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ARIIFP Chapter 14

Qin Ke, you unfilial son!

Chapter 14- After rebirth, I decided to inherit the family property. 

During Song Yunran’s live broadcast, Qin Ke had just received the audition script of “Jianghu Road” from the producer of “Joyous Occasion”. It was still the same as the previous life, with a few sheets of thin paper of the second male lead plot.


  When he was leaving, the producer murmured: “Today President Xiao Song seems to have a live interview. I hope he can promote our movie more.” Qin Ke didn’t care at the time. Yet after thinking for a while after getting into the taxi, he still put on his headphones and clicked on the live broadcast address found on the internet.


Then as soon as he went in, he saw Song Yunran, who was fully dressed up like a president, said something that a president shouldn’t have said in front of hundreds of thousands of live netizens.


  The host asked wonderingly: “It sounds like President Xiao Song doesn’t like this actor, can I ask why you don’t like him?”


  Song Yunran righteously said: “Because he is morally corrupt.”


  In an instant, the barrage in the live broadcast covered Song Yunran’s face. You don’t have to look at it to know that it was all scolding him.


  Qin Ke turned off the live broadcast, finding it hard to say a word. He suspected that Song Yunran was born with a lack of consciousness. Only for this reason would he ridiculed the “Equation of Love” long appointed male lead and let himself continue to be recorded in the live broadcast without fear of exposing his location and being beaten by the fans at the door. 


  And why does Song Yunran know that the actor and director of “Equation of Love” are unreliable?


  Is he really the same as himself…?


 But Qin Ke has always kept a low profile since his rebirth, afraid that he would accidentally say what would happen in the future, and be regarded as a mentally ill person. If Song Yunran is indeed reborn, doesn’t he worry about an accident?


  The more Qin Ke thought about it, the more it felt unreasonable.

  But he changed his mind, considering Song Yunran’s character, it seems that this is not impossible.


  “Young man, we are here.” The taxi driver interrupted his thoughts.


  Qin Ke came back to his senses, paid the fare and stood downstairs at his house, but he did not go up for a long time.

  The house he lives in is in an old community and shares a garden with several residential buildings next door. He simply sat on a bench in the garden and opened Weibo.


  The male lead of “Equation of Love” is called Chu Xiaochen, and he has numerous fans.


  As soon as Song Yunran’s live broadcast remarks came out, it immediately aroused a huge resentment in the fan circle. In less than half an hour, many local fighting fans in Yan City were calling for everyone to take action and immediately gathered to ask Xinghe Entertainment for an explanation.


  Qin Ke rubbed his eyebrows with a headache.

  Chu Xiaochen has never announced the news of his marriage to the outside world. In case Song Yunran meets fans head-on, he will directly explode his hidden marriage. Once everyone gets excited at the scene, no one can predict what extreme events will happen. 


  Anyhway, after knowing him for two lifetimes, he really didn’t want to watch Song Yunran appear on the social news.


  Qin Ke clicked on the communication records of the previous few days, copied Song Yunran’s number to WeChat, and clicked to add friends.

  After waiting for a few minutes, there was no response from the other person. He opened the live broadcast and took a look. The person involved did not know that a new storm had been born, and he was still squeezing out a president’s domineering temperament in front of the camera.



     For a moment, Qin Ke felt that Xiao Song, who was pretending, always looked very unruly. But after a moment of silence, he went upstairs to get a helmet,then went downstairs to the parking shed, and rode on a black motorcycle.


  In the darkness of night, the motorcycle roared a few times before driving into the traffic that was as long as a river of stars.



  At seven o’clock in the evening, Xinghe Entertainment.


  Song Yunran returned to the president’s office and said goodbye to the netizens who insulted him passionately in front of the screen.

  As soon as Shi Lin and the others left, he rushed to Assistant Tang, inviting credit: “How did I do tonight?”


  Assistant Tang looked sad: “The company’s Weibo comment area is occupied by Chu Xiaochen’s fans.”


  ”Huh? Oh, I didn’t expect this.” Song Yunran took Assistant Tang’s phone, glanced at it and found that he couldn’t see clearly, only to remember that there was a pair of glasses on the bridge of the nose, “Oh, I’ll return the glasses to you first, remember to prepare a pair of plain glasses for me next time. I almost fell down when I went downstairs just now.”


  Assistant Tang took the glasses and came back to the world with clear vision, and the elite aura that was lost has also returned.


He cleared his throat and asked solemnly: “President Xiao Song, why were you on the live broadcast…”


  A hurried ringtone interrupted Assistant Tang’s question. 


  Song Yunran returned the phone: “Shi Lin called.”


  Assistant Tang took his phone, and his face paled after hearing it for less than half a minute. He quickly walked to the window and opened the blinds carefully.


  ”What’s wrong?” Song Yunran followed him curiously and looked out. “My God, why are there so many people?”


  Assistant Tang hung up: “All are Chu Xiaochen fans, they come here to ask you to apologize.”


 Xinghe has no tradition of working overtime, and it’s long past work time now. Not to mention the young and strong employees, even the uncle doorman, who can’t hold Fang Zhou alone, has gone home.


  The enemies are roughly estimated to be at least ten people, and the only one on this side was himself and President Xiao Song.


  Assistant Tang looked at Song Yunran: “Shi Lin didn’t encounter any trouble when he went out. They should have been staring at you alone.”


  Song Yunran was startled, “You mean, you’ll go first and I will be left behind?”


  ”Of course not!” Assistant Tang said, “Doesn’t the company have a back door? You can wait for me there. I will go out and drive the car to pick you up. If this trick doesn’t work, we will call the police.”


  Song Yunran watched Assistant Tang gearing up. With his(AT) expression, he deeply suspected that this person had already practiced the scene of saving the boss from the chaos. He pursed his lips and wanted to ask, “Why don’t we call the police first?” but could only nod in agreement.


  The ideawas firm, Assistant Tang went downstairs in high spirits.


  Song Yunran picked up his phone and stood in front of the window to observe for a while. Sure enough, he saw Assistant Tang coming downstairs. He was dragged and questioned by a rush of fans before he got into the car parked downstairs safely.


  Relieved, he(SYR) went downstairs and made his way to the back door of the company.



  Before opening the door, Song Yunran heard a voice coming from outside: “OK, the front and rear doors are all blocked, I don’t believe that he can jump through the window and escape.”


  Song Yunran thought silently, Assistant Tang, I’m afraid the opportunity is gone.


 Even if the situation is currently not good, Song Yunran is not very nervous.


  It was not that he hadn’t been blocked by fans in his previous life. Although the situation was special this time, he can at least hold his mobile phone and call the police directly, and he can be rescued.

  It’s just that the picture is a bit embarrassing.

  Song Yunran gave an uncomfortable “tsk”, deciding that he would leave “Equation of Love” alone and let them fend for themselves.


  Unexpectedly the next second, the voice outside was suddenly excited: “I heard a movement in the door!”


  Song Yunran’s nerves trembled fiercely.

  Immediately afterwards, there was a female voice knocking on the door and asking: “Is there anyone? Is there anyone? Is there anyone?”


  Song Yunran: “…”

  Don’t ask as if you were asking a ghost.


  He uncontrollably thought of some horror pictures, subconsciously retracted into the corner of the wall, opened the screen with his fingertips and prepared to call the police. By coincidence, an unfamiliar number came in at this time, and the ringing suddenly sounded like a midnight violent bell, which scared him to directly connect to the phone with a slip of his hand.


  The knock on the door suddenly became more intense.


  Song Yunran directly smashed the jar1expose the truth and picked up the phone: “Hello?”


  ”It’s me, Qin Ke.” The voice on the other end of the phone sounded quite calm, “Can you get out now?”


  Song Yunran: “Probably not, there are people waiting at the front and back doors. Assistant Tang said he would drive around to pick me up, but I guess he couldn’t come back at all. Liar, I shouldn’t have believed his nonsense. ”

  The voice sounds quite wronged.


  Qin Ke laughed: “Then you open the back door and I will pick you up.”


  Song Yunran was startled: “You aren’t lying to me, are you? ”



  ”I won’t lie to you.” Qin Ke said,“But you have to move quickly, if there are more and more people coming, I can’t guarantee it. ”


  Song Yunran put down his phone in a daze, and heard someone outside telling the people at the front door to come and gather.

  He took a deep breath, exhausted the last trust a father had in his son, and opened the door anxiously.


  However, he was greeted by fans outside who were caught off guard, and the movements they rushed to react to.


  ”Song Yunran why are you mocking our Chenchen!”

  ”Do people know you? You’re talking nonsense on the internet. It’s great to have money!”

  ”You aren’t allowed to go if you don’t apologize today!”


  Song Yunran’s brain buzzed. He roared in his heart, Qin Ke, you unfilial son!


  Just as he was in a dilemma, a motorcycle suddenly drove out of nowhere.

   Song Yunran had no time to think about it. After pushing away the fans, he ran over in a 100-meter sprint.


  When one person and one vehicle were about to collide, the motorcycle steadily stopped in front of him.

  The other party was wearing a helmet, Song Yunran couldn’t see his face clearly, and could only stare at the dark pupils, guessing that it should be Qin Ke.


  Qin Ke threw another helmet at him: “Come up quickly.”


  Song Yunran’s movements became extremely agile. He decisively sat on the back seat of the motorcycle and hugged Qin Ke’s waist with one hand, while the other hand quickly took hold of the helmet to put on his head.

  Then he felt my body shaking violently, and the motorcycle sped out, leaving the group of fans far behind.


  It took a long time for the fans who stayed in place to react.


  Song Yunran ran away. In front of everyone, on a man’s motorcycle.


  This scene happened so suddenly that after several minutes, the picture at that scene was still repeated in everyone’s minds.


From Song Yunran opening the door, to his face trembling in horror, and then a mysterious motorcycle rider with long legs who they couldn’t see his appearance, and finally Song Yunran who seemed to run away without hesitation. He rushed to the other as if they were doing an elopement, hugged the person’s waist tightly under the eyes of the crowd, and fled. 


Someone patted his cheeks: “No, why am I still thinking about that scene.” 


The other nodded like a wandering soul: “Who isn’t? Doesn’t he have the guts to scold our Chenchen? Isn’t he a president? Is he not afraid of being laughed at if he runs away?”


It’s okay if you don’t think about it. But once you think about it, you feel more and more angry and speechless about this night.


And … what everyone dared not admit, is that they vaguely feel……


It’s a good CP2“couple” or “coupling”, which means “couple” or “pairing’. to nibble at.


Translated by als


  • 1
    expose the truth
  • 2
    “couple” or “coupling”, which means “couple” or “pairing’.
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