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ARIIFP Chapter 4

This is basically bó lè and qiān lǐ mǎ!

Chapter 4- After Rebirth, I decided to inherit the family property

  The two returned to the office one after another.

  Song Yunran sat back on the sofa with a dazed expression, picked up the paper cup on the coffee table for guests and drank some water in shock.

  The producer touched Qin Ke’s arm and asked in a low voice, “What’s the matter with President Xiao Song? He was in a good mood when he went out, and now that he comes back, his face was so bad. Did you not coax people well?”


  Qin Ke suspected that the producer was running around to raise money and was struggling with problems, and now he was a little disturbed and startled, for fear of neglecting the golden young master on the opposite side.

  Looking at Song Yunran’s pale face, he also replied in a low voice: “It has nothing to do with me, he just went to the haunted house to play on his own.”


  There is such a luxurious amusement facility such as haunted house around their studio that does not lay eggs?1This is from the idiom “birds don’t lay eggs and dogs don’t defecate” which means: remote and desolate

  Oppositely, Assistant Tang didn’t know what kind of mental trauma the boss had suffered. Seeing Song Yunran’s face was not good, he asked softly, “President Xiao Song, if you still have concerns, do you want to look at their actual shooting?”

  When most producers raise investments, they often brag about the crew until they actually start shooting and found that there are problems everywhere.

  Assistant Tang’s idea is very thoughtful. Since this is the boss’s first time with film and television investment, it just happens that the “Joyous occasion” crew is already in operation, so why not take the opportunity to inspect it on the spot.

  Song Yunran was still in the state of shock. In fact, he didn’t hear exactly what Assistant Tang was saying, so he just mindlessly followed a group of people to the studio on the set.

  After leaving the small building where the prop room was located, Song Yunran barely recovered his spirit.

  He sat in the VIP seat next to the director, observing the scene in the studio quietly.

  Due to the shortage of funds, the crew has already dismissed half of the staff, leaving each person to do the works of two people, making everyone super busy. But even so, looking at the organized, shows that the production and director’s ability to coordinate and direct is quite excellent.

  After ten minutes, the director adjusted the lighting and camera, picked up the intercom and informed the actors to prepare.

  Song Yunran looked at Qin Ke, who had just put on makeup, and couldn’t help but remember that he had written in the book, saying that Qin Ke showed his innate talent when filming “Joyous ocassion”, and he often show them in the hands of demanding directors. Which amazed everyone.

  To tell the truth, Song Yunran was doubtful about this.

  Before his rebirth, he watched “Joyous occasion” in the cinema. Qin Ke’s role was very difficult to perform. Most of the sections described in the original work were exaggerated words by the author to flatter Qin Ke.

  He didn’t know how enthusiastic his eyes were at this time, that Qin Ke misunderstood what he meant, and when he passed by, he stopped and said, “Your phone is not with me.”

  ”What cell phone?” Song Yunran didn’t respond for a moment.

  Qin Ke glanced at him and said, “It’s the mobile phone that you disliked that fell on the corpse. I picked it up for you and put it in the office. You probably didn’t see it just now. Don’t forget to take it later.”

  Song Yunran choked. Is it necessary to describe it in such a detailed manner? You want to make me afraid so that I’ll forget about your scene?

  But wait, the opportunity seems to have come…

  He adjusted his sitting posture slowly, and raised his head to question: “Have you familiarized yourself with the lines? You still have time to care about a phone, do you still want to be a good actor?”

  Qin Ke was slightly startled when he heard the words.


  Song Yunran applauded for himself in his heart, how easy it is to bring down Qin Ke!

  Looking at Qin Ke’s speechless expression, he must have been so ashamed that he wanted to commit suicide.

  Oh, but…

  Song Yunran felt that he played so well, and kept on saying: “I’ll tell you what, I will watch this scene from start to finish. You’d better give it all and don’t let me down.”

  Qin Ke was silent for a few seconds before nodding lightly, “Okay.”

  Song Yunran said a non-committal “um”, his inner tail was almost lifted into the sky.

  No way, the happiness of the rich is as simple as that. He leaned back in his chair contentedly and decided to increase his humiliation to Qin Ke in the future.

  After watching this scene of the confrontation, the director next to him couldn’t help shaking slightly in his hand holding the walkie-talkie, and his gaze at Song Yunran also showed a hint of reverence.

  He hadn’t expected that Song Yunran had high hopes for Qin Ke, to even talk to him this harshly, but he also did not even hesitate to waste his precious time to supervise his(QK) filming.

  You must know that Qin Ke only played some small supporting roles in other crews during school. This was the first male lead role he took, and it has already received such attention from investors…

  Is this the relationship between the investment boss and the actors?

  No, this is basically bó lè and qiān lǐ mǎ!2Bó lè means people who are good at discovering and selecting talents. Qiān lǐ mǎ means a horse that travels thousands of miles a day; a rare talent. The first refers to SYR while the latter, QK.

  After realizing this, the director was full of enthusiasm, and the shout of “action3In english” when filming started was particularly imposing.

  And as the shooting progressed, Song Yunran unknowingly sat up straight.

  He fixed his eyes on the monitor screen, but occasionally drifted to look at Qin Ke who was standing in the middle of the field.

  The plot now being filmed is that after the heroine dies, the protagonist impersonating her fiancé receives a red envelope for the meeting prepared by her parents for the son-in-law.

  He hid in the bathroom, counted the amount in the red envelope with his eyes glowing, but slowed down when he tried to stuff the red envelope into his pocket.

  A scene with no position and no lines, but let everyone on the scene experience his secret joy and struggle.

  In all fairness, Qin Ke portrayed this character that is completely different from his temperament very well, even more fascinating than the one Song Yunran once saw in the movie theater.

  Song Yunran looked at the director full of question marks, hello, you there, why didn’t you put this cut in when editing the film? Doesn’t this move the audience more than the final one in the film?

  The director who focused on shooting did not notice the strange gaze around him. He was rubbing his chin and feeling that Qin Ke is making great progress.

  Qin Ke performed well during his early days, but he often needed him to guide him. As a result, after Qin Ke fainted from an injury on the set last month, when he woke up, he seemed to be suddenly gain enlightenment. Every inch of expression, all of them have reached the point of proficiency.

  If he hadn’t known Qin Ke’s resume clearly, he would have doubted that he had not hired a newcomer who had just graduated from the film school, but a famous actor with rich experience on the battlefield instead.

  After one shot was taken, the director ordered to adjust the camera to take a few shots from other angles, and the scene was over.

  He showed a thumbed up with satisfaction: “Very well, let’s take a break.” After speaking, he smiled and asked Song Yunran, “What do you think?”

  Song Yunran maintained the calmness of the overbearing president, and reluctantly nodded, not wanting to admit that he was attracted by Qin Ke’s performance just now, the reason why he is still sitting here and continue watching.

As soon as he turned his head, he found that the producer next to him was looking at him with anticipation, and then he remembered what was going on today.

  He motioned to the producer to come over and asked: “How much money are you short of?”

  The producer and the director exchanged glances and tentatively extended a finger: “Can you see it?”

  ”100 million?”

  The producer shook his head quickly: “It doesn’t take that much, 10 million is enough.”

  Song Yunran was silent for a moment, fully aware of how poor the crew was.

  The film and television dramas he filmed before his rebirth were all big investments and big productions. After his rebirth, he considered investing in similar projects. He didn’t expect that the funds for “Joyous occasion” were almost wiped out. It turned out to be a mere 10 million.

  Song Yunran felt even more unhappy when he thought of his previous debut work was defeated by such a low-cost movie.

  He glared at Qin Ke who was in the distance, the protagonist’s halo was really annoying.

  Seeing his cloudy expression, the producer could only slightly bend one of his fingers down: “Or 8 million will do.”

  The chubby director didn’t speak, but rubbed his hands with a frown, as if he was afraid that the funds he was about to get would fly again.

  This scene fell in Song Yunran’s eyes, it made him feel full of emotion.

  Although “Joyous occasion” was the first step in Qin Ke’s brilliant stardom, in fact, in the world of the original novel, these crew members are nothing more than cannon fodders for supporting Qin Ke, and they have done nothing wrong.

  Why should a cannon fodder make it difficult for his fellow cannon fodders?

  Song Yunran decided to give play to the spirit of mutual help among cannon fodders. He replied cheerfully: “20 million, and the other half will be reserved for you in the later stage.”

  He remembers that when “Joyous occasion” was released, the only thing that was criticized was that the special effects in the later stage were relatively rough because of the limited funding.

  The producer and the director exchanged glances and thanked them again and again, glad that their house was finally saved.

  Song Yunran waved his hand to indicate that they don’t need to be too moved, and at the same time he said, “Assistant Tang, remember to draw up the contract tomorrow.”

  It was a piece of air that answered him.

  Song Yunran looked behind him strangely, only to realize that Assistant Tang, who knows when he did left the studio, was walking in hastily.

  Assistant Tang frowned, looking anxious as if Xinghe Entertainment had gone bankrupt. He stood in front of Song Yunran and bent down: “President Xiao Song, there is something wrong with the company, and you need to go back and deal with it immediately.”

  Song Yunran: “What’s the matter?”

  Assistant Tang said in a sad tone: “Someone wants to cancel the contract.”

  Song Yunran couldn’t understand: “Does the other people in the company do not work, and the artist wants to terminate the contract and I need to go out in person?”

  Assistant Tang explained patiently: “This time the situation is quite special. The person who proposed to terminate the contract is called Fang Zhou, who is the company’s most popular artist. He has been waiting in the conference room and said that he would like to talk with you in person.”

  Song Yunran is now busy managing investments, and he has no time to care about which company’s artists are popular. He quickly recalled the content of the book, vaguely remembering that the person was supposed to be a second-tier niche afterwards, but his scenes were very few, and he belonged to the background role of the entertainment circle in the novel.

  But this person is the currently the brother in Xinghe, and cannot be completely ignored.

  Song Yunran thought for a while, and said, “There is no reason why an artist would call the boss immediately. You can go back to the company for me to see what’s going on.”

  Assistant Tang agreed with him and asked, “What about you?”

  ”I don’t want to leave yet, you leave the car keys, and I will drive back by myself later.”

  Song Yunran’s eagerness to win was aroused, and he decided to stay to see if Qin Ke was as good as in the legend.

  Assistant Tang was taken aback. He clearly remembered that Mr. Song had used Qin Ke’s Weibo for a long time on the day he joined the company, and he thought of Song Yunran’s refusal to invest in “Equation of Love” and instead take interest in the unknown little “Joyous ocassion”.

  Could it be…

  Assistant Tang noticed Song Yunran’s turning of his head from time to time, and followed his line of sight, only to see Qin Ke walk to the corner of the studio and take a bottle of mineral water to unscrew it.

  Such an ordinary scene, he can’t see where is it worth paying attention to.

  But in Song Yunran’s eyes, what he saw was a different meaning.

  Now Qin Ke has yet to signed a brokerage company, and has no money to hire an assistant, so he can only do everything by himself.

  ”Heh, even after the filming, there is no one to offer tea or water.” Song Yunran shook his head gleefully, and said sarcastically, “It’s really pitiful.”

  Assistant Tang: “?!”

  Relying on his keen assistant intuition, he thought that Song Yunran’s remarks weren’t just casual talk, and might be suggesting something to him.

  After a short while, Assistant Tang’s lens flashed with a ray of wisdom that had insight into the truth.

  I see, he realized.

Translated by als


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  • 1
    This is from the idiom “birds don’t lay eggs and dogs don’t defecate” which means: remote and desolate
  • 2
    Bó lè means people who are good at discovering and selecting talents. Qiān lǐ mǎ means a horse that travels thousands of miles a day; a rare talent. The first refers to SYR while the latter, QK.
  • 3
    In english
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