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ARIIFP Chapter 8

Xinghe Entertainment has officially opened a channel for recruiting new actors and actresses!

Chapter 8- After Rebirth, I decided to inherit the Family Property

  Assistant Tang had to confirm the contract for the “Joyous occasion” with the Investment Department. Seeing that Song Yunran hadn’t spoken for a long time, he thought that the President had other ideas, so he retired first.

  Song Yunran leaned in the swivel chair and turned around for a few times. After he calmed down, he felt that this was not enough. If he allowed these lawless employees to continue, wouldn’t he be reborn in vain.

  Just as he was thinking about how to build a prestige in the company, suddenly there was a heavy knock on the door.

  Song Yunran: “Come in.”

  The door of the heavy president’s office was pushed open from the outside, and at the same time the voice of the man at the door floated in: “You can’t go in,” Assistant Tang said, “President Xiao Song is usually very busy, and you have to make an appointment to see him! “

  Song Yunran: “???”

  Really, he doesn’t even know what he’s usually doing.

  ”He’s busy!” An unfamiliar voice called out and said angrily to the doorman, “Busy calculating my liquidated damages, right?”

  Song Yunran suddenly realized that he knew who was here.

  He got up and walked to the door, and saw a small and thin person guarding the door trying to hold the elbow of a tall young man. Unfortunately, the strength of the two sides was too great, and the doorman was dragged forward and revealed a face of pain.

  Behind them, Assistant Tang and others who came after hearing the news were yelling and preparing to help.

  The scene was too chaotic, Song Yunran couldn’t bear to look directly at it.

  ”What are you doing.”

  He knocked on the door with his fingers, and when everyone was quiet, he turned his head to look at the angry young man, “You are that Fang Zhou? Are you looking for me? Come in, don’t push and pull outside, what will it looks like.”

  Assistant Tang stepped forward quickly: “President Xiao Song, just leave this to me.”

  ”No, I’m fine. I’ll just listen to what he has to say.”

  After speaking, Song Yunran led Fang Zhou into the office, closed the door in the eyes of the gossiping and concerned crowd, and then turned to look at their company’s most popular artist.

  Fang Zhou’s appearance is fairly beautiful, and it really can afford the title of a brother in a small company like Xinghe. But there was a touch of rough simplicity in his beauty. It’s no wonder that he can only act as a background board in the original work.

  Just, for some reason, the state of the Fang Zhou seemed a little stiff, as if the anger was a disguise on the surface.

  Song Yunran didn’t think much, and took the initiative to speak, “Sit down and talk. Do you want something to drink? I’ll have someone bring it in.”

  Sitting on the sofa, Fang Zhou gave him another look. “Stop pretending to be nice here.”


  I just entertained you courteously. How did it get to the point of pretending to be nice?

  Song Yunran suspected that the Fang Zhou had become crazy due to the liquidated damages, and had lost the most basic common sense and ability to distinguish.

  Forget it, there are a few artists who can maintain calm when they hear about the liquidated damages. He put himself in the position and thought about it. He still needs to ask first: “How much does the Legal Department require you to pay?”

  How big is the astronomical number that will make you lose your wisdom and decide to break into the boss’s office.

  ”You don’t know how much?” Fang Zhou glared at Song Yunran with his neck, “The company violated the contract first, and I reasonably proposed to cancel the contract. Why should I pay 3 million.”

  Song Yunran blinked, feeling even more confused.

  Fang Zhou came to the company to talk to him. Song Yunran thought that the legal department had issued some sky-high liquidated damages. As a result, as soon as he heard it, he only wanted three million. He almost didn’t hold back and said back,“That’s it? ”.

  In Song Yunran’s experience, a situation like Fang Zhou who insisted on canceling the contract is nothing more than finding a next home. In this case, let the next family help pay three million, so why bother to talk to him face to face?

  Song Yunran leaned against his desk and said, “You don’t need to talk nonsense such as a breach of contract. Everyone knows what’s going on.”

  At any rate, he also used to be a popular artist, and he was familiar with all kinds of disputes in the entertainment industry. Judging from the strength of Xinghe Entertainment, to be able to hold Fang Zhou until the next family is willing to take over, it must be that all the good resources suitable for him are piled on him.

  The so-called breach of the contract is just a statement to terminate the contract.

  Fang Zhou complained with a dark face: “I want to improve myself through hard work, but the company is unwilling to help me get an audition opportunity for “Equation of Love”. Isn’t this a breach of contract?”

  Song Yunran raised his eyebrows suspiciously.

  He clearly remembered that Assistant Tang said that the company had asked him to stay on the condition that Fang Zhou get to participate in the “Equation of Love”. When it got to Fang Zhou’s mouth, it became just an audition opportunity.

  However, if a few people are passing words, it is very possible that there are small details that are mistaken.

  Song Yunran didn’t think deeply, just sighed for a long time.

Regardless of the fact that “Equation of Love” was not released due to an accident, as of now it is still attracting various investors and actors to chase the peerless cake. Whether it was Xinghe, who wanted to become the largest producer at a price of 200 million, or Fang Zhou who wanted to take this opportunity to join the crew, in the end, it all became a dream.

  Even if Fang Zhou was lucky enough to join the crew in this life, thinking of the tragic ending of “Equation of Love”, Song Yunran wanted to put the word “Run” on his forehead.

  He has no grievances with Fang Zhou. He really can’t bear to watch him go astray. He can only say bluntly: “The company does not let you audition, of course it has the company’s consideration. In fact, based on your various conditions, you are not suitable for “Equation of Love”. “

  ”Why do you say that?” Fang Zhou retorted, “Have you ever understood the profession of an actor? or Is it just to hurt my self-confidence?”

  Song Yunran originally wanted to persuade a few words appropriately, but if the other party wanted to go his own way, he would leave him alone.

  But Fang Zhou’s words seemed to remind him.

  ”You wait a moment.”

  Song Yunran turned on the laptop on the desk and searched for Fang Zhou’s information on the search engine interface. He looked at it, and he suddenly opened up, understanding why Fang Zhou was not popular anymore.

  The resources Xinghe arranged for Fang Zhou in the past were all fashionable and romantic urban romance dramas, including “Equation of Love”, which Fang Zhou wanted to enter, also had the same style.

  But the good thing about Fang Zhou’s appearance was that he looked honest and upright, and the bad thing was that he was a bit rustic, and his acting skills should also belong to the ordinary category. He can’t rely on acting to make a facelift.

  So in the end, the result is that Fang Zhou is not suitable with this kind play.

  Song Yunran turned off the browser, with a sincere tone: “I’m telling the truth, you should act in a local drama.”


  Fang Zhou seemed to have suffered a great insult, his eyes flushed with anger, “This is workplace violence!”

  Song Yunran was numb, and he suspected that there must be a problem between himself and Fang Zhou.

  Where did he commit violence in the workplace? the role is not good, and the most responsible performance for an actor is to let him find his suitable role as soon as possible, okay?

  Song Yunran became impatient. Seeing Fang Zhou’s attitude, he simply said, “All right. Since you don’t want to stay in Xinghe and are unwilling to pay liquidated damages, we will see you in court when you come.”

  Fang Zhou glanced at him faintly: “Then just wait and see.”


  Song Yunran thought that this inexplicable conversation was over.

  Unexpectedly, a few days later, the trouble came.

  One afternoon, Assistant Tang clicked on Weibo Hui and reported: “Fang Zhou posted a recording on Weibo.”

  Song Yunran took the phone in confusion, and heard the sound in the audio that seemed to be blocked by something. The sound quality was a bit poor, but he could still hear the conversation between him and Fang Zhou a few days ago.

  ”It turns out that Fang Zhou was recording that day,” he reacted afterwards, “I knew it felt strange.”

  Seeing that he was unmoved, Assistant Tang asked anxiously: “President Xiao Song, why did you have to say the last sentence?”

  ”Is there a problem with that sentence?” Song Yunran is puzzled.

  Assistant Tang took a deep breath: “Since Fang Zhou’s debut, he has followed the route of idol actors. His black fans love to scold him on the Internet to the ground. When you say this, doesn’t it seem like…”

  Song Yunran said “Ah” and understood.

  He accidentally danced the black fan’s words to the owner!

  Song Yunran clicked on the hot search on Weibo, and he saw the four characters of Xinghe Entertainment and rushed to the front row of the hot search unprecedentedly.

  The netizens who don’t know the truth are so excited that they scold him and Xinghe Entertainment bloody.

  If Song Yunran wanted to find Fang Zhou to explain the misunderstanding clearly, by now he had completely lost his mind.

  It took only half an hour for Fang Zhou’s Weibo to be released. Given his and Xinghe’s reputation, it was definitely someone behind the scenes who was able to attract such a large amount of attention in a short period of time.

  The other party turned on the recording from the beginning, obviously he came prepared.

  Even if he didn’t make the transition proposal, Fang Zhou would induce him to say something unfavorable to Xinghe. The obvious example is the deliberate confusion between “investment as a condition to plug people into the crew” and “competing for audition opportunities” sentences.

  So the only possibility is that Fang Zhou’s next company wants to use the sensitive topic of workplace violence to give Fang Zhou a wave of enthusiasm with the Xinghe as an offering sacrifice to the sky.

  Assistant Tang saw that Song Yunran was silent, he couldn’t help but was stunned for a moment, and began to reflect on whether he had said too much.

  No matter, President Xiao Song is young and vigorous, and he accidentally made a mistake that damage the company’s image. He must be very uncomfortable in his heart.

  Assistant Tang cleared his throat: “Don’t blame yourself too much. I’m going to notify the public relations department to prepare a clarification statement.”

  Unexpectedly, Song Yunran raised his head: “It’s not urgent to clarify the statement.”

  Assistant Tang was puzzled: “Are you not going to clarify?”

  Please, don’t make the company’s reputation worse.

  ”This is a hot search that others spend money to buy for us,” Song Yunran said, “How can a clarification statement be used to waste a rare heat.”

  Assistant Tang: “What do you mean?”

  Song Yunran’s face bloomed with a bright smile: “Of course I’m going to take the opportunity to recruit new people.”


  All members of the “Joyous Ocassion” crew on the set in the outskirts of Yan City were collectively in a state of bewilderment.

  They had just signed an investment contract with Xinghe Entertainment a few days ago. This is the time where they were full of energy, who knew that in a blink of an eye they were caught off guard and ate the big melon of the investor.

  Taking advantage of the break between shooting, everyone gathered to discuss:

  ”I can’t see that President Xiao Song is actually this kind of person. Is this a personal attack?”

  ”I think he was right. I saw the picture of Fang Zhou. Maybe the local drama will be very popular with the audience.”

  ”According to you, Fang Zhou doesn’t know how to recognize people’s good intentions? Come on, President Xiao Song must have made a mistake.”

  ”I remember that Qin Ke asked me to find a blanket for President Xiao Song to cover him that day. After he woke up, he obediently folded the blanket and put it away. At first glance, he is a very cultured person. He would not deliberately mock others.”

  ”Hmph, you must be bewildered by beauty.”

  Qin Ke’s ears heard the people’s chattering discussions, causing him to frown slightly.

  He has too many scenes to be filmed in the past two days. He hasn’t slept since yesterday morning and really doesn’t want to stay in such a noisy environment.

  Seeing that the director was still trying out the light, Qin Ke greeted the people next to him and walked out of the studio alone to breathe.

  After a breath of fresh air, he remembered what was discussed earlier, and took out his phone to look at it.

  By coincidence, it happened to be a Weibo update by the official Xinghe Entertainment.

  [Xinghe Entertainment: Dear friends who have passed by, take a look here. It is better to choose a date than to crush the day. Xinghe Entertainment has officially opened a channel for recruiting new actors and actresses! 】

  The picture is a simple recruitment poster that seems to be made out temporarily.

  Qin Ke opened the poster and saw that it was really a recruitment offer.

  He raised his eyebrows, and intuitively thought…

  The instigator behind this recruitment notice is likely to be no one other than Song Yunran.

  ”Qin Ke, we’re ready to start shooting.” Someone behind him came out to look for him.


  Qin Ke responded, and suddenly stopped before turning off the phone.

  After a few seconds, he looked down and moved his fingers to save the poster in his phone.

Translated by als

Als notes:

I’m stockpiling chapters rn to have at least one chap/a week during my break for exams so new chapters should be released every monday from now on. Any missed schedules I will make it up on the end of October.


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