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Translator: Nacchi

Editor: Ajie

Who is it?


   On the first night after moving into Lin Feng Qi’s home, Wen Xia suffered from insomnia.

  Although Wen Xia is not too picky, he has many problems, such as familiarizing with the bed. Once he leaves the familiar sleeping environment, his sleep quality will be greatly reduced. He will either have a nightmare while sleeping all night, wake up and go to sleep, or sleepwalk in the middle of the night, or simply can’t sleep at all.

This problem has been reduced in the past few years, but it has only lessened a little. It is still uncomfortable.

At the dawn of the day, he finally fell asleep. In the end, he dreamed of a terrifying robot with a head and a pile of broken machinery chasing him all over the house, scaring him awake.

Wiping off the cold sweat, Wen Xia couldn’t sleep anymore, and simply took the cat that was lying on the foot of the bed over and woke up. He watched the daylight gradually showing outside the window, and then there was movement in the next room, and Lin Feng Qi got up first.

The sound of footsteps walked from the next room to the bathroom, and then from the bathroom to the living room. It would be hard to hear if he was far away.

Wen Xia hugged Wen Dage on the bed and continued to lie down on the bed. Until the door opened and closed and Lin Feng Qi got up and went out, only then did he get up.

The big black dog named Ah Mo slumped on the sofa. He saw Wen Xia, he suddenly stood up and then drilled under the coffee table. When Wen Xia walked two steps forward, it’s eyes watched his movement.

It moved back a bit.

Wen Xia and then go forward.

It moved back again.

Wen Xia rushed forward two steps.

The big black dog backed hurriedly. The coffee table is big but its body is so huge, this retreat directly exposed his butt to the enemy’s sight. It probably felt it on its own, and hurriedly wanted to get out. As a result, the dog’s head hit the coffee table with a “bang” like it was ringing a bell.

The dog whimpered and Wen Xia tease it: “Which dog is as stupid as you? So big and white.”

He don’t know if the big stupid dog understands it. The dog whimpers even harder.

Wen Xia smiled happily.

One person was happy while the dog was filled with sorrow. The whole place was filled with a cheerful atmosphere.

At that moment, Wen Xia’s cell phone rang. He glanced at the caller ID and he paused to laugh at the big black dog, before he answered the phone: “Hello?”

Lin Feng Qi’s voice came: “Help me feed Ah Mo, I went out in a hurry and forgot. The dog food is in the kitchen closet.”

Wen Xia wanted to raise the bar when he heard him say: “You can’t send me a message about this kind of thing? Calling in the morning to disturb people’s dreams.”

“You got up.” Lin Feng Qi said in a calm voice.

“How do you know…”

After hearing what he said, Wen Xia suddenly caught a glimpse of the monitor on the ceiling.

Good fellow, he didn’t pay attention yesterday.

“Living room monitoring is convenient for observing Ah Mo at any time.” Lin Feng Qi said.

“Oh, yes, I also have them in my house.” The family raises a furry child and monitors it to be at ease, otherwise they will not know what happened to the furry child .

“I will trouble you,” Lin Feng paused, and then said, “Ah Mo recognizes people by who is feeding him.”

Wen Xia looked at him and hid behind the sofa, only showing a big black dog with his head awkwardly looking here: “That means whoever feeds your dog, it will recognize it as an owner, right?”

Lin Feng Qi: “Almost.”

This is too good to deceive.

He hung up the phone. Wen Xia turned to the kitchen and found dog food as Lin Feng Qi said, and sent a message asking him: [How much? ]
He has never fed a dog, if it is a cat, he still knows the weight.

Big Party A: [Are you going out this morning? ]

Wen Xia: [Oh, I have to go to work too. ]

Big Party A: [Fill it up. I won’t go home at noon and it can’t eat so much in the morning. ]

Wen Xia picked up the dog food bag and filled the whole dog basin.

Hearing the sound, Ah Mo didn’t care whether it was his owner or not, he ran all the way to eat..

Wen Xia squatted next to the dog, briefly reaching out his hand. It showed no sign of protecting her food. So he flicked the dog’s tail, not only did it not show any signs of being afraid of people, but the fluffy tail even swayed happily.

An unprincipled dog.

Your master said that you can easily recognize people…

Ah Mo seems to have been trained by Lin Feng Qi in terms of food intake. Wen Xia thought that it was enough for the owner to be away for a day..

Wen Xia sent another message and asked Lin Feng Qi: [Do you have an automatic feeder in your house? Feeding so much trouble. ]
Big Party A: [It’s broken and not repaired yet. ]
Wen Xia: [Oh. ]

Wen Yixia: [By the way, where is that little robot? Why didn’t I see it in the living room just now. ]

Big Party A: [I returned it to the factory for repair. ]

Wen Xia: [Why are your stuff so poor in quality. ]

Big Party A: [……]

Wen Xia was about to go out when he remembered a big event. Once again he sent Lin Feng Qi a message: [Financer Dad, have you forgotten to give me the key? ]

There was no reply, and he doesn’t know if he’s busy.

At the same time, in the Fenghang Science and Technology Building, the light shines into the office from the floor-to-ceiling windows. Lin Feng Qi sat behind the computer desk, but his eyes were fixed on the mobile phone.

“Mr. Lin, this is the cooperation plan proposed by Whale TV last time at the meeting. I have sorted out a few key contents as you said, and you can now take a look.” Assistant Zeng Yuan handed over the file, but Mr. Lin did not answer.

He had to yell again: “Mr. Lin?”

Lin Feng Qi only then came back to his senses: “Okay, you have worked hard.”

He slowly moved his gaze away from the phone screen, a bit hesitant to look away.

He quickly browsed the file and said: “You ask the marketing department to negotiate with the Whales. At present, the cost of this plan is too high for us. Either let them arrange a better quality anchor or we will reduce the cost. If they disagree, just tell me, and I will speak with them myself.”

Zeng Yuan: “I understand.”

“Also, please contact the factory, I will check it in the afternoon.”


Zeng Yuan took down the boss’s instructions one by one. He caught a glimpse of the dismantled little robot and toolbox on the coffee table next to him. He said, “Mr. Lin, is Xiao Wu broken? Or did you dismantle it? .”

“The intelligent system is too old, upgrade it.” Lin Feng Qi said.

Zeng Yuan nodded and left the office holding the folder. He couldn’t help being shocked: Did he see it wrong? Mr. Lin is actually smiling at the phone screen? Laughing?

He must have seen a ghost.

In the office, Lin Feng Qi looked at the phone again. He reached out and dragged the video back.

There is a surveillance replay on the screen. The young man in his pajamas stands in the living room and confronts a big black dog who is hiding under the coffee table. He goes further, the dog takes one step back, he takes two steps forward, and the dog takes two steps back. One man and one dog had a lot of fun.

Lin Feng Qi’s indifferent face showed a faint smile, he clicked on the next video. Ah Mo buried his head in the bowl to eat and Wen Xia squatted beside it and then temporarily reached out and stroked the dog’s tail. When the dog did not resist, he patted the dog’s butt again and again, like a ball.

He is like a child.

Lin Feng Qi raised his lips and smiled deeper. He raised his eyes and looked at the little robot on the coffee table. After thinking about it, he clicked on the chat box of a certain employee on the computer: [Xiao Li, how about the intelligent system that you were debugging before? ]

Xiao Li: [It’s almost done. ]

Xiao Li: [Mr. Lin, do you really want to use this? To tell the truth, this intelligent system will appear to be very stupid, and it can be eliminated… Don’t we have a newer one? ]

Lin Feng Qi: [No, that’s fine. ]

After a pause, he said again: [It’s better to be stupid. ]

If it is a little stupid, it can make Wen Xia laugh.

Wen Xia just arrived at the studio, and he was greeted with bad news——

“Boss…My computer exploded, what should I do?” Liu Fei Si almost jumped over and cried, holding his thigh, “I haven’t had time to save what I just did!”

Wen Xia walked to his workstation, and a burning smell entered through his nose. He covered his mouth and nose with disgust and took a step back, “What’s the matter with your computer?”
Ah Deng, who was drawing next to him, replied, “I just showed it to him. I think the motherboard is burned. It’s hard to fix. I suggest you just change it. ”

Wen Xia: “…”

Liu Fei Si: “Woo.”[tl:crying sound]

Wen Xia took him away and said: “Change it and I will compensate you.”

Liu Fei Si: “Good!”

Wen Xia founded a game studio after graduating. What he did was independent games. The studio had only three people at the beginning, but it has now expanded to five people.
Although the studio specifications are small, the few games that have been released so far have all been well received, and overall sales are quite impressive.

This time, Wen Xia is working on a new story-oriented game. If it goes well, it will be completed at the beginning of next year. But… Liu Fei Si wrote the program, and the computer that he burned out happened to be quite important.

Fortunately, the main program was written by Wen Xia. As the backbone of the studio, he has all the backup here, as long as Liu Fei Si resaved it before burning the computer. It’s nothing more than a little more work.

Liu Fei Si’s computer hadn’t been set up yet, so he wandered around in the studio. Wen Xia wanted to throw his chalk at him: “if you have nothing to do, just lie around. You are roaming around like this, who are you provoking?”

Liu Fei Si dragged a stool to sit over: “Boss, I’m thinking of a question.”

“What is the problem?”

“Do you think we should consider making this game a VR version in the future?”

The game takes the apocalypse as the background and tells the story of various events that happened when a small robot helped people build infrastructure in the end, and finally found the truth of the apocalypse through these events.

Different from the previous 2D or pixel games, this is the first time Wen Xia has made a game with a combination of 2D+3D.

“Do you think our poor little studio has the capital?” Wen Xia asked.

“Oh…” Liu Fei Si sighed sadly, “We can make a 3A masterpiece anytime.”

[tl: In the general perception of many players, 3A games are synonymous with masterpieces, high-quality, high-input and high-return works]

“Go and dig for a 3A team and funds for me, and I will promise to do it for you.”

Liu Fei Si glanced at his purse: “Forget it,contentment is the key to happiness.”

After a busy day, at six o’clock in the afternoon, the studio got off work on time. Generally speaking, as long as it is not for rushing work, Wen Xia will basically not let everyone work overtime.

Wen Shanhai said more than once that he wanted to help with the company. Wen Xia was not happy, so he loved to stay in his own small studio.

As soon as he got downstairs, he received a call from Lin Feng Qi. This Party A really implemented the characteristics of Party A quite well. As long as he wanted to, he could call Party B anytime and anywhere, without telling him in advance.

“Are you off work?” Party A asked.

“Just now, what’s the order?” Wen Xia showed a high-quality attitude of Party B.

“Tell me your location, I will pick you up,” Lin Feng Qi said, “We will go to the hospital, my mother wants to see you.”

Wen Xia held the phone, thinking about it.

If there is anything more difficult than Party A, it is Party A’s party.
[tl: It meant LFQ’s family is more difficult to face]


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