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WTA Chapter 39

"I have a condition. Sleep with me."

Li Shuo splashed his face with cold water, looked at himself in the mirror, and gradually calmed down.

It is useless for him to be angry here. The most important thing now is to not let Han Feiye suffer the consequences of Zhao Jinxin being angry.

He took out the toilet paper, dried the water on his face and hair tips, turned and left the bathroom.

Zhao Jinxin smiled and watched him sit back next to him.

Li Shuo crossed his fingers, put his hands on his knees, looked at the flat-screen TV in front of him, and slowly said, “What do you want?”

“I did it for your own good.” Zhao Jinxin said in a relaxed tone.

Li Shuo said in a deep voice: “If you are really doing good for me, you should respect me and my choice. I don’t need you to test someone in this way. It’s out of line.”

“Are you really not curious about Han Feiye’s choice this time?”

“I am not curious. This is not a multiple-choice question in itself. No one is qualified to force him to choose between career and relationship.”

“Then treat me as curious.” Zhao Jinxin smiled.

“What’s the point of you doing this kind of thing?! It will only make me look down on you.”

Zhao Jinxin pursed his lips lightly, his eyes were deep, and he whispered, “Do you hate me?”

“If you don’t stop this naive behavior…” Li Shuo was cruel, “I will hate you.”

Zhao Jinxin secretly grabbed the handrail: “I did this only because I don’t want you to get hurt.”

“You are retaliating against me by doing this!” Li Shuo growled, “Don’t insult my IQ.”

“I admit that I was angry at you for dumping me, but I still care about you. I don’t want you to choose someone who will give you up because of career. I hope good things for you. Did I do something wrong?” Zhao Jinxin’s voice grew smaller. The smaller it is, it is almost inaudible in the end.

Li Shuo frowned, he couldn’t believe Zhao Jinxin, the awful and madness in the lounge was still vivid. He was obviously retaliating against Han Feiye. This person changed his face too quickly, but right now it is his last resort to provoke him, so he had to slow down his tone: “Jin Xin, you can’t make a choice for me, even if you care about me, you can’t interfere. My friend, your approach is too bad. We are still friends and even business partners. Don’t make our relationship grow farther apart, okay?”

Zhao Jinxin turned his face and looked at Li Shuo deeply: “I don’t want to.”


“Uncle Li, I do it for your own good, whether you believe it or not.” Zhao Jinxin leaned over and kissed Li Shuo’s face. “Han Feiye is not good for you. When you see what kind of person he is, you will thank me.”

Li Shuo pushed him away and said angrily: “I don’t need you to teach me to look at people, especially to use such despicable means to persecute others.”

The corners of Zhao Jinxin’s eyes drooped, and he laughed mockingly: “When did I become a bad person in your eyes?” His expression was lonely, and he looked extremely aggrieved.

Li Shuo’s heart was shocked. Zhao Jinxin… is he a bad guy? He remembered that since the two had met each other until now, Zhao Jinxin lied to him because of Shao Qun, but he also saved his father. Most of the time, he was humorous, frank, and cute. Such a person cannot be regarded as a bad person. Shao Qun is another story…

Zhao Jinxin caught Li Shuo’s hesitation for a moment, and said in a low voice: “You don’t understand my approach, and I can’t understand why you should trust someone who has abandoned you.”

Li Shuo sighed: “Jin Xin, you can’t look at things one-sidedly like this. There were more things wrong on my side. I can’t explain to you specifically, because it’s between me and Feiye. You won’t understand. I only hope that you can respect me being with Feiye. It is your own dedication that hurts others. Don’t be naive anymore.”

“Who did I hurt?” Zhao Jinxin looked at him with bright eyes, “I didn’t intend to do anything to him, but only to scare him, I just want to know if he will hurt you, I just care about you.”

Li Shuo looked at Zhao Jinxin with a complicated mood, and was a little confused for a while.

Is Zhao Jinxin really soing this just for his own good? Even if the approach is extreme, but the starting point is because he cares?

No, this is wrong, no matter what the starting point is, this behavior is grossly wrong.

Li Shuo’s tone softened unconsciously: “Jinxin, if you really just care about me, then I thank you for your kindness, but I still can’t allow you to do this. No matter what you do, when you get off the plane, you set things straight up and I will apologize to Feiye on your behalf.”

Zhao Jinxin turned his head away.

“Jinxin?” Li Shuo broke his chin and said solemnly: “Do you hear me?”

Zhao Jinxin said blankly: “If I won’t listen to you, are you going to hit me?”

“I won’t hit you! But you…”

“But you can’t change much.” Zhao Jinxin twitched the corners of his mouth lightly, with an unfathomable smile, “Even if you get angry, I want you to see Han Feiye clearly.”

Li Shuo clenched his fists, and was so angry that he wanted to shout out loud to vent. He restrained the anger in his body, turned his stiff neck to the cabin wall, and looked at the sea of clouds rolling outside the window. The worry and anger in his heart fluttered in his body, making him uneasy to sit still.

What is Zhao Jinxin thinking?

While rejecting him, he did all these ambiguous things. He was fed up with repeatedly guessing this person’s mind. He only wanted to stay far away from him and to be with the one he knew well.

Li Shuo spent 12 hours of extreme suffering.

The two barely said a word, the atmosphere was strange and deadlocked.

Until the plane stopped, Li Shuo couldn’t wait to turn on his phone.

Zhao Jinxin stared at him.

Li Shuo opened the contact, looked at the familiar name, but did not press it for a long time.

“What’s wrong? Are you afraid?” Zhao Jinxin said coolly, “You said that you don’t care, but you are actually afraid of repeating the same mistakes.”

Li Shuo didn’t speak, he put his phone in his pocket, took the luggage from the luggage rack, and got off the plane.

Zhao Jinxin followed him. He turned around until the arrival hall and said coldly to Zhao Jinxin: “I don’t want to see you now, don’t follow me anymore.”

Zhao Jinxin spread his hands.

Li Shuo turned around and left.

“Li Shuo.” Zhao Jinxin shouted from behind, “You will miss me.”

Li Shuo left without looking back.

Li Shuo took out his mobile phone only until he got into his assistant’s car, hesitated for a few seconds before dialing Han Feiye’s phone.

The phone rang once, twice, three times… Until it is hung up and still no one answered the phone.

He closed his eyes, and call the number again another two times with the same result.

He let out a long sigh.

“Mr. Li, what’s the matter?” The assistant glanced at him, “Are you too tired, is it? You’ll be home soon.”

“Yeah.” Li Shuo really felt very tired. Although he knew that he would never fall into Zhao Jinxin’s trap, as Zhao Jinxin said, he was still disappointed that Han Feiye would not answer his call. Did Feiye not have faith in him? Did he not think that he can be of help?

He immediately threw away his negative thoughts. He didn’t know how Han Feiye is like right now, how could he make a judgment after simply listening to Zhao Jinxin’s words? So, he sent a text message to Han Feiye asking about the situation and then all he had to do is wait.

The assistant sent him home. His house had been cleaned by a part-time worker in advance, but after several months of absence, the house still looked extremely cold and empty.

Li Shuo lies down on the sofa, his mind still being a little confused.

The phone rang. He picked it up and saw that it was Wen Xiaohui.

“Hey, Xiaohui.”

The voice on the phone was sultry and nice to hear: “Brother Li, are you home yet?”

“Well, I’m home already.” Li Shuo smiled, “I didn’t expect that I had went away for so long this time.”

“Hey, you had just come back. When will you be free? I want to invite you to have a meal and let’s have a good chat.”

“How about in the next two days? Today I’m too tired.”

“No problem.”

After hanging up the phone, Li Shuo fought with both of his upper and lower eyelids. He was too lazy to even move his fingers and thus, fell asleep on the sofa.

Li Shuo was awakened by the sound of the doorbell. He opened his eyes slightly, and it was completely dark in front of him. He looked out the window and it realize that it was already night time.

The doorbell rang again. He got up from the sofa and opened the door. A boy in the uniform of a hotel waiter was carrying a lunch box: “Hello, are you Mr. Li?”

“Yes, and you are?”

“Mr. Zhao Jinxin ordered a meal for you.” The boy handed a lunch box to Li Shuo.

Li Shuo was stunned, and took it over: “Ah, thank you.”

“You are welcome, I wish you a pleasant meal.”

Li Shuo thought helplessly, Zhao Jinxin could find the time of his flight and even his mobile phone number. So, it is not surprising that he could find his home address. Putting the lunch box on the table and rubbing his stomach, he found that he is indeed really hungry. He opened the lunch box and saw five dishes and one soup, all of his favorites.

Li Shuo sighed and stared in a daze at the food in a complicated mood. He didn’t start eating slowly until it got cold.

Until the next day, Li Shuo still did not receive a reply from Han Feiye, nor did he make a call to him. He couldn’t help but follow Zhao Jinxin’s remarks to guess. He couldn’t say that he was sad, but he was a little disappointed. He knew that he shouldn’t be thinking much about it, but he still remembered the dispute when they broke up 12 years ago. He seemed to have caught a little bit of his original mood.

This is probably the purpose of Zhao Jinxin.

In order to make sure that Han Feiye is okay, Li Shuo called Zhao Jinxin.

The call was connected fast and Zhao Jinxin lazily said: “Morning, the sun is so good today, I really hope you are in my arms now.”

Li Shuo said calmly: “No matter what you did to Feiye, can you stop now?”

Zhao Jinxin asked: “Did you call him?”


“Did he pick it up?”


Zhao Jinxin smiled and said, “Sure enough, as I expected.”

“It makes no sense for you to do this.” Li Shuo said, “I can’t blame him or maliciously speculate on him for this, you are a wasting your time.”

“Is it a waste of time? You are in a very clear mood. If you really didn’t care at all, you would have called him right in front of me yesterday.”

Li Shuo avoided the topic and exaggerated: “Now that your so-called ‘test’ is over, don’t trouble Feiye anymore!”

Zhao Jinxin chuckled slightly: “Don’t worry, in fact, I didn’t trouble him too much at all. It is because he values his career more than anything, so…”

“What qualifications do you have to talk about him like this!” Li Shuo gritted his teeth, “From today, you don’t need to contact me anymore. I will find someone else to connect with you in all of our future business affairs.”

Zhao Jinxin was silent for a moment: “You don’t want to see me anymore?”

“…Yes.” Li Shuo pinches his own forehead and said wearily, “Jin Xin, you are too naive and had disappointed me too much.”

“If I say, I can take you to see Li Chengxiu.”

Li Shuo widened his eyes suddenly: “What did you say? What did you say?!”

“My brother has found Li Chengxiu since a long time ago. I can take you to see him.”

“Take me right away. Let’s go today!” Li Shuo said anxiously.

Zhao Jinxin laughed twice: “I have a condition.”

Li Shuo said solemnly: “What is it?”

“Sleep with me.”

“Zhao. Jin. Xin!” Li Shuo wanted to strangle him so much and ask him if he has grown up!

Zhao Jinxin laughed: “Just kidding, don’t be angry.”

Li Shuo inhaled deeply to calm down.

Zhao Jinxin’s voice suddenly turns gentle and sounds a bit lonely: “Uncle Li, I do have a condition, I’m serious this time.”

“……what is it?”

“I hope you will stop being angry at me.”

Li Shuo was taken aback, surprised at Zhao Jinxin’s sudden gentleness.

“I hope you understand that I really only care about you. Then, don’t get angry at me anymore. You are so fierce to me. I am really uncomfortable.”

Li Shuo was silent for a moment: “But you never feel that you have done something wrong, whether it is this matter or if it is because of Shao Qun that you approached me.”

“Yes, but I still hope you forgive me.” Zhao Jinxin whispered, “I will take you to see Li Chengxiu and hope that this me making up to you, and then, can you get along with me like before and don’t hate me?”

Li Shuo slowly clenched his fist.

For the first time, he had a fear of Zhao Jinxin. It was the fear of things he could not grasp at all. He had met countless of people, but he still couldn’t see exactly what kind of person Zhao Jinxin is behind his every move and every word. There’s not a clear line as to whether he was sincere or fake. Whether what he did was bad or good. They are all ambiguous. He fears that this man could be dangerous.

He has no idea as to how to deal with Zhao Jinxin.

He felt like he was tied to a transparent fishing line. The end of the line was in Zhao Jinxin’s hands. As long as he pulled at it, he could disturb his peace.

It’s terrible. How could there be such a person in the world? How could he allow such a person to appear around him to influence and affect his own emotions, behavior, and judgment?

He was once again extremely grateful that he and Zhao Jinxin had broken up in time. He had already given the benefit of a doubt to this person many times before than he had ever done in his life. If he doesn’t withdraw while he can, he will only lose more.

Probably because he was silent for too long, Zhao Jinxin started to speak in a loss: “You think about it, and when you made up your mind, you call me.”

Li Shuo pondered for a moment and then hung up the phone.

He really doesn’t want to have any more contact with Zhao Jinxin, but if it’s concerning Li Chengxiu…

There was Shao Qun’s obstruction. If was for that that they hadn’t found him for so long. He really couldn’t wait to see with his own eyes how Cheng Xiu was doing.

He threw his phone to the side, patted his forehead vigorously, feeling like his head was about to explode.

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