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SGGML Chapter 31

[ Translator: mlky | Editor: Miautara ]

Xu Zhun hadn’t reacted yet; his body falling into a hot embrace.

He Chengyang hugged him tightly in his arms, his tall body seemed to protect him from wind and rain.

There was a muffled grunt, with a hint of pain.

Xu Zhun raised his head abruptly and saw the cold light flash, passing through He Chengyang’s shoulder, piercing his clothes and making a bloody incision.

“He Chengyang!”

Xu Zhun exclaimed in shock.

He Chengyang grabbed Xu Zhun’s wrist and protected him from behind.

Xu Zhun saw Zhou Fuming holding a knife, blood hanging on the blade.

He had not expected Zhou Fuming, who had left his job, would retaliate and get revenge with a knife.

“Xu Zhun, you forced me to this point of desperation, and I won’t let you feel better than me.”

“I’ve been blocked from the industry, thanks to you!”

“I can’t live anymore! And I won’t let you live well either!”

“Xu Zhun, you go die!”

Zhou Fuming threw a knife at Xu Zhun, and the bright blade pierced him.

He Chengyang kicked him, turned his head and said to Xu Zhun, “Xiao Zhun, run!”

Xu Zhun saw him injured. His soul had no master, his body was stiff, and he had forgotten how to react.

He Chengyang pushed him hard. “Run to find someone or call the police.”

Xu Zhun then reacted. Staying here would only drag He Chengyang down; he must call the police as soon as possible.

When he turned around, he saw He Chengyang and Zhou Fuming fighting each other.

His heart started to feel painful and uncomfortable. Clenching his fists, he ran out of the community. While running, he called the police, and after clarifying the location of the incident with them,he picked up a brick on the road and turned back to help.

He Chengyang got injured— for him!

Xu Zhun was distressed and angry, and saw He Chengyang got hold of Zhou Fuming’s hand and was wrestling him.

Immediately, he rushed over, the brick in his hand hitting the back of Zhou Fuming’s head.

Xu Zhun didn’t think it through much at all. He just wanted to help, only reacting when he saw Zhou Fuming falling to the ground, covered in blood.

As soon as he loosened his fingers, the brick hit the ground with a banf.

With the noise of that sound, Xu Zhun trembled all over, a look of panic appeared in his eyes.

Will this kill someone?

He Chengyang’s blood-stained arms stimulated Xu Zhun, so he calmed down quickly, kicking aside the knife besides Zhou Fuming and drew out a belt to tie the other’s hands.

At once, He Chengyang was stunned by his fluid actions!

At this moment, it was so explosive.

After doing this, Xu Zhun wiped off the sweat on his forehead, looking at him nervously, “He Chengyang, how is your arm?”

He Chengyang reacted quickly. The play that he planned,1last chapter, after XZ rejected HCY multiple times, he came up with a plan that probably revolved around getting XZ back, although there weren’t any specifics. it was still necessary to continue the performance!

“My arm hurts!”

Sure enough, Xu Zhun became even more nervous after hearing the shout of pain.

“Hold up, I’ll call an ambulance.”

Xu Zhun dialed the emergency number 120, and reached out to support He Chengyang’s arm.

Seeing his concerned side profile, He Chengyang was very proud.

Just a little trick and Xu Zhun was hooked!

It seemed that this person wasn’t too difficult to chase after!

Xu Zhun was worried about He Chengyang’s injury, and didn’t even notice the ridicule and triumph in the other’s eyes.

The police rushed to take Zhou Fuming away, and He Chengyang was taken to the hospital by an ambulance.

Xu Zhun went to the police station to be interrogated.

After stitching up the wound in the hospital, He Chengyang called his lawyer. “Lawyer Liu, go to the police station and deal with the issue. Let Zhou Fuming’s mouth be zipped tight and not talk any nonsense. Also, Xu Zhun must be there. He can’t do anything, so just take him out of the police station and to the villa.”

Lawyer Liu was very fast and drove to the police station immediately.

After all, it was Zhou Fuming who carried the knife and attacked first. Xu Zhun was just legitimately using self-defense.

After making the transcript, Lawyer Lie asked Xu Zhun to get in the car. “Mr. Xu, Young Master He is waiting for you at home. He has been thinking of you and wants you to come and see him.”

For Zhou Fuming’s matter, Xu Zhun owed He Chengyang a favor.

If it wasn’t for Chengyang guarding him, he would be the one who was injured.

Xu Zhun followed Lawyer Liu into the car.

In the car, Lawyer Liu started talking nice about He Chengyang. “I have never seen Young Master He care so much about someone. Mr.Xu, you are the first.”

“I’ve been with Young Master He for many years, and there is no one around him. He truly cares about you.”

“You may not know young Master He,. Sometimes he acts impulsively, but he’s a good person.”

Lawyer Liu didn’t have a long story to tell, so he chose a few words appropriately.

But these few words deeply affected Xu Zhun’s emotions, so that his original idea of leaving He Chengyang was shaken.

The car stopped at the entrance of the villa. Lawyer Liu opened the door and respectfully said, “Mr.Xu, please come. I’ll leave as I don’t have anything else to do.”

“Lawyer Liu, thank you for today’s affairs!”

After Xu Zhun thanked him, he followed the servant into the villa.
Looking at his leaving figure, Lawyer Liu sighed.

He didn’t know whether it was Xu Zhun’s luck or misfortune.

He Chengyang leaned on the sofa, chatting with Lin Shuo with his mobile phone in one hand.

Recently, he has put too much thought into Xu Zhun and ignored Lin Shuo. Now, Lin Shuo was acting coquettishly with him!

He Chengyang comforted his white moonlight2first love while thinking that he must leave Xu Zhun tonight.

It was best to let Xu Zhun live in the villa so he could sleep with him every night.

Hearing the sounds of footsteps, He Chengyang lifted his eyelids and saw Xu Zhun coming over. His body suddenly became hot.

No way! He actually had a fanatical attachment to Xu Zhun’s body.

Except for him, he didn’t want to sleep with anyone else!

It was strange to say that though he likes Lin Shuo so much, he couldn’t get himself interested in this aspect.

Perhaps this was the difference between like and love.

If you love someone, you would want to cherish them carefully.

He Chengyang hurriedly said “goodbye” to Lin Shuo and deleted the phone call record clean.

When he raised his head again, Xu Zhun had already walked up to him.

Xu Zhun looked a little cautious, his head half-dangling. His thin body seemed out of tune with the luxurious villa.

However, He Chengyang’s eyes immediately became hot when he saw him.

Xu Zhun saw the gauze wrapped arm and hurriedly askd, “How is your injury?”

He Chengyang sold misery: “After more than a dozen stitches, the doctor said that there should be not getting wet or exercising vigorously, so that the wound wouldn’t become inflamed and open.

Xu Zhun felt very guilty. “I’m sorry, I’ve hurt you.”

He Chengyang patted his thigh. “Come, sit here and tell me.”

Xu Zhun’s eyes widened with astonishment.

His face turned red all at once. “You…how could you say this!”

He Chengyang: “Didn’t you talk about ‘life-saving grace’ and promised me your body?”

Xu Zhun: “…”

He Chengyang took Xu Zhun’s wrist and pulled him to his leg.

Slumped in his arms, Xu Zhun struggled.

He Chengyang exclaimed, “Hey, you’re pressing on my wound.”

Xu Zhun didn’t dare move now, and sat with his hands shrunk to his sides.

He Chengyang stared at his white skin exposed outside of his collar; his breathing became heavy.

He hooked his arms around Xu Zhun’s waist and carried him in his arms.

Xu Zhun was stiff all over, afraid of touching his wounds, so he could only endure and not push the other away.

He Chengyang smiled triumphantly, quirking the corners of his lips.

This trick really works!

He leaned over and whispered in Xu Zhun’s ear, “I’ve never liked someone so much. You said you loved me so much that you didn’t want to live, so are you willing to leave me like this?”

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  • 1
    last chapter, after XZ rejected HCY multiple times, he came up with a plan that probably revolved around getting XZ back, although there weren’t any specifics.
  • 2
    first love
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