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WTA Chapter 19

(M) His 1st Time Being a Bottom

Zhao Jinxin’s bright eyes stared into the depths of Li Shuo’s pupils without blinking. That speechless longing penetrated into the soil like spring rain. The looks quietly penetrated Li Shuo’s skin and invaded every nerve. Li Shuo smiled slightly: “I will serve you. I can play. You … do it.”

Zhao Jinxin slammed Li Shuo’s body with his arms. The tone was unconsciously raised: “Really?”

“I’ll give you a chance to prove yourself.” Li Shuo squeezed his chin. “If the skills is not good enough …” He wanted to say that if it doesn’t feel good, there will be no next time. But that’ll be too hurtful to say, He really likes Zhao Jinxin. So whether it is good or not, it is also very important for him to maintain the harmony of this relationship. If the two of them can’t pass this level, while the relationship is not deep, they can’t simply give up without doing anything. That’s not in line with his character.

Men should be generous. Especially older men like himself. Li Shuo thinks he wants to be more open about it.

Zhao Jinxin was obviously excited and flushed. He kissed Li Shuo several times before he smiled and said, “You won’t regret it.” He then turned over and pressed Li Shuo under him, sucking on Li Shuo’s lips. Li Shuo responded to the fiery kiss. On the other hand, he felt Zhao Jinxin’s tight muscles with his palm. The solid and flexible feel was really irresistible.

Under the caress of Zhao Jinxin’s skill, Li Shuo’s dick quickly responded, pushing the underwear out showing a small hill bag, Zhao Jinxin’s fingers drilled into the underwear, teasing the still soft meat head that was heavy and warm. He puts it in his palm like taking control of this man’s lifeline.

“Hmm..” Li Shuo let out a low sigh and arched his body unconsciously into Zhao Jinxin’s hand.

Zhao Jinxin pulled off Li Shuo’s half-hanging clothes and rudely pulled off the pure white underwear. Li Shuo’s slender and muscular body was exposed to the air without concealment. Li Shuo’s figure is good. Though his figure is thin, his muscles are evenly distributed, just not exaggerated. The lines are ups and downs but not thick. When he is wearing a suit, it’s already tempting to death. Taking off his clothes makes Zhao Jinxin want to eat him alive.

Zhao Jinxin continued to stroke at Li Shuo’s dick, while leaning down, a series of kisses and small teeth marks fell of the smooth chest. Li Shuo couldn’t help but hug Zhao Jinxin’s head and his five fingers fluttered between the thick black hair, enjoying every touch and every kiss of Zhao Jinxin, he slightly opened his lips that had been kissed and swollen, and kept breathing. All the blood was rushing towards the lower abdomen, and the desire was high.

“Your skin is so hot,” Zhao Jinxin gently hit Li Shuo’s nipple and licked it back and forth with the tip of his tongue. He could even feel the little thing stiffen in his mouth.

Li Shuo sighed heavily. “You are also hot…” He wrapped Zhao Jinxin’s calf with his long legs and rubbed it up and down erotically.

Zhao Jinxin raised his head, the top of his nose was slightly red with excitement, and a pair of peach eyes were impregnated with desire. It was almost endless in spring. He licked his lips with satisfaction, and then stretched his arms out of the small drawer at the bottom of the magazine rack. A bottle of lubricant is taken out. Li Shuo looked at the familiar packaging and felt a bit complicated. This brand is also what he commonly used but he didn’t expect that one day it’ll be used on him.

Zhao Jinxin opened the bottle cap with his mouth and squeezed a large sum in his palm and then he separated Li Shuo’s leg. Li Shuo tried to relax himself but he still feel hot like he is burning.

Zhao Jinxin leaned down. He smiled against Li Shuo’s ear and said, “Your face is so red. It’s so pretty.”

Li Shuo hugged his neck and said in a hushed tone: “You need to be gentle, you know.”

Zhao Jinxin gently kissed Li Shuo’s cheek with soft lips: “Leave it to me.” He used his knees to spread Li Shuo’s legs further apart and then hooked one of the legs at the bend of his arms and reached into the hip gap with one hand.

Li Shuo felt a warm hand sticking up with a cold jelly. Li Shuo felt extremely ashamed. He couldn’t help covering his eyes with the back of his hands. He knew that it is best to be relax or he would not know how to face Zhao Jinxin again. He could only bear it.

Zhao Jinxin smeared the lubricant back and forth at the mouth of the ass hole, his fingers gently squeezed the folds of the meat hole and then lubricated the tunnel.

“Umm…” Li Shuo frowned deeply. Although it didn’t hurt, the strange feeling made his scalp numb and he instinctively rejected the invading things.

“Relax,” Zhao Jinxin lay down on his body, dropping soothing kisses one after another on his face and lips: “I promise not to make you hurt.”

Li Shuo endured the foreign body sensation and barely grinned: “That’s just the most basic requirement.”

“I will also make you feel like dying,” Zhao Jinxin bit his ear and said with a low smile, while his fingers drilled deep into the wall of the intestine and slowly stirred inside.

Li Shuo lifted his waist subconsciously but was pressed back down by Zhao Jinxin’s weight. He kissed Zhao Jinxin’s lips fiercely and sucked hard. They exchanged each other’s breath through their lips and teeth. Whether it is the body or the soul, they seem to be slowly emerging with one another.

Zhao Jinxin inserted his second finger into the tight meat hole. His own lower body was stiff so badly that he wished he could just fuck him hard. This was probably the hardest time he had ever endured to fuck someone.

The rotation of the two fingers was slightly hindered, and Li Shuo also began to feel a little uncomfortable, but he knew that with the size of Zhao Jinxin, this degree of expansion was not enough. He frowned slightly, thinking about what would happen next. Everything caused a little panic in his heart.

It feels good to just lie down and accept given pleasure, but he can help but waver if it is uncomfortable to be fucked… The finger in the meat hole is added to the third, and the squeezed lubricant flows down the bone to the mattress. A small pool of lascivious liquid formed on the wet, wet fingers that were twirled back at forth in the intestine gradually opened a small entrance in the ass hole that had been mined.

“It’s tight…” Zhao Jinxin said in a hushed tone, “Baby, you’re going to suffocate me.”

Li Shuo didn’t speak, he gritted his teeth and endured. The longer the foreplay is, the more shame he had to bear. He no longer dared to look into Zhao Jinxin’s eyes, nor did he dare listen to the tiny water-stained sound that was made when he entered and exited his ass hole. When his fingers began to thrust back and forth while stimulating his dick, he started to feel an indescribable feeling, mixed with obscenity, heat and stimulation… especially psychological stimulation, which made his body warm and his waist and legs soft.

Zhao Jinxin stretched his thighs down and lifted them on his shoulders. Li Shuo’s body opened wide and was exposed to Zhao Jinxin’s almost maddening sight without reservation.

Li Shuo opened his eyes slightly. He wanted to see a bit of reality to confirm that he was still awake, otherwise, he really felt that he had gone crazy. When Zhao Jinxin’s fingers were bent suddenly in his ass hole, Li Shuo moaned, and besides the pain, there was something else. He couldn’t help but gathered his legs to close them, but Zhao Jinxin forced it open.

“Don’t be afraid, it will feel good.” The three fingers were flexible like a snake, and even stroked and explored in the most difficult place to open their teeth, constantly opening up and squeezing the hot intestinal wall. The feeling of being wrapped in layers of meat is almost maddening. He can’t wait to replace it with his real fellow in the next second. He can’t hold back anymore.

Li Shuo began to feel that something was off about Zhao Jinxin. The more he probed with his fingers, the more evil he became, until he squeezed into a sensitive area. Li Shuo was shaking like an electric shock, shaking his lips desperately, and no sound was made.

Zhao Jinxin felt that his lower abdomen began to ache. He gritted his teeth and said, “Like this feeling? Don’t worry, I won’t just finger you for this first time. I’m going in. Li Shuo, you hear me? I’m going to put in my big dick into your ass.”

“Stop talking nonsense…” Li Shuo’s body and face were covered with fine sweat. His handsome and masculine face portrayed a forbidden expression. Just looking at it, it’s already feel like a feast.

Zhao Jinxin pulled his fingers out. There was an erotic wetness at the mouth of the ass hole. The meat hole that was previously forced to open a small entrance shrank slightly in the air, embarrassed and seduced to the extreme.

Li Shuo opened his eyes, his eyelashes were moist, his pupils were dark, and he looked at Zhao Jinxin in silence. Although he didn’t say anything, the uneasiness that naturally emerged instantly hit Zhao Jinxin’s heart. Li Shuo, who always seems to be gentle and powerful, has such an expression. He looks as pitiful as a small animal …

Zhao Jinxin leaned down and kissed the corner of his mouth softly: “Don’t be afraid.” He treated the man with the greatest patience he could settle down, holding his dick, and slowly inserted it into the place he longed for.

“Hmmph…” Li Shuo’s entire face was wrinkled. Despite all the preparations, when Zhao Jinxin’s meat blade forcibly opened the soft hole and tried to go straight in for the long distance, he still felt terrible pain.

The raindrops of Zhao Jinxin’s kisses generally fall on Li Shuo’s cheek: “Don’t be afraid. If you feel hurt, I’ll stop.”

“Shit…” Li Shuo couldn’t help but to curse several swear words.

Zhao Jinxin smiles, he bit Li Shuo’s lips lightly. Although his own endurance was about to explode and although the man’s painful expression was also delicious, he still dared not act rashly. He could only penetrate little by little, allowing Li Shuo to adapt to every inch of his invasion.

Li Shuo gritted his teeth. The strange feeling of being inserted by something foreign was more intense than the pain. He didn’t know how to describe it. The only thought in his heart was that is this what it feels like to be bottom?

“It’s tight…” Zhao Jinxin sighed. “Baby, you relax and give it to me.”

“It’s really difficult…” Li Shuo took a deep breath and force himself a laugh.

“Okay. Does it hurt?” Zhao Jinxin kissed Li Shuo’s cheek over and over again. “It won’t hurt anymore. Trust me, please.”

Li Shuo couldn’t hold back and laughed with a sneer. After the laugh, he sucked in pain: “You kid… dare to use this tone to coax me…” Being ‘comforted’ by a boy so much younger than himself is even more embarrassing than being fucked.

Zhao Jinxin also smiled, his eyes filled with tenderness: “You are mine, of course I want to coax you, and I will give you the best experience.” He folded Li Shuo’s leg to his chest. In this position, it will make it easier for the body to accept itself, and his sexual device pushes into the tight and hot little hole little by little, and when the thick meat head submerged, both of them sweated.

Li Shuo gasped for breath, feeling the sweat flowing into his eyes and his vision blurred. The pain did not reach intolerable level yet, but the fact that he was really being fucked was more impactful to him.

Li Shuo comforts himself. Even if it is not pleasant, it is also a new experience in life. Looking at a single thing with a holistic view, he can escape ordinary happiness and sorrow, laugh and anger. But he soon could not divert his attention from a philosophical point of view …

Zhao Jinxin’s dick were thick, long and hard. Every time he went in, he had the illusion of being stabbed by a knife. Based on Zhao Jinxin’s physical “conditions”, he challenged the highest difficulty the first time. Li Shuo also admired himself.

Zhao Jinxin dragged the pillow and placed it under Li Shuo’s waist. He raised his waist and hip to a position closer to his own meat stick. The intestinal wall wrapped his dick hard, and every gentle rub brought a strong pleasure. He really endured with a toothache, fixed Li Shuo’s waist, slowly withdrew a few points, and then pushed in an inch deeper.

“Um..” Li Shuo gasped, his toes curled up involuntarily.

Zhao Jinxin grabbed Li Shuo’s dick with one hand and stroke it back and forth to try to ease his discomfort. He grabbed his ankle with the other hand and kissed his calf. He said in a hushed voice, “I’m going to move.”

Li Shuo gritted his teeth as a tacit consent.

Zhao Jinxin slightly lifted the waist and began to slowly enter and exit, watching his sex device being swallowed by the narrow honey hole, feeling the layers of wraps on the meat wall, the pleasure climbed extremely fast, and fiercely impacted his reason. Sure enough, he was right. From the first sight of Li Shuo, he knew that this man was the best, whether it was his face or his body, or even his gentle, rational, and calm character, which was also unreasonable. Even aside from the thrill of conquest, the wonderful experience brought by this body alone is enough to drive him crazy.

He couldn’t control it anymore. The swaying of his waist became more powerful. Because of the lubricant, the meat stick had completely opened the difficult intestinal wall. With every insertion, he pushed deeper into the depths, until the meat stick is swallowed up completely by the ecstasy hole.

“Ah…Jinxin…it hurts…” Li Shuo frowned deeply, and his thighs were unconsciously trying to close, but they were only caught by the side of Zhao Jinxin’s waist.

Zhao Jinxin took a rough breath and forced himself to slow down, but he still reached the deepest point every time: “it feels good…hot and tight…”

Li Shuo’s face flushed red.

Zhao Jinxin accelerated his hand job on Li Shuo’s dick while at the same time twitched the meat stick slowly and quickly. Gradually, he felt that Li Shuo’s body was relaxed, which made him overjoyed, and he couldn’t help but aggravate the strength of his thrust.

The pain and discomfort gradually dissipated, replaced by deep shame and strange sensory stimulation. Li Shuo couldn’t describe what he is experiencing. It was not simply pain or pleasure. He was becoming strange… as if his body was not his own at this moment.

After the meat hole completely accepted himself, Zhao Jinxin felt that the animal nature in his body had also been released. He fixed Li Shuo’s waist and hips and started a violent pumping.

Li Shuo has not adapted to the previous rhythm yet and had to face Zhao Jinxin’s sudden and fierce attack. His body was unable to withstand the abuse. But his waist bar was grasped by Zhao Jinxin’s big hand, pulling him inward. He had the illusion that he was going to be pierced to death by the hot meat stick.

“Jinxin…slower…” Li Shuo couldn’t help whispering.

Zhao Jinxin did not have the usual ‘cute’ demeanor, his eyes were greedy like a beast, and even his voice became hoarse: “But you like it.”

Li Shuo’s head leaned back and his neck straightened into a beautiful curve, he can’t believe what he is feeling right now. With every entry and exit of the meat blade in his body, a layer of thrill was brought like a wave. He has never felt such feeling. His body becomes light and fluttering for a moment. After a while, he became heavy again, his legs were not as soft as his own organs, and he was supported by Zhao Jinxin’s arms.

Zhao Jinxin’s waist seemed to be electrified, bursting with numbing power, constantly driving the lower body to smash the ass hole. His movement was quick, powerful, and fierce as he manipulated the person underneath him. With the sound of squishing, the lubricating fluid was smashed into a white foam by this violent action, and the place where the two met was wet and obscene. He followed the sensitive spot of Li Shuo from his memory and fucked him mercilessly. He wanted to see this man losing his mind because of him. He wanted to make this man produce lewd noises!

“Ah… ahhhh…” Li Shuo moaned uncontrollably. It was the groaning of forbearance, heaviness, hoarseness, and subwoofer-like sounds. It was aphrodisiac to Zhao Jinxin ears, forcing him to frantically invading the honeypot of extreme ecstasy, wanting to get more and more pleasure out of it.

The stimulus to the max that was brought by Zhao Jinxin destroyed Li Shuo’s reason. Zhao Jinxin continued to fuck him like a high tide, a wave of unrest, a wave of ups and downs. He hadn’t even been able to adapt to previous wave of pleasure and in the next moment, he was hit by a torture full of cramps. Such intense stimulation finally became a sweet torture. He did not know when he had clamped Zhao Jinxin’s waist tightly. His waist and hips automatically shook with Zhao Jinxin’s thrusting, and there was a long chant in his throat.

“Li Shuo… Li Shuo…” Zhao Jinxin repeatedly called out the name, and every time he called, he inserted the meat stick fiercely, in exchange for the fierce contraction of the small meat hole. All he can think of was… It feels so good… how can it feels so good inside him… this man, what a fuck…

Li Shuo’s eyes shed tears somehow, his eyes loosen, his consciousness is also gradually slipping away, his body rises with Zhao Jinxin’s ups and downs, indulging in the ultimate desire, unable to extricate themselves.

Two naked bodies lingering wildly. Their brains, facial features, and bodies seem to have no sense of the outside world. Only each other… Everything is only left to each other.

When he wakes up, Li Shuo opens a slit of his eyes slightly, but all he can see is darkness.

It’s dark……? Li Shuo was too late to sort out his misplaced concept of time since he was suddenly attacked by his body aches. Damn. It hurts … Is Zhao Jinxin a human? Is that a human’s physical strength …

Li Shuo cursed a few words in his heart. A lot of memories and pictures appeared in the muddled brain. Just picking one can make him blushed.

He and Zhao Jinxin did it. For the first time in his life, he did bottom…

Li Shuo had some emotions in his heart. Although he did not want to admit it, what Zhao Jinxin said was true that he realized the feeling he had never had before. He had always enjoyed sex. But what Zhao Jinxin gave him subverted all his past experience. He was shocked.

Of course, that one night of madness also made him feel terrified. Even when he was about the same age as Zhao Jinxin, he did not have such physical strength. It was terrible. Li Shuo’s “big” font lay on the bed. He didn’t dare to move. His mind could only wander desperately to think. Is Zhao Jinxin good with his skills or is his body is actually more suitable for bottom? He thought about it for a long time. He can’t figure it out. But he felt a lot more open-minded.

At this moment, the bedroom door opened. Li Shuo raised his head. Even if it was just such a simple movement, it affected the whole body. He sighed with pain.

“Uncle Li.” Zhao Jinxin stepped over to the bed in a few steps. He touched Li Shuo’s face. He said softly. “Is it uncomfortable? Don’t move. I will bring in rice to feed you later.”

Li Shuo felt that his cheeks were hot. Fortunately, Zhao Jinxin had pulled the curtains close. Otherwise, he will be seen being embarrassed. He pretended to be calm and said, “Not that much. I just didn’t sleep enough. I feel lazy.”

Zhao Jinxin smiled. He lowered his head and kissed him: “Aren’t you really hungry?”

“Not hungry.”

Zhao Jinxin lifted the quilt and drilled in, he tightly embraced Li Shuo.

Li Shuo found out that he had been changed into his pajamas. His body was also very dry. Zhao Jinxin’s body was even warmer.

“I came to take in the results. Does it feel good last night? You must not lie.” Zhao Jinxin gently bit Li Shuo’s ear. The tone was full of spoils.

“Well …” Li Shuo said with a little embarrassment. “Maybe I’m really more suitable to do bottom. I haven’t really thought about it before. Because when I was top, it was also very good.” He even regretted that he did not try it before. Isn’t it a waste of so many years of enjoyment?

“It depends on who you meet.” Zhao Jinxin gently rubbed his waist. “You are not suitable for bottom but you’re just suitable for me.”

Li Shuo chuckled: “You’re way over your head.”

“It’s true. So, you are not allowed to find others.” Zhao Jinxin looked like a puppy. He kissed and licked Li Shuo’s cheek, “I will feed you full every day.”

Li Shuo coughed. If he have sex again to Zhao Jinxin’s last night’s degree every day, he might die early.

“Uncle Li, do you know how many times you cum yesterday?” Zhao Jinxin gave a smirk.

“Oh. How many times?” Li Shuo raised an eyebrow at Zhao Jinxin. He was also curious himself.

“I didn’t have the chance to count. Anyway, it was many times.” Zhao Jinxin simply held him in love. “I didn’t lie to you. You can only have fun with a group of weak chickens. Your body is simply superb. You’re the best among men … “

Li Shuo turned his head and kissed him hard to prevent him from continuing to speak.

Zhao Jinxin kissed him back harder.

He is afraid of the two being in real harmony, just a kiss can ignite a spark.

In order to prevent the fire from really extinguishing, Zhao Jinxin moved his body closer to Li Shuo outwardly, but still wrapped around Li Shuo’s waist. He rubbed his face with his own face.

Li Shuo had a lazy smile on his face. Although his body was very uncomfortable, his heart seemed to be soaked in warm water. It felt very pleasant.

The world is so big. The chance of meeting a partner who is well-matched in every way is really small. And they happen to met each other. Zhao Jinxin subverted his spouse selection criteria. He subverted his relationship model of love. He also subverted his knowledge of sex. What others did not dare to do, Zhao Jinxin did everything. This man is so amazing and so attractive. It’s like a poison that pulls people in.

If… If he and Zhao Jinxin can go on like this forever, it is really a beautiful thing. The two hugged each other sweetly. Both were a little sleepy. As they’re about to drift to sleep, Li Shuo suddenly said: “Oh yeah. I want to return to China next month.”

Zhao Jinxin suddenly opened his eyes wide: “… Why?”

“I think my affairs should fade down by then. I can’t continue to drag things down here. Will you go back with me?”

“Let’s not go back.”

“Hmm?” Li Shuo said; “I will, according to the situation at the time …”

“Is it not very good here? Why do you want to go back?”

“It’s impossible to stay here all the time. Your branch in Beijing has also almost been recruited. You have to go to work too.”

In Zhao Jinxin’s eyes, there are some impenetrable emotions: “I’m not in a hurry. Don’t worry.”

“You are not in a hurry. I think your dad is in a hurry.” Li Shuo yawned. “I know you are in charge of a company for the first time. Rest assured. Your dad sent several executives to help you. I will help you. Okay? Don’t be afraid.”

Zhao Jinxin was silent for a while and childishly said: “I don’t want to work. I just want to be lazy with you every day.”

Li Shuo smiled: “If you’re lazying for a long time, you’ll feel lazy to be lazy.” Li Shuo suddenly feels really hungry. “Ah. What to eat?”

“Hungry?” Zhao Jinxin kissed him. “I made porridge. I’ll go heat it up and bring it to you.”

“It’s not like I’m sick.” Li Shuo said as he was about to get up. Zhao Jinxin pressed him back onto the bed and said indulgently: “I want to serve my Uncle Li. Give me a chance.”

Li Shuo laughed loudly: “OK. I will give you this chance.”

Zhao Jinxin went to the kitchen. He put the porridge into the microwave. He stood there for a moment and took out his phone from his pocket. He quickly wrote a few words on the keyboard with one hand. It was sent out. The name of the recipient is shown as Shao Qun.

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