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SGGML Chapter 32

[ Translator: mlky | Editor: Miautara ]

Xu Zhun has known He Chengyang for eight years, and had been his lover for half a year. Never before did he get a trace of warmth from He Chengyang.

The man’s indifferent appearance was deeply ingrained in his mind. Suddenly seeing him speak to himself so softly, it felt incredible.

He still couldn’t adapt to such a He Chengyang.

Xu Zhun shrank his body, avoiding the lips that fell on his cheeks as much as possible. “You have someone you like! We can no longer maintain our previous relationship. It’s not fair to me and the person you like.”

In the morning, Xu Zhun washed his hair, leaving a faint fragrance on his body, which smelled particularly good.

The two were very close, allowing He Chengyang to smell the scent of his body, and for a while, his thoughts were in chaos. Hearing Xu Zhun, he said casually, “Who is it that I like? You’re the only one.”

He pinched Xu Zhun’s jaw with his fingers and turned the other’s face around, trying to kiss his lips.

Why is this person enticing him like this? The fragrance on his body was too good!

He Chengyang stared at the man in his arms, wishing to swallow him alive.

When Xu Zhun saw him leaning over, he immediately put his arms against his chest. “You, don’t get so close.”

He refused, not letting He Chengyang approach.

“What’s wrong with you? Am I not being clear enough?”

Irritability appeared between He Chengyang’s eyebrows.

Not letting him kiss! Not letting him touch!

Hypocritical! It’s not like I haven’t done you before!

“Xu Zhun, how can you do this to me? When you were in danger, I stood in front of you, willing to die for you. But what about you? You treat me like this?”

He Chengyang’s face was calm, with a bit of anger, but his eyes showed hurt.

This trick was also taught by Jian Chuan. If the other party doesn’t buy it, then he can sell misery and carry out moral kidnapping.1to force someone to do something through appealing to morals or reinforcing ethics (credits to brekkie)

 It was said to work very well.

Sure enough, Xu Zhun showed a look of struggle, and guilt also appeared in his eyes. “He Chengyang, thank you for saving me today, but……we really aren’t suitable.”

“I don’t want your ‘thank you’, I just want you.”

He Chengyang hugged Xu Zhun regardless, lowering his head and kissing Xu Zhun’s lips.

“He Chengyang, you…don’t.”

Xu Zhun pushed him away desperately. He Chengyang could only use one hand, and he couldn’t constrain him after a while.

He was disappointed. “What do you want? If a man likes a person and doesn’t hug him, then is he a normal man? It’s not like us two have never done it before, why are you so hypocritical?”

“Do you know how much I missed you during this time? I think about you every day and can’t sleep! What about you? Blocking me and ignoring me, Xu Zhun, aren’t you too cruel?”

He Chengyang really felt wronged. He grew up for so long, and this was the first time that he cared about a person like this.

He wasn’t even like this with Lin Shuo!

But the other person sure didn’t appreciate it!

These impassioned remarks made Xu Zhun feel that he was too cruel to He Chengyang.

After all, He Chengyang saved him today!

Xu Zhun could not believe that He Chengyang really liked him as long as he remembered the two times He Chengyang called Xiao Shuo.

He Chengyang’s eyes flickered when Xu Zhun mentioned Lin Shuo, but he quickly calmed down. “Xiao Shuo is my aunt’s son, and I have been taking care of him as a younger brother. My parents passed away early on, and I was raised by that aunt. Don’t you know this? When I went to your town to find someone, it was Xiao Shuo.”

Indeed, He Tianming had also told him about this.

Xu Zhun raised his eyes, looking directly into He Chengyang’s, and asked seriously: “You really don’t like him?”

He Chengyang, “He calls me brother, and I regard him as my younger brother. What else would it be?”

Xu Zhun was tangled: Could it be that I misunderstood?

But He Chengyang’s attitude towards Lin Shou wasn’t like brotherhood!

“Xu Zhun, you still don’t believe me!”

He Chengyang said with a sullen face, “I have said it so clearly yet you’re still doubting my heart for you. Do I need to take a poisonous oath? I, He Chengyang, like Xu Zhun. If I dare lie, may the sky thunder and strike me.”

Him liking Xu Zhun was true, and it wasn’t a lie.

But he never said that he didn’t like Lin Shuo from beginning to end.

Besides, what’s the matter with a man being a little more loose and carefree?

He Chengyang, again, showed his heart and swore a poisonous oath, so Xu Zhun’s last bit of reluctance completely disintegrated.

He hung his head, his cheeks reddened. “You really like me!”

The confession only heard in dreams suddenly appeared in reality. Xu Zhun was very excited. He liked He Chengyang for eight years, it wasn’t as if he could just forget if he wanted to forget.

He Chengyang had been observing Xu Zhun’s expression, and immediately realized that Xu Zhun had taken the bait completely once he heard what he(XZ) said.

He hugged Xu Zhun tightly and said countless words of love in his ear. Seeing that his neck was flushed, he kissed him.

After holding back for almost a month, He Chengyang decided Xu Zhun must be taken tonight.

He eagerly kissed the person under him, and put his finger in Xu Zhun’s clothes.

“He Chengyang, don’t…”

Xu Zhun struggled.

He felt something was wrong.

The other’s eager actions made Xu Zhun feel that what He Chengyang liked was his body, and his want to be with him was also to do this kind of thing.

“Hey, don’t move, let me kiss! I’ve really missed you these days.”

He Chengyang pressed Xu Zhun on the sofa and took off his pants while kissing him.

Perceiving his intention, Xu Zhun exclaimed, “No! Really can’t!”

“Why can’t it work? You have never rejected me before!”

He Chengyang raised his eyes and looked at him, very hurt. The wet eyes made Xu Zun feel that he had committed a terrible crime.

“Xiao Zhun, you know I was hurt for you, so why don’t you feel sorry for me? Just let me do it once.”

The soft Xiao Zhun who refused to let him touch was in his arms. He Chengyang’s anxious eyes were red, and he felt like a certain part was about to explode.

He stood tall: “Do you feel it?

Xu Zhun’s face turned red all of a sudden. “You…there’s a servant in your house.”

“Then let’s go back to the bedroom!”

He Chengyang eagerly pulled Xu Zhun and dragged him upstairs.

Not knowing why, Xu Zhun felt a little awkward. He resisted, “Are you not hurt, or….forget it!”

Seeing Xu Zhun was about to struggle, He Chengyang immediately sold misery. “My arm is hurt, don’t use force or the wound will open.”

Right away, Xu Zhun didn’t dare move.

He Chengyang took Xu Zhun back to the bedroom and pushed him smoothly onto bed .

During the affair, Xu Zhun was bullied miserably. After doing it twice, he was a little overwhelmed and said in a soft voice, “Are you almost there yet?”

He Chengyang, in his high spirits, made perfunctory remarks casually, “It’s coming! Don’t move, I have a wound on my arm.”

Xu Zhun was obedient, maintaining the same posture and letting He Chengyang do whatever he wanted.

When He Chengyang let go of him contentedly, Xu Zhun was too tired to lift a finger.

He was too tired, lying on the bed drowsily. When Xu Zhun was about to fall asleep, he suddenly heard He Chengyang say, “You, move over and live with me!”

Xu Zhun raised his head in surprise.

He Chengyang looked at him and said, “Don’t live in your dirty little house, live with me instead, so you can cook for me and sleep with me every day!”

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    to force someone to do something through appealing to morals or reinforcing ethics (credits to brekkie)
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