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ARIIFP Chapter 19

Your father is lying in the hospital, yet you actually have the leisure to go out shopping?!

Chapter 19- After rebirth, I decided to inherit the family property



 Song Yunran was overwhelmed. Fortunately, the porridge from this store was very thick, and the few side dishes Qin Ke bought were also to his tastes, so the dinner did not look too depressing.


 Once he filled up his belly, Song Yunran was ready to talk business.


  This time he took the initiative to dim the lights of the ward to ensure that others could not see the swollen bag on his forehead, before speaking slowly and carefully: “That classmate of yours, is the script very well written?”


  In just two days, Song Yunran’s sense of secrecy has made a qualitative leap.


  He deliberately showed an attitude of not knowing anything about Zhong Xiaofeng, so as to avoid Qin Ke from asking questions.


  Qin Ke was also very cautious: “He has not been evaluated by other companies, but in my opinion, his level is not inferior to some professional screenwriters online.”


  Song Yunran gave a calm “um” on the surface , but his hands, hidden under the quilt, were already clenched with excitement.


  This is Zhong Xiaofeng! The screenwriter he wanted to work with the most when he was an actor, but in this life, The person was actually sent straight to his door. It seems that the world’s scales are finally willing to favor him as cannon fodder1If it’s not very clear, it’s like the world’s ‘favority’ balance is finally shifting toward him.



 Thinking of this, a hint of smugness flashed in Song Yunran’s expression.


  But he still had a trace of sanity left, and felt that he couldn’t show it too obviously, let alone agree so fast.


  In case Qin Ke mistakenly thought that what he(QK) said was particularly useful, wouldn’t his(QK) tail lift to the sky?


  So, Song Yunran said, “You tell him to put his work together first, I will have someone evaluate it.”


  Qin Ke relayed the news to Zhong Xiaofeng, and said seriously: “Thank you, don’t worry, his work won’t let you down.”


  You still need to say this, Song Yunran complained in his heart, I know much better than you.


  The unexpected harvest of a gold medal screenwriter made Song Yunran feel that the future is brighter.


  With a vigorous spirit, he temporarily forgot the injury on his head, picked up the phone and diligently looked at the file in the mailbox.


  Although Assistant Tang was not reliable in trivial matters, he managed big ones beautifully. The latest developments in several variety show planning projects invested by Xinghe are all clearly written in the documents in an orderly manner.


  Song Yunran confirmed the approval one by one, and suddenly remembered something.


  No, he obviously asked Qin Ke to come and take care of himself(SYR). How did it become that he worked hard while Qin Ke sat leisurely on the sofa?


Hadn’t this become Qin Ke supervising his work instead!



  He has to find something for him to do.


  Qin Ke took a sip of water and turned his head to see Song Yunran leaning on the bed, staring at him without blinking.


  ”Do you have a headache?” Qin Ke walked over and asked in a soft voice, “Should I call a doctor for you?”


  ”Don’t make noise, I’m thinking about what I should ask you to do.” Song said, “There is no reason why should the boss is working yet the employee is only watching.”



  Qin Ke glanced at the fruit basket that Shen Yiyi had sent before, “Should I cut an apple for you?”


  Song Yunran patted his thigh, “Ah, yes.”


   Qin Ke can already see it. Song Yunran, this person, just can’t be quiet.


  Ordinary people will stay in bed when they enter the hospital, lest their injuries get worse, but he was different. After jumping up and down, someone has to talk to him. Had it not been for the shame that he had a bump on his forehead, he might be able to run a few laps around the hospital.


  Song Yunran finally found a way to torment Qin Ke. He immediately put aside his work, adjusted the position of the pillow, and sat comfortably waiting to eat his apples.


  Qin Ke went out and asked the nurse to borrow a fruit knife, and sat by the bed to peel the apple.


 His fingers are long and white, so when he holds the handle of the knife with a little force, the bony knuckles reflected the bright red color of the apple, producing a pleasing artistic conception.


If anything, it was only now that he discovered that there was a slight scar on Qin Ke’s index finger.


“How did you get this scar?” He asked curiously.


Qin Ke lowered his eyes: “When I was a child, I burned myself while cooking.”


Song Yunran asked, “How old were you then?”


  ”Five or six,” Qin Ke replied calmly, “I don’t remember clearly.”


 Song Yun Ran’s eyelashes trembled, vaguely remembering that it was written in the book that Qin Ke was born in a single-parent family, and his mother was busy working overtime all year round, so from a very young age, Qin Ke had to learn to take care of himself.

  He imagined a picture in his mind. Qin Ke, who was only five or six years old, was standing in the kitchen on a bench. He accidentally burned his fingers and cried, but he didn’t even have an adult who could help, and had to clumsily deal with the wound himself.


  The feeling of immersion is so strong that Song Yunran’s fingers started to hurt. Is this the only way to be the protagonist?


  Really, why is this necessary.


  ”I suddenly realized that I’m full. so keep the apples and eat them for yourself.”

  Song Yunran turned his head awkwardly, “Excuse me, I’m going to take a shower. Remember to rest early after eating. ”


 After speaking, regardless of Qin Ke’s expression, he lifted the quilt and got out of bed and walked into the bathroom.


  Forget it, Qin Ke is also pitiful when you think about it.

  In the future, it is better to be kind to him.




  The next day, the doctor arranged another examination for Song Yunran, and then announced that he could be discharged from the hospital.


  When Song Yunran returned to the hospital room, he found that Qin Ke, who had bought him breakfast in the morning, had gone somewhere.

  He looked at the empty ward and frowned, suspecting that the will of the original work was against him again.


  Just last night, he had decided to treat Qin Ke better, yet when he turned his head, he(QK) left him(SYR) and slipped away?


  Song Yunran was so angry that he grunted several times, took his phone and quickly left.

  As a result, when he walked to the elevator entrance, he bumped into Qin Ke, who had just returned from the outside.


  ”Where have you been?” he asked unhappily.


  Qin Ke said, “Buy a hat.”


  Song Yunran: “…?”

  Your father is lying in the hospital, yet you actually have the leisure to go out shopping?!


  He took a deep breath, and the moment when the angry little flame was about to reignite-


  Qin Ke suddenly stepped forward and raised his hand to put a baseball cap on his head.


  Song Yunran raised his head in confusion, revealing those beautiful eyes from under the brim of the cap, and asked in doubt, “What for?”


  Qin Ke lowered his head slightly and raised the corners of his lips with satisfaction: “It’s alright, it can more or less cover it up a bit, let’s go.”


  Song Yunran was stunned for a while, until the two walked into the elevator, he slowly saw his appearance from the mirror wall of the elevator.


  The black brim of the cap blocked the position above his eyebrows, and his forehead was concealed. As long as you don’t look in detail, no one would be able to spot the red and swollen bump on his forehead.




  Song Yunran pursed his lips, expressionlessly pressed the brim of his hat lower, and stammered for a long time before finally saying two words vaguely, “…… thank you.”



  Song Yunran rested at home for a few days. In the past few days, he had a very peaceful life, but the noise on the Internet never stopped.


  As one girl after another came out to accuse Chu Xiaochen of deceiving her feelings, #Chu Xiaochen out of the entertainment industry#, # Chu Xiaochen absolute scum# and other related entries were turned into hot searches by netizens. His agency could not even try to withdraw it.


  When the matter developed here, it had nothing to do with Song Yunran.

  Anyway, his original intention was just to remind investors to withdraw their capital in time. As for the future of Chu Xiaochen, this scum, he had no time to care about it.


  On the day of the audition, the bump on Song Yunran’s forehead had almost disappeared.


  Before leaving the house, he looked in the mirror, hesitating for a few seconds before taking the baseball cap that Qin Ke bought for him and put it on his head.


When the car was halfway there, Song Jidong called: “Yunran, how did you and Shen Yiyi know each other?”


  Song Yunran was surprised and asked, “Dad, how come even you have learned to eat melons online?”


Song Jidong was puzzled: “What melon? It’s because Shen Yiyi’s father just contacted me, saying that you helped him solve a big problem, and in order to show his gratitude, he is willing to sell their land on the outskirts of the city to Ningdong, and both parties will jointly invest in the smart elderly care community.”


  Ningdong wanted to make a smart elderly care community a few years ago, but could not find a plot of land in the suburbs of Yan City that was suitable for retirement, so the plan was put on hold.


  This time, Shen, who has never cooperated before, took the initiative to throw out an olive branch. While Song Jidong was deeply surprised, he couldn’t help but also curiously asked a question.

  Only after asking him did he know that Song Yunran had made such a contribution in betweens.


  The Shen couple originally disagreed with their daughter’s marriage, but Shen Yiyi was deceived by Chu Xiaochen’s flowery words. Not only a young lady from a rich family chose to marry him but also to marry in a low-key manner for the sake of Chi Xiaochen’s career. In the past few years, she also had to cooperate with him in all aspects for his ‘single’ persona. 


  The parents could only look at it with their eyes and were anxious in their hearts.


  Now that Shen Yiyi has finally figured it out and she is willing to get a divorce, they naturally feel grateful to Song Yunran’s family after knowing what happened.


  As long as they can make their baby daughter come back to her senses, what’s a piece of land worth?


  What’s more, the development strength of Ningdong Real Estate is there, and the two companies will have more exchanges in the future. In the final analysis, it is a good thing for the best of both parties.


  After listening to Song Jidong’s explanation, Song Yunran touched his nose and said, “I’m not really familiar with her, I just met her through a friend of a friend.”


 Song Jidong didn’t know the social circle of their younger generation, and he did not doubt it, he just smiled and praised: “In the past, mom and dad were wrong, we thought you started a company just for fun, we did not expect that now you can even help the family. But the size of Xinghe is really too small, you see. Or else, Dad will buy you a larger company, how about Wancheng Film and Television?”


  Song Yunran was almost choked by his father’s rich and powerful tone: “No, no need! Xinghe is fine, you can leave Wancheng alone.”


  Such a big company, in terms of his current strength, he can’t manage it at all.


  Seeing that he resolutely refused to buy Wancheng, Song Jidong had no choice but to give up.


  When the call between father and son ended, the driver also parked the car underneath Xinghe Entertainment.


  Assistant Tang hadn’t seen Song Yunran for several days, and he missed him a little bit. So he waited outside the company’s door early today. As soon as he saw the colorful luxury car stopped, he immediately opened the door for President Xiao Song.



  As soon as Song Yunran showed his head after the door opened, Assistant Tang paused while holding the door.


  This cap…?


  Song Yunran subconsciously pressed the brim of his cap: “What kind of look are you giving me? Don’t I look good in a cap? ”


  It was warm today. In order to match this black baseball cap, he deliberately changed into a loose long-sleeved T-shirt and jeans. Plus he was originally fresh-looking and has a handsome appearance, so even if he says that he is a high school student in his teenage years, no one would doubt it.


  Assistant Tang froze before saying, “No, no, you look especially good today, President Xiao Song.”


   It’s just that you don’t look like a president anymore.


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    If it’s not very clear, it’s like the world’s ‘favority’ balance is finally shifting toward him
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