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ARIIFP Chapter 6

You give me discounted things?

Chapter 6- After rebirth, I decided to inherit the family property

  When returning to the bright orange sports car again, Song Yunran pressed the car key.

  When the car lights were on, he caught a glimpse of Qin Ke’s eyes looking in a daze. There would be no other reason, he must have been fascinated by his(SYR) luxurious car.

  Thinking that Qin Ke was probably really envious, Song Yunran’s vanity was greatly satisfied.

  He temporarily set aside his past grievances and generously stepped aside: “The global limited edition painting, do you like it? Anyway, I’m not in a hurry. If you like it, you’re welcomed to look more.”

  ”No thanks.”

  Qin Ke sat in the car decisively, raised his hand and rubbed the end of his eyes, so as to soothe the eyes that had been hurt by the fancy sports car painting.

  Song Yunran opened the door on the other side to sit in, and looked at Qin Ke’s gloomy look between his eyebrows by the light from the street light outside the car.

  It seems that the self-esteem of the young actor has been triggered. Although this is not his intention, it is a gain for him since Qin Ke has clearly feel the gap between the two.

  He raised his lips slightly: “I’ll say the ugly thing first. Since it is a fee-based service, then you’d better drive the car steadily, or else I’ll deduct your driving fee.”

  ”Alright.” Qin Ke replied lightly, seeming to not worry about the possibility of deductions.

  The two fastened their seat belts, and after the rustling movement in the dim space stopped, the car fell into silence.

  After waiting for more than ten seconds, they turned their heads at the same time, and the same confusion was conveyed in the eyes of each other.

  Song Yunran frowned: “What are you doing?”

  He thought for a moment, pushed himself to the possibility, and was shocked: “No way, you don’t have a driver’s license either?!”

  Qin Ke looked at him: “…You didn’t tell me the address.”

 Song Yunran choked, he was not used to this “driving on behalf of” thing so he forgot.

  After he took over Xinghe, he moved from his home to an apartment in the city center to live alone. With a passing memory, he said: “Xicheng Upper Courtyard, if you don’t know where, just set up a navigation.”

  Qin Ke didn’t say whether he knew or not, anyway he didn’t take out his phone to look at the map.

  He started the vehicle, turned the steering wheel and got out of the parking space, and then asked in a chatty tone: “By the way, what does Mr. Xiao Song’s phrase “No driver’s license” mean just now?”

  Song Yunran’s face became stiff, and he said impatiently: “Does it have anything to do with you? Shut up and drive the car.”

  Qin Ke raised his eyebrows, and shut his mouth graciously.

  While waiting for a few seconds to raise the railing of the parking lot, he raised his eyes and saw Song Yunran embarrassed look in midst of his anger in the rearview mirror. He thought about the days where he saw news about Song Yunran’s black materials on the Internet.

  At that time, everyone said that Song Yunran was playing big cards1I’m guessing he means acting arrogantly/thinking that he is a better person after he became popular. Now it seems that Qin Ke feels that the rumors of him playing big cards are purely misunderstood.

  Because he is such a character that can’t hide things on his face, it has nothing to do with the so-called being red2Term for popular in China or not.

  The suburban roads are extremely smooth in the middle of the night.

  Song Yunran put his elbows by the window of the car, and when he was tired of seeing the scenery, that little energies just dissipated.

  He adjusted his posture and leaned comfortably on the back of the leather chair, thinking that when Qin Ke didn’t speak, he didn’t seem so annoying. And from his current user experience, Qin Ke’s car skills are much better than Assistant Tang.

 He takes turns and stops steadily, and is obviously a person who is accustomed to driving on his own, so it can be said that this charge is quite worth it.

  After the sports car entered the inner ring, the road conditions slowly became crowded.

  When passing a bustling street where bars gather, the flow of traffic that can’t be seen at the end is like a slow tortoise, slowing the pace of everyone to leave.

  Song Yunran missed the dinner provided by the studio before going to bed, and was already hungry by now.

  He turned his head and looked at the various restaurants lined up outside the window, remembering his current embarrassing pennilessness predicament, he could only touch his empty stomach, hoping it would feel a little restless.

  Qin Ke noticed his movements with a gaze, he turned his head and asked, “Would you like me to buy something to eat for you?”

  Song Yunran turned his face immediately, a pair of clear apricot eyes gleaming in the dim car.

  But he quickly tensed his face and asked, “You’re going to charge the purchasing fee again, right?”

  Qin Ke: “No, it’s just a bonus service.”

  He parked the car on the side of the road and walked quickly into a convenience store on the side of the street.

  Song Yunran was too lazy to get out of the car, leaning against the window of the car, regretting that he shouldn’t have thrown the phone on the set, while staring at the oden in the hands of the two girls outside.

  He had never bothered to eat this kind of convenience store fast food before, but only now has he discovered how delicious the steaming cheap food in the cold and late night feels.

  He couldn’t help but regret that when Qin Ke got out of the car, he should have reminded him to buy some oden.

  At the same time, inside the convenience store.

  The yawning cashier absently glanced at the rice balls on the counter: “Does it need to be heated?”

  ”Heat, please.” A white and thin hand broke into her field of vision, “and this bottle of water.”

  The cashier raised his head and saw the customer’s appearance. The exhaustion of the night shift was wiped out in an instant.

  She blushed and put the rice ball into the microwave. She didn’t dare to look at his narrow and dark eyes anymore. She could only look at his thin lips and asked, “Sir, do you need another Oden? There is a special offer in the store today. , Ten strings only cost 20 yuan.”

  ”Don’t need……”

  Qin Ke just wanted to refuse, but he inadvertently looked through the glass wall of the convenience store and saw Song Yunran in the car looking at the girl eating oden on the street. He changed his mind and said, “Then I’ll have a portion.”

  A few minutes later, Song Yunran, who was waiting to be fed, finally got his dinner.

  When Qin Ke handed over the full cup of oden, he was still in an unexpected surprise, and subconsciously said, “Why did you buy so much.”

  Qin Ke closed the car door and put the plastic bag containing mineral water and rice balls in front of him: “The store has a discount, and the water bottle inside is yours. I guess you won’t be able to eat the rice balls. Keep them for me.”


  Song Yunran’s move suddenly stopped. He scowled and asked, “You give me discounted things?”

  Qin Ke glanced at him: “Then can you eat it?”

  Song Yunran snorted disdainfully, lowered his head to catch a glimpse of the rice ball in the plastic bag.

  The label of the rice ball was facing upwards. He carefully identified it and found that the rice ball was only worth three yuan.

  Yes, Qin Ke was a little actor who couldn’t bear to sit in a taxi after work, and even if the oden in his hand was discounted, it would never be cheaper than that rice ball.


  Qin Ke bought him the best dinner within his ability.

  Thinking of this, the oden in his hand become more fragrant.

  Song Yunran took a bite of the fish tofu soaked in delicious soup, and thought with satisfaction, is it possible that his father and son plan has begun to bear fruit, and Qin Ke, this rebellious son, has finally learned to be filial to his father?

  When the vehicle finally drove downstairs to the apartment where Song Yunran lived, he had already wiped out the ten bunches of oden, and there was no soup left.

  ”It’s too late today, please drive the car back.”

  Song Yunran is in a good mood now, and his eyes towards Qin Ke become friendly, “Or you can borrow the car to drive it around tomorrow for a day. When you come back, ask the security guards, they all know where my parking space is. “

  However, Qin Ke didn’t want to get along with this fancy sports car for too long, saying: “This is not far from my house. I just park the car and walk back.”

  He wants to decline his kindness?

Song Yunran raised eyebrows, and indeed, Qin Ke is too flamboyant to take his car out to do things.

  He didn’t intend to force it, he pushed the door and got out of the car and turned around again: “By the way, I don’t have cash at home, can I give you the driver’s fee next time?”

  ”It’s okay, You don’t have to give it.” Qin Ke replied, he didn’t really want to collect the money either.

  Song Yunran was not polite, closing the car door and about to walk ahead when he heard Qin Ke stop him again.

  He bent down and looked in from the car window: “What are you doing, regretting it?”

  ”No.” Qin Ke said, “I heard that you plan to invest in our film, and I want to say thank you.”

  Song Yunran suspected that he had heard it wrong.

  Qin Ke’s face was immersed in the dim night. He couldn’t see what he’s thinking about. He could only hear the voice in a very low tone: “The script of “Joyous occasion” was written before the death of Director Zheng’s father. He made this film to complete his father’s work. Which is also his last wish. A while ago, the investors withdrew their capital, and Director Zheng had the idea of ​​selling the house, but the house is also his father’s legacy. It contained memories of their family of three living together. He was actually very reluctant to part with it.”

  Even in the world before Qin Ke’s rebirth, the final big box office “Joyous Ocassion” failed to make up for the director’s regret.

  This matter has since become a knot in Qin Ke’s heart. Later, in order to repay the director’s kindness, he also found the new owner to inquire about it. Unfortunately, the other party resolutely refused to sell, and had to give up.

  Song Yunran didn’t even know that there was such a heavy story behind it, after all, these details weren’t given too much detail in the original work.

  He was not used to accepting such a formal thank-you, cleared his throat and said, “It’s okay, I only invested 20 million in total, not a lot of money.”

  Qin Ke smiled: “Maybe it’s nothing to you, but it’s different to us.”

  He looked at Song Yunran’s eyes and thought about it for a while to continue, “If Chief Xiao Song doesn’t dislike me, you can let me know if you need me in the future, and I will definitely help if I can.”

  As soon as the voice fell, Song Yunran’s face immediately showed a surprise look: “Since you said that, then I’m not going to be polite.”

  ”Why would you be rude?” Qin Ke is calm on the surface, but doubts have begin to rise inside his mind.

  The reason why he said that was half because he wanted to thank the other party for his sincerity, and the other half was mixed with his selfish desire to investigate the truth.

  Song Yunran was the only variable he encountered after his rebirth.

  Qin Ke thought that this shouldn’t be accidental, but a certain connection in the dark.

  There is even the possibility that Song Yunran may knew something.

  Qin Ke understands that this possibility is very small, but if it really happens, Song Yunran must know that he will succeed in the future?

  So, will Song Yunran ask him for anything? Will it be the contacts around him in the future, or…

  Qin Ke was thinking deeply, and suddenly saw Song Yunran take half a step forward, and even the thick night could not stop the inexplicable twinkling of joy in his eyes.

  Song Yunran cleared his throat and said solemnly: “I don’t ask much. If you really want to thank me, you might as well call me Daddy.”

  Qin Ke: “…”

  Forget it, he should be thinking too much.

Translated by als

Als notes:

I’m sorry but updates are going to be slow until November because I’m currently having an exam, thank you for your understanding!

Small Theater by Bamboo:

Qin Ke: what could he want from me? Money, fame, contacts when I become popular??

Xiao Song: call me daddy!

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  • 1
    I’m guessing he means acting arrogantly/thinking that he is a better person
  • 2
    Term for popular in China
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