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WTA Chapter 54

Returning the key

Title: 谁把谁当真 (Winner Takes All)

Author:水千丞 (ShuiQianCheng)

Translator: 月野 見事 (TsukinoMigoto)

Protagonists :黎朔 (LiShuo), 赵锦辛 (ZhaoJinXin)


Zhao Jinxin looked at the person who was getting up from the bed and was startled.

Xiao Qi also looked at the person who rushed in stupidly. He hadn’t woken up yet, and his whole body was dumbfounded.

Li Shuo also chased in, gritted his teeth and said: “Have you seen enough? Get out.”

Zhao Jinxin held the corner of his mouth and smiled slightly, but the smile made people’s back chills: “You’ve found someone else so soon.” Zhao Jinxin looked at Xiao Qi up and down, “A little boy, isn’t it your favorite type?”

Li Shuo picked up his collar again, lowered his voice and said: “I don’t want to do this with you, don’t force me.”

Zhao Jinxin’s hand wrapped around Li Shuo’s fist and some indescribable thoughts flashed in his eyes. He whispered: “Isn’t it me that you like?”

“Not anymore, go out.” Li Shuo said coldly.

Zhao Jinxin narrowed his eyes, suddenly took out his wallet from his pocket, threw it on the bed, and said to Xiao Qi with a smile, “Sorry, you go back first, we still have something to talk about.”

Xiao Qi’s face changed, his eyes were stained with shame and anger, and his lips trembled angrily.

“Zhao Jinxin!” Li Shuo grabbed Zhao Jinxin by the collar and pushed the person back against the wall heavily. He clenched his fist but couldn’t punch it down on his face.

Xiao Qi kicked his wallet away, jumped off the bed, lowered his head, and left without saying a word.

Li Shuo let go of Zhao Jinxin, went up and grabbed Xiao Qi, apologizing: “I’m sorry, I…”

“There may only be a few thousand dollars in the wallet. If you think that it is too little, I will write you a check?” Zhao Jinxin smiled, but there was a domineering attitude in his expression.

Xiao Qi became angry from embarrassment, and trembled, “I did not sell my body!”

“Oh, really……”

Pap! A slap sound is heard.

The room went silent.

Zhao Jinxin tilted his cheek slightly, froze, and soon redness appeared on his fair jade face.

Li Shuo felt his palms hot, his heart beating wildly like crazy, the hostility in his body was rushing uncontrollably, and his whole persona was in a state of erupting from the inside out.

Zhao Jinxin’s tongue pushed against his fiery cheek from the inside of his mouth, and then slowly turned his face away, his pupils were as dark as a bottomless pit, and he looked at Li Shuo quietly.

Li Shuo looked back at him directly in his eyes.

Zhao Jinxin’s eyes rolled back and forth between Li Shuo and Xiao Qi, and then he smiled sarcastically: “You hit me for him.” He pronounces every word slowly with emphasis, as if he could change what had happened by doing it.

Li Shuo never hit him before even when he was at his angriest, and most of the time, when he was too angry, he was still tolerant and he spoiled him. But now Li Shuo hit him for a male prostitute… for an outsider… …

Zhao Jinxin realized the feeling of a sinking deep into the water. Like a bomb had exploded under the surface and there were only heats left floating above the water. That was his anger.

Li Shuo glared at Zhao Jinxin, his eyes were red, and two words popped out from between his teeth: “Get lost.”

Xiao Qi said in a deep voice, “I, I’m leaving now…”

“Xiao Qi…” Li Shuo still wanted to apologize, but Xiao Qi ran away without looking back.

Zhao Jinxin lowered his head and laughed twice. He reached into his pocket and took out a bunch of keys: “I actually came to return the keys.”

Li Shuo reached for it. Zhao Jinxin let go. The key fell on the floor. He spread his hand out: “I’ve returned the key. I bought you some supplements by the way. I feel distressed to see you lose weight.”

“The key is returned, the supplement is given, you should go.” Li Shuo’s expression was cold, and his words were even colder.

Zhao Jinxin bit his lip and sneered: “Li Shuo, we’ve only met for a while, why do you have to rush me away? Or do you think that I will chase after you?”

Li Shuo’s breathing was stagnant, and his fists clenched again.

“I really don’t have the energy to pester you, and there is no need for that, right? You don’t need to try so hard to drive me away. It’s really embarrassing for you to drive me out in such a hurry.”

Li Shuo’s face became paler, and there was a violent pain in his chest. He smiled coldly: “I am driving you out but it’s because I just don’t want to see you. I’m not afraid of you being entangled. In fact, with a guy like you, I feel more relieved.”

Zhao Jinxin glared at him, and said without a smile: “Isn’t it good to get together instead of being apart, why don’t we be friends?”

“No.” Li Shuo smiled, “I know why you are so determined. You are afraid I will trouble Shao Qun, right?”

Zhao Jinxin’s eyebrows curled up: “It’s not like that.”

“Don’t pretend, you and Shao Qun are all the same. Since there is nothing else to deceive me for, why not be honest?” Li Shuo raised his chin and said arrogantly, “Don’t worry, I will not deal with Shao Qun for the time being. But it is not for you. It is for Li Chengxiu and that innocent child of theirs. Go back and tell your great cousin that I have not only the evidence that you are aware of but also the confession signed by the person who perjured the testimony. The video and transfer records were also in my hands. If one day, he would dare to do harm to Li Chengxiu…” Li Shuo narrowed his eyes and said coldly, “I will drag him into the abyss.”

Zhao Jinxin took a deep breath. Li Shuo had always been gentle and kind in front of him. He had never seen Li Shuo baring his fangs.

He has never seen Li Shuo like this to him…

Li Shuo made a gesture of seeing off the guests, and said indifferently: “That’s all there is to say.”

Zhao Jinxin pursed his lips, turned around and walked outside the door of the room to the door of the apartment. He paused and turned halfway around: “I’m curious, are you satisfied with him just now?”

Li Shuo looked at him coldly.

Zhao Jinxin smiled slightly: “After being fucked by me, going to bed with that young boy, will it not be too dull, ah, can you even get hard?”

Li Shuo endured the pain of his internal organs churning and his emotions were well hidden behind a mask. He looked directly at Zhao Jinxin and chuckled: “Don’t worry about it, I will easily find the next one. I, Li Shuo, have never lacked anyone around me. It’s nothing special for whoever that comes and goes.”

Zhao Jinxin’s hand grasping the door frame suddenly tightened, and the ribs on the back of his hand protruded. He nodded and said playfully: “If you need it, I will be happy to serve you anytime.”

“You have no chance.”

Zhao Jinxin took a deep look at Li Shuo one last time before turning away.

Li Shuo’s face was pale. Until he heard the door close, he raised his fist and slammed it on the wall. The pain spread from the phalanx all the way to the wrist bones, arms, and shoulders. In the end, even his heart hurt. He got up as if he was shattered with that punch.

Zhao Jinxin finally showed his true colors. He always felt that only by being honest that he can go further. It turns out that the real Zhao Jinxin is not what he wants to see.

Li Shuo calmed down after a while and called to apologize to Xiao Qi. Xiao Qi was absent-minded, and after a few perfunctory words, he hung up. Li Shuo felt very uncomfortable. He called him over just for him to get offended like that. He didn’t even know what he was thinking yesterday to even call him over like that.

He turned around and saw the bag on the ground, which was brought by Zhao Jinxin. He hesitated for a moment but still squatted down and opened the bag.

There are a lot of things in it, such as sea cucumbers, bird’s nest, cordyceps, and desserts from a shop he likes to eat, functional drinks that he likes to drink during exercise, and even the cheese that can only be bought in the United States. Obviously, it was shipped by air and packaged. The bag is still wet and cool. There was still a card in the bag, and Li Shuo hesitated to pick it up.

It is Zhao Jinxin’s handwriting: Uncle Li, don’t worry me. There’s a ‘heart’ symbol of love that was also included on it.

Li Shuo instantly crumpled the cards into a ball, squeezed them firmly, and then threw them into the trash can.

Li Shuo packed up a simple luggage and decided to go to Sanya for inspection.

He was supposed to go there after returning home but it was delayed because of a series of things. It just so happened that he now wants to leave this depressing city and go to a place with plenty of sunshine and clear sea breeze to relax.

Before leaving, he notified Wen Xiaohui and called Li Chengxiu again.

Wen Xiaohui didn’t tell Li Chengxiu what happened that day, maybe he was concerned about saving Li Shuo’s dignity but also maybe he didn’t want to embarrass Li Chengxiu, or maybe both. In short, this was what that Li Shuo wanted anyway.

The dignity that was torn to pieces in the hospital that day, he wanted to fight them back piece by piece. The fewer people knew about it, the faster he could fight back.

Listening to Li Chengxiu’s voice, it seems like he had lost the gloom of a few days ago, and Li Shuo was also relieved for him.

That’s fine. As long as Li Chengxiu has a good life, he will never bother him, but if Shao Qun dares to do any harm to Li Chengxiu, the old and the new hate he has, he will bring both back together.

Finally, he explained some work matters to his assistant, and then set off for the airport without hesitation.

When he arrived in Sanya, he stayed in a beautiful resort. He asked for a small villa with a private swimming pool and beach. There was a supermarket in the resort, selling daily necessities and growing green vegetables. He could live without stepping out of the resort. Everything is going well.

The person talking about cooperation is currently abroad and will be back there in three days. Li Shuo is not in a hurry. When the sun is high in the sky, he stays in the resort, reading books and listening to music. After the sun goes down, he drives a rented car. It is very pleasant to go for a drive by the sea, take a look at the city and surrounding environment, and find a restaurant with a good reputation for dinner.

Everything is fine here, but he still doesn’t sleep well.

He always dreamed of Zhao Jinxin.

When he was awake, he obviously restrained himself from thinking about him, but when sleep deprived his consciousness, his truest thoughts in the depths of the soul all betrayed him in his dreams.

He hated it deeply, but he was helpless.

On this day, when Li Shuo was communicating with his assistant on the Internet, Wen Xiaohui called and he answered the phone: “Hey, Xiaohui.”

“Brother Li, go online!” Wen Xiaohui’s voice was particularly excited.

“Huh? What’s the matter?”

“No, you go to Weibo and watch my Weibo.”

Li Shuo smiled: “What’s the matter?”

“Just take a look at it!”

Li Shuo searched Wen Xiaohui’s Weibo questioningly, and saw that his latest Weibo had been reposted tens of thousands of times, and the photo with that Weibo was exactly what he had prepared for Zhao Jinxin on his birthday. However, except for him, all backgrounds are obscured by mosaics.

Wen Xiaohui was happy from ear to ear: “Brother Li, you are on fire, do you know how many people want to marry you?”

Li Shuo clicked on Weibo, and there was a long line of people calling him ‘husband’. He felt helpless: “I really don’t understand what you young people are thinking.” He said that but he felt quite good in his heart. Nobody hates praises.

“What can’t you understand? ‘We young people’, when looking at you, our legs are soft, OK? There are so many people in the world, there will always be some few wicked and blind slut, but most of them, their eyes are sharp.” Wen Xiaohui said softly, “Brother Li, you must remember that there are so many outstanding and good people waiting for you, you will be very happy, and one day Zhao Jinxin will definitely regret it deep in his stomach.”

Li Shuo laughed, he understood Wen Xiaohui’s intentions: “Xiaohui, thank you.”

Wen Xiaohui chuckled: “Many people sent me private messages to get to know you, but forget about strangers. When I have a good man by my side, I will definitely introduce him to you.”

Li Shuo smiled and said: “Okay.” He looked at the man with a confident smile on the photo, thinking of his excited and expectant mood at the time, and his heart was filled with unspeakable soreness.

He saved the photo in his phone as a warning. Whenever you want to do stupid things in the future, just look at it. That’s the price of it.


Next update: 2021/8/30

*Translator’s Note: me smiling and clapping hard when Li Shuo insinuates that ZJX is “nothing special”. Muahahahaha! I don’t know why I keep playing the song ‘Icy’ by Kim Petras in my head when I translate this part. “ Now I got an ice-cold heart…

Guys, please keep an open mind when you read this story. ZJX is an asshole but he is human too (characters depicted real life people anyway). And in ShuiQianCheng’s novels, ZJX is the not as bad as other MLs, trust me. Not gonna name which is which. We have rapist, an actual player, abusive gongs over on other novels so compared to them, ZJX is kinda okay, really. But that’s what I personally like about ShuiQianCheng’s novels. They remind me of the kind of guys I’ll avoid in real life muahahahaha! But it’s just a story and do note that all the MLs will go through hardships and had prices to pay (some with blood) to actually win MC back. So, give this story the benefit of the doubt. That’s it for my ranting.

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    Thx for the chapter

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