the car to the side of the road and stopped.

  Just as Song Yunran was about to get in the car, he suddenly saw two familiar figures appearing on the side of the road.

  One of them was Qin Ke, who he had only met last night.

  As for another middle-aged man with a slightly fat body, it was Qin Ke’s later agent Xu Ping.

  Song Yunran clenched his fists, and the anger in his heart began to burn.

  Xu Ping spared no effort to target him for how long he and Qin Keming had fought secretly in the previous life.

  It’s a trivial matter to roll his(XP) eyes in front of him(SYR). Xu Ping also laughed in a public interview and said that Song Yunran had no acting skills at all. On the night of the interview, he linked the marketing account and pushed his black materials to the hot search. After being hacked in various forums for more than a month, Song Yunran almost lost a favorite movie resource.

  Song Yunran remembered it was written in the book that Xu Ping was an unscrupulous businessman who did whatever he wants, and there were some contradictions in private between him and Qin Ke.

  But he was reborn alive after seeing his fate of eventual fall from grace, before he had time to understand why they fell apart and what kind of direction it will develop.

  Just as he was thinking about it, Qin Ke, who was about to walk away, seemed to sense his gaze. He stopped and turned his head slowly, causing Xu Ping, who was talking to him, to look over here.

  Song Yunran accidentally met Xu Ping’s gaze, feeling that his eyes were about to depreciate.

  He raised his hand to block his vision, got into the car and slammed the door hard.

  The cozy and warm car made Song Yunran a little more comfortable. He leaned on the back of the chair and thought, according to the original novel, Qin Ke will probably end the contract with Xu Ping in the end, and then have another beautiful face slap.

  But what does those things have to do with him?

  Song Yunran couldn’t wait for Qin Ke not to sign a contract with Xu Ping from the beginning of this life, so as not to let him(XP) has another victim.

  ”President Xiao Song, President Xiao Song…” The driver’s voice called him back from his thoughts, “What do you hide your face for?”

  Song Yunran was startled, and silently retracted the arm that he had forgotten to put down: “Oh, the sunlight was too dazzling just now.”

  The driver looked at the clouded sky in wonder, and was silent for a long while. There was a sentence “You think I’m blind?”on his face but it was inappropriate to say.


  On the sidewalk, Qin Ke watched the conspicuous sports car drift away, and then slowly withdrew his sight.

  Is it his illusion? When Song Yunran saw Xu Ping just now, his expression seemed a bit strange.

  But thinking about Song Yunran’s request that didn’t sound too smart last night, Qin Ke felt that it shouldn’t be possible.

  Xu Ping saw him standing still and asked, “What’s the matter?”

  ”Nothing.” Qin Ke said, “Let’s go.”

  The two walked into a coffee shop on the side of the street and sat down. The waiter quickly delivered two glasses of lemonade and told them that they could order by scanning the code on their mobile phones.

  After the waiter left, Xu Ping saw that Qin Ke was sitting still, so he took the initiative to scan the QR code on the table with his mobile phone and asked, “Do you know why I asked for you?”

  ”You want to sign an artist contract with me.” Qin Ke said.

  Xu Ping nodded: “Smart.”

  He bring out the pre-printed contract from the bag and give it to him, “Look at it first, by the way, what drink do you want?”

  ”No need.” Qin Ke neither opened the contract nor planned to order, and said directly, “Mr. Xu, I will not sign this contract.”

  Xu Ping was taken aback, put down his phone and asked, “You don’t want to sign a contract with me?”

  He squinted his not-so-big eyes, looked at the handsome young man in front of him, and said a little arrogantly, “Could it be that just because I made a few calls in a row, you thought I had to sign you so bad? Do you know how many new people in the circle, crying and begging, wanting me to give them a hand.”

  Qin Ke casually pushed back the contract on the table: “Then please trouble Mr. Xu to find someone else.”

  Xu Ping paused, and couldn’t help feeling a little panicked when he saw that he really didn’t care.

  He is regarded as a well-known broker in the industry, and he knows that his vision of seeing people never goes wrong. From the first day he got Qin Ke’s information, he dared to pat his chest to assure that this is definitely a rare piece of jade. With a little help, it will surely be popular across the country within two years.

  More importantly, someone asked him to sign Qin Ke.

  ”I’m joking with you, young man, don’t be so serious.”

  When Xu Ping saw that the situation was wrong, he immediately changed his tone and said with a smile, “If you take a closer look at this contract, I can tell you clearly that even the newcomer who just debuted now can’t get such a generous share at all, and it’s because of me… …”

  He originally wanted to brag about his insight and knowledge, but before the last few words were finished, Qin Ke raised his eyes and asked quietly, “My dad asked you to come?”

  The moment the voice fell, the smile on Xu Ping’s face also froze.

  Qin Ke frowned, it seemed that he didn’t guess wrong.

  In the previous life, he and Xu Ping had worked together for several years. He knew that this person was very skilled, but he couldn’t agree with Xu Ping’s style of doing things.

  In addition, all the clues made him realize that Xu Ping had some contacts with his dad. If it weren’t for the inexplicable rebirth to disrupt his arrangements, he originally planned to part ways when the contract expires.

  One is because he doesn’t agree with Xu Ping’s ideas, and the other is because he doesn’t want to have anything to do with his father.

  The story of Qin Ke’s parents is very simple. After graduation, a student couple walked into the life of marriage together. It was not until the child was born that the woman realized that her husband was a scumbag. Qin Ke’s grandfather and grandmother passed away early, and his mother had a neat personality. She divorced her husband decisively in frustration and worked alone to raise her child.

  Although Qin Ke’s father had a bad character, he had a good face and married a wealthy and powerful woman shortly after his divorce. For more than ten years, he never asked about the child’s situation, as if there was no such person as Qin Ke in his world.

  Qin Ke would not naively think that his father have finally found his conscience.

  He tapped the desk lightly and said slowly: “If I’m not mistaken, he wants to monitor me and keep me under his sight, lest I sign a contract with another brokerage company, in case I expose my life for the so-called hype popularity in the future. And it will disturb the happy marriage between him and that lady?”

  Xu Ping swallowed his throat, feeling that Qin Ke’s calm and relaxed appearance really didn’t look like a young man who just out of campus.

  He felt strange in his heart and couldn’t figure out which part of the story had leaked, but he really needed to please Qin Ke’s father in exchange for some business investment, so he could only bite the bullet and laughed: “I do have some personal relationships with your father. But. I want to sign you and it has nothing to do with him. I have taken a fancy to your potential and sincerely want to cooperate with you.”

  Qin Ke smiled lightly.

  The facts have been sorted out, and there is no need to discuss with Xu Ping.

  He pushed away the chair and stood up: “Thank you, Mr. Xu. Would you mind telling him that I am more reluctant to be discovered that I have such a father rather than his worries?”


At the same time, Song Yunran, who returned to the office, saw the old phone on the desk at a glance.

  Assistant Tang, who walked into the office with him, explained in due course: “The crew asked the courier to deliver it this morning, saying that you accidentally forgot to take it yesterday.”

  Song Yunran didn’t care too much, and slipped it into the corner of the drawer: “How’s the talk about Fang Zhou’s contract termination?”

  Assistant Tang said: “Fang Zhou wanted to terminate the contract years ago, but the company has been persuading him to stay with the reason that he can be put into “Equation of Love”. Now he heard that you are not planning to invest in this movie and feel like he was cheated by the company.. Last night, the artist director and I talked to him until the middle of the night, but he insisted on canceling the contract.”

  ”Okay, let the Legal Department talk to him about liquidated damages according to the contract.” Song Yunran said, “If he wants to leave, let him go. The company won’t hold on to anyone.”

  Assistant Tang had thought of this step a long time ago and replied: “I also asked the artist director about this aspect last night. She said that the company’s artist reserves are insufficient. After Fang Zhou is gone, we lack young actors with good images, which is equivalent to completely withdraw from the traffic market, she recommends signing newcomers as soon as possible to make up.”

  Song Yunran nodded: “Then does she have someone to recommend?”

  Assistant Tang, who was still eloquent just now, suddenly got stuck, pushing the glasses on the bridge of his nose, and slowly said: “Yes, there is, but…”

  Song Yunran disdained: “But the other party’s price is too high? Let’s talk, how much do they want?”

  Anyway, what he has is money.

  Unexpectedly, Assistant Tang said, “It’s not a matter of money. President Xiao Song, maybe you can consider making your debut?”


  ”We think that your appearance is very good, even if you don’t know how to act, you can take the resource route of bringing capital into the crew. Then our joint marketing account will send you a draft of Prosperity Beauty. You only need to add Hype will soon have a place in the circle.”

  Assistant Tang is immersed in the great vision of Xinghe Entertainment’s glorious future. The more he speaks, the more excited he is. “In the future, you will be the company’s front office, becoming the TOP. Then, with your influence, whether you go out to sign people or invest, it will definitely be better than how It’s going now.”

  After speaking, Assistant Tang looked at Song Yunran admiringly.

  Look at President Xiao Song’s beautiful apricot eyes1Apricot eyes are also called almond eyes by many people. As the name suggests, apricot eyes are a rounder eye shape similar to almonds, with inner and outer corners of the eye. They are all round and look very cute and playful. , the incandescent lamp from the office shines into his eyes, like a sparkling lake.

  Such an appearance is too wasteful to not be an artist.

  Compared with Assistant Tang’s excitement, Song Yunran felt melancholy.

  He never expected that this group of people would dare to think of him. If he hadn’t lost his way and decided to be a good president in this life, your Xinghe Entertainment would have gone bankrupt.

  Song Yunran pointed his finger to the other side, saying in a cold voice: “Have you finished talking? The door is over there. Go out when you’ve finished. Don’t disturb me here.”

  Assistant Tang thinks since President Xiao Song’s face looked bad, he’s obviously dissatisfied with the wonderful plan they put forward.

  He secretly squeezed his wrists, and felt extremely sorry at the entertainment industry for missing a top star.

  But then he remembered another thing: “By the way, President Xiao Song, I have already made the list of assistants arranged for Qin Ke. When will you be free to check it out?”

  Song Yunran almost didn’t say anything in a breath. He asked slowly, “Who did you say you wanted to find an assistant for?”

  ”Qin Ke.” Assistant Tang replied earnestly, “You said yesterday that he was pitiful without an assistant. I just picked a few assistants from the company according to your wishes.”

  Song Yunran: “…”

 Did he say such a thing yesterday? Yes.

But does he mean that? Not at all.

  Song Yunran’s speechless gaze and Assistant Tang’s blank gaze fought in the air for several rounds, and the silence in the scene becomes kind of strange.

  Eventually, he turned his head to look out of the dimly lit window, and from the clear reflection of the glass window, he can see the full melancholy in his eyes.

  The company’s most popular actor is committed to acting in movies that cannot be released. The artist director is urging his boss to do acting for everyone to make money, and the assistant to the president tries to squeeze some work to serve Qin Ke.

  Song Yunran is so tired, it seemed that their company is going to die.

Translated by als

The author has something to say:
Xiao Song: Let it die, I’m tired.

Als notes:

I can’t stop laughing at our poor SYR in this chapter lmao~ 

Peach blossom eyes, Danfeng eyes, and apricot eyes, do you know what eye shape you have?
(Apricot eyes)


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    Apricot eyes are also called almond eyes by many people. As the name suggests, apricot eyes are a rounder eye shape similar to almonds, with inner and outer corners of the eye. They are all round and look very cute and playful.
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