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WTA Chapter 33

Date Interrupted

In view of the hurried departure the other day, Li Shuo felt that it was too rude of him. Thus, after a few days, he took the initiative to invite Han Feiye to a wine-tasting party. He also called Cheng Sheng to join them. The three were college classmates, but Cheng Sheng had a longer and deeper personal relationship with him. After he broke up with Han Feiye, Cheng Sheng and Han Feiye naturally had their distance.

Li Shuo and Cheng Sheng arrived first. Cheng Sheng winked at him and said, “I knew you couldn’t help it.”

Li Shuo was taken aback, and then he reacted: “Oh, you misunderstood. I didn’t contact him. We met by chance in the hospital.”

Cheng Sheng obviously didn’t believe it so he just sneered and patted him on the back.

“It’s true.” Li Shuo smiled, “If I want to contact him, I won’t wait until now.”

Cheng Sheng nodded: “It makes sense, how do you feel? The old lovers reunited after a long time, tch.”

“I am very happy to see him having a good life.” Li Shuo said sincerely, “Really, I am more happy that he is doing well.”

Cheng Sheng drew a cross on his chest with a pious expression: “Lambert, sometimes you really exude the glory of the Father.”

Li Shuo gave him a punch: “What a mess.”

Cheng Sheng laughed: “Then do you still have any feelings for him? He, when he was young, his temperament was so agile. Although he is a bit older now, his energy is still there. To be honest, he is very attractive. At the tender meeting the other day, a friend of mine fell in love with him, but unfortunately he was rejected.”

Li Shuo sighed lightly: “After all, it has been too long, I still admire him, but now I can’t find the original old feeling.”

“Well, that too, you must like small tender grass now, for example, who is it… the young flower…”

Li Shuo’s expression was stagnant: “This kind of thing has nothing to do with age. It depends on fate.” He said again, “By the way, you are all in the same circle. If you know there are unreliable people approaching Feiye, You must remind him.”

“It’s been so many years since you guys broke up, what are you worried about now?”

“I’m not talking casually.” Li Shuo said sternly, “Feiye is a serious person and should be taken seriously.”

Cheng Sheng stroked his forehead: “That guy has worked hard on Wall Street for so many years, and now they are almost becoming shareholders of listed companies. In your eyes, are you still seeing him as the poor boy who had never seen the world?”

Li Shuo thought for a while, and couldn’t help but laugh at himself: “You are right.” Although Han Feiye was smart and mature, he also had the inferiority sensitiveness of a poor student, so he felt very pity for anyone to associate with him. He will do his best to protect him, that was the duty of a man in love, let alone this person is Han Feiye. But Cheng Sheng was right. Han Feiye was no longer a boy, but a real man, who might not need his protection anymore.

“But I also promise you that if I really know that there is a scumbag approaching him, I will not sit back and watch.” He folded his hands together, “Don’t worry, ‘father’.”

Li Shuo smiled and punched him again.

After a while, Han Feiye arrived. He wore a black tuxedo with a bow tie of the same color. The waist seal pinched his thin waist. The tailored trousers wrapped a pair of straight and long legs. Every step of his was pleasing to the eye.

Han Feiye saw them, beckoned, and walked over: “You guys came really early.”

“It’s close to my home.” Li Shuo looked at him with appreciation in his eyes. Cheng Sheng was right. The current Han Feiye has faded away from the green grass, but instead has accumulated a different kind of charm over the years.

Han Feiye also looked at him with a smile, and there was a spark that was different from others in the interaction of his eyes.

Cheng Sheng joked: “You two treat me as air. At any rate, you can at least praise my recent fitness achievements.”

Han Feiye smiled embarrassedly, and then shook hands with Cheng Sheng.

Li Shuo introduced: “Today’s private wine tasting was hosted by my friend. Six winery owners from the Bordeaux region will bring their wines to display. They are all noth small and medium-sized wineries. The output is not high, but the taste… they are all very good. If you like any one of them, you can place an order directly with them.”

“The stock market has plummeted recently, and I almost can’t afford to drink.” Cheng Sheng said frustratedly.

Li Shuo teased: “Then you can drink more for free later.”

Han Feiye said: “I can just order a batch of wine for the company. Little Shuo, I don’t know much about wine, can you recommend them to me?”

“No problem.” Li Shuo made a ‘please’ gesture.

The two walked to a booth side by side.

Cheng Sheng looked at them thoughtfully from behind.

Li Shuo took Han Feiye to taste the wine carefully, and from time to time he served as a commentator. The two had a very delightful conversation, and Cheng Sheng teased that he was like a light bulb.

During the period, Zhao Jinxin called, Li Shuo said something in a hurry, and ended the call. He could hear that Zhao Jinxin’s tone was unhappy. Although he stayed with Zhao Jinxin that day, the atmosphere between the two was not harmonious. He felt that each other needed some time to settle their moods, and it was better not to see each other temporarily.

When the three people arrived at the fourth booth, they were already slightly drunk. Cheng Sheng looked content. Li Shuo had a good amount of alcohol, but didn’t respond much. Han Feiye’s pale skin revealed a thin layer of powder, which was absolutely beautiful.

Han Feiye squinted and smiled: “Little Shuo, let’s rest for a while.”

“Okay, there are snacks over there, let’s try them.” Li Shuo naturally held his arm.

As soon as the two stood up, they were both pressed back to their seats by someone pressing down their shoulders.

Li Shuo raised his head in surprise, and actually came face to face wirg Zhao Jinxin’s smiling face, “You…”

Han Feiye’s face changed slightly, and he stared at Zhao Jinxin. He seemed to sober up all at once.

“Uncle Li, why don’t you take me to the wine tasting? It’s no fun.” Zhao Jinxin turned to say hello to Cheng Sheng, “Hi, Brother Cheng.” Finally, his eyes fell on Han Feiye. He then smiled charmingly and gentlemanly. “Hello, my surname is Zhao, Zhao Jinxin, what do I call you?”

Han Feiye’s expression was stiff but he calmed down and said calmly, “Han Feiye.”

“Nice to meet you.” Zhao Jinxin patted him on the shoulder, straightened up, then sat next to Li Shuo, picked up Li Shuo’s cup and drank the rest of the wine, and tasted it gracefully: “Well, the taste is really good.”

Li Shuo frowned and said: “Why are you here?”

“I was bored and wanted to find you, so I asked Uncle Guang. I didn’t expect that Uncle Guang really knew where you were.”

Li Shuo knew that he was going to drink a lot today, so he brought Uncle Guang. He didn’t expect Uncle Guang to seriously think that him and Jinxin are a pair. He even told Zhao Jinxin about his whereabouts at will, but he could not tell the truth to Uncle Guang. After all, for people at that age, words like ‘bed partner’ are still a bit too surprising. He coughed slightly: “Let me introduce officially, this is Han…”

“No need to introduce.” Zhao Jinxin blinked his eyes, “Ex-boyfriend, I know.” He put his chin on his face and smiled rashly, “Then how are you going to introduce me?”

Li Shuo said without changing his face, “Feiye, this is my friend.”

Zhao Jinxin laughed and said: “Yes, we are ‘friends’.”

Li Shuo turned his head and gave Zhao Jinxin a warning look from an angle that Han Feiye could not see. With Zhao Jinxin’s unrestrained and bold personality, it is estimated that he can do anything. He is not afraid that Han Feiye knows the relationship between the two. He hasn’t done anything wrong and is frank, he just doesn’t want to lose face in public.

Zhao Jinxin still smiles handsomely and cutely, and stretches out his hand frivolously to pull Li Shuo’s bow tie: “Is it your personal hobby to wear a bow tie on a date? Uncle Li is so cute.”

Li Shuo let out a light cough, “I’m just wearing it casually.”

Zhao Jinxin stretched his neck and looked at Han Feiye, who was also in the same black bow tie. He whistled, “Did you two make a plan to wear the same bow tie?”

Han Feiye frowned.

Zhao Jinxin draped Li Shuo’s shoulders and looked at Han Feiye with a faint smile: “How come Brother Feiye looks at me so seriously? Did we know each other?”

“We don’t know each other.” Han Feiye said lightly.

“That’s right, a handsome and elegant man like Brother Feiye, if I have ever seen you, I will definitely not forget it.” From the look in the eyes to the voice, Zhao Jinxin was bewildered.

Han Feiye squinted his eyes and showed the most stylized smile.

Li Shuo’s heart made a great alarm bell, Zhao Jinxin’s appearance is almost the same as when the two first met on the plane. Knowing that Zhao Jinxin is ‘famous’ for liking guys that are older than him, he can not dismiss the idea that Feiye could also be a target.

Even a person like him who has been in and out of love for almost 20 years has been swept off by that little horny demon. With Han Feiye’s well-mannered character, how could he be against Zhao Jinxin’s charms?

Li Shuo straightened his body and leaned forward slightly, deliberately blocking the romantic flow from Zhao Jinxin’s peach blossom eyes. He then turned off the topic: “Feiye, let’s go eat something slowly, I see you are a little drunk.”

Han Feiye nodded: “Okay.”

Li Shuo stood up, turned his back to Han Feiye, stared at Zhao Jinxin, and said with his mouth: “What are you doing?”

Zhao Jinxin pouted innocently, looking ignorant.

Li Shuo couldn’t do anything to him so he turned around and took Han Feiye away.

When the two walked in front, Han Feiye lowered his voice and said, “Little Shuo, why do you know him?”

“He is the son of a friend of my dad.”

“…It’s more than that, right?” Han Feiye’s tone was unabashedly disappointed.

Li Shuo couldn’t answer for a while. He could feel that Han Feiye had an inexplicable hostility towards Zhao Jinxin, but it didn’t seem to make sense. Why would Han Feiye be like that towards him?

Li Shuo can’t blame him for being narcissistic. There are so many people who like him, not to mention that he is Han Feiye’s first love, and the two have had a very unforgettable relationship.

Thinking of this level, Li Shuo dared not answer easily.

The four found a table and sat down. Li Shuo ordered a few desserts, a pot of fruit tea, and Zhao Jinxin ordered three more glasses of champagne.

Zhao Jinxin tilted his long legs and looked at Han Feiye with a smile: “Brother Feiye doesn’t drink well.”

“I’m not a good drinker.” Han Feiye stared at the rose petals floating in the tea cup without squinting.

“Then why are you taking him over to drink?” Zhao Jinxin complained to Li Shuo, as if he was blaming his husband for persuading the guests to drink.

Han Feiye’s brows frowned, but he quickly returned to normal. He smiled and said without a smile: “I want to drink them myself.”

Li Shuo really wanted to kick Zhao Jinxin out, because the atmosphere right now was too weird. However, with Zhao Jinxin’s attitude, he was hard to be rid off. He was polite and smiling from beginning to end, and Li Shuo had no reason to attack him. He glanced at Cheng Sheng, hoping that Cheng Sheng could do something to ease the embarrassment.

But Cheng Sheng’s look at it like it was not too troublesome, and he didn’t want to interrupt.

Li Shuo sighed in his heart. With Zhao Jinxin’s upbringing, he shouldn’t embarrass them on the spot, so he should find a reason to take him away first.

Soon, the waiter put the snacks on the table one by one.

Zhao Jinxin used a fork to pick up a full cherries, and naturally sent it to Li Shuo’s mouth: “Just this one, for you to eat.”

Li Shuo did not eat what was given to him. He could only pretend to take the fork from Zhao Jinxin’s hand as if nothing had happened.

Zhao Jinxin tasted the mousse cake: “Hey, it’s so sweet.” When he saw Han Feiye lower his head to eat, he said, “Does Feiye like to eat sweet stuffs?”

Han Feiye said: “I don’t mind.”

“I’ll give it to you, I haven’t eaten it here, let’s not waste it.” Zhao Jinxin smiled gently, “You are so thin, you should really eat more.”

Li Shuo secretly scolded Zhao Jinxin in his mind, ‘what the hell was this little obscene demon doing? He won’t really be interested in Han Feiye?!’

Han Feiye said calmly, “Thank you, no need.”

Zhao Jinxin touched his chin, curled his lips and smiled: “Why do I have a feeling that Brother Feiye doesn’t like me too much? Have I offended Brother Feiye?”

“Jinxin.” Li Shuo shouted, “What are you talking about, Feiye is just shy. That’s just his character.”

Han Feiye slapped down the fork. He took the napkin and wiped the corners of his mouth. Then he turned to his side and looked directly into Zhao Jinxin’s eyes. His tone was neither humble nor overbearing, and without waves: “Mr. Zhao, you remember Philip Cheung ?”

Zhao Jinxin tilted his neck and thought: “Who?”

“Philip Cheung.” Han Feiye said the name in the clearest pronunciation, “People you have gone out with.”

Zhao Jinxin stretched out a slender finger and shook it lightly: “Brother Feiye, you can’t talk nonsense, I have never, never, ever dated anyone.”

Li Shuo squinted at Zhao Jinxin, feeling depressed.

In Zhao Jinxin’s mind, they have never even dated… yes, just as he expected.

Han Feiye narrowed his eyes: “Oh, what do you call it then? Booty Call?”

Zhao Jinxin smiled romantically and brilliantly: “I seem to remember who you are talking about. I don’t care about the name. In short, we are all adults. I made it clear early in the morning that everything that happened was nothing serious. Unfortunately, some people have unnecessary fantasies all by himself, I also have a headache.”

Han Feiye smiled coldly: “So you are quite innocent. I misunderstood you. I thought you were a low-hearted playboy who just abandoned him.”

Zhao Jinxin smiled and said, “Did he say that? Oh, why should he be such a big person? How could I abandon him when we were never together in the first place? I hope you will persuade him and tell him not to be arrogant.”

Han Feiye clenched his fists.

Li Shuo said solemnly: “Jinxin, let’s go back.”

Zhao Jinxin shrugged nonchalantly: “Okay, will you go with me?”

Li Shuo stood up and said softly to Han Feiye: “Feiye, we’ll keep in contact.”

Han Feiye looked at Li Shuo without blinking, eyes full of complicated thoughts.

Li Shuo snapped a pat on his shoulder and said to Zhao Jinxin: “Let’s go.”

Zhao Jinxin stood up and neatly fixed his shirt: “Goodbye Cheng, goodbye Feiye.”

Han Feiye took a deep breath without answering.

Li Shuo’s face was gloomy, and he strode out.

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