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WTA Chapter 13

(M) Sorry. I Don't Do Bottom

As soon as he entered the room, Zhao Jinxin pressed Li Shuo against the wall and his hot lips blocked his lips. The force of the kiss was arrogant and urgent. Li Shuo felt that the cage door deep inside him was kicked. Something roared and was released, like a torrent of water spreading into every inch of his body instantly. It was a long-lost passion.

Li Shuo believes that he is not a promiscuous person. Although he was wild for a few years in his youth, he has been able to control his body and psychology well after having a career as he got older. Anyone has had experience of explosive desire. But this is slightly different. He certainly likes sex but he can also be satisfied with life with many other things such as various achievements and self-actualization. Sex was only necessary for the experience and it is a part of life but he no longer has the attraction towards it like when he was young.

But just now, it was in that unfamiliar tavern, Zhao Jinxin had rekindled his strong desire. It seemed to “awaken” his younger self. The two pulled each other’s clothes, no matter how expensive the clothes were, at this time, they were nothing but obstructive fabrics. Li Shuo pressed Zhao Jinxin on the bed. The weight of the body caused both of them to fall into the bed.

Looking at this evil smiling young man, he only felt anger and desire but at this time, he was suddenly hesitant. One is because of the concern about the relationship between the two elders. The next is … he thought of Li Chengxiu.

Zhao Jinxin saw through his mind almost at a glance. He said provocatively: “Why? He has dumped you. Do you want to defend him like a jade?”

“Jin Xin …” Li Shuo said in a deep voice. “Are we doing the right thing?”

“What’s wrong in doing this?” Zhao Jinxin grabbed his wide open shirt and forced him to lower his body, his lips pressed against his lips and said ambiguously, “If you want to do it, why not dare do it?”

“I’m not afraid.”

Zhao Jinxin kissed him heavily , grabbed his waist with one hand and turned back to press Li Shuo back on his body. His large hand reached into his clothes, stroking Li Shuo’s warm skin above the bones. The attached layer of pliable muscles has an excellent feel and makes him doesn’t want to stop. Li Shuo’s brain is a bit hot. The arrow is on the string. How to close the bow? His hands are as conscious as he is, lingering on Zhao Jinxin’s waist, and finally stroking the chest muscles that he had stupidly watched in his photo. The full, elastic muscles seem to be able to attract human’s hands.

Zhao Jinxin lowered his head, and placed a series of kisses on Li Shuo’s cheeks, neck, and chest. Then he deliberately gnawed lightly on his chest, leaving a small tooth mark, and finally sucked his small nipple. He reached into Li Shuo’s underwear with one hand, grasped the still wet sex organ again, deliberately caressing it with his fingers and feels it getting erected in his palm.

Li Shuo’s breathing gradually became more rapid. He pulled Zhao Jinxin’s pants, and his thick palm touches his chest, waist, and finally rested on the tight butt. Zhao Jinxin is completely different from the type he usually goes to bed with. He always likes the thin and slender body, but he didn’t expect that this strong, sturdy body will give him a completely different, yet stimulating sense. The powerful bones and perfect muscles are simply masterpieces of God. “Do you feel good?” Zhao Jinxin asked, stroking the fleshy head with his thumb’s fingernail, panting.

“Um…” Li Shuo is used to taking initiative in sex, but he realizes that Zhao Jinxin wants to please him so he tries to cooperate. Zhao Jinxin lowered his head, licked Li Shuo’s belly button, and then pulled Li Shuo’s underwear hard, and the half-hard dick stood up from the pubic hair.

Zhao Jinxin flicked the dick with his finger: “It’s so spirited to already shot once, not bad.”

Li Shuo gently arched his waist and mutely said “…come.”

Zhao Jinxin pursed a smile on his lips. His tongue licks the meat along the root of the sex organ, and then opened his mouth to suck it. “Umm…” Li Shuo moaned with satisfaction. Zhao Jinxin’s tongue was as clever as a snake, licking around his sexual organ and then sucking it lightly. Everytime he swept Li Shuo’s lower abdomen, he could almost reached the peak and ready to shoot. Li Shuo grabbed Zhao Jinxin’s hair and urged: “Yes, I want you.”

Zhao Jinxin let go of his suck and wipes the corner of his mouth gently with his fingers. He narrowed his eyes and smiled: “really?”

Li Shuo caught Zhao Jinxin’s knee socket with his long legs and took advantage of his strength to get up, dragging Zhao Jinxin to himself. Zhao Jinxin plants a passionate yet gentle kiss on his lips and at the same time, he moves his hands to the hips, planning an attack.

Zhao Jinxin took advantage of Li Shuo’s flexion of the leg, grabbed his ankle, separated the thighs outward, and squeezed his body between his legs, posing a full offensive posture. Li Shuo, who was indulging it before suddenly froze. He clenched his hands into a fist. He just made a gap between the chest muscles where the two were previously stuck together. He looked at Zhao Jinxin doubtfully: “You…”

Zhao Jinxin licks Li Shuo’s chin with a smile: “I said it long ago. I want to fuck you. Have you never believed me?”

Li Shuo straigtened his eyes and tried to pull back his legs, but Zhao Jinxin caught his ankle in his hand. Sitting up, his face was embarrassed by a splash of cold realization. “Are you kidding me?” He was a man who seriously pursued by this younger man for half a month and in the end, this was what he wanted?

“How can I be kidding about this?” Zhao Jinxin pressed Li Shuo’s buttocks with his hardened dick across his underwear. At that moment of teasing, Li Shuo felt a size that made his scalp numb. This is Zhao Jinxin’s dick! Is he really going to…?!

Li Shuo pushed Zhao Jinxin away violently. He can barely maintained his manners, although he felt like he was being teased: “Sorry. Jin Xin. I don’t do bottom.”

Zhao Jinxin held Li Shuo’s shoulders with a hand strength so large that Li Shuo couldn’t even get up. He had a smile on his face but there’s a wild and aggressive looks in his eyes: “Baby, you know why I say you’ll never have great climax? Because you are more suitable to be bottom. If you don’t try you’ll never know what you can get. I promise you will feel that you had lived in vain in the past.”

Li Shuo was annoyed: “I am not interested.” Zhao Jinxin pressed on him and didn’t let him get up. He gently blew on his face. “I think people can try new things. Try with me. I believe you’ll like it. Are you never curious?”

“Curious doesn’t mean that you really have to try. Are you not curious?” Li Shuo asked politely.

“Curious doesn’t mean that you really have to try. Are you not curious?” Li Shuo asked politely.

“Curious.” Zhao Jinxin blinked his eyes.

“Then let me satisfy your curiosity.” Li Shuo pinched his chin. He said softly, “Do you believe me?”

Zhao Jinxin burst into laughter: “But I can’t.”

“What do you mean?”

“My blood clotting mechanism is inherently problematic. Once injured, it is difficult to stop bleeding.” Zhao Jinxin said with a smile. “This will be my first time. You dare to guarantee that it will not hurt me? Are you patience enough, Uncle Li?” Li Shuo’s scalp felt numb for a while. He doubted whether Zhao Jinxin had made it up blindly. He had had sex with a virgin before but very few. Zhao Jinxin had given such a terrifying reason. He is not so confident in his own skills to deflower a virgin.

Zhao Jinxin kissed Li Shuo again and flirtatiously said: “I didn’t lie to you. I like you so much. I want to have sex with you. But the way you want… I really can’t do it.”

Li Shuo looked away: “That’s fine, Jin Xin. I also can’t do it.”

“Why are you so reluctant?”

Li Shuo took a deep breath: “You … are so much younger than me.” If he is at almost the same age as him and if they like each other very much, he may agree. But these two conditions are not met by Zhao Jinxin. Being a boy who was almost ten years younger … it felt too shameful for him.

“Why do you care about age?” Zhao Jinxin persuaded him in his ear. “Isn’t the most important thing is what we feel at this time? Don’t you want me?”

Li Shuo’s face was getting hotter and hotter. But the desire couldn’t reach the threshold in his heart. He turned his face away. “Jin Xin, I can’t do it. You get up.” He felt like he was being poured by cold water.

Maybe this is God’s direction to prove that they are not suitable for each other. A trace of darkness flashed in Zhao Jinxin’s eyes. He clenched his fists but then he slowly released. The expression on his face turned into deep disappointment and loneliness.

He propped himself up from Li Shuo. He smiled bitterly and said, “I’m sorry. I’m too affectionate. I thought … you like me so much.”

“It has nothing to do with whether I like you or not. You are also gay. You should understand that some things are not so easy to change and accept, especially at my age.”

Zhao Jinxin pursed his lips. He gave him a deep look. He said lowly: “Then … Come on to me. I don’t care. I just want to be with you.”

Looking at the expression of cuteness on Zhao Jinxin’s face, Li Shuo’s heart was tight. He felt a little bit distressed. He touched Zhao Jinxin’s head: “Jin Xin, I don’t want to hurt you. I don’t think we are suitable. There is no need to force it. Right?”

Zhao Jinxin shook his head: “I like you. Even if you don’t like me, I still like you.” His bright eyes are bright like a star. “I boasted above the sky and said that I wanted to give you the best experience. If I can’t do it, what is it? I like you. I don’t care if I get hurt if it’s just for you.”

Li Shuo felt guilty in his position. Every word of Zhao Jinxin poked in his heart. The aggrieved expression also made him unbearable. He put the man in his arms. He gently ran his fingers along his thick hair: “Fool, I said I would never hurt you. I think we are progressing too fast. Not enough to understand each other. Otherwise, such embarrassing things will not happen today. But I am willing to get to know you again. Okay? ”

Zhao Jinxin’s head rested heavily on Li Shuo’s shoulder. His hands wrapped around Li Shuo’s waist. He said blankly, “Uncle Li, you are so gentle.”

Li Shuo kissed his forehead comfortably. Zhao Jinxin suddenly smiled a meaningful smile: “This … seems quite interesting.”

Li Shuo held Zhao Jinxin in bed. He patted the strong back with his hands. He felt a little guilty for inadvertently hurting Zhao Jinxin. This person really likes him. Otherwise, he will not compromise with him. The two of them were obviously working hard. But they found an irreconcilable contradiction at a critical juncture. Not only was Zhao Jinxin sad. He was also very disappointed.

But if he is asked to accept such thing… Li Shuo is reluctant very heavily in his heart. Their hugged body is like a moving of hormones. The feeling of flesh reaching the mouth but cannot be bitten makes him feel uncomfortable. It will absolutely be an insomniac night tonight.

The two calmed down. They each took a cold shower and put on their clothes and went back. After all, the two live together. It’s hard to explain why they can’t return at night.

While walking to the door of Li Shuo’s room, Zhao Jinxin suddenly hugged Li Shuo’s waist from behind, spouting: “Shall we sleep together?”

Li Shuo thought about it for a while and said: “Forget it.” How could he spend the night together with him now?

Zhao Jinxin kissed him twice and left in disappointment. Li Shuo gets into his room. His head is a mess. He then checks his mobile phone and mailbox. There is still no news of Li Chengxiu. He was really disappointed.

He fell on the bed and stuffed himself in the quilt. Where is Li Chengxiu? How should he treat Zhao Jinxin who has been pursuing his love? He was undoubtedly impressed with Zhao Jinxin. But that is all. He was only impressed.

Feelings will always give birth to a lot of unnecessary troubles. Yet, people have no way to avoid feelings. He can only treat them as rationally as possible in order to minimize sadness and frustration.

While sleeping on the bed, his bedroom door was suddenly tapped twice. Li Shuo sat up and asked in a low voice: “Who?”

The door was slowly pushed open. Zhao Jinxin’s head peered in. He said carefully: “Uncle Li, I still want to sleep with you.”

Li Shuo was feeling helpless looking at his pitiful face. He reached out his hand: “Come on.”

Zhao Jinxin quickly got into the quilt and bear-hugged Li Shuo. Li Shuo said softly, “Can’t sleep?”

“Can you sleep?” Zhao Jinxin asked back. Li Shuo did not answer and just patted his back with his hand, “Go to sleep.”

Zhao Jinxin’s fiery and thick chest is close to Li Shuo’s back. Both of them have some uneasy feelings, but no one wants to break the current calm.

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