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WTA Chapter 25

If Zhao Jinxin is not 'famous', I think he is in love with you

Zhao Jinxin returned to his seat. The two of them naturally chatted about something else and Zhao Jinxin listened for a while. He inserted himself into their topic without hindrance and also inquired about Li Shuo university’s days from time to time.

Without Li Shuo’s consent, of course Cheng Sheng wouldn’t talk about it casually. So, he avoided the topic lightly.

They continue to eat while chatting. On the surface, the atmosphere is very harmonious.

After a while, the main course came up. Zhao Jinxin and Li Shuo ordered the signature bull’s eye. Zhao Jinxin cut his plate of meat into small pieces and then he exchanged his plate with Li Shuo.

Cheng Sheng raised an eyebrow. His expression shown a bit of awkwardness.

Zhao Jinxin smiled. He pulled Li Shuo’s hand from under the table. He shook it in front of Cheng Sheng: “His hand is inconvenient.”

Li Shuo’s wrist and palm joints were all red and bruised. These were caused by his hit of the wall last night.

Li Shuo withdrew his hand: “It was just a bruise.” Zhao Jinxin’s tenderness and thoughtfulness now only made him feel like the man is extra hypocritical.

“My hand was injured at the time and you took care of me very carefully.” Zhao Jinxin smiled and looked at Li Shuo like there was no one beside him.

In the face of Cheng Sheng, Li Shuo could not easily attack him so he can only smile and say “Thank you” and continue to eat with his head down.

Zhao Jinxin took only two bites before he got up again and went to the toilet.

As soon as he left, Cheng Sheng chuckled and said, “He is very kind to you. I didn’t expect him to have such a character. I can’t see any signs of him being a player at all.”

Li Shuo smiled: “We are okay.”

“He always asks what you did in college. Haven’t you talked to him before?”

“When I was in college, he was a little fart kid. What’s there to talk about?”

Cheng Sheng chuckled: “But also… really, if Zhao Jinxin is not ‘famous’, I think he is in love with you.”

Li Shuo laughed aloud to show his disdain. But he just felt desolate. Before last night, he also thought that Zhao Jinxin really liked him and he was also proud of his own charm. Today, due to Cheng Cheng ‘s remarks, it inspires him to thoroughly understand Zhao Jinxin’s thoughts.

At first, it was to help his cousin to settle his love rivals. After meeting him, he found that this love rival was very appetizing to him.

So he calculated that when Zhao Jinxin said that he liked him, it was probably true. After all, the two of them are very compatible in bed. This is true as long as Zhao Jinxin hasn’t ‘played enough’.

Li Shuo felt unwilling and angry. He is angry that he had so easily jumped into a trap for his next game. And he had so sloppily fell in love with a hypocritical person. He was angry at the shamelessness of Shao Qun and Zhao Jinxin. He was also angry at his own stupidity.

“Right.” Cheng Sheng suddenly thought of something. “Last time at a tender meeting, I met someone. Guess who?”

Li Shuo smiled and said: “What kind of things are you selling, I’m not buying. Just tell me who.”

“Han Feiye.”

Li Shuo was stunned. Hearing the name again, it still made him a little palpitated. That was the person he had been in contact with the longest. From freshman to senior year. He had been with him for more than three years. He was also his favorite person.

“I wanted to talk to you just now. As a result, you brought …” Cheng Sheng gestured towards Zhao Jinxin’s dinner plate and his chin lifted. “It’s impossible to talk about it.”

Li Shuo sighed: “I didn’t expect to hear from him again. Is he doing well?”

“You don’t hear about this often. I’m with him at the top four. I haven’t heard of things in recent years but we have met like twice or three times. He looks pretty good. The poor kid at that time is now having hundreds of thousands of annual salary. Last time we met, he asked me about you. “

“Oh. What did he ask about?”

“Stuffs like…how are you doing, where you are. It doesn’t matter. But I thought I should tell you in case you want to reminisce. I think he missed it too.”

Li Shuo did want to see Han Feiye, but he always felt embarrassed to see that person. In the beginning, if he could be less naïve and more understanding, less harsh, maybe the two can still be together. Holding this mentality, it probably not best to see him. He smiled bitterly. “I never forgot him. But I can’t look back on feelings of the past. You just … don’t need to tell him much about me.”


After a while, Zhao Jinxin came back. His lips were pale but the smile on his face remained the same.

Cheng Sheng looked at him: “Are you all right? Hey? What happened to the corner of your mouth?” He hadn’t noticed it before but now he can see that there is a small piece of broken corner on Zhao Jinxin’s mouth.

“Drinking too much water during the day.” Zhao Jinxin smiled. He then touched the corner of his mouth as if he had just remembered something. He pointed at Li Shuo half-coquettishly and complained: “He bit me. It’s not bad.”

Li Shuo coughed and scolded softly: “Jinxin, don’t make trouble.”

Zhao Jinxin didn’t blush or hide. He just winked at Cheng Sheng. Cheng Sheng also laughed aloud in coordination.

After eating, Cheng Sheng left first. Li Shuo immediately removed his cover. He frowned and looked at Zhao Jinxin: “What do you mean? I see old friends. What are you doing coming here together?”

Zhao Jinxin blinked, looking quite innocent: “How am I supposed to know that you really meet a friend? You are so misleading. I was afraid you are going out on a date with someone.”

“It’s only a matter of time before I date someone. You shouldn’t worry about it.” Li Shuo stood up, took his coat and left.

Zhao Jinxin followed him step by step: “This guy is also gay? Did he ever chase after you? Anyway, he is not the type you like …”

You are not the type I like.” Li Shuo could not help but spat sarcastically.

“But you like me.” Zhao Jinxin grabbed Li Shuo’s arm and pulled his body over. He forced Li Shuo to face him. “You’re happy to be with me. It’s nice to have sex with me. I like you too. I also like to have sex with you. In this case, why would you refuse me? If you are angry, what do you want me to do to get rid of it?”

Li Shuo bursts into an anger. He said in a cold voice: “Zhao Jinxin, do you only have sex in your mind? I like to eat one thing, but I don’t live by it. You join forces with someone who framed me and persecuted me and pushed me around. Still expect me to pretend that nothing happened?! If you really have feelings for me, don’t harass me again. Let’s leave a good impression on each other’s minds. It’s enough. It’s over.” He tried his best to shake Zhao Jinxin’s hand away and he hurried forward.

In the next second, his body was dragged into a wide embrace by his waist. Zhao Jinxin’s arms clasped him tightly from behind. That hug was like trying to melt him into the body. It was almost airtight.

Li Shuo just wanted to get angry, but Zhao Jinxin whispered in his ear: “I’m sorry.” The voice was soft and weak. It was pitiful.

Li Shuo froze.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean that. I didn’t just want to go to bed with you.” Zhao Jinxin whispered. “I really like you. Everything about you attracts me. If I can go back, I will never promise my brother to deal with you. In fact, when I saw you at first sight, I don’t know anymore who I’m approaching you for. I just can’t help but want to be close to you … Sorry, Uncle Li. Sorry. Don’t be angry with me anymore. Let’s go back to how good it was before. “

Li Shuo’s heart shook slightly. Hearing Zhao Jinxin’s soft voice, he did shake a bit. But when he thought of Shao Qun, thought of what they did, thought of Cheng Sheng’s evaluation of Zhao Jinxin, he doubted. His own opinion of Zhao Jinxin is shallow. He knows too little about him. Maybe everything about this person are all pretense. Everything he likes is just an illusion. So what is left of his ‘like’? What else is necessary to continue together? Is it just for sex? He is a human, not a beast.

Zhao Jinxin repeatedly rubbed Li Shuo’s cheeks and neck. He cried: “Uncle Li, let’s make up. Let’s make up, okay? I didn’t lie to you. I really like you.”

Li Shuo closed his eyes. Some of his muddy brain suddenly flashed with a white light. He suddenly remembered something. He opened his eyes and gritted his teeth. “You tell me you didn’t you lie to me?”

“I didn’t. I like you.”

“Don’t you say that you have impaired blood coagulation function? I just bit your lip a moment ago. Why are you okay?” The thought of Zhao Jinxin lying to him because of his kindness made him shiver with anger.

Zhao Jinxin tightened his arm and said in a deep voice, “I just stopped bleeding much faster than others. It’s not serious. It doesn’t matter if I bleed for a while when the break is small. I forgot to prepare thrombin when I changed the car. “

“Shut up!” Li Shuo gritted his teeth. “Zhao Jinxin, you are full of lies. I looked down on you! Let me go!” He struggled hard.

Zhao Jinxin couldn’t help but have to let go of him. He said pitifully, “I didn’t lie …”

Li Shuo exchanged a breath. He said calmly and indifferently: “After signing the contract, I will find a representative for you at the office. After that, all official matters will be contacted through him.” He reached out and stopped a taxi and quickly drilled in.

Zhao Jinxin looked at the taxi that had went away. He stroked his forehead and spit out the word viciously between his lips: “Damn it.” He paused for a few seconds and he laughed bitterly at himself.

Li Shuo returned home. He thought he could finally escape Zhao Jinxin. As soon as he entered the house, his mother asked, “Jinxin came to you in the afternoon?”

Li Shuo was helpless. He had to admit: “Well, I was uncomfortable yesterday. He came to see me.”

Mr. Li closed the book in his hand, looking at his son carefully.

Li Shuo didn’t look straight at him: “What’s wrong, Dad?”

“Are you in love with Jinxin?” Mr. Li asked straightforwardly.

Li Shuo frowned: “Dad, what are you talking about?” He felt cold sweat on his back. If it were the day before yesterday and his dad asked him this way, what would he answer? When he thinks he has done nothing wrong, he is unwilling and disdain to lie. So, he will probably admit. If he admits his own wishful thinking to Zhao Jinxin’s wishful thinking but in the end, he finds that he had been played hard, he really does not know how to face his parents.

“Look, Jinxin has a very good looks. You have had a lot of contact during this time and your relationship was quite good. Yesterday … Dancing together.” Mr. Li said awkwardly. “Can we not think too much?”

“Oh. Jinxin is also a sheep.” Mrs. Li added with care.

“Mom, you are superstitious.” Li Shuo smiled bitterly. “Dad, don’t think about it. We’re okay. We’re just … friends.”

Mr. Li breathed a sigh of relief: “That’s good. Otherwise, how can I tell your Uncle Zhao and Auntie?”

Mrs. Li disagreed and said, “Why do you say like our son is so bad? What is wrong with our son? Now the society is so open. It still depends on the wishes of the young people.”

“That’s what you say but homosexuality is not a good thing. Better not be with my friend’s son.”

“What’s wrong even if it’s with your friend’s son? Isn’t Little Shuo worthy of him? Except the financial difference between our family, what is worse than him?”

“That’s not the problem …”

“What do you mean then?”

Li Shuo couldn’t help crying out: “You guys are noisy. Rest early.”

“I’m not quarreling with him.” Mrs. Li held Li Shuo’s arm and pulled him aside. “You mother will support you no matter who your choice is. I believe in your vision.”

Li Shuo patted her head: “Mom, if I really have someone I love, I will definitely tell you. If I didn’t tell you, don’t guess it. Be good.”

Mrs. Li gave him a thumbs up.

Li Shuo thought for a moment that he was not in the United States all the year round and that was why he would not know that Zhao Jinxin is ‘notorious’. But his parents, the older generation and decent people, it is impossible for them to know the gossip in the gay circle. If they knew, they would in turn pull him far away from Zhao Jinxin.

Anyone who knows the heart of the player is best not to be touched. Zhao Jinxin’s flirting and bed skills are perfect. He certainly knows that this kid skills must’ve not built in a day. But he was too confident and too obsessed. He thinks that as long as Zhao Jinxin likes him, he will not bother tagging people in the past. But facts have proven that he is not only affectionate, but also lame.

The leaves fell in all directions, out of the foreign appearance. He can’t stand that the person he likes gave him the deepest humiliation.

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  1. Avatar nix says:

    It’s so refreshing to see a friend who’s first thing to do is not swoon over the ML’s look at first sight but to warn Li Shou 😉 Cheng Sheng is a great friend.

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