Synopsis Loser Wife’s Second Life

Wu Ruo died, and then he was reborn.

Reborn to the most useless, most abhorrent, darkest, fattest time of his life.

He, who was forced to marry into someone else’s family as their male wife, a loser who couldn’t even cultivate, who needed someone’s help to get out of bed, who would pant breathlessly even after just two steps, whose ass would get stuck in the door, was the peak of uselessness. He brought a whole new meaning to the word “fat”.


He was already this fat, but they still wanted him to wait on his husband in their marital bed?


Come on then! I’ll crush you to death!

In this lifetime, Wu Ruo decided that along with getting revenge, he would also wash away all the traces of his embarrassing past.

Novel glossary here, and character list here. Both are not spoiler-free!

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