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WTA Chapter 12

(M) What's Your Kinks?

Zhao Jinxin took Li Shuo to a music bar in the resort. There are few people in the resort area. The business of restaurants and bars is a bit bleak this season. When the two went in, there were no other guests. The owner and chef of the bar is German. He is very burly. The slender bartender is his wife. The two seem strangely well-matched.

They went to sit down in the most hidden corner. It was dinner time. Zhao Jinxin ordered their shop’s signature roast goose leg. Two dozen beers were added. He asked Li Shuo: “How is your tolerant of alcohol?”

“I don’t drink that often. But it’s still okay.” Li Shuo kept a little bit of an eye. Last time when he just took medicine and slept for a few hours, Zhao Jinxin already got under his covers. If he got drunk today, who knows what will happen. Fortunately, he is only going to drink beer. He had never been drunk with beer.

“There are more than twenty kinds of beer in this restaurant. I’ve tasted them all myself. The taste is very mellow. The degree is relatively high. But the beer… The height is not too high.” Zhao Jinxin seemed to be smiling. “I won’t make you drunk. Unless you have a reason to be drunk. “

Li Shuo feels kind of embarrassed that his thoughts were seen through. He said flatly: “I won’t be drunk.”

The roast goose leg came up soon. Li Shuo looked at the huge portion, he suddenly lost his appetite. He has no idea how the goose grows to be so big. Zhao Jinxin cut a piece of the goose leg meat. It was delivered to Li Shuo’s mouth: “Try it. It’s delicious.”

Li Shuo hesitated at first but he still opens his mouth to eat. The spice taste was quite heavy. But the meat was crispy and tender. It was indeed delicious. “Come.” Zhao Jinxin forked another piece with a fork.

Li Shuo pressed his hand: “I’ll do it myself.”

“When I was injured before, you fed me to eat. Now my hand is about to get better, it’s time to reciprocate.” Zhao Jinxin shook his half-swelling fingers.

Li Shuo smiled: “But there is no problem with my hand.” He started eating it himself.

Zhao Jinxin licked his lips: “It would be nice if you were mine. I really want to give you a perfect date.”

“We are not discussing whether this is a date. But what is a perfect date? I’m a little curious.”

Zhao Jinxin asked back: “How do you date people?”

“It depends on what the other person likes.”

“If it were me. Where would you take me?”

Li Shuo narrowed his eyes slightly: “Why are you asking about this?”

“Auntie said you are very popular since childhood. You have made a lot of boyfriends. I want to know if you are really experienced.” Zhao Jinxin’s lips are light-hearted. He smiles a little bit of evil charm.

Li Shuo knew that Zhao Jinxin is trying to stimulate him. But the man just likes to compete on such meaningless things. He wiped his mouth gently with a napkin. He smiled and said, “Okay. I asked you three questions. You answered honestly. Then I will give you a ‘perfect’ date.”

“Go ahead.”

“What kind of food do you like? What kind of art do you like? Do you like quiet or lively places?”

“I like food with high taste and high calories. I like calligraphy, classical music, rock, cold weapons. I also like modern art related to metal. I like lively places.”

Li Shuo coughed: “You sleep well in the morning. I will pick you up at about 10 o’clock. Take you to Queens to see an art exhibition. Take you to a Mexican restaurant for lunch. Try their liqueur. You need to take a break after dinner. I will take you to the classical music club. You need a separate room. You can take a nap listening to the classical music. After waking up, they provide authentic English afternoon tea. If you can’t eat anything or dinner, We can go to New York’s largest independent designer home improvement center. There are a lot of interesting and practical metal art furniture. Or take you to the underground rock and roll bar. It depends on your physical strength. Finally, send you go home. ” He finished speaking in one breath. Then he looked at Zhao Jinxin confidently.

Zhao Jinxin did not comment. Instead, he raised his eyebrows: “It’s my turn. Answer the same three questions. What position do you like? What scenery do you like? What are your kinks?”

Li Shuo was dumbfounded and suddenly became a little angry. He actually conscientiously conceived what constitutes a perfect date. As a result, this kid will reveal his nature in just three sentences! He exhaled with his nose. Too lazy to care about Zhao Jinxin. “Hey. Speak.” Zhao Jinxin said innocently. “I’m serious too. Don’t you include sex in your dates? What kind of dates do you dare to say. Are you afraid of being compared with me?”

Li Shuo said patiently, “These are all privacy. I don’t want to answer.”

“You don’t answer, I’ll guess.”

“Zhao Jinxin …” Li Shuo grabbed the beer and poured it into the glass. “You just drink more. Let’s talk less… you.”

Zhao Jinxin picked up the cup. He touched the bar in front of Li Shuo. Then, he drank it. The bottom of the cup fell to the ground. He then said, “I guess. You like the back most. You like the office. You like the private environment surrounded by public environment. Although you can’t guess your own kinks, I know that you must not dare to say it, and even dare not to practice it.”

Li Shuo stared straight at Zhao Jinxin. He was speechless for a while. Zhao Jinxin actually said all the right thing about him!

Zhao Jinxin laughed loudly: “I guess right, isn’t it? You’re not good at hiding… I can’t be fooled.”

Li Shuo was a little angry: “What does guessing do anyway…”

“You should ask me how I guessed it.” Zhao Jinxin smiled and shook his shoulders. “The first one is the question of probability. I guessed. Most GAY like this position. It’s not difficult and comfortable.” Zhao Jinxin spread out for a hand shake. “It’s best for novices.” Li Shuo shook his hand. He wanted to beat him a little. “The second and third can be explained together. You have a lot of wild ideas in your heart. But you are constrained by many factors such as tradition, culture, and identity. You have been deliberately suppressed. Plus, you always like the type of Li Chengxiu. A little special. You are shy to talk about sex straightforwardly. So, the office is a good place. It can make you feel the pleasure of being released in a public place. At the same time, it is safe enough. It can give you a cautious timid safety valve.”

Li Shuo’s face sank. It felt really bad to be poked in the heart by a sentence. Especially by a boy who was more than ten years younger than himself. He felt ashamed even when he did nothing wrong: “Don’t talk anymore. Otherwise I will leave now. “

Zhao Jinxin comfortably patted his hand: “Don’t be angry. Aren’t we discussing dating?”

“I was talking about dating. You were talking about sex.”

“Sex is part of dating. Actually. What’s the purpose to eat, listen to music, go to exhibitions? Isn’t the ultimate goal of men to go to bed.” Zhao Jinxin smiled with a pair of romantic peach eyes. His head tilted forward slightly and said in a low voice. “If you give an unforgettable sex for a lifetime, this can conquer you better than ten perfect dates. “

Li Shuo scoffs and laughs. “Forget it. You are such a person. It doesn’t make sense to me.”

“Aren’t we very suitable? Follow your plan during the day. Make a good date. Follow my schedule at night. Make love.” Zhao Jinxin gently licked the corner of his mouth. “With me. Your every day will be brand new.”

Li Shuo did not speak. He was a little bit moved by Zhao Jinxin’s proposal. He knew that Zhao Jinxin was right. He would be passionate with a bold, fun, and playful person. But he didn’t like the feeling of being led by his nose. Besides, he already has … He smiled secretly. No. He had just ‘broken up’ today …

He has indeed talked about a lot of love. He can also be very reasonable and calm to face the end and calculate it seriously. The person that saddened him the most was actually his boyfriend in college. After all, they had agreed to go to Africa together. Many conceivable things were envisaged. But the other party finally chose Wall Street’s offer instead.

For him, who was confused about the future at that time, it was not just a violation of emotional commitment. It was also a betrayal of faith. Of course… He is much mature now. He has fully understood the other party’s choice at that time. And he is more aware of his selfishness and naïvety. It’s a pity that the past had passed. There is no time to look back.

Li Chengxiu chose to break up. Instead, he had a kind of unexpected fatalism. After all, their feelings were shallow and stormy from the beginning. He could accept that he failed to impress that person in the end. He could also adjust himself to this sense of frustration. But he did not expect that Li Chengxiu would leave without properly saying goodbye. But he was lost in his home and in his hands. He still feels responsible. He sighed softly: “Jin Xin, what you said… I don’t doubt it at all. But I’m not in the mood to talk about this now.”

“I understand. I know what you want to talk to me about. Talk about emotional defeat?”

Li Shuo took a sip of wine. His eyes became dim. It seemed to be covered with a layer of mist: “I really can’t understand why my feelings always fail.”

Zhao Jinxin stood up. He sat next to Li Shuo. He leaned comfortably on the sofa. He smiled and said, “Of course it’s because you chose the wrong object.”

“Your sentence is nonsense.” Li Shuo said with a wry smile.

“I mean. You chose the wrong kind of object. The likes of Li Chengxiu… Not at all suitable for you. What you want is not Li Chengxiu. You just want a stable life. And you can only think of Li Chengxiu’s typical home-type-man is the one made for you. “

Li Shuo was silent. He did think so.

“Your idea was wrong from the beginning.” Zhao Jinxin tilted slightly to him. “If you don’t love someone enough, there is nothing to support a stable life. Moreover, you will not even be in harmony. Breaking up is going to happen sooner or later.”

Li Shuo laughed: “Then you say… What kind of person am I suitable for.”

“The one who let you release yourself.” Zhao Jinxin whispered to Li Shuo’s ear. “Like me.”

Li Shuo slightly began: “Frankly speaking, Jinxin. The likes of you are only suitable for going to bed.”

“Then let’s go to bed. It’s not a bad thing.”

Li Shuo put down his glass. He even poured a few cups. He already felt that his blood was a little hot. “You keep turning me to you. I don’t want to talk to you. It’s dark. Let’s go back.” When he finished talking, he stood up to leave.

Zhao Jinxin held his shoulders. He forced him back to his seat: “Li Shuo. What are you running away from? Are you so afraid of me?”

“Me? Why should I be afraid of you?”

“You obviously have feelings for me. You just have to pretend not to. You used to refuse me because you had a boyfriend. Now you break up, what excuse do you have?”

Li Shuo looked at Zhao Jinxin. He was surprised and become speechless. He is used to Zhao Jinxin being implicative and pretentious. And he was usually mostly flirtatious in nature. But now, he has a kind of domineering feeling to him that forces him to just look directly at him.

He pushed Zhao Jinxin away. He is now somewhat regretting coming to drink. Maybe he had overestimated the advantage given by his age and he had underestimated Zhao Jinxin. In short, he realized for the first time that this person is dangerous.

Zhao Jinxin’s hand suddenly dived under the table. Li Shuo was shocked. He glanced at him in panic. He shouted: “Zhao Jinxin!” He grasped Zhao Jinxin’s wrist.

Despite some pain, Zhao Jinxin did not let go. Instead, he smiled and said: “Take a good look. No one will notice anyway.” Li Shuo looked nervously around the bar. The boss and his wife were chatting. They didn’t notice them. There were two more guests in the bar. But they were not close to them. But he is still anxious and he dared not have it. This is a big move. They might be discovered.

Zhao Jinxin’s skills are simply beyond description. Li Shuo hasn’t done it in a long time. At this time, his body began to tremble uncontrollably. He bent down subconsciously. Zhao Jinxin touched his cheek with his wet lips and kissed him softly: “It feels good, isn’t it? They might find us. They might find you, a well-dressed person, but dare to do this in public.” He chuckled. “But does it matter? As long as you like it?”

Li Shuo never felt that way. Doing this … feels bad. Zhao Jinxin said softly: “Baby, you can feel good as much as you like. You are already 34 years old. How long are you going to suppress yourself?”

Li Shuo bit his lip. There were two low coughs in his throat. Obviously he was desperately trying to endure something. He was even reluctant to speak. Zhao Jinxin pinched his chin with his unhealed fingers. He suddenly blocked his lips.

Unlike the soft kiss during the day, Zhao Jinxin’s action now is rough and overbearing. He sucks Li Shuo’s soft lips fiercely, his tongue drove straight in, stirring the inside of his mouth upside down.

Li Shuo’s eyes gradually became a little confused. The stimulus of the senses is rising. And the eager kiss infused him with more passion. It makes him unable to indulge in restraint. He suddenly relaxes his heartstrings and relaxes his stiff body. He decided to enjoy the new experience brought to him by Zhao Jinxin. In a tavern of this strange city, right there in the corner, where there was only a small wooden table, underneath it, Li Shuo ejaculated. This may be the most daring and shameful thing he has ever done in his life, but he actually felt good about it.

Zhao Jinxin took his hand out from under the table. He wipes his palm gently with a napkin while admiring the enticing blush on Li Shuo’s face. This man … is so delicious.

Li Shuo’s eyelashes twitched slightly. His head was heavy and it was unbearable. He had been sweating. He could feel Zhao Jinxin’s eyes on him.

Zhao Jinxin took a bite to Li Shuo’s ear: “Uncle Li, are you shy?”

Li Shuo raised his head, his eyelashes were moist with sweat, his lips were kissed red, making his lower abdomen tight. He looked at Zhao Jinxin and covered his inner waves with calmness. “You are really brave enough.”

“But you like it.”

“……well, it’s alright.”

“Is it?” He spreads his palm, put his slender fingertips to his mouth, and gently licked the suspicious liquid with his tongue. Li Shuo’s face instantly went hot and there was a slight embarrassment in his eyes. Zhao Jinxin smiled successfully: “Are you going to the hotel with me like a man, or are you going home to sleep like a coward?”

Li Shuo looked at him deeply: “the two of us …” he hesitated at first.

“Just for sex.” Zhao Jinxin blinked his eyes.

“… go to the hotel.”

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