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WTA Chapter 26

Jinxin being shameless, Li Shuo being ruthless

Li Shuo received a phone call from Brother Xiang and was urged to return to China as soon as possible. This was not the first time Brother Xiang urged him. He suspected that his partner had put pressure on Brother Xiang. During this period, he could not return to China and all of his affairs were carried out by Brother Xiang. He feels guilty and anxious. So, he called the lawyer again and asked how the contract was going. The answer was that he had to go through some necessary procedures within the company.

Li Shuo faintly thinks that Zhao Jinxin is making trouble. He clearly said that he will be able to complete the procedure soon and that he can sign as early as next Monday. Now, he does not know how long he intends delay.

Li Shuo can only appease Brother Xiang as much as possible. Then, he urges the lawyer. But he is very clear that the lawyer has little ability to promote this matter. He also cannot alarm Zhao Rongtian for this matter and can only find Zhao Jinxin. But he hesitated for a long time and still does not want to call Zhao Jinxin. He decided to wait another two days.

Zhao Jinxin has not been idle these days. He kept sending Li Shuo text messages from time to time but Li Shuo ignored them all.

He reads books, exercises, cooks, and tastes tea at home every day. He keeps on practicing self-cultivation. First of all, it is because he is about to return to China so he should accompany his family more. Secondly, he also needs to calm down and forget the strong ‘memory’ Zhao Jinxin had left on his body. Otherwise, he will always be unable to bear the horns and started to think about meaningless things. For example, he would thought of how nice it’ll be if Zhao Jinxin was not the cousin of Shao Qun. Then, even if this kid is not serious, he is also happy just to be a sex friend.

But there is no such thing in the world. So, he asked himself to forget Zhao Jinxin completely.

That afternoon, Zhao Jinxin called Li Shuo again but was hung up by him. The text message immediately followed: Uncle Li, if you don’t answer my call, I’ll go to your house to find you.

Li Shuo pointed a middle finger at his mobile phone and dialed the number back. When it was answered, he immediately spoke: “Do you have anything important to say? No matter what happened, don’t come to my house. My parents will misunderstand.”

“They didn’t misunderstand. We do …”

“We are nothing now.” Li Shuo’s voice was a little cold. “How is the contract going? Why hasn’t there been news for several days?”

“The financial side raised an objection. We are still discussing internally. I will urge them for you.” Zhao Jinxin smiled lightly. “Are you in a hurry? Why not call me if you’re in a hurry?”

“If you are kind, you will push them even if I don’t urge for it. If you want to procrastinate deliberately, it doesn’t work for me to ask you.”

“Of course it works,” Zhao Jinxin said coquettishly. “As long as Uncle Li said something nice to me, my work efficiency can be improved several times.”

Li Shuo said, “Oh. Then, I would trouble the young and promising Mr. Zhao.”

Zhao Jinxin realized that Li Shuo wanted to hang up. He hurriedly said, “I want to see you.”

“Except for signing a contract, I have no reason to see you.”

“Then I’ll go to your house to visit. Uncle and Auntie will definitely welcome me.”

“… Zhao Jinxin, did I not make it clear enough?”

Zhao Jinxin said softly: “It’s clear enough. But I’ve also made it very clear that I like you. How can I give up simply because you are angry? What do you want me to do so that you can forgive me?”

“Thank you for liking me.” Li Shuo said blankly. “If you really want me to forgive you, let Shao Qun come and bow down, apologize to me personally to make up for my loss of reputation.”

Zhao Jinxin was speechless for a while.

Li Shuo smiled softly: “Can’t you do it? You’re right if you can’t. You are a family to my enemy. I’m just an outsider. You don’t have to hurt the brotherhood for me. The weather is good today. Go out and go shopping to change your mood. Bye. “

Li Shuo hung up the phone and slowly exhaled a breath out. The chest that was forced to squeeze slightly from before slowly relaxed.

Every time when Zhao Jinxin pretends to be miserable, he can’t help but have a soft heart. He has always been a person who is easy to be soft-hearted. But every time, he also clearly realized that Zhao Jinxin was probably lying to him. After all, their relationship was based on lies from the beginning to the present. And these are malicious lies deliberately framed by his enemies.

He can tolerate inadvertent loss that have rooms for repentance. But he can’t tolerate a liar who has no room for defense. Especially when the deception is the one that left him feeling sad.

When Zhao Jinxin appeared in Li Shuo’s house before dinner, Li Shuo knew that he still underestimated the kid’s thick face.

Li Shuo’s parents were surprised and confused, while the eyes of Li Shuo were very complicated. Li Shuo remembered being followed by a fanatic pursuer when he was in high school. Combined with Zhao Jinxin’s smiling face, it feels familiar and he suddenly realized that he had become so mixed up in a deep trouble. He has no choice but to force himself to do the unpleasant thing that he wanted to avoid doing the most: “Ah. Jinxin came to discuss the contract with me. There seems to be an objection from the Finance Department.”

Mr. Li frowned: “Why don’t you discuss with me if you have any objections from the Finance Department?”

Zhao Jinxin smiled and said: “Aren’t you busy with another big project recently? Just leave this matter to us to deal with. It’s not a big deal.”

Mr. Li said, “Oh, by the way, Jinxin, you stay for dinner. You guys can talk after dinner.”

“Thank you, uncle.” Zhao Jinxin handed a gift box in his hand to Mrs. Li. “Auntie, I bought you an avocado cake. The fat content is very low. The taste is also very good. If you like it, I will have the shop deliver it to you. “

Mrs. Li couldn’t help smiling: “Jinxin is so thoughtful. Thank you. Come, sit. I just made a pot of tea.”

Zhao Jinxin sat down without any embarrassment. He also praised that the tea set was beautiful. He had a very speculative chat with Mrs. Li.

Li Shuo felt that he couldn’t get a bit on the side, so he went to ask his dad about the progress of the big project he recently followed up.

It is a strategic project of the Ennan Group and it is of decisive value for the development of the Asian market in the next few years. Just small things like cooperation with his firm, there is really no need to alarm his dad or Zhao Rongtian.

They kept on chatting until it was dinner time. Zhao Jinxin appeared to be familiar and didn’t treat himself as an outsider at all when he stepped in. He talked familiarly with Li Shuo’s parents, housekeepers, nanny and driver.

After dinner, Li Shuo said: “Let’s go talk at the study.” He was really afraid that Zhao Jinxin and his parents would say or do something extraordinary.

Zhao Jinxin gathers his stuffs: “Let’s go.”

Li Shuo led him into the study on the second floor. As soon as the door of the study was shut, Zhao Jinxin exposed himself and wanted to pounce but Li Shuo was already prepared for that possibility, so he quickly evaded him. He said slightly: “Zhao Jinxin, don’t be too much.”

Zhao Jinxin looked like he was so wronged that he almost shook his invisible tail: “I miss you. I haven’t seen you for several days …”

“Have you no shame?!” Li Shuo could not bear it and growled at him in a low voice.

Zhao Jinxin froze. He looked at Li Shuo without blinking his eyes.

After Li Shuo finished his scolding, he felt too heavy. But he felt that if he didn’t say anything harshly, it was no good at all. He held his fist and sternly said, “You listen well. Your cousin is the person I hate the most. And you say that you like me but collude with him in the background to frame me and trick me. How dare you to appear in front of me casually? Don’t exhaust my last little affection for you!”

Zhao Jinxin’s face became a bit gloomy. His hands were clenched behind his back. He squeezed them tightly. Then he whispered: “I can’t change what happened. But I will try my best to compensate you. And, I don’t believe that you can forget me right away. “

“I will forget you sooner or later.” Li Shuo sneered. “Don’t take yourself too seriously.”

“At least not yet.” Zhao Jinxin walked step by step towards Li Shuo. “At least you still think of me, remember how I fuck you, remember how you begged me, remember how I put it in.”

Li Shuo was forced to step backwards subconsciously by Zhao Jinxin’s coercive eyes. Here again, he has not been able to tell how many times that this person makes him feel strange. It feels that the Zhao Jinxin he knew, and the real Zhao Jinxin may be far apart from each other.

Zhao Jinxin grabbed Li Shuo’s waist. His feet stumbled and Li Shuo’s body fell back uncontrollably. Zhao Jinxin directly pressed him on the desk behind him.

Li Shuo was intolerable of this and threw out a punch to Zhao Jinxin’s face. Zhao Jinxin’s eyes did not even slant as he grabbed Li Shuo’s wrist from the air and pressed it slowly and forcefully down on the table.

Li Shuo narrowed his eyes: “Zhao Jinxin, what do you want to do?”

Zhao Jinxin smiled ambiguously as he took in the sight of Li Shuo’s lips with his eyes: “I said I miss you. Who asked Uncle Li to be so seductive? You should be responsible.”

“Why should I be responsible for your wishful thinking?”

“Seriously, it’s nice to do it with me.” Zhao Jinxin gently covered Li Shuo’s lips with his own, kissing him softly.

Li Shuo thinks that such Zhao Jinxin makes people shudder. The kid also has great strength. He wonders if Zhao Jinxin had been in a fight before and had beaten people up with these hands.

“Tell me, it’s nice to do it.” Zhao Jinxin chuckled. “Uncle Li used to be top before. You don’t have to be so arrogant. You’re more like your real self in front of me. Don’t you really want me? Can anyone please you like me? How many times have I made you cum? “

Li Shuo gritted his teeth and said, “You are only suitable to have sex with, you hypocritical liar.” Li Shuo is afraid that this aggressive Zhao Jinxin is the real Zhao Jinxin. This kid had been in disguise all this while? Even if this is last thing that he wants to believe in, this is what it is.

“Then let us only have sex?” Zhao Jinxin’s tone sounds a little bit coquettish, and he already made a move. He pushed Li Shuo’s thigh hard and revealed his animal nature. “Since we both like it. Well, I will double the money as a compensation for your loss at your company. Then you don’t have to be angry with me, okay? I really … miss you so much. “Zhao Jinxin kissed Li Shuo’s lips again. He kissed softly and lingeringly.

There was a feeling of sorrow in Li Shuo’s heart. He could not describe how disappointed and angry he was at this time. In Zhao Jinxin’s eyes, he thinks he is dissatisfied with the loss of his money?!

He pushed Zhao Jinxin’s head away and gritted his teeth: “Get out of my house.”

Coldness flashed in Zhao Jinxin’s eyes and he pressed on Li Shuo’s wrist. His expression was complicated.

Li Shuo said indifferently: “I wish I never knew you.”

Zhao Jinxin bit his lip. He lowered his head slowly. It gets lower and lower and finally landed on the shoulder socket of Li Shuo. In a trembling voice, he spoke: “I’m sorry, I really don’t know what to do.”

Li Shuo was stunned. His heart became more and more anxious, so he pushed Zhao Jinxin away. He stood up and said: “Go home.”

Zhao Jinxin froze for a while and then, he took his stuffs and turned away.

Li Shuo sat wearily in his chair. Which is the real Zhao Jinxin? Who are you ?

In the next few days, Zhao Jinxin did not harass Li Shuo again. Li Shuo felt empty of heart and he had to laugh at himself. Zhao Jinxin should almost give up and he is about to return to his country. It is time to go far. Naturally, with the distance, he won’t be in trouble anymore.

On Friday, Li Shuo received a call from the lawyer. The lawyer said that he could sign the contract today. He was overjoyed when he heard this and told him that he would be there soon. It happened that his dad was also going to the company.

When they reached the Seventh Avenue, there was a huge traffic jam. This traffic jams is abnormal and Uncle Guang had to turn off the engine. He looked at his watch. “I don’t know how long it will be.”

Li Shuo laughed: “Uncle Guang, if you drive in Beijing, this is actually nothing.”

“Hey…. Then how long will it take you to go to work every day?”

“Twenty minutes without traffic jams. I’m not sure how long with traffic jams.”

The two were chatting when Li Shuo’s phone rang. He looked at it. It was Zhao Jinxin who called. Given the signing of the contract is today, most of it must be an official matter. So he answered the phone: “Hello?”

“Brother Li, where are you right now?” Zhao Jinxin’s voice really sounded serious.

“It’s traffic jammed on the Seventh Avenue. We’ll be there soon.”

“Okay. Let’s wait …”

Zhao Jinxin’s words haven’t been finished yet when Li Shuo’s ear burst with the sound of a loud ‘BOOM’!

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