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Editor: Ajie

Meet the parents
Wen Xia didn’t want everyone in the studio to know about his marriage, so he walked down a street before giving Lin Feng Qi his location.

   He didn’t sleep well last night, and had been busy for a few days. At this time, he had time to let go of his exhaustion. Wen Xia was a little sleepy leaning on a light pole.

He has to get used to the new bed for at least a week. This week will be long.

He opened Weibo and took a look. The private message exploded again. Some asked him about the progress of the game production, some expressed expectations of the new game, and many urged him to start broadcasting.

After counting, he seems to have not broadcast live for almost a week.

Fenghang Technology Building was a little far away, Wen Xia almost fell asleep leaning on the light pole when a black Maybach stopped by the side of the road. When the window of the car rolled down, it was Lin Feng Qi’s delicate but indifferent face.

“You’re too slow…” Wen Xia mumbled and sat in the passenger seat.

Wen Xia thought that Lin Feng Qi would take him directly to the hospital, but the car turned around and he went to the nearest commercial block first.

Wen Xia was confused: “Aren’t we going to the hospital?”

Lin Feng Qi parked the car in front of a jewelry store and threw a word: “Ring.”

Wen Xia glanced at his hand, and then at his hand. Both of them had clean fingers, and there was no trace of “These two are a couple”.

Wen Xia: “No need? Would your mother look so carefully?”

Lin Feng Qi started to unfasten his seat belt, and said calmly: “Details determine success or failure.”

Wen Xia: “…”

The jewelry store was brightly lit, and a dazzling array of jewellery was neatly listed on the counter. As soon as the two entered the door, the shopping guide greeted him: “Hello, what do you want to see?”

Lin Feng Qi: “Ring.”

The shopping guide glanced at Wen Xia who casually followed Lin Feng Qi. He had speculation in his heart and raised his hand to lead the two forward: “Do you need a wedding ring or a couple ring?”

Lin Feng Qi turned his head and looked at Wen Xia.

Wen Xia, who was following him was taken aback, “Why are you looking at me?”


Wen Xia pouted: “I don’t want to pick. You are the gold master, you have the final say.”

While talking, the shopping guide took them to the ring counter, Lin Feng Qi started to think about it for a few seconds, and said to the shopping guide: “It’s good for couples to wear.”

Wen Xia was playing on the phone behind him and paused. The parkour villain on the screen lost control and bumped into the train, Game Over.

It is also normal.

After all, the wedding ring is of great significance, who doesn’t want to leave it to the one you really love in the future.

The shopping guide quickly picked three pairs. Lin Feng Qi consulted Wen Xia’s opinion. From Wen Xia’s point of view, there was no difference, so he picked a pair with his fingers. The shopping guide measured the finger circumferences of the two to get the right size.

The whole process of buying the ring was very quick, probably because it was just a play on the spot, so Lin Feng Qi was just as unconcerned as he was.

Back in the car, Lin Feng Qi put on a freshly bought ring for himself , then he took Wen Xia’s ring and his eyes fell on Wen Xia’s bare ring finger, not knowing what he was thinking.

The hand holding the velvet box tightened slightly.

Wen Xia could not help but stretch out his hand and urge him, “do you want to give it to me or not? Do you want to keep the other one for yourself when you buy a pair? ”

Lin Feng pouted his lips slightly, snapped the box and placed it in Wen Xia’s palm.

Who owes you 8 million? Wen Xia spit in her heart, opened the lid and took out the ring, and put it on his ring finger. The ring felt cold, and his fingers were suddenly bound by something. He was not used to it and he touched it several times on the road. After touching, his eyelids got heavy. He didn’t remember how he fell asleep.

But Wen Xia’s habit of getting used to bed faults is like a shadow. No matter how comfortable the car seat is, it is not for sleeping. He woke up with a frown after a while, feeling uncomfortable everywhere.

Alas, he misses his big bed at home.

Lin Feng Qi glanced at Wen Xia’s face, his gaze stayed for two seconds and saw the faint blue black under his eyes, and said: “Did you sleep well last night?”

Wen Xia raised his eyelids and yawned a little: “Don’t worry, I will cheer up in a while and leave a good impression on your mother as a spiritual guy.”

Lin Feng Qi wanted to say that he didn’t mean that, but the words rolled from his mouth, and finally the meaning completely changed: “You better be.”

Wen Xia: “Kay.”

Lin Feng Qi: “…”

Wen Xia curled his lips and turned his head to look out of the window. Outside of his sight, Lin Feng Qi frowned in annoyance.

It was the rush hour, and it took the two of them almost an hour to get to the First People’s Hospital.

The corridor of the hospital is full of the smell of disinfectant. Lin Mu lives in a single ward with a very good environment. There are two pots of autumn chrysanthemums on the windowsill, clustered in groups, and the colors are staggered, adding a lot of vitality to the unexciting ward.

Wen Xia got out of the car and bought a bunch of flowers. It was a bunch of perfume lilies. Lin Feng Qi stared at the bunch of flowers and looked at him for a while, and asked: “Why did you think of buying perfume lilies?”

“It looked good, and smelled good, so I bought it.” Wen Xia said.

When the two entered the ward, Ye Shi Xue was eating. Lin Feng Qi was busy with work and couldn’t accompany her every day, so he hired a caregiver to take care of her. Seeing Lin Feng Qi, the nurse aunt got up and left, giving the mother and son room to talk.

“A Qi,” Ye Shi Xue looks soft and beautiful, but she has been tortured by illness all year round. Her elegant face is no longer visible, and her face is pale and haggard. She put down the bowl, sat up a little bit, and her eyes quickly fell on the young man who entered the door with her son. , “Is it… Wen Xia?”

“Ah——” Wen Xia started to call “Auntie”, suddenly remembering her current relationship with Lin Feng Qi. He slammed on the brakes and put the flowers on the bedside table, “…Mom.”

Ye Shi Xue’s eyes were soft, she reached out her hand and stroked the petals of the perfume lily. She closed her eyes and sniffed the fragrance of the flowers, and smiled slightly: “Thank you. Don’t stand stupidly, sit down.”

Wen Xia sat down obediently.

When he sat down, Ye Shixue’s gaze swept across the hands of the two and saw the same ring on the ring finger. She said to Lin Feng Qi emotionally: “Unexpectedly, in a blink of an eye, you really have reached the age of getting married. You still look like a baby in my arms, it was as if it was just yesterday. ”

Wen Xia thought that the details really determine success or failure.

“Although…” Ye Shi Xue hesitated for a moment, but still smiled and said, “No matter what, you just have to have a good time.”

“I have a very happy time,” Lin Feng Qi whispered while holding his mother’s hand, “If you take care of your body, I will be happier.”

Ye Shi Xue just smiled and said nothing. She knows best about her own body.

“You, don’t hold back anything at ordinary times. Now there is Wen Xia. The young couple should learn to communicate more, share more, and live a good life. It’s the same when you go outside, talk to others more, you look like a boring gourd, others don’t want to deal with you even if they see you.”

(The word gourd refers to a family of climbing or trailing fruit that has a hard, fleshy skin. I think she’s comparing Lin Feng Qi to the gourd because he’s too quiet and hard to approach, it’s like Lin Feng Qi is hiding in a hard shell)

Wen Xia glanced at Lin Feng Qi and said, “Mom, don’t worry, he eats well. We had a classmate gathering a few days ago. Everyone can still pull him to drink like this.”

Ye Shi Xue looked worried: “You don’t drink too much, right?”

Wen Xia opened his eyes and continued to talk nonsense: “No, you don’t know, he is so powerful now. Not only has he not been drunk, but he got others drunk without realizing it! You haven’t seen that. You didn’t see the scene. It was very interesting for one or two of them to kiss his ass while drinking. ”

Wen Xia’s tone was quick and exaggerated, making Ye Shi Xue happy. She laughed, as if the cloud on her face was dispelled by the sky, she looked more energetic.

Lin Feng Qi couldn’t say anything. After listening to Wen Xia’s nonsense for a while, his eyes fell on the two of them, he gently pulled the corner of his mouth, and picked up the empty kettle next to him and went out to collect water.

Wen Xia’s nonsense was just finished, and the ward was quiet for two seconds. Ye Shi Xue smiled and said, “When Ah Qi told me that he was married to you, I was shocked.”

Wen Xia touched his nose: “I was shocked when he proposed.” I was so shocked I almost fell into the river.

“I haven’t seen you for so many years, you have grown taller,” Ye Shi Xue blinked slyly, “You have also become handsome.”

Wen Xia nodded cheekyly: “Coincidentally, A… Mom, I think so too.”

Ye Shi Xue laughed twice and looked at him meaningfully: “Ah Qi didn’t know that you secretly visited me, did you?”

After hearing about it, he laughed and said, “It’s nothing. I didn’t come to see you just to be with him.”

“You…” He hesitated and said, “Don’t tell him now.”

Ye Shi Xue patted his hand, nodded, smiling gently.

In high school, Wen Xia visited Ye Shi Xue in the hospital more than once-Ye Shixue was not in the First People’s Hospital at the time, and the first time was an accident.

It was during the middle of the first year of high school. Wen Xia had a high fever. After taking a day off, the old father Wen Shanhai came home in the evening and found out that his son was sick. He hurriedly brought him to the hospital. He felt that his already delicate body had been tossed to a half-life. He didn’t feel that he was back in the sun again until the fever subsided.

When the two left the hospital, Wen Shanhai went to drive. Wen Xia was waiting for him at the entrance of the outpatient department, and suddenly saw a familiar figure.

The boy was still wearing school uniform, carrying a school bag, and carrying an insulated lunch box in his hand to the inpatient department.

Wen Xia was stunned, but Lin Feng Qi did not notice him, and had already walked into the inpatient building. He lifted his heel.

Following up the stairs all the way, Lin Feng Qi walked into a ward. Wen Xia hesitated, he touched the door carefully, and looked inside through the small glass window of the ward’s door.

Ye Shi Xue’s face was not as ugly as it is now, her smile is gentle, and her clear eyes are exactly the same as Lin Feng Qi’s. Wen Xia was watching Lin Feng Qi put down his schoolbag. He opened the insulated lunch box, and arranged the food for her mother. When his mother was eating, he sat quietly while doing homework.

The bedside tables in the hospital are outdated. They may not be replaced for more than ten years, as long as they are still usable.

Obviously, this is not a desk suitable for studying homework. The chair is not very comfortable. It is a high-legged plastic stool that will hurt your butt after sitting for a while. Lin Feng Qi stood tall and sat in front of the bedside table. He had to push it down a bit to facilitate writing.

The light in the ward was cold and white, and the woman on the bed was eating the food brought by her son. She turns her head to watch her son do his homework from time to time.

The teenager looked at his mother from time to time and said a few words. Then he lowered his head and continued his studies with the cold white light behind his back.

That was the first time Wen Xia saw Ling Feng Qi, with his back bowed.

TL: I wonder what he did after meeting LFQ’s mom.




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