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ARIIFP Chapter 15

Now it's a legal society, you can't threaten me!

Chapter 15- After rebirth, I decided to inherit the family property. 

This is Song Yunran’s first motorcycle ride.


  He hadn’t fully awakened from the dumbfounded state, so he stared at the outside world from the helmet, watching the motorcycle speeding all the way, the scenery on both sides of the road quickly receding in his vision, and it took a few minutes before he began to feel nervous.


  This is a motorcycle!


  Except for the helmet on the head, there are no other protective measures.


  Song Yunran immediately hugged Qin Ke harder, as if it was not the skinny waist of the human being that was held by his hands, but the only floating board in the vast ocean.


  Qin Ke felt that he was about to be strangled to death. He suspected that he was too hasty just now, and instead of getting Song Yunran during his busy work schedule, he got a koala that was extremely frightened. Otherwise, it would be difficult to explain why this person is holding him so tightly.


  Just as his life was on the line, Qin Ke parked his motorcycle on the side of the road: “Can you relax a little bit?”


  Song Yunran blinked in confusion, as if he didn’t understand what he meant.


  Qin Ke: “Your hand…”


  He looked down and saw Song Yunran’s hands still around his waist, still clutching the screen lit up cell phone, so he turned his head to indicate, “Your phone is ringing.”


 Song Yunran saw his action and finally let go of his hand.


  Qin Ke saw that he got off the motorcycle to answer the phone, so he took off his helmet and stood on the side of the road. He began to wonder how to ask Song Yunran about the “Equation of Love”. The result is to hear Song Yunran turned into a repeater machine who said “hello” several times.


  Poor cell phone signal?


  As soon as Qin Ke turned his face, he saw Song Yunran holding up his mobile phone and shouting to him in a panic: “Oh no! I can’t seem to hear the sound, it must be that those groups of fans have turned me deaf!”


  Qin Ke: “… …”

  Don’t touch the porcelain1An internet term that means acts of opportunism and extortion, it’s not like they beat you.

  He sighed, holding the responsible spirit of caring for everyone with mental disabilities, stepped forward two steps, and pressed the buckle of the helmet with his fingertips.


  The buckle was against Song Yunran’s Adam’s apple.


  Song Yunran’s body froze for a moment, and he swallowed subconsciously, and then felt Qin Ke take something off his head, and the bustling noise of traffic once again surrounded him in three dimensions.


  Qin Ke’s voice also sounded: “Sober up a little, you didn’t take off your helmet. ”


  Song Yunran: “…oh.” 


This is too humiliating! 


He turned his back and thought to himself that he had suffered from inexperience. Usually when you get out of the car, you just leave directly. Where do you need to take off your helmet?


  Song Yunran picked up the phone again: “Hello?”


  ”President Xiao Song, are you, are you really deaf?” Assistant Tang asked with grief, “Can you hear me now?”


  Song Yunran cleared up. With his voice, he entered the tyrant’s mode in one second: “Don’t cry, just say something quickly.”


  Qin Ke stood by and waited for Song Yunran to finish the call before asking, “Are you ready?”


  ”Ah? Oh, that’s it. “

  Song Yunran was still blushing because of the retarded operation just now, and inexplicably said, “Assistant Tang encountered a traffic jam when he got out of the parking lot, and he couldn’t get through.”


  After saying that, he was secretly annoyed. Why did he have to explain so much to Qin Ke? Can he still throw himself halfway on the road?


  Qin Ke said, “Well, I’ll take you back.” 


  At normal times, Song Yunran would sigh in admiration of filial piety from a son to his father..

  But he had just lost face in front of Qin Gak and had completely forgotten his life goal. He sat in the backseat with his helmet on, not wanting to say a word.


  Qin Ke smiled, restarted his motorcycle, and drove towards the upper courtyard of Xicheng.




  As soon as he arrived at the bottom of his apartment, Song Yunran had almost recovered from the deadly shame.


  He returned the helmet to Qin Ke and exhorted: “You can’t let a third person know about this matter, remember it. ”


  Qin Ke nodded in cooperation, helping to preserve PresidenT Xiao Song’s self-esteem.

  But he immediately asked: “You said in the live broadcast that Chu Xiaochen was morally corrupt, can you elaborate on it?”


  Song Yunran’s eyes lit up: “So you also watched my live broadcast?”


  Qin Ke sighed again. If I hadn’t watched the night’s live broadcast, how could I have appeared in Xinghe?


  Or did you think it was an arrangement of God that let us meet at that moment.


  ”Well, I watched it.” Qin Ke continued to ask, “What’s the matter with this Chu Xiaochen?”


  Song Yunran was quite wary: “Why do you ask, are you a fan of him?” It shouldn’t be, this paragraph is not written in the book ah.


  Qin Ke had no choice but to make up an excuse: “I have a friend who knows him.”


  Song Yunran said suspiciously: “The friend you are talking about is not yourself, right? Do you know about Chu Xiaochen’s marriage? Alas, that doesn’t matter anymore. Anyway, he treats his wife very badly, and after marriage, he uses busy work as an excuse to treat others coldly. ”


  Qin Ke raised his eyebrows: “Then what? ”


 “Then something even worse came. “Song Yunran said angrily, “He is still looking for mistress three, mistress four, and mistress five outside. Those girls are also very pitiful. They are all kept in the dark, thinking that they are his real girlfriend. ”


  It is exactly the same as the news that broke out in his previous life.


  Qin Ke looked at Song Yunran, and could not find any trace of lying on his face.

  Chu Xiaochen’s exposed affair will have to wait several months for his wife to complain on Weibo before triggering several other girls to notice the truth.


  At that time, this incident not only shocked the public, but even many people in the entertainment industry were also surprised.


  Otherwise, the big picture of “Equation of Love” will not allow multiple investors to fold in it.


  ”So…” Qin Ke asked slowly, “Who told you?”


  Song Yunran was taken aback. He looked at Qin Ke’s bottomless eyes with a guilty conscience inexplicably.


  It’s as if there is a beast in his eyes that is ready to strike the prey, and if he doesn’t pay attention to it, it will pounce out and bite his throat off.


  Song Yunran couldn’t help stammering: “No, no one told me, I just know.”

  No way, his heart jumped frantically. Could Qin Ke be a spy sent by Chu Xiaochen?


  Qin Ke failed to connect Song Yunran’s brain circuit, but he could clearly see that President Xiao Song was already a mess at this moment. He lowered his voice and comforted: “Don’t be nervous, I just want to ask if…”


  If you are a reborn person, then in fact I am the same as you.

  He finished reciting these words silently in his heart, still keeping his eyes on Song Yunran firmly, not wanting to miss any trace of information in the other’s expression.


  Song Yunran became more nervous. He would never read it wrong, the way Qin Ke looked at him just now was exactly the way a beast looked when selecting its prey!

He has seen a lot of animal worlds, and he will never make a mistake!


  An unprecedented desire to survive and a sense of justice stunned Song Yunran’s mind. He straightened his chest and shouted: “Of course I have my own channels. Also, now it’s a legal society, you can’t threaten me!”


  After speaking, he quickly turned around and ran into the apartment lobby.


  Qin Ke: “?”

  What did he hear just now, who did he threatened?


  Song Yunran returned home and locked the door, still frightened by the thrill just now.

  In order to divert his attention, he sat on the sofa and clicked on WeChat and took a look.


  This almost made him lose his breath, Qin Ke actually added him as a WeChat friend?

  Definitely to monitor his daily life in an all-round way. Thinking of this, Song Yunran clicked on rejection neatly, and then hugged himself painstakingly.


  After ten minutes, Song Yunran finally calmed down.


  He was so nervous by a series of incidents that he was accidentally frightened by Qin Ke’s eyes. But if you really want to distinguish it, Qin Ke did have a lot of mood swings at the time. Moreover, he didn’t seem to be surprised that Chu Xiaochen was a scumbag, but wanted to know his source of intelligence more.


  The more Song Yunran thought about it, the more he believed that he was half right.


  Qin Ke must know Chu Xiaochen, so he hurried to Xinghe when he saw his live broadcast. But since he can think from the perspective of Chu Xiaochen, it shows that he subconsciously doesn’t think that this person is at fault.


  As soon as this thought came up in his mind, Song Yunran slowly sat upright.

  He blinked, not understanding what was going on with the loss feeling that was rising in his heart at the same time.


  ”Qin Ke’s character has nothing to do with me.” He murmured, lying on the sofa and looking at the ceiling, “Doesn’t this mean that the book is all nonsense? The protagonist’s personality is not noble at all, he is not even better than me, a cannon fodder. I shouldn’t sign a contract with him.”  


  The ceiling did not respond to his self-talk.


  After a while, Song Yunran sat up again: “No, I still have to sign him.”


  After all, he is the father raising him. Since Qin Ke’s moral sense has become crooked, he must correct him.


  Wait for me, Qin Ke.

  Daddy’s strict fatherly love will be delivered immediately.



  Song Yunran had gone through ups and downs the whole night, and had no energy to care about the scolding on the Internet.


  In fact, from the time when the live broadcast was not yet over, the online discussion about his attack on the male lead and director of “Equation of Love” had already started in full swing.


  Someone edited those few minutes of good content, and it reached a million views in a short period of time.The comment area at the bottom of the video was full of scolding from Chu Xiaochen’s fans.


 【I heard that this is the prince of the Ningdong Group, but the prince would still need to be reasonable in spreading hate on someone.If you have proof, show it, if you don’t have then please apologize @Ningdong group @Xinghe Entertainment】

 【Laughing to death, Chenchen debuted for so many years, and which one that has worked with him is not full of praise. If he really had some black materials, he would’ve been exposed a long time ago. No need to trash-talk. 】

  【I’m afraid that the fact is that the crew looks down on your stinky money, so someone is irritated. 】


  If the number of Fang Zhou’s fans were a drizzle before, then the number of fans of Chu Xiaochen was a level 12 typhoon, wherever they went, all Weibo under Ningdong’s microblogs were barren.


 Even the passers-by netizens who used to resent the war of the fan circle did not stand on Song Yunran’s side this time.


  Although Chu Xiaochen’s acting skills generally differ in appearance and value, there is no reason to say that others are morally corrupt, no one can accept it.


  Just like the fans said, it must be great to have money, that it can defile people’s innocence.


  Seeing that public opinion was showing a one-sided trend, a weibo post suddenly appeared in front of everyone’s eyes. The first line of the opening is very exciting: [To my husband Mr. Chu Xiaochen.]


  Netizens who hadn’t slept yet clicked in to read the full text, and they were stunned


  It turns out that Chu Xiaochen has been married for five years?

  It turns out that his early resources are so good, all thanks to the girl’s full support?

  It turns out that every time he goes home from work, he has to show his wife a bad face?

  It turns out that instead of attending his wife’s birthday party, he was hiding in the hotel and dating the mistress?


  This is simply the textbook version of a scumbag ah!


  After being shocked, everyone looked back at what Song Yunran said in the live broadcast, and suddenly became respectful from the bottom of their hearts.


  Just look at the last Weibo post, “Thank you, Mr. Song Yunran, if it weren’t for you who spoke righteously tonight, I’m afraid I will continue to deceive myself and won’t have the courage to stand up.” The meaning does not need to be explained.


  It must be that Song Yunran couldn’t stand it so he tried to inspire Chu Xiaochen’s wife in this way, hoping that she could tell the truth.


  What a self-sacrificing spirit to help the victims even at the cost of infamy.

  Song Yunran, it’s amazing.

The author has something to say: 

What is the great Xiao Song doing?

He was searching for “how parents should cultivate children’s three views correctly”, and he was very worried. 

Translated by als

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    An internet term that means acts of opportunism and extortion
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