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ARIIFP Chapter 5

Don't disappoint President Xiao Song's expectations.

Chapter 5- After Rebirth, I decided to Inherit the Family Property

  Song Yunran didn’t know that Assistant Tang’s line of thought had already deviated. After waving and watching him walk out of the studio, only then did he realized that the other party’s expression seemed a bit distorted just now.

  He must have been really worried for the company that he even lost control of his expression. Thinking of this, he(SYR) decided not to care about Assistant Tang and Song Jidong’s small report.

  When Song Yunran turned his head, Qin Ke had already come over to watch the playback with the mineral water bottle.

  Qin Ke’s performance just now was impeccable, and the director is not a person who is stingy with his praise, he spouted them right away and patted him(QK) on the shoulder after he was finished. “President Xiao Song is also very positive about you, ah, we should continue our efforts to live up to President Xiao Song’s expectations.”

  Song Yunran was full of question marks, what do I expect from him, call me father?

  But it’s hard for him to deny it in front of everyone. After all, if he speaks, he will make the director lose face.

  So he pretended to be overbearing, holding his arms unmoved. Anyway, he didn’t expect Qin Ke to say anything nice.

  Sure enough, Qin Ke still had no expression on his face, he just murmured a word of thanks.

  It’s totally an attitude that shows that he(SYR) can only afford such an honor.

  Song Yunran pursed his lower lip. He remembered that every time Qin Ke appeared in public afterwards, he always kept the indifferent face of “all of you owed me 50 million” throughout the whole process. The occasional smile must only be a faint smile, with a little curved mouth. If you raise a bit more, it would be considered a collapse of character. Not to mention that the perfume that Qin Ke used all the year round is the clear smell of winter snow, and when sometimes he gets close to him accidentally, Song Yunran is always afraid that he will catch a cold.

  Before Song Yunran was reborn, he felt that Qin Ke was a special character,

  At that time, he also thought that this might be a high-cold personality created by the brokerage company for Qin Ke. Now it seems that it is not like that at all. Qin Ke’s true character is really annoying.

  After the break, the director announced the start of the next scene.

  The scene was still in the bathroom, but two new actors were added. The filming has yet to start but Song Yunran could already see the difference.

  The two seem to be older than Qin Ke, but either they came into the camera early or their lines were not full of emotions. The two or three minutes of the scenes in the movie need an hour of tossing to be completed, completely lacking of the fast-paced efficiency from before.

  Song Yunran yawned, his eyelids are getting heavier and heavier.

  It’s as if he has returned to the past where he stayed up all night on the set while waiting for a play and his consciousness gradually faded.

  Upon seeing this, the director had to suspend filming and went over to talk to the actors again.

  He personally demonstrated the scenes of the other two people, and then reminded in a low voice: “Are you all out of your mind? the investor just there watching, do you want him to leave?”

  Qin Ke, who was resting against the wall, raised his eyes when he heard the words and looked in the direction of the monitor, and found that the certain investor in the director’s words had fallen asleep.

  The lights in the shed were all concentrated on the person, Song Yunran’s figure was immersed in the dimness, and his head sank heavily from time to time, but the person didn’t mean to wake up at all, yet he hugged his arms as if he’s feeling cold. He moved his face to the right shoulder, looking like he wanted to curl up and warm himself.

  Looks pretty well-behaved, not at all as pretentious as when he was awake.


  Song Yunran woke up from the sleep feeling refreshed.

  He rubbed his eyes and found that there was an extra blanket on his body. Most of the crew members were afraid that he would wake up with a cold. He carefully folded it and placed it aside.

  ”President Xiao Song, are you awake?” The producer smiled and offered a glass of warm water.

  Song Yunran took a sip from the water glass, “What time is it?”

  ”It’s almost twelve o’clock, and it is estimated that we will stay up late tonight. Our place is remote, and it may not be safe anymore. Why don’t you go home first?”

  Song Yunran looked around and found that another scene was already being filmed. He didn’t see a familiar face, put down his water glass and asked, “Where is Qin Ke?”

  The producer was taken aback and remembered that the director had mentioned to him that Song Yunran was very optimistic about Qin Ke. After thinking about it, he said: “Qin Ke has finished filming today’s film. If you still want to visit his again, I will send you a notice form.”

  ”It is not necessary.” Song Yunran stood up and stretched, “I’m going now, you guys work hard.”

  The producer also stood up: “I will let the crew driver drive you.”

Song Yunran shook his head and refused. The contract will be signed in a few days. From now on, all the expenses of the crew will be paid by him, and unnecessary waste must be avoided from now on.

  He paused and remembered another thing: “By the way, I am still young so I don’t like to play tricks. I will not always chat with you in the future. I apologize for that. “

  The producer was very kind: “Okay, then President Xiao Song, you go slowly.”

  The crew’s studio is located in the suburbs of Yan City. The price is cheap but the supporting facilities are not complete. It takes ten minutes to walk to the nearest parking lot.

  At this time, the night was quiet, and there was no ghost on the road.

  Song Yunran walked alone on the empty sidewalk, thinking uncontrollably in his mind of what he saw in the props room today. He shuddered, speeding up his pace and ran all the way to the parking lot.

As the sign of the parking lot approached, Song Yunran found a man standing at the bus stop beside the road.

The man was bathed in the moonlight with his back on the sidewalk, presumably playing with his mobile phone while looking down from the action. The broad, well-proportioned shoulder-back lines support a dark gray sweater outline, and a natural fold in the waist and abdomen, followed by two proportionately long legs that make a beautiful movie poster out of the shadows.

  Song Yunran slowed down subconsciously, always feeling that this figure was a bit familiar.

  It just so happened that the other party heard the movement and turned his head back. If it wasn’t Qin Ke who else could it be.

  The two looked at each other for a moment at a distance of several meters. Song Yunran thought it was necessary to criticize a few words: “Why are you hanging around outside without going back to the hotel after work?”

  Qin Ke is now the leading actor in his investment projects, and he can’t afford a delay if something happens.

  Qin Ke pointed to the bus stop sign behind him: “There will be no scene for me tomorrow. I have something to go home for.”

  ”There is still a bus so late?” Song Yunran had never taken this kind of public transportation, and was curious for a while.

  It is rare for Qin Ke to be taken aback, not for anything else, but for the city’s well-developed public transportation system. There were people who look down on it.

  But he could see that Song Yunran’s innocent and straightforward energy was not a disguise. After a few seconds of silence, he could only answer: “There is a night bus back to the city.”

  In all fairness, Qin Ke spoke very nicely.

  The words are clear and gentle, and the tone is cold and a little deep, which is reminiscent of the lake flowing under the ice in winter.

  But the sound of this windy early spring night added to the chill.

  Song Yunran closed his jacket tightly and said “Oh”, thinking that Qin Ke, who had just graduated, was so miserable that he didn’t have an assistant in the crew, and he had to stand in the cold wind and wait for the bus at the end of the night.

  In fact, since he has a car, it’s okay to take him for a ride…

  No, Song Yunran quickly stopped thinking, he is the person who wants Qin Ke to kneel down and call his father in the future, how could he disrupt the rhythm because of such a small matter.

  ”Then you just stand here and don’t move around, just keep waiting.”

  Song Yunran put away his sympathy, turned away neatly, leaving behind a ruthless back of a father.

  Qin Ke: “…”

  Song Yunran crossed the zebra crossing and found a conspicuous bright orange sports car in the parking lot.

  He sat in the driver’s seat, put his hands on the steering wheel, and felt a bit of nostalgia for a moment.

  Since his rebirth, he has either been picked up by a driver or accompanied by an assistant when he goes out. His superb driving skills have been sealed for too long.

  In the past, he thought it was troublesome to learn to drive, and there were a lot of drivers at home, so he never thought of taking a driver’s license. It was not until after his debut that he reported to a driving school at the urging of his agent in order to take a play. Who knows that he will then fell in love with the feeling of controlling the steering wheel so much.

  Huh, wait?


  He hasn’t gotten a driver’s license in this life!

  The steering wheel, which was still extremely comfortable just now, suddenly became extremely hot.

  Song Yunran left the steering wheel with both hands, then opened the door, got out of the car, and locked the car in one go.

  Fortunately, he has not driven the car out yet, otherwise his road to rebirth that has just begun, will leave a black history of driving without a license.

  Let’s call the driver to pick him up. He calmed down, put his hand in his coat pocket, and felt lonely.

  Song Yunan blinked in confusion, then his face paled.

  It’s over.

  Didn’t the cell phone was abandoned by him?

  In a few minutes.

  Qin Ke saw Song Yunran, who had taken advantage of his verbal advantage and left handomely, walked back to look at the bus stop sign with a grimace, and looked at him again and again, like an elementary school chick who couldn’t get a ride and was ashamed to speak.

  ”What’s the matter?” Qin Ke took the initiative to say, “Is there anything wrong with President Xiao Song?”

  Song Yunran was silent for a while, but finally lost to the fear of not wanting to walk alone in the empty street again.

  He took a deep breath, and said with a painful emotion of a strong man breaking his wrist: “The bus you are waiting for has not come yet.”

  Before the words fell, a bus appeared at the end of the road in the distance.

  Qin Ke raised his eyebrows: “It seems to be here.”

  Song Yun was taken aback, knowing that there was not much time left for him, so he quickly said, “Well, My assistant left in advance and no one is driving. Can I borrow your mobile phone? I’ll call the driver.”

  He was very grateful for his wit, that in a few words he managed to cover up the fact that he doesn’t have a driver’s license.

  After the two sentences, the bus slowly stopped at the platform.

  Qin Ke glanced at him, then shook his head to the driver to signal that he would not get in the bus.

  Then he turned his face, and under Song Yunran’s expectant gaze, he said unhurriedly: “If you don’t mind, I will drive you back?”

  The unexpected answer made Song Yunran stunned on the spot, his world views are shaking.

  Had he always misunderstood Qin Ke, that he was actually a kind-hearted person who is cold outside and warm inside?

  He couldn’t help feeling a little guilty: “Will it be okay, will it bother you too much?”

  ”It’s no trouble, you will be charged one hundred as the driver’s fee for more than ten kilometers.” Qin Ke replied naturally with ease.

  Song Yunran: “…”

  The remaining entertainer self inside him were so self-cultivated that he couldn’t resist asking, “You’re an actor anyway. Is it appropriate to drive a contemporary car in the middle of the night?”

  Qin Ke is not ashamed at all: “It is right to experience life.”

  ”Okay, let’s go.”

  Song Yunran may have been persuaded by his reasons, or he may have been shocked by his shamelessness, anyway, he didn’t talk to him again.

  Qin Ke followed behind him, and if his gaze swept across his back, doubts gradually flooded in his eyes.

  It’s too weird.

  One morning a month ago, Qin Ke opened his eyes and found himself lying on a hospital bed.

  The doctor said that he fainted while filming and was taken to the hospital, but when he looked in the mirror, it was 23-year-old himself that appeared in the mirror.

  He went back in time.

  As a young man, Qin Ke certainly knew about the legend of rebirth, but never thought that this kind of heavenly fantasy would happen to him.

  Everything in front of him was familiar in his memory.

  The same director, the same crew, even the experience of the two actors next to him constantly NG.

  The only difference is that Song Yunran, who is walking ahead at this moment, not only did not make his debut as an actor like his previous life, but also came to the set inexplicably and said that he would invest in “Joyous Ocassion”.

  What went wrong?

Translated by als

Als notes:

Did you expect that? I’m sure some of you actually did.

Small theater by Bamboo:

Xiao Song: ahahaha I have a luxury car and he only has a bus! How great!

Xiao Song: wait


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