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WTA Chapter 18

A Gift for the Little Kinky Demon

Li Shuo was driving on the road and thought that it was not good to go over empty-handed. He should get something for Zhao Jinxin. When he happened to pass a block, Li Shuo found that an exhibition hall that was doing Yunjin exhibition. There was a large poster hanging outside. It seemed to be a work of a young Yunjin artist. He glanced at it and saw the patterns of the zodiac signs. His heart moved so he drove in.

There are not many people in the exhibition hall. It may be because it was exhibited on the last day. He picked up a book at hand and turned it over. Then, he asked the staff member where the pattern of the sheep was. The staff member led him to the largest exhibition hall.

There are more than 30 Yunjin works on the walls and stands of the exhibition hall. The weaving is fine, the lines are clear, and the colors are gorgeous. It can be praised with more adjectives but the most suitable would be the word “beauty”. A few foreigners are holding magnifying glass to see. They seemed impressed.

The zodiac works are on the largest wall. The round brocade is inlaid in the middle of the square mahogany frame. Even the frame is carved with exquisite floral patterns.

Li Shuo saw the sheep’s Yunjin at a glance. It is really a very artistic work. Li Shuo called out to the staff: “Hello, I want to collect this work of the zodiac sheep.”

“Please wait.” After a few minutes, the staff came back and said: “Sir, the price of this work is 40,000 US dollars.”

“Okay. You wrapped it up for me as a gift.”


Li Shuo shook his head with a smile while holding the gift box. He thought he really was influenced by his mother. He had never cared about the Chinese zodiac before.

When he arrived at Zhao Jinxin’s place, Li Shuo pressed the doorbell downstairs. Today is the weekend. He doesn’t know if Zhao Jinxin will be home … The doorbell rang for a long time before Zhao Jinxin’s face appeared on the intercom screen. He was surprised: “Uncle Li?”

Li Shuo smiled like a gentleman: “May I?”

“Come up.” The security door opened with a click.

Li Shuo opened the door and got into the elevator. He looked at the gift in his hand. His eyes were full of expectation. He looked forward to seeing Zhao Jinxin’s joyful expression.

The door of the apartment was open. Li Shuo walked in and heard the sound of water from the bathroom. The floor-to-ceiling windows in the living room were open. The cold wind that seeped in made people uncomfortable. But there was still a hint of alcohol in the air in the living room. He guessed that the smell of wine may have come out of the clothes thrown on the ground.

After a while, Zhao Jinxin came out. He was wearing a pair of jeans and was barefoot. His upper body was naked. His head and face were full of water. He wiped his hair and asked, “Why did you came without a phone call? I’m all messed up.” He lowered his head and didn’t look at Li Shuo.

Li Shuo sighed inwardly. He closed the window as he passed by and then he pointed to the slippers on the floor: “Put on your shoes. It’s cold. You are not afraid of catching a cold?”

“No,” Zhao Jinxin said sullenly.

It seems that the story of that day hasn’t been over yet. It appears that Zhao Jinxin is obviously just woke up from a hangover. Li Shuo’s taste of guilt gets deeper. He said: “I am here to apologize to you today. Bought a gift. “Li Shuo raised the gift box in his hand.

Zhao Jinxin finally looked up. The dark eyes looked at Li Shuo without blinking. He said pitifully: “You don’t need to apologize. There is nothing to apologize.”

“Need.” Li Shuo walked over, stroking Zhao Jinxin’s wet hair and kiss him gently. “I made you sad. I’m sorry.”

Zhao Jin paused. He hugged Li Shuo and said aggrievedly: “It doesn’t matter. I was willing.”

Li Shuo felt distressed. This boy is really like an animal that is easy to satisfy. Zhao Jinxin is good everywhere. What is he hesitating about? It was precisely because of all his worries in his heart that this big boy would be hurt. From now on, he decided to get along with Zhao Jinxin seriously.

Li Shuo dragged the towel and helped to wipe Zhao Jinxin’s hair: “You should blow dry your hair. Then, put on your clothes. It’s easy to catch a cold.”

“No. I want to see the gift first.” Zhao Jinxin grinned. A row of small white teeth was exposed. He looks very cute.

“Then you wear clothes first. After looking at the gifts, blow your hair.”

Zhao Jinxin kissed Li Shuo quickly. He simply ran into the bedroom. Li Shuo’s face smiled softly. His heart felt warm.

As Zhao Jinxin ran to the bedroom door, he grabbed the door frame and suddenly stopped to turned his head towards Li Shuo and said, “If you want to see my pectoral muscles, I can take it off for you at any time.” After winking, he flew a kiss to Li Shuo.

Li Shuo laughed: “Go and get dressed.”

In half a minute, Zhao Jinxin put on a long-sleeved cardigan. The clothes are simple in style. The color is also very simple. But the fabric and tailoring are very elegant. It fits his texture. Thick pectoral muscles and tight waist and abdomen are perfectly sketched.

Zhao Jinxin said excitedly: “What gift Uncle Li bought me?”

Li Shuo laughed: “Open and see for yourself.”

Zhao Jinxin untied the ribbon. Before opening the gift box, he mysteriously said, “Is it a mermaid suit?”

Li Shuo couldn’t help but cried out: “What the hell are you thinking… Do you even notice this box?” The gift box is embroidered. Although it is a machine-processed cloth at a glance, it is also very elegant.

“Just kidding.” Zhao Jinxin licked his lips. He opened the gift box and suddenly exclaimed: “Wow!” He took the Yunjin zodiac sheep out of the wrappings. “It’s beautiful.”

Li Shuo smiled at him as he looked at him. His heart suddenly opened up: “I drove past an exhibition. I caught it at a glance. Your name carries a ‘jin’. It is also a sheep. It is right for you.”

Zhao Jinxin looked at Li Shuo. His eyes shine brightly and he said seriously: “This gift is really meaningful. I like it very much. Thank you.”

“I’m glad you like it.” Li Shuo’s uneasy heart finally settled.

Zhao Jinxin held the Yunjin brocade in his hands. In the living room, he gestures it everywhere: “It’s better to hang there. No. It will be dusty when hung …”

“Blow your hair first.” Li Shuo put the Yunjin back in the box. “You have time to think about where to hang it later.”

Zhao Jinxin crooked over Li Shuo as if he were boneless: “Uncle Li helped me blow.”

“OK. Come here.”

Zhao Jinxin sat at the head of the bed. Li Shuo stood in front of him, helping him to blow his wet hair.

Zhao Jinxin raised his hand with a smirk on his face. He puts his finger into the gap between the buttons of Li Shuo’s shirt and caressed his skin.

“Don’t make trouble.” Li Shuo ruffled his head wildly.

Of course Zhao Jinxin cannot be obedient with his hands. He began to untie Li Shuo’s button. Li Shuo pushed his hand away and then the hand went to pick up the belt buckle.

Li Shuo scolded: “Little Kinky Demon, can you be honest…”

“You have called me a Little Kinky Demon, if I am honest, I would not live up to your expectations.”

Li Shuo said. “Put your hands behind your back.”

“What’s the benefit of me putting it behind my back?”

“If you are obedient, I’ll give you something to eat.”

Zhao Jinxin landed his hands behind his back. He looked up at Li Shuo and smiled. That cunning and mischievous look was really beautiful.

Li Shuo couldn’t help but laugh. He was in a good mood. He fiddled with Zhao Jinxin’s hair and hummed a song.

Zhao Jinxin sat for a while but he became restless again. He wrapped Li Shuo’s calf with his legs.

Fortunately, the hair was also dried. Li Shuo put the hair dryer aside. He pressed Zhao Jinxin to the bed. He threatened pretendedly: “You are really not honest. Do you want to be beaten?”

Zhao Jinxin laughed and said: “Domestic violence. I’m calling someone.”

“Go ahead and make a call. See who will save you.” Li Shuo rubbed Zhao Jinxin’s hair randomly.

Zhao Jinxin yanked and pulled Li Shuo down on the bed. He rolled over to press him down. Li Shuo was unwilling to show his weakness. The two of them rolled up on the bed. They both tried desperately to suppress each other. Finally, they couldn’t help laughing.

Zhao Jinxin kissed Li Shuo several times. He pressed his lips onto Li Shuo’s ear and said, “Uncle Li. I like you so much.”

Li Shuo’s heart was rippling as he was holding Zhao Jinxin’s face. He kissed his lips solemnly and sucked passionately.

The two kissed softly and lingeringly. They seemed to have passed the day before yesterday. Their hearts were closer.

Li Shuo’s hand reached into Zhao Jinxin’s clothes, stroking the sturdy spine and put his hand on the shoulder blade, feeling the muscle up and down with his movement. Zhao Jinxin also stirred Li Shuo’s desire by rubbing Li Shuo’s back and thighs.

Just as the atmosphere between the two was heating up quickly, Zhao Jinxin suddenly pushed Li Shuo away and sat up. He lowered his head and rubbed his hair a little anxiously. Li Shuo propped up his body. He was surprised: “What’s wrong?”

Zhao Jin smiled difficultly: “Forget it. I’ll be more uncomfortable.”

“Because we can’t make it to the end?” Li Shuo recalled the last experience. Even if he didn’t make it to the end, it felt good for him.

Zhao Jinxin jumped out of bed. He shook his head and turned his back to Li Shuo and said, “You can. I can’t.” After that, he went outside.

Li Shuo stared at Zhao Jinxin’s back until he disappeared. He then fell on the bed unconsciously. His eyes stared blankly at the ceiling. After a while, he smiled helplessly. He sat up and adjusted his clothes. He walked out of the bedroom, seeing Zhao Jinxin drinking water.

Li Shuo looked at him as he leaned against the wall, staring down at this young man who has a superb appearance and perfect figure, thinking of his love and pursuit for himself. He was a little proud. There was also a lot of warmth.

Zhao Jinxin put down the glass: “Uncle Li, cook for me.”

Li Shuo laughed: “What do you want to eat?”

“As long as you make it, I promise to finish it clean.”

Li Shuo walked over and squeezed his chin: “What a full grown man but the mouth is so sweet.”

“It’s only sweet for you.” Zhao Jinxin kissed his temples. “I want to see you wear an apron.”

“Okay. But I won’t wear it naked.”

Zhao Jinxin pretended to be surprised, “How do you know what I am going to say!”

Li Shuo knocked his head: “Come and give me a hand.”

Zhao Jinxin said disappointedly: “One day, you will definitely wear an apron for me naked.”

Li Shuo couldn’t help but imagine the scene. He felt embarrassed. He was not a conservative person. If he were as big as Zhao Jinxin, he would definitely like to play more tricks. But now he feels that he is smaller than himself. Many people play these. It is really confusing to think about it.

“Shy?” Zhao Jinxin smiled ambiguously: “Come to me. I’ll make sure you are fresh every day.”

Li Shuo smiled: “I believe this.” Zhao Jinxin really has that ability. So it is particularly attractive.

Zhao Jinxin took the apron out of the cupboard and shakes it off. He then tie it around himself.

Li Shuo puzzled: “You wanna cook?”

Zhao Jinxin winked his eyes: “Let you try my craft. My hand was hurt before… I have no chance to show you.”

Li Shuo unexpectedly said: “I really didn’t expect you to cook.”

“It’s more than just me knowing it. It’s also delicious.” Zhao Jinxin walked to the kitchen. When he passed by Li Shuo, he bit his ear. “This will give you a reason to fall in love with me.”

Li Shuo’s heart trembles. After two clicks in his heart, he experienced an indescribable feeling. It brought some numbness to the aftertaste.

As Zhao Jinxin was cooking, Li Shuo lays his hands next to him. He fried two steaks, made lobster soup, two mashed potatoes and a pot of seafood salad. He squeezed some creamy kiwi juice.

Li Shuo didn’t expect Zhao Jinxin to not be bragging. He looked like an expert cook. He couldn’t help but ask, “Who did you learn from?”

“If this can’t be learned, I won’t be able to read the tutorial.” Zhao Jinxin said with a smile. “I don’t like to live at home. My parents always treat me as a child. So I stay away from them deliberately. I would usually called takeout or I’ll just do it myself. It ‘s easy. “

Li Shuo cut a piece of beef and put it in his mouth for a taste. The beef is tender and fluffy. The taste is very good. He praised: “It is delicious. What kind of beef is this?”

“The housekeeper brought it. Very good wagyu beef. He asked me to eat it fresh that day. I didn’t make it that day because I didn’t have time. It was a bit wasteful to let it freeze. Next time, I will make the freshest for you.” He squinted his eyes at him: “Do you like me more?”

“A bit more.” Li Shuo smiled.

After dinner, Li Shuo helped Zhao Jinxin to tidy up the room. They left all the wine-flavored clothes in the washing machine. They talked and laughed. It was quite a bit like the taste of the old man and his wife. This made Li Shuo produce the illusion that the two had known each other for a long time. Then, they lived the most common and fun home life together.

After busying themselves with work, it was already dark. Zhao Jinxin turned on the projector. The two were lying side by side in a huge sunken mattress to watch a movie. Zhao Jinxin tilted his head onto Li Shuo’s laps. He used his head to arch over Li Shuo’s stomach. He touched Li Shuo’s waist for a while. In short, he had never been idle.

Li Shuo wanted to watch movies attentively and hold Zhao Jinxin as a dog in his arms but he’s being teased enough. Zhao Jinxin became more and more unreliable. Putting him up a little bit of fire, naturally, he returned the flames.

Two slender and muscular bodies are entangled on the mattress. Soon, their clothes are completely detached from the owner. They are scattered everywhere. They kiss and stroke each other like beasts and feel the temperature and hardness of each other. The fire of desire are raging inside of them. It almost burned their sanity away.

Zhao Jinxin was tight all over. It was like an arrow filled with a bow. He pressed Li Shuo firmly under his body. His eyes were extremely eager.

Li Shuo looked at him in a complicated mood. He was also agitated. He felt his brain got a little dazed. Zhao Jinxin kept rubbing him. He said in a hushed voice: “Is it possible? Uncle Li. Please, please …”

Li Shuo’s reason was shaking. He felt his heart trembling.

Zhao Jinxin noticed the hesitation in Li Shuo’s lowered eyes. So, he propped up his body, lowered his head and pursed his lips. He smiled and said: “Forget it.”

Li Shuo took a deep breath. He was only about half figuring things out. Half of his reason was broken. He shot up and embraced Zhao Jinxin’s waist, dragging the person back onto the mattress. His hot lips were attached Zhao Jinxin’s ear and dumbly said: “Don’t go.”


*Translator’s Note: Yunjin is like the traditional silk fabric if I’m not mistaken. It is weaved by an artist specialized in it but these days it can be done using machine. Some are made into cloth or robe and some weaved for decorations.

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