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WTA Chapter 6

Being Framed

Li Shuo returned home. He went to accompany his mother to make cakes, grow flowers, and prepare dinner. There are two servants in the family, a gardener and a driver. But Mrs. Li likes to bake some cakes and cookies and grow flowers herself. She is a very interesting person. They got busy until the evening.

Mr. Li came back for dinner. As soon as he entered the room, he said, “Little Shuo, did you hurt Jin Xin’s hand?”

Li Shuo embarrassedly said: “Well, his hand got caught at the car door.”

“Why aren’t you careful? Fortunately, they don’t make a big deal out of it. Boss Zhao asked Jin Xin to send the materials this afternoon. His hand is blue and purple. It hurts Boss Zhao to see.”

Mrs. Li said nervously: “Did you take him to the hospital?”

“I took him.” Li Shuo felt a little uneasy on his face. He had always been a son whom parents didn’t need to worry about and could even be relied on in their eyes. But this time that he came back, it’s like this because of Zhao Jinxin’s tiny little problems.

Mrs. Li complained: “Why didn’t you accompany him this afternoon? You hurt his hands. You can’t just settle down and come back?”

Mr. Li also echoed: “Yeah. In the afternoon, he also let himself drive to the company. With one hand. There are so many cars in Manhattan. How dangerous, Little Shuo. Do you have any bad blood with Jinxin?”

“No.” Li Shuo said helplessly. “I went to his house to cook for him. Then I came back.”

“Jin Xin lives alone. It’s inconvenient. You shouldn’t be unwilling to take responsibility for any prejudice.”

“Dad.” Li Shuo couldn’t help crying. “How old do you think I am?” As he was talking, Li Shuo’s cell phone suddenly rang. He had a bad hunch in his heart. Sure enough, it was Zhao Jinxin calling.

Mrs. Li glanced sideways: “Oh. Jin Xin called.”

Li Shuo dared himself to answer the phone: “Hey. Jinxin.” Because he was worried about Zhao Jinxin. He desperately put the phone to his ear. He was afraid that something might leak out to scare his parents.

“Uncle Li. I’m hungry. My hands hurt.” Zhao Jinxin’s lazy voice poured into the eardrum.

“Well. Okay. I’m preparing to send you dinner.”

Zhao Jinxin smiled: “Yeah. Aunt and uncle are beside you, right?”


There was another laugh on the phone. “Okay. Then come here.” He sighed softly. “I miss you all afternoon.” He hung up the phone. His parents agreed with his gaze.

Li Shuo said with his fate surrendered: “I’ll go and give him dinner.”

Li Shuo took the four lunch boxes prepared by his mother-including dinner, soup, cakes and fresh fruits-to Zhao Jinxin’s house. As soon as the door opened, Zhao Jinxin leaned against the door frame like a boneless body. Although he didn’t even move his finger, he interpreted the expression of puzzlement in his eyes. Li Shuo wanted to laugh a little: “Hungry? Hurry up and eat.”

“You’ll feed me?”

“Yes, I’ll feed you.” Li Shuo went to the kitchen to take out the dishes. Put the meals one by one.

“I didn’t make a complaint on purpose. My dad asked me to go to the company. Who knows that your dad was here too.”

“Don’t worry about it. You just told the truth. It is not considered a complaint.”

Zhao Jinxin’s gaze looked at Li Shuo’s back. The long legs straightened by the bending movement and the waistline exposed under the hem of the clothes. Li Shuo turned around: “Eat.”

Zhao Jinxin sat down. He didn’t look at the food. He only looked at Li Shuo’s eyes: “Did you go back and chat with Li Chengxiu today?”

“I did. What’s wrong?”

“What did you talk about?”

“What does it matter to you?”

“I want to know more about you and him”

“Li Chengxiu is not your enemy …”

“Oh. Of course he is not.” Zhao Jinxin smiled and thought. He is my sister-in-law.

“Whatever things you mention about him later, I will not answer.” Li Shuo picked up a scrambled egg. “Open your mouth.” Zhao Jinxin took a bite.

He smiled and looked at Li Shuo: “It’s delicious.”

“Thank you. My mother made it.” Li Shuo didn’t stare at him. While feeding, he also took a bite himself.

Zhao Jinxin took a few bites. He said quite wrongly: “Not many people are patience with me. I am a little sad.”

Li Shuo opened his mouth but in the end, he didn’t say anything as he is still not used to coaxing people. Although he came to the United States with his parents when he was very young, he was still influenced by Confucianism. He was as kind and tolerant as possible in his life.

Despite Zhao Jinxin harassing him repeatedly, he still feels that he didn’t really offend him that much after all. He had to say, “I’m not impatient. If we can talk about something normal, for example, like when we were on the plane, I ‘ll be happy to chat with you.”

“But as soon as I saw you, the air around me felt abnormal.” Zhao Jinxin blinked. “Have you ever been so fascinated by someone?”

Li Shuo was stunned. He actually thought about it. Then the answer was – ‘no’. He couldn’t understand the overly intense and self-sacrificing feelings. He felt that people must either be masters of their own emotions or slaves to them. Being masters of one’s own emotions are those like him. This way, he can always forever being able to avoid trouble. If one is a slave to emotions… No more examples are needed. The world is full of them. “No.” He answered.

Zhao Jinxin raised an eyebrow. “You’ve never been fascinated by someone?”

“It depends on how the word ‘fascinated’ is defined. We have known each other for only a few days. We have only met for three or four times. If you are ‘fascinated’ with me, then it proves that it was just an impulsive obsession mixed with a little bit of lust. Not much different from the nature of being hungry.”Li Shuo scooped up a spoonful of soup and stuffed it into Zhao Jinxin’s mouth.

“I don’t see it that way. You are such a boring person.” Zhao Jinxin licked the soup stains at the corners of his mouth. “‘Fascination’ is passion. It’s as addictive as drugs.”

“And we all know that drugs are harmful.”

“So you have never been ‘fascinated’ by Li Chengxiu?”

Li Shuo narrowed his eyes: “You twist words around. What do you want to prove?”

Zhao Jinxin blinked his eyes innocently: “I want to prove that you are not infatuated with him. Try it with me, baby.”

“Would you like to eat or not?” Li Shuo switched the subject immediately.

“Actually I have eaten a burger. I just want to see you.”

Li Shuo lowered his spoon. He leaned on the back of the chair with his arms hugging his own chest. He quietly try to calm his own nerves. He was afraid he could not control what he will say or if he will do something bad.

Zhao Jinxin threw a kiss across the air. He smiled brightly and fearlessly.

Li Shuo stood up. As he was about to leave, at a glance, he saw the medicine that have not been touched on the coffee table. He pointed to the medicine: “Did you not take the meds?”

“Oh. I forgot.”

Li Shuo hesitated. He went over and divided the medicine according to the amount of each time. He then wrap them in tissues one by one. Zhao Jinxin motionlessly watched Li Shuo dispense the medicine. The outline of his profile looks gentle in concentration. Zhao Jinxin frowned slightly.

After Li Shuo had dispensed the medicines, he picked up Zhao Jinxin ‘s mobile phone. While tapping on the screen, he said: “I set an alarm clock for you. Every day at 9 a.m.,3 p.m., and 9 p.m., you will be reminded to take the medicine. Don’t let your wound touch the water and when you sleep, don’t press it. I’ll order for you three meals a day and bring it to your house. The day after tomorrow, I’ll help you apply heat on the wound.”

“Then how do I take a shower?”

“I don’t care how you take a bath. Anyway, I won’t do that for you.” Li Shuo said with a smile. “Since you can change clothes, drive, and eat hamburgers with one hand, taking a bath shouldn’t be a problem. Am I right? I’ll head home now.”

Zhao Jinxin smiled lightly: “You’re cruel. Just you wait until one day you fall in love with me, you will regret it.”

“We’ll talk about it when that day came.” Li Shuo clapped his hands casually. As he was about to leave, this time, his cell phone rang. He picked it up and saw that it turned out to be a partner of his firm.

At this time, it was almost midnight in China. For him to call at this time, it has to be something urgent. Li Shuo quickly answered the phone: “Hey, Brother Xiang.”

“Li Shuo. Are you still in the United States?” Brother Xiang’s voice was tired and serious. It didn’t sound right when he heard it.

Li Shuo also became nervous. “Yeah. What’s wrong?”

“Something happened here.”

Li Shuo passed through the most recent projects in his mind. He didn’t expect anything to go wrong. He said in a deep voice, “Calm down. Tell me what happened.” Zhao Jinxin looked at Li Shuo. The corner of his mouth rose slightly as he watched.

“Do you remember the case of Benhui Real Estate five or six years ago?”

“Remember. What’s wrong?” Li Shuo suddenly had an ominous hunch.

“Benhui’s legal person suddenly disappeared after many years of disappeared and now he came back to accuse you.”

Li Shuo’s eyes widened: “It’s ridiculous. They had cheated us with fake accounts. The billions of loans they defrauded from X-line. Did a penny ever fall into my pocket?” Li Shuo realized that his volume was too loud. He glanced at Zhao Jinxin. He then turned his back. He lowered his voice and said. “He accused me? Why would he do that?”

Brother Xiang said anxiously: “Who knows what is going on… The case was also sentenced. The arrest was also the case. Benhui defrauded the loan case, you just did an audit. And it was based on the fake account he deliberately made. Account audit. The firm ‘s suspicions have been cleared very early. After so many years, how could that legal person suddenly appear?! ”

Li Shuo picked up his coat: “You wait. I’ll go out and tell you.” He looked at Zhao Jinxin. He said as calmly as possible. “Sorry. I’ll leave first.”

Zhao Jinxin nodded. He looked at Li Shuo’s eyes deeply. Li Shuo walked out of Zhao Jinxin’s house. The tone became harsher: “What’s the purpose of that person?”

“I have no idea. I have asked a friend to investigate. I think this matter is not trivial. Because that person jumps out of a sudden and accuses you. There is almost no benefit to doing this. Although he does not participate in the company’s operations, he is unaware of fraudulent loans. Liability. But he always has to pay civil compensation. But he has no money at all. So he has been hiding for so many years. And X-line is a state-owned enterprise. All the seizures have been seized. He will not pursue personal debts. No one will help him. I really don’t understand. What he wants to do. He doesn’t even know you.”

“Yeah. What can he get by doing this?” Li Shuo felt a lot of pain. He can’t figure out the purpose of this person accusing him of corruption. “You and this person, are there really no personal grudges?”

“No. I’m not aware of any at all …” Li Shuo is suddenly stunned. Everyone does something for a purpose. Money, status, desire, emotion, self-actualization. Must be one of these reasons. For this matter, if you can’t find a reason at the public level, then maybe personal…… Brother Xiang also thought: “Li Shuo. This is probably a personal grudge. That legal person is now in poverty. As long as there is a little benefit to him, it is estimated that he is willing to do anything. Have you offended anyone recently?”

“I …” Li Shuo gritted his teeth. He did think of someone. And this grudge was caused by Li Chengxiu. Brother Xiang sighed heavily: “Brother, this time the trouble is a bit big. Who the hell have you offended?”

Li Shuo unknowingly avoided that name. “Does he have evidence? Without evidence, it is defamation.”

“It is said that there is, but I don’t know what kind of evidence. It may be a perjury. It may also be in the years when you and Benhui cooperated. What has really left you. Anyway, it has been filed. If you return to your country, you will be taken away for investigation immediately. ”

Li Shuo said angrily: “Is it possible to open a case with just one touch of his mouth?!”

“Brother. Who the hell have you offended? There is a hand pushing this thing from start to finish. Otherwise, it won’t be so serious in a few days. My relationship network simply can’t reach to solve this. I couldn’t find anything useful.”

Li Shuo clenched his fists: “Brother Xiang, you continue to look info this matter for me. I will find someone to check and tell you.”

“You … hey. Okay.” He hung up the phone.

Li Shuo hammered the wall hard. He took a few deep breaths. He calmed his mind. … Shao Qun. Was it you?

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