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ARIIFP Chapter 3

Wake up, boy, where do you have any business talent?

Chapter 3- After rebirth, I decided to inherit the family property

The atmosphere in the office suddenly became a little subtle.

Assistant Tang is already accustomed to nature, and skillfully explained: “This is President Xiao Song.”

  The producer hurriedly jumped out to make round: “Alas, such a misunderstanding caused by a young and promising person like President Xiao Song, It’s really rare to see. Qin Ke, you are so blind and ignorant of Mount Tai1有眼不識泰山: A mountain which is considered sacred ground in Chinese myth. A common Chinese idiom is that someone who “does not recognize Mount Tai” which means they failed to see someone of great significance in front of them. . What are you doing in a daze? Apologize to President Xiao Song. “

  Song Yunran cheered for the producer in his heart.

  Oh my God, what an eye-catching person this is, he played a wave of beautiful assists invisibly for him(SYR) to humiliate Qin Ke.

  It seems that the investment budget can be raised one step further.

  Song Yunran was busy replenishing his brain, and saw Qin Ke turning his face to his side,  his eyes slowly drifting past his.

  Today’s Qin Ke is a bit younger than he remembers, but the indifferent and cold temperament of the future has already begun to emerge. After staring at the opponent intently for a few seconds, Song Yunran felt a chill inexplicably, and couldn’t help swallowing instinctively.

  Then, he heard Qin Ke say calmly and briefly: “I’m sorry.”

  Song Yunran: “???”

  Can’t you be a little more sincere? Are you embarrassed to say only four words2不好意思 – 4 words in the raw?

  Qin Ke retracted his gaze and expressed with practical actions: Yes, he is very interesting.

  Song Yunran’s fist hardened.

  He took a deep breath, pretending to be indifferent, and said, “It’s okay, I won’t be offended by this small matter caused by…” He gave Qin Ke a critical glance, and continued, “A small worker.”

  When the producer next to it heard it, his thoughts were broken.

  This was obviously to show his dissatisfaction with Qin Ke’s perfunctory apology, so he deliberately said that he was like a handyman.

  When he wanted to open his mouth to say something, he was interrupted by the sudden ringing of a cell phone.

  Song Yunran lowered his head and saw the three words Song Jidong displayed on his mobile phone screen.

  He motioned to everyone to wait a while, picked up the phone and walked outside: “Hello, Dad? What’s the matter?”

  ”What are you talking about!” Song Jidong’s loud voice almost deafened his ears, “If I didn’t call, are you going crazy while playing around in Xinghe?”

  Song Yunran was afraid that others would hear their father-son conversation, turned around and walked along the corridor to the corner: “Who said I was playing?”

  ”Really? Then you explain to me why the plan drawn up by the Investment Deparment was completely overturned?” Song Jidong asked him harshly.

  Song Yunran angrily said: “Assistant Tang is a traitor, he actually complained to you?!”

  He got emotional and accidentally lost control of the volume, which caused the passing crew to look over in surprise.

  Song Yunran was a good and responsible citizen who didn’t make a lot of noise in public. He silently blocked his face, and then looked around after people left. Seeing that there is a room next to him that is unlocked, he pushed the door and walked in.

  The heavy curtains were drawn in the room, and as soon as the door is closed, his vision fell into darkness.

  Song Yunran was stunned subconsciously, but before he had time to think about it, his attention was drawn to the voice on the other end of the phone.

  Song Jidong corrected him: “What complaint. Assistant Tang was originally the person I sent over. He called to report to the leader.”

  Song Yunran paced back and forth along the room in the dark: “How old I am, can you just stop arranging a babysitter by my side? Don’t worry, I’ll take care of Xinghe.”

  Song Jidong: “Where is the problem? I have read the investment department’s plan. The specific investment amount can be negotiated, but the project itself is much more reliable than the grassroots team you saw.”

  The implication is to tell his son to give up “Joyous occasion” to invest in “Equation of Love.”

  Song Yunran wanted to explain, but couldn’t tell the real reason, so he could only grunt heavily to express his dissatisfaction.

  Hearing that he was not very happy, Song Jidong’s tone softened again: “Daddy didn’t blame you, but you are new to business, so you should listen to the opinions of people who come over.”

  ”Dad, I am your son, and I must have inherited your business talent. You should believe my vision. Or… Do you still mind that time when I say that I want to be an actor then regret it? That’s why you don’t believe me?”

  Song Jidong coughed a few times: “You’re wronging your father! I’m not worried about you. If you make up your mind to try, of course Dad will support you. Anyway, there is money in the family so you can afford to pay more for school. Well…”

  ”Really?” Song Yunran began to play pitiful, “Then my mother…”

  Song Jidong paused, then replied: “I, I will help you to speak.”

  Song Yunran smiled silently in the dark.

  Regardless of his dad who is usually a prestigious President Song in the eyes of others, in fact, the most important person in their family is his mother Bai Wanning, who is also the most famous Director of the Bai group.

  Compared with Bai Wanning’s decisive attack, his dad is a hard-mouthed paper tiger. When acquiring Xinghe, he also said that he(SYR) would be beaten by the society. But, in a blink of an eye- half a month later, he(SJD) began to inquire about him again.

  However, his happiness did not last long. Song Jidong said earnestly: “But there are some things that dad has to say.”


  ”Wake up, boy, where do you have any business talent? You can even buy a game console and get it when the price is the highest, and you used to…”

  ”Hello? Hello? The signal is bad, I’ll hang up first.”

  Song Yunran, who had been exposed to his black history, was quick and ended the call before his father broke out more black material.

  After the phone call, Song Yunran didn’t rush out, but slowly sorted out his thoughts.

  ”Joyous ocassion” seems to be very hopeless at the moment, and he can’t blame his dad for not being optimistic about it.

  He remembered that it had been written in the book that after Qin Ke took the movie, he was ridiculed for quite a while. Of course, after the movie went viral, it naturally became a big refreshing point in the original novel.

  Although Qin Ke benefitted by this in his previous life, Song Yunran, as a cannon fodder, was aggrieved.

  Thinking of this, he “tsk” unhappily.

  In fact, with Song Yunran’s current financial resources, it is okay to directly order the crew to change.

  But he doesn’t know if it was due to the power of the novel. Ever since the moment he decided to abandon the acting and go to business, whenever he wanted to use money to destroy Qin Ke’s future–even if he just thought about it, he would walk and fall on the ground in the next few days, choked on his throat while drinking water and got trapped while using an elevator.

  It is estimated that in this world, without him as a cannon fodder for Qin Ke, the invisible mysterious power does not care wether he leaves the plot or not. But if he insist on hurting Qin Ke arbitrarily, he might end up being obliterated by the will of the world.

  In any case, Qin Ke must not be prevented from becoming king in the entertainment industry. This is the life-saving law that Song Yunran has learned since his rebirth.

  So even if the road is a bit tortuous, as long as you invest in “Joyous ocassion”, you can not only act under the rules of the novel world, but also make money to reassure your parents, and make Qin Ke feel convinced by him. Thinking about it is really like killing three birds with one stone.

  After making up his mind, Song Yunran realized with hindsight that when he answered the phone, he went in a wrong direction.

  In the dark room, only the outlines of tables and chairs could be seen vaguely, and he couldn’t even see the road under his feet, so he had to turn on the flashlight of his mobile phone to look forward.

  Then he was caught off guard, on a long table less than half a meter away from him, he saw a “female corpse” with long hair and wearing a robe.


  Song Yunran was unprepared, and while throwing the phone out of fright, he quickly hugged his head and closed his eyes.

  How embarrassing, he was obviously a reborn person, but he still has a little…shameful little secret.

  Yes, Song Yunran was afraid of ghosts, very, very afraid.

  Even when he knows that this is most likely the room where the crew stores props, Song Yunran was frightened in a cold sweat.

  He slowly moved to the side, and it seemed that he had touched something inadvertently, and didn’t dare to move rashly anymore.

  What’s more terrible is that as a former actor, Song Yunran’s imagination is very rich. At this moment, he already has a feeling in the darkness. It seems that there is a pair or even a few more pairs of gloomy eyes, looking at him from all directions.

  ”It’s all props, all props, all props…”

  Song Yunran’s legs were soft, he knelt on the ground and constantly brainwash himself.

  Coincidentally, at this moment, a slow “squeak” door pushing sounded in the dark.

  Someone’s footsteps came softly.

  Song Yunran exploded. He trembled and asked, “Who?”

  A male voice said: “Me.”

  ”Who are you?”

  The man hesitated and replied meaningfully: “Maybe a small worker?”

  What the hell?

  Song Yunran opened his eyes, and was stunned before he understood. Oh, it turned out to be Qin Ke, he let out a sigh of relief, his hanging heart was about to fall, and suddenly he lifted it up again.

  To the effect, why is Qin Ke just here, and he must never let him see his embarrassing appearance!

  ”Don’t turn on…”

The words were only halfway through, and the light of the right path fell from the sky with a light switch.

  ”……the light.”

  Song Yunran said the last word tenaciously, closing his eyes and wanted to say goodbye to the world.

  He froze there motionless like an ostrich who just didn’t want to face reality, praying that Qin Ke wouldn’t say a word.

  In fact, Qin Ke was really speechless.

  He was driven out by the producer to go apologize again. As soon as he went out, he saw Song Yunran turning into the prop room and had to stand outside waiting for the person to come out.

  As a result, while he waited and waited, he heard a heart-piercing scream.

  Qin Ke came in to take a look, afraid that something might happen to him.

  Unexpectedly, through the light in the corridor, the scene that he saw was Song Yunran kneeling under a coffin, chanting words, as if some kind of feudal superstition activity was on the scene.

  Qin Ke couldn’t understand what kind of path this was, but he was shocked.

  Song Yunran slowed down for a full minute before standing up slowly, trying to pretend that nothing happened.

  As a result, as soon as he turned around, he saw Qin Ke’s handsome and extraordinary face blatantly showing the meaning of ‘You seem to have something serious.’

  ”What is there to look at!” Song Yunran was embarrassed and furious, incompetent and furious.

  It’s okay for Song Yunran if he didn’t speak. But as soon as he opens his mouth, Qin Ke seemed to understand something. He nodded slowly: “It seems that I am disturbing you.” He put his finger on the switch as he said, “Do I need to help you turn off the light, President Xiao Song?”

  It sounds kind of helpful, if it weren’t for his teasing tone in his last words.

  ”Leave it!”

  Song Yunran’s actions became extremely agile, and he flashed outside the door, not wanting to stay in this ghostly place for another second.

  ”Wait a minute.” Qin Ke stopped him from behind.

  Song Yunran stopped and didn’t look back: “What’s the matter again?”

  ”Is that your phone?”


  Song Yunran bit his scalp, turned his head and looked in the direction of the opponent’s fingers, his whole body struck by lightning.

  How could that be.

  His cell phone just happened to fall on the dead woman body.

  ”Help me throw it away.” Song Yunran said with lingering fear, “It’s not clean anymore.”

Translated by als

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  • 1
    有眼不識泰山: A mountain which is considered sacred ground in Chinese myth. A common Chinese idiom is that someone who “does not recognize Mount Tai” which means they failed to see someone of great significance in front of them.
  • 2
    不好意思 – 4 words in the raw
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    1. lonepolaris lonepolaris says:

      that would work! thanks a lot!

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