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Translator: Nacchi

Editor: Ajie

Little robot

   Wen Xia sat on the bed for a while. He got up and dragged the suitcase and began to unpack things. Wen Dage sniffed around on the bedroom floor, jumped onto the computer desk, and licked his fur next to the familiar keyboard.

The phone shook again and messages came in..

Boyan: [Going? ]

Boyan: [Are you coming to Lianyao? ]

It is Zou Boyan.

Zou Boyan brought his own dog last time and it got bullied by Wen Dage. In his circle of friends, Wen Xia has the best relationship with him.

Lianyao is a billiards club. A group of friends who used to focus on Wen Xia often went there to play, but since his house had an accident, they have gone less.

The friends in that circle of friends said it bluntly that it is because the adults in the family have business contacts all the year round that they know each other, and get together to pass the time in their free time. In the past, Wen Xia’s family had the strongest family, so he was basically the center. Later, Father Wen was cheated. When he needed help, few spoke out and only Zou Boyan’s parents helped. Similarly, the so-called friends who once wandered around Wen Xia were gone, for fear that Wen Xia would ask them to borrow money.

The so-called friends only exist in times of happiness. When Wen Xia invited guests to play with them, they all enjoyed themselves at ease.

Wen Xia: [Not going. ]

Boyan: [Don’t worry, Fang Huai’s servant is not there, just a few of us. ]

Wen Sia: [Not going, I’m busy. ]

Boyan: [What are you doing? I’ve checked, and you are not live broadcasting. ]

Wen Yixia: [Can’t I be busy with something else? ]

Wen Xia brought out the marriage certificate, took a picture and sent it over: [See? I’m busy now. ]

Boyan: [? ]

Boyan: [? ? ]

Boyan: [? ? ? ]

Boyan: [what]

Boyan: [Wait a moment? ]

Boyan: [What is this? ? ]

The phone vibrated wildly. Wen Xia stuffed the phone under Wen Dage’s belly. It shook under the cat and finally Wen Dage ran away.

Zou Boyan simply called: “What’s the matter! Is the marriage certificate yours? Are you married? I don’t believe it! Let me see if your name is written on it!”

Wen Xia: “If you want me to show you, I should give it to you?”

Zou Boyan choked: “How can your 37-degree mouth make such cold words?”

Wen Xia: “Go away.”

“No, you really… is this marriage certificate really yours?”

“Nonsense, it’s not mine or yours.”

“I still can’t believe it, it’s too sudden…” Zou Boyan murmured in a daze, losing his soul,

“My good brother just married like this?”

Wen Xia was angry: “What does it mean I’m married, I can’t marry?”

Zou Boyan continued to mutter: “But you are not 1.”
[tl:1 means top and 0 means bottom]

Wen Xia was furious: “Who told you that I am not? You never slept with me!”

Zou Boyan was shy: “You damn fool, how could I? I like girls.”

Wen Xia: “Oh.”

“Cough, stop making trouble, stop making trouble,” Zou Boyan came over a little bit, “Are you really married? Isn’t the photo just a random photo from someone?”

“Whose marriage certificate from the net is so high-definition.”

Zou Boyan was in a complicated mood: “How come my cabbage was suddenly given to a pig…Do I know that person?”

“You know.”


“Lin Feng Qi.”


Wen Xia held the phone tightly before Zou Boyan’s message caused his phone to vibrate violently..

So Zou Boyan’s crazy message came back, his phone shook like something went wrong, and it took a while to stop.

As a true friend who grew up with him since childhood, Zou Boyan is the person who knows best how he can’t love after three years of high school except Wen Xia himself.

[What’s going on again? ]

[You and Lin Feng Qi? You guys? ? ? ]

[Old Xia, you have to be more sober! Don’t do stupid things just because the first love filter is too thick! ]

Wen Xia replied: [I am sober. ]

Boyan: [……Really? ]

Wen Xia: [Really. ]

Wen Xia briefly explained the reasons for his marriage with Lin Feng Qi. Zou Boyan was a little relieved, but he was still worried: [Does Father Wen know about this? ]

Wen Xia was silent for a while, and replied: [Don’t tell him. ]

Boyan [Okay, him not knowing is the best, lest he can’t bear such a big surprise. ]

He had been powerful when he was young, but no one could stop old age. It can be said that his tendons and bones have changed. In the past few years, the speed of white hair has become faster. He knows that his son likes men. The two had quarreled about this matter in the early years. Although he has experienced this great change, he has become more open-minded, but every time he sees Wen Xia he can’t help but mutter: Two men. What can I do, I won’t even be able to hold my grandson in the future…

At this time, Wen Xia would say: “What grandson did you hold? Didn’t you hold me enough when I was a kid? You still miss me vomiting milk, don’t you?”

Father Wen: “.”

On that day, Wen Shanhai recalled the fear of being dominated by a human baby.
It can be said to be very fatherly and filial.

Wen Xia and Zou Boyan were chatting, and there was a knock on the door.

“Please come in.”

The door was ajar, and Lin Feng Qi stood at the door: “You can eat now.”

Lin Feng Qi took a shower and changed his clothes. His hair was half-dry, and the slightly larger size of his clothes was wrapped around him, which made him look a little bit less distant if he didn’t show his cold facey.

When the rice was ready, Wen Xia glanced at Lin Feng Qi when he took the seat. He remembered that he could smell the clean smell of his body after taking a shower just when he was approaching.

It is the same in his highschool memory.

Lin Feng Qi made two dishes and one soup. Although Wen Xia was used to some minor problems with Wen Shanhai since he was a child, he was not too serious about eating. He just didn’t like to eat some foods that tasted strange. Such as celery, coriander, chrysanthemum and so on.

Lin Feng Qi’s dishes are relatively light and taste pretty good.

Wen Xia had just eaten two bites, and suddenly heard a sound of machinery mixing something rolling across the floor from the side, and then his calf was hit by something.

He looked down. It was a small robot with a rounded head and a rounder body, reaching up to his knees.

The little robot hit Wen Xia’s leg twice and made a mechanical and electronic sound: “A roadblock has been detected. Now, turning direction.”

After speaking, he turned ninety degrees and set off confidently.



Wen Xia watched this little thing keep hitting the legs of the table.

The Belgian Shepherd dog raised by Lin Feng Qi couldn’t stand it anymore, so he stepped forward and grabbed it.

Robot: “Pull me back.”

Then he looked at it, why did he feel that this little thing was a bit familiar?

Just as he was thinking, Lin Feng Qi got up and walked over, picking up the stupid little guy.

Little robot: “Detect the high-altitude crisis, let me go down, let me go down.” The two short arms actually fluttered in a serious manner.

Lin Feng Qi turned it off blankly.

Wen Xia asked: “What is it used for? Robot sweeping?”

Lin Feng Qi: “No.”

Wen Xia paused for two seconds. Lin Feng Qi put the little thing back on the sofa and went back to his seat to continue eating.

This way of communication with one question and one answer made Wen Xia feel he was back in high school. At that time, he liked Lin Feng Qi, and even in this way, he could talk tirelessly to him.

Wen Xia has no such thoughts now. If you don’t think about it, don’t talk about it, and continue to eat.

Who would expect that Lin Feng Qi would suddenly speak: “It’s called Ah Mo.”

Wen Xia was taken aback: “Who? The robot?” He looked at the little robot on the sofa.
“No, the dog.” Lin Feng Qi got up and sat down next to the little robot, and the big black dog who was keeping a distance from the stranger Wen Xia raised his chin.

“It’s not a coincidence,” Wen Xia said casually, “Your dog’s name matches my friend’s dog. His dog is called Niu Niu.”

Lin Feng picked up a piece of beef with a faint voice: “Is that the friend who didn’t sleep with you just now?”

After hearing Wen Xia’s movements, he started to eat his meal.

The atmosphere fell awkwardly in an instant.

Wen Xia put down his chopsticks: “Are you eavesdropping on my phone?”

Lin Feng Qi said with a cold face: “No.”

Who cares if he was listening or not? Anyways it was already heard: “Oh, I’m full, you eat slowly.”

The chair rubs the ground and makes a short, harsh sound.

Watching Wen Xia strode into the room, Lin Feng Qi squeezed his chopsticks tightly, his eyes showing annoyance. He really didn’t eavesdrop, but he heard Wen Xia’s voice coming out of the room when he came out of the bath.

As soon as he put down his bowls and chopsticks and was about to get up, he saw Wen Xia stepping out for a meal. He turned his head and walked back to the dinner table and sat down.

Lin Feng Qi’s eyes brightened, and he was about to speak.

“Mr. Lin, I know that at this age, it is inevitable to be lonely when you are alone at night, but there is no need to be jealous of me. Why should a man embarrass a man,” Wen Xia said sympathetically, “If you need it, I will be there. There is a T…”

“No need.” Lin Feng Qi interrupted coldly.

“Well,” Wen Xia didn’t get angry, and patted him on the shoulder, “You need to tell me at any time, don’t hold back, be careful when you get sick.”

Lin Feng Qi: “…”

Lin Feng Qi’s face turned completely black.

TL: Wen Xia you said the wrong thing!

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